Aesthetics And Architecture

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Aesthetics And Architecture

Author : Edward Winters
ISBN : UOM:39015064992780
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A sophisticated but engaging look at the debates and ideas involved in the aesthetics of architecture - part of a major new series from Continuum's philosophy list.
Category: Philosophy

The Aesthetics And Architecture Of Care Environments

Author : Freja Ståhlberg-Aalto
ISBN : 9526087356
Genre : Health facilities
File Size : 49.88 MB
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Evaluating the built environment in a comprehensive manner is both challenging and topical. The environment influences us in a multitude of ways, simultaneously and personally. We feel, hear, see, smell, and even taste the environment that surrounds us. Care environments, in particular, are complicated and their effects on users difficult to estimate. However, the aesthetics of care environments carry huge potential to induce wellbeing, enhance quality of life and, thereby, affect the healing and rehabilitation of patients and residents. This book applies experimental Q methodology - a qualitative method for systematically analyzing human subjectivity - in search of a new way to evaluate care environments. The focus is on the role of aesthetics as experienced by the actual users and stakeholders of ten high-quality and award-winning care environments in Japan and the European countries of Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France and Austria. A total of 45 participants, including architects, members of the administration, care staff, patients, residents, and their relatives give their subjective accounts on the aesthetic features of the care environment. Five aesthetic discourses and a set of shared aesthetic values are identified, which transcend building-type specific, contextual and professional boundaries. The aims are to increase our understanding of care environment aesthetics and architecture, and thus contribute to the design of future care buildings that fulfil the values and expectations of the users.
Category: Health facilities

On The Aesthetics Of Architecture

Author : Ralf Weber
ISBN : 185628977X
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 32.89 MB
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"On the Aesthetics of Architecture is a result of an interdisciplinary study in architectural theory, psychology and philosophy and the author's experience as a practicing architect. It tries to relate theories of aesthetics and recent advances in the psychology of visual perception to the practice of design." "The text starts with an analysis of traditional and contemporary schools of thought in architectural theory, and then proceeds through the formulation of a general theory of aesthetics based on perceptual and cognitive information processing to a description of the actual conditions under which aesthetic experiences of buildings and cities takes place. It exemplifies principles of aesthetic appropriateness through an analysis of architectural space and form." "Weber's book attempts to move the discussion of architectural aesthetics beyond the shifting doctrines of style and the often ambiguous dicta of critics. While the author makes no claim that his interpretation of psychological research will result in good architecture, he does insist on the need to bring the discussion of form back to more objective grounds. As such, it provides a valuable teaching resource and an important new contribution to the discussion among architects themselves, as well as between psychologