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Agile Project Management With Scrum

Author : Ken Schwaber
ISBN : 9780735637900
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The rules and practices for Scrum—a simple process for managing complex projects—are few, straightforward, and easy to learn. But Scrum’s simplicity itself—its lack of prescription—can be disarming, and new practitioners often find themselves reverting to old project management habits and tools and yielding lesser results. In this illuminating series of case studies, Scrum co-creator and evangelist Ken Schwaber identifies the real-world lessons—the successes and failures—culled from his years of experience coaching companies in agile project management. Through them, you’ll understand how to use Scrum to solve complex problems and drive better results—delivering more valuable software faster. Gain the foundation in Scrum theory—and practice—you need to: Rein in even the most complex, unwieldy projects Effectively manage unknown or changing product requirements Simplify the chain of command with self-managing development teams Receive clearer specifications—and feedback—from customers Greatly reduce project planning time and required tools Build—and release—products in 30-day cycles so clients get deliverables earlier Avoid missteps by regularly inspecting, reporting on, and fine-tuning projects Support multiple teams working on a large-scale project from many geographic locations Maximize return on investment!
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Agile Product Management With Scrum

Author : Roman Pichler
ISBN : 9780321684134
Genre : Computers
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Format : PDF
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The First Guide to Scrum-Based Agile Product Management In Agile Product Management with Scrum, leading Scrum consultant Roman Pichler uses real-world examples to demonstrate how product owners can create successful products with Scrum. He describes a broad range of agile product management practices, including making agile product discovery work, taking advantage of emergent requirements, creating the minimal marketable product, leveraging early customer feedback, and working closely with the development team. Benefitting from Pichler’s extensive experience, you’ll learn how Scrum product ownership differs from traditional product management and how to avoid and overcome the common challenges that Scrum product owners face. Coverage includes Understanding the product owner’s role: what product owners do, how they do it, and the surprising implications Envisioning the product: creating a compelling product vision to galvanize and guide the team and stakeholders Grooming the product backlog: managing the product backlog effectively even for the most complex products Planning the release: bringing clarity to scheduling, budgeting, and functionality decisions Collaborating in sprint meetings: understanding the product owner’s role in sprint meetings, including the dos and don’ts Transitioning into product ownership: succeeding as a product owner and establishing the role in the enterprise This book is an indispensable resource for anyone who works as a product owner, or expects to do so, as well as executives and coaches interested in establishing agile product management.
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Agile Project Management With Scrum

Author : Michele Sliger
ISBN : OCLC:775731676
Genre : Agile software development
File Size : 29.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Scrum is one of the agile methodologies designed to guide teams in the iterative and incremental delivery of a product. Often referred to as "an agile project management framework," its focus is on the use of an empirical process that allows teams to respond rapidly, efficiently, and effectively to change. Traditional project management methods fix requirements in an effort to control time and cost; Scrum on the other hand, fixes time and cost in an effort to control requirements. This is done using time boxes, collaborative ceremonies, a prioritized product backlog, and frequent feedback cycles. The involvement of the business throughout the project is critical as Scrum relies heavily on the collaboration between the team and the customer or customer representative to create the right product in a lean fashion. This paper provides an overview of Scrum and its use in project management. It discusses the original Scrum framework, as well as the application of Scrum.
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Scrum Basics A Very Quick Guide To Agile Project Management

Author : Tycho Press
ISBN : 9781623155896
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Elements of Agile and Scrum in a Nutshell Whether you’re new to agile software development or considering Scrum for general project management, Scrum Basics compiles all of the essentials into one handy little guide. Learn how agile teams use Scrum, with: • A simple summary of agile project management basics like the Agile Manifesto and 12 Agile Principles • A concise overview of Scrum roles, artifacts, and activities • A well-organized breakdown of Scrum practices with helpful illustrations and advice • A troubleshooting FAQ and 5 case studies to help you visualize Scrum in action
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Agile Project Management And Scrum V2

Author : Andrew Craddock (Management consultant)
ISBN : 0992872790
Genre : Project management
File Size : 68.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Developing software to support the fluctuating needs of a busy and thriving business is a challenge. Strong collaboration between business and technical stakeholders is essential even though that can sometimes feel like trying to mix oil and water. The landscape we work across is often complex, spanning multiple organisations and territories. Managers who know how to pull the right people together to achieve this effectively are key. The Scrum framework provides an approach that has been widely adopted for incremental team-based software delivery. The beauty of Scrum is its simplicity with few events and roles a team needs to learn. However, there are a few gaps and unanswered questions that a business adopting Scrum may need to resolve to use Scrum effectively. Often these lie outside the realm of software development and require communication channels and shared understanding to be established before any code gets written. This handy guide provides practical answers for how you can embed Scrum into a broader project lifecycle in an Agile way. Andrew has distilled some tried and tested techniques for Agile Project Management that compliment the Scrum framework and increase chances of success. Dip into this guide for some excellent tips on how to stay Agile with project management and get the best from Scrum."--from
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Agile Project Management And Scrum Quickstart Guides

Author : Clydebank Business
ISBN : 1508511276
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.88 MB
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#1 Amazon Best Seller: The Ultimate Guide To Agile Project Management and Scrum The Ultimate companion for professionals interested or involved in Agile & Scrum, this book will give you a holistic, well balanced introduction to both subjects while discussing their integration and synergy! Agile Project Management QuickStart Guide...Agile Project Management is shifting the world of Project Management at its core for good reasons. With an approach to projects that is quite different from the traditional waterfall methodology, Agile Project Management focuses on added value fast while staying on track to achieve a defined business goal. Completing projects in small chunks, piece by piece, allows project stakeholders to implement deliverables much faster than waiting for all phases of the project to be completed as well as allowing for modifications to project items based on changing needs. Often overlooked as a project management style that is only for IT related projects, Agile methodology can be be utilized to complete projects across any industry including company reorganization, improving upon or redefining business processes and simply any project that has short production and implementation times. In this book, I will teach you everything you need to know about Agile project management so that you can comfortably and confidently deploy the techniques and strategies in your projects. I'll take you step-by-step through the phases of an Agile project, how to to schedule iterations during your project and how to win over project stakeholders with this progressive methodology. Scrum QuickStart Guide...Differing greatly from the traditional "waterfall" or "relay" approach to project management methodology, Scrum emphasizes the importance of a cross-functional team that pushes forward together to a collective goal - the project success. Implementing such tactics as "Daily Scrums" in which all members of the team are held accountable for their accomplishments, current tasks and potential obstacles, Scrum attempts to create a real "team" amongst all members where all individuals most move forward together, as occurs within a Scrum on the Rugby Field from which the term was adopted. The holistic approach taken by Scrum not only embraces the importance of progressing as a team, it also raises several important question that highlight potential inefficiencies within an organization, specifically related to resource allocation, accountability and task management. Not to be overlooked, the approach taken even from the smallest projects within an organization can ultimately define the overall success. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... The Principles & Philosophies of Agile Project Management The Tools & Techniques That Drive The Practical Application of Agile Methodology How Delivering Your Project In Iterations Will Change The Way You View Milestones How To Implement Scrum Methodology From The Top Down In Your Organization Or Team How To Utilize The Principles of Scrum To Get Projects Done NOW! The Top Mistakes to AVOID That Those New To Lean Six Sigma Make Much, much more! Our Personal GuaranteeWe are so confident that methods outlined in this book will help you understand and implement Agile Project Management & Scrum that we're willing to let you try the book risk-free for 30 days. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, simply let us know and we will provide a 100% full refund. That's right, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! What reason do you have to not give this book a try? Scroll Up & Click The "Add To Cart" Icon On The Right Side Right Now! ClydeBank Media LLC All Rights Reserved
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Agile Project Management Scrum Master

Author : Paul VII
ISBN : 1534764224
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File Size : 33.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Scrum Master - Your Job Just Got Easier In this class, you will be given many proven tips to effectively facilitate, coach and improve agile scrum teams. The road to becoming a professional scrum master is exciting and challenging. Therefore, I know you will get value from this class as it gives you a full introduction to the concept of the scrum master. I then walk you step by step through the differences between a scrum master and a traditional project manager. Following this, I will give you tips for improving your effectiveness as a scrum master as well as coaching both product owners and development teams. Along the way, I will give you plenty of examples and enlighten you about the best practices for being a scrum master within agile scrum. In this class, you will learn: A brief recap of agile and scrum principles What is a scrum master and how is he or she different from a traditional project manager A day in the life of a scrum master (including typical impediments and challenges) Tools usually used by scrum teams and how the scrum master can help product owners and teams to use them Key principles to use when carrying out the role of the scrum master How to help your product owner to improve How to help your development team to improve Concise techniques for improving your self-effectiveness. Table of Contents Scrum Master 21 Tips to Facilitate and Coach Agile Scrum Teams Introduction About Scrum Section 1: Understanding the Scrum Theory The Three Agile Scrum Concepts Section 2: The Scrum Skeleton, Tools, Scrum Master Roles, and Scrum Master Improvement Techniques Scrum Master Vs A Traditional Project Manager: An In-depth Task Comparison A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master: Typical Impediments and Challenges Scrum Tools Scrum Master Roles: Key Principles to Bear in Mind Scrum Master Roles: How to Improve Product Owner Efficiency Scrum Master Roles: How to Improve the Development Team Mastering Scrum: Scrum Master Tips and Tricks Section 3: 21 Tips for Scrum Mastery Tip 1: Be Knowledgeable and Responsible In Your Role Tip 2: Foster a Fun Working Environment for Your Team Tip 3: Implement Good Engineering Practices Tip 5: Encourage the Team to Stick To the Plan Tip 6: Be a Collaborator Tip 7: Maintain Balance Tip 8: Keep the Team Focused On the Present Sprint Tip 9: Encourage Team Autonomy and Self-Organization Tip 10: Familiarize Yourself with the Work of All Team Members Tip 11: Build Strong Relationships With Other Teams Tip 12: Tame Over-commitment within the Team Tip 13: Note Your Team's Strengths and Weaknesses Tip 14: Respect Your Team's Space Tip 15: Create Cordial Relationships with the Organization Management Tip 16: Respect Time Boxes Tip 17: Encourage Camaraderie Tip 18: Motivate the Team to Reach For the Stars Tip 19: Create A Multi-Skilled Team Tip 20: Coach teams on the Various Scrum Tools Tip 21: Be a 'One-Team' Facilitator whenever possible Conclusion Resources Preview of 'The Scrum Master Mega Pack' Check Out My Other Books Scroll Up To The Top Of The Page And Click The Orange "Buy Now" or "Read For Free" Icon On The Right Side!

Agile Project Management For Beginners

Author : Bryan Mathis
ISBN : 150087146X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Agile approach to project management is gaining popularity because it gets better results in less time with smaller teams than the old, rigid, plan-driven methods. In today's information-based economy where the internet drives new products and customer requirements change overnight, Agile helps companies keep pace with customer demands by welcoming rapid change as a vital part of the development process.Written for beginners, this book explains Agile concepts using the Scrum approach and fits them together into a cohesive framework. Instead of merely defining terms, it presents Agile as a living, dynamic system for stripping away the frills and getting back to basics while managing projects. The first half of the book explains the Agile Manifesto in detail, both in theory and practice. The second half of the book gives detailed explanations for applying Scrum, which is an Agile method known for its simplicity and ease of implementation.Small startups and entrepreneurs will find practical advice, encouragement, and inspiration in this book, while development teams in larger companies will appreciate its clear, concise explanation of how the pieces of the Agile puzzle fit together.
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Agile Project Management

Author : Markus Heimrath
ISBN : 3967160025
Genre :
File Size : 90.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Agile Project Management: Scrum for beginners - the essentials, concepts and methods Is Scrum right for your project? Learn about Scrum today and discover how you can deliver projects with greater flexibility and value for your customers.

Agile Project Management For Dummies

Author : Mark C. Layton
ISBN : 9781118235850
Genre : Computers
File Size : 46.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Be flexible and faster with Agile project management As mobile and web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, there is added pressure to develop and implement software projects in weeks instead of months. Agile Project Management For Dummies can make that happen. This is the first book to provide a simple, step-by-step guide to Agile Project Management approaches, tools, and techniques. With the fast pace of mobile and web technology development, software project development must keep pace; Agile Project Management enables developers to complete and implement projects more quickly and this book shows you how. Offers a practical context for understanding and applying Agile techniques, moving from theory into actual practice Explains when to use Agile and how to avoid common pitfalls Written by experts who know how to apply the principles in real-world situations Agile Project Management For Dummies enables you to understand and apply Agile principles for faster, more accurate development.
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