After The Miracle

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Monday After The Miracle

Author : William Gibson
ISBN : 0822207702
Genre : Drama
File Size : 76.65 MB
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THE STORY: The action of the play takes place in Boston, seventeen years after the events of The Miracle Worker . Helen is now an honor student at Radcliffe, and she and Annie have undertaken to write a book about their remarkable experiences
Category: Drama

After The Miracle

Author : Brenda Parmer
ISBN : 1539388727
Genre : Faith
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After a terrible car accident on a rural Idaho road, Cody Parmer's life is saved. Parents Brenda and Kreg Parmer received their miracle. Months after his recovery, a mysterious new discovery threatened to take Cody's life again. The Parmer's faith is stretched as they receive the strength to accept God's will [from back cover].
Category: Faith

After The Miracle

Author : Art Shamsky
ISBN : 9781501176531
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 42.99 MB
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“A great and insightful” (Keith Hernandez, New York Mets legend and broadcaster) New York Times bestselling account of an iconic team in baseball history: the 1969 New York Mets—a last-place team that turned it all around in just one season—told by ’69 Mets outfielder Art Shamsky, Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver, and other teammates who reminisce about that legendary season and their enduring bonds decades later. The New York Mets franchise began in 1962 and the team finished in last place nearly every year. When the 1969 season began, fans weren’t expecting much from “the Lovable Losers.” But as the season progressed, the Mets inched closer to first place and then eventually clinched the National League pennant. They were underdogs against the formidable Baltimore Orioles, but beat them in five games to become world champions. No one had predicted it. In fact, fans could hardly believe it happened. Suddenly they were “the Miracle Mets.” Playing right field for the ’69 Mets was Art Shamsky, who had stayed in touch with his former teammates over the years. He hoped to get together with star pitcher Tom Seaver (who would win the Cy Young award as the best pitcher in the league in 1969 and go on to become the first Met elected to the Hall of Fame), but Seaver was ailing and could not travel. So, Shamsky organized a visit to “Tom Terrific” in California, accompanied by the #2 pitcher, Jerry Koosman, outfielder Ron Swoboda, and shortstop Bud Harrelson. Together they recalled the highlights of that amazing season as they reminisced about what changed the Mets’ fortunes in 1969. In this “enjoyable tale of a storybook season” (Kirkus Reviews), and with the help of sportswriter Erik Sherman, Shamsky has written the “revealing” (New York Newsday) After the Miracle for the 1969 Mets. “This heartfelt, nostalgic memoir will delight baseball fans of all ages and allegiances” (Publishers Weekly). It’s a book that every Mets fan must own.
Category: Sports & Recreation

After The Miracle

Author : David B. Hampton
ISBN : 9781683505785
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.68 MB
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What happens when the miracle of sobriety shakes up the way we’ve trained the people in our lives to treat us as opposed to what we need from them now? Where do we turn when getting what we’ve prayed for messes up everything we thought we knew and believed? After the Miracle: Illusions On the Path To Restoration addresses the illusions we have as we begin to break the cycles in our lives and face the reality of what healthy living will really cost. David Hampton poses a realistic view of what the path will be to a new way of being for everyone concerned After the Miracle.
Category: Religion

One Miracle After Another

Author : Greg Budd
ISBN : 9780828024969
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.70 MB
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Pavel Goia knew when he was 5 years old that God had called him to speak for Him. Yet by the time Pavel reached his teens, having a good time with friends was far more important to him than his familys religion. And communist Romania wasnt exactly friendly to Christians.But God got his attention one fateful night, and his life took that proverbial U-turn. Pavel made a covenant with God, and his dedication to that covenant was tested almost immediately. But he stayed true, and miracle after miracle followed in behalf of this one young man who trusted every aspect of his life completely to God.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Asia After The Miracle

Author : Selig S. Harrison
ISBN : UOM:39015042088016
Genre : Asia
File Size : 52.58 MB
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The Asian economic "meltdown" that began in 1997 has demonstrated the urgent need for a post-cold war reappraisal of U.S. policy priorities in this critical region.American policy rests on the premise that the United States does not have to choose between economic and security priorities in Asia, because the American military presence is valued by regional powers in its own right. But is this premise justified?This timely book presents mini-debates on the key issues facing the United States in Asia, together with the recommendations of an Economic Strategy Institute Study Group composed of leading scholars, businessmen, diplomats, and military leaders with Asian experience. Among the wide-ranging recommendations are controversial proposals for a gradual disengagement of U.S. combat forces from Japan and Korea. The sixteen specialists who debate U.S. policy options in background papers prepared for the Study Group present conflicting perspectives on U.S. interests in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.In a policy-challenging Overview, editors Selig S. Harrison and Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr., focus on the impact of the cold war on U.S. economic relations with Asia today, and on the diminishing need for the forward deployment of U.S. forces resulting from improvements in U.S. airlift and sealift capabilities.The contributors are Doug Bandow, Barry Bosworth, Ted Galen Carpenter, James Clad, Rear Adm. Eugene Carroll, Jr., Charles W. Freeman, Jr., Chalmers Johnson, Geoffrey Kemp, Paul H. Kreisberg, Nicholas R. Lardy, Martin L. Lasater, Mike Masato Mochizuki, William J. Taylor, Ezra Vogel, Allen S. Whiting, and Jeffrey Winters.Selig S. Harrison is a senior scholar of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a fellow of The Century Foundation. His many books on U.S. relations with Asia include The Widening Gulf: Asian Nationalism and U.S. Policy. Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr., is president of the Economic Strategy Institute and former counselor to the Secretary of Commerce. He is the author of Trading Places: How We Allowed Japan to Take the Lead.
Category: Asia

Breastfeeding What To Expect After Your Miracle Has Arrived

Author : Chris Candes
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 22.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Breastfeeding. This book is to give mothers some information about what to expect after her baby is born. With simple explanations about why things are done to the mother and her baby without complicated and confusing medical wording. It’s as simple as I could make it. The following pages are based on my many years of experience as a post-partum nurse and covers many of the questions I receive on a daily basis with a focus on breastfeeding. The following pages are Pearls of wisdom and additional tips to help you and your new baby start your family off by putting your best foot forward. Congratulations on your little miracle or miracle’s and best wishes for the future. You may also find useful information in the following books. After delivery...What to expect after your miracle has arrived. First days home...What to expect after your miracle has arrived Breastfeeding… What to expect after your miracle has arrived. Breast feeding is a great way to connect with your newborn. It helps to build and strengthen the mother baby bond. The milk you make is the best food for your baby. It has all the stuff your baby needs to grow and stay healthy. Let’s start by talking about colostrum. Even in a small amount it gives the baby a lot of good nutrition and helps protect it from illness. It helps your baby stay healthy by giving your baby some of your own immunity from disease. Colostrum made when you're pregnant and at 2 to 3 days after birth. It is made in small amounts. This is perfect for your baby because its stomach is really small at that time. Many mothers have the common worry about how much her baby is eating. It is a normal fear that most mothers have. The baby has brown fat that it uses for energy and it swallows a lot of fluid during birth. It will use both for energy while its learning to breast feed. If you’re concerned you can supplement with donor breast milk or formula if you want. It is recommended that you supplement after feedings and try to use a breast pump and supplement your own breast milk after every feeding. Remember breast feed first then pump then supplement what you pump if you don’t have extra milk from a earlier time. Remember breastfeeding is natural but not easy. You will have a learning curve. You will learn how to feed your baby and he/she is learning how to eat for the first time. Frustration and worry is normal for any mother who will breastfeed. Remember to just keep trying and stay at it. It takes time and practice. The baby has never done this before so it’s learning everything. When you finally get it it’s a beautiful way to bond with your child and is worth all the hard work.
Category: Health & Fitness

What To Expect After Your Miracle Baby Has Arrived

Author : Chris Candes
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 26.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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1. Care for Mom after delivery. 2. Breastfeeding. 3. Proper latch techniques. 4. Things you should also remember to do. 5. Bleeding 6. Postpartum depression (also called the baby Blues) 7. Your Newborn Baby’s personality. This book is to give mothers some information about what to expect after her baby is born. With simple explanations about why things are done to the mother and her baby without complicated and confusing medical wording. It’s as simple as I could make it. The following pages are based on my many years of experience as a post-partum nurse and covers many of the questions I receive on a daily basis. The following chapters are Pearls of wisdom and additional tips to help you and your new baby start your family off by putting your best foot forward. Congratulations on your little miracle or miracle’s and best wishes for the future. You may also find useful information in the following books. Breastfeeding...What to expect after your miracle has arrived. First days home...What to expect after your miracle has arrived Care for Mom after delivery: You will have pain… Child birth is traumatic for your body. It is normal t feel a certain amount of pain. Especially if you have a caesarian section. A C-section is major abdominal surgery. Not just having a baby. Your recovery will take more time and different care. The most obvious thing you will notice is the pushing on your stomach. Nurses do what is called a fundus check. They push on your stomach to feel your uterus. This is to make sure it is clamping down and controlling your bleeding. You will bleed after delivery, this is to make sure you don’t hemorrhage (bleed too much). It is painful and most mothers don’t want the nurses to do this but it is one of the most important things they do for your safety. Another important point is to urinate after delivery. Keeping your bladder empty will help a lot with controlling you’re bleeding and pain. If the bladder is not emptied often it can put pressure on the uterus and all the tender tissues in your abdomen. This will cause an increase in pain. A full bladder can keep your uterus from clamping down, this can cause you to bleed excessively.
Category: Health & Fitness

One Miracle After Another

Author : Jacqueline Kosednar
ISBN : 9780595148516
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 67.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ordinary life is suddenly shattered for an Alaskan family as a trip to a clinic reveals that nine-year-old Toby Wood doesn't have the flu but a form of childhood cancer called Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia. After 31 months of standard medical treatment, including chemotherapy, Toby and his family are introduced to the world of alternative healing. The race against time quickly becomes a high-powered, spiritual journey: finding a cure for Toby. Embracing the spirit of the warrior in all its attributes of courage, compassion, discipline, intelligence and self-knowledge, Toby faces some of the biggest challenges of our time: cancer, healing and the medical establishment. Toby helps to pioneer the holistic health movement as he teaches healers how to heal and medical doctors that there are many non-toxic remedies more effective than drugs. Toby's story demonstrates the power of prayer to produce physical results and that all things are possible to those who believe. Anyone who has ever heard the "still small voice within" will find resonance in Toby's story. If you or a loved one have a terminal illness, are battling any physical condition, or are seeking a cure beyond the medical paradigm, this book will put a song of hope in your heart.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Japan After The Economic Miracle

Author : P. Bowles
ISBN : 9789401142779
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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As Japan comes to grips with a decade of economic malaise after its spectacular post-war growth record, how will Japanese society react? Contributors to this volume examine the challenges ahead for Japan in the fields of politics, economics, sociology, environment and business. This multidisciplinary inquiry looks for areas of continuity and for new directions in government, business and social policy and practice. Also examined is how Western students should approach the study of Japan; what new directions should institutions take to ensure that students learn about the `real' Japan? Written by Canadian academics, the articles in this volume will be of interest to academics and policy-makers studying or teaching about contemporary Japan.
Category: Social Science

The Miracle Of Healing After Years Of Abuse

Author : C. Lauver
ISBN : 1469700034
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many children are doomed to grow up in abusive homes, whether it is living with one or more alcoholic parents or something else that provides an extremely dysfunctional home life. Some children don’t know what it is like to live in a loving home environment. They might even have to fend for themselves or take on the responsibilities of an adult to help raise their neglected younger siblings while they are not yet even a teenager. The author grew up in such a home. She lived a childhood of neglect and one filled with trauma. It was a childhood full of fear and psychological abuse. When she came home from school, she often wondered whether the house would still be there or burned to the ground because her alcoholic mother’s lit cigarette started yet another fire. In her late teens she looked for a way out through marriage, only to find herself in yet another abusive environment. Her married life was filled with lies, cheating, financial insecurity, physical and more psychological abusive, and alcohol. Instead of escaping the life she knew as a child, she was immersed in a marriage that just perpetuated a life of fear and frustration. However, this book is the story about a woman who found a way up and out to a life of self-fulfillment, peace and happiness. It is a story for anyone who feels that they are locked into a situation of fear and despair. It is a story with an unbelievable happy ending.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Perfectly Wounded

Author : Mike Day
ISBN : 9781538701829
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 36.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The incredible true story of former Navy SEAL Mike Day, who survived being shot twenty-seven times while deployed in Iraq. On the night of April 6, 2007, in Iraq's Anbar Province, Senior Chief Mike Day, his team of Navy SEALs, and a group of Iraqi scouts were on the hunt for a high-level al Qaeda cell. Day was the first to enter a 12x12 room where four terrorist leaders were waiting in ambush. When the gunfight was over, he took out all four terrorists in the room, but not before being shot twenty-seven times and hit with grenade shrapnel. Miraculously, Day cleared the rest of the house and rescued six women and children before walking out on his own to an awaiting helicopter, which flew him to safety. While in the hospital, the Navy SEAL lost fifty-five pounds in two weeks. It took almost two years for Day to physically recover from his injuries, although he still deals with pain. Like so many veterans, doctors diagnosed Day with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury -- the invisible wounds of war. Perfectly Wounded is the remarkable story of an American hero whose incredible survival defies explanation, and whose blessed life of service continues in the face of unimaginable odds.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Marco S Miracle A True Story

Author : Maria Acosta
ISBN : 9781477160190
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 74.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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There is no available information at this time.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Violence And Miracle In The Fourteenth Century

Author : Michael E. Goodich
ISBN : 0226302954
Genre : History
File Size : 59.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As war, pestilence, and famine spread through Europe in the Middle Ages, so did reports of miracles, of hopeless victims wondrously saved from disaster. These "rescue miracles," recorded by over one hundred fourteenth-century cults, are the basis of Michael Goodich's account of the miraculous in everyday medieval life. Rescue miracles offer a wide range of voices rarely heard in medieval history, from women and children to peasants and urban artisans. They tell of salvation not just from the ravages of nature and war, but from the vagaries of a violent society—crime, unfair judicial practices, domestic squabbles, and communal or factional conflict. The stories speak to a collapse of confidence in decaying institutions, from the law to the market to feudal authority. Particularly, the miraculous escapes documented during the Hundred Years' War, the Italian communal wars, and other conflicts are vivid testimony to the end of aristocratic warfare and the growing victimization of noncombatants. Miracles, Goodich finds, represent the transcendent and unifying force of faith in a time of widespread distress and the hopeless conditions endured by the common people of the Middle Ages. Just as the lives of the saints, once dismissed as church propaganda, have become valuable to historians, so have rescue miracles, as evidence of an underlying medieval mentalite. This work expands our knowledge of that state of mind and the grim conditions that colored and shaped it.
Category: History

Your Miracle After Miracle Life Celebrate Your Essence Celebrate Your Eternity

Author : Orest Bedrij
ISBN : 9781664133716
Genre : Science
File Size : 22.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Your Miracle after Miracle Life: Celebrate Your Essence, Celebrate Your Eternity may very well be the most important scientific breakthrough to the best solutions and the best thinking to challenges posed by the greatest minds of all time. Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And it is because in the last analysis we ourselves are part of the mystery we are trying to solve. —Max Planck, Nobel laureate, Berlin University The full meaning of life, the collective meaning of all human desires is fundamentally a mystery beyond our grasp . . . We have no right to expect that our intellect can formulate perfect concepts for the full understanding of inanimate nature’s phenomena. —Eugene Wigner, Nobel laureate, Princeton University It is difficult to imagine that we could be ever in the possession of final physical principles that have no explanation in terms of deeper principles. —Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate, University of Texas M. Planck, E. Wigner, and S. Weinberg don’t help how humanity can solve the ultimate mystery of nature, the full meaning of life, nor how can we ever be in the possession of the final physical principles? Your Miracle after Miracle Life reveals the final demands of life and the best solutions belong to the Eternal Architect and Creator of the Universe. Now you can gain access to and mine the Eternal for the best and ultimate solutions to prosper and advance your divinity. Further than modern science, ahead of forbidden knowledge, here is your breakthrough to the Absolute Light and God. Experience miracle after miracle in your Christ Nature life.
Category: Science

Miracle Run

Author : Corrine Morgan-Thomas
ISBN : 9781101024584
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 57.53 MB
Format : PDF
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The inspiration for the Lifetime movie and a guide for parents confronting their autistic children's journeys to adulthood. Parents of autistic children often wonder: What will happen to our kids when they grow up? Can they work? Have relationships and their own families? Here is the poignant story of one woman watching her autistic boys reach adulthood. A single mother barely making ends meet, Corrine Morgan-Thomas could hardly afford doctors for her twins, Stephen and Phillip. After their diagnosis of autism, no one else thought these boys would ever amount to anything. But Corrine managed single-handedly to keep the boys out of institutions-and in "regular" school. And their inspiring story became Lifetime television's Miracle Run. The real miracle, though, was what happened where the movie left off-when Stephen and Phillip graduated to face adult autism. From their diagnosis to the present day, when the boys have grown into young men leading happy lives, Corrine's eye-opening story is full of candor, humor, and most of all, hope.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

After The Revolution

Author : Ryan Rufus
ISBN : 9789881602985
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Religion

Miracle In Mexico

Author : Janet Myers
ISBN : 0997075252
Genre :
File Size : 69.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I lay on the ground counting miracles: no fire, none of us should be breathing. There were pieces of airplane and equipment, and radio parts hanging in the branches.And then, miracle of miracles, voices through the trees. Help, coming so soon? We had flown past the second story windows of a technical college there in the wilderness. Someone had been looking out the window, saw the plane and said to others, "Gather your things. There's a plane out there and it's going to crash." They were on their way before we hit the ground. Of course, they spoke Spanish, but I heard them ask who to contact for us. There are many losses and tests as we walk this road, but the joys and pleasures are many as well and we know at the end of our earthly journey there is unspeakable joy and pleasures evermore.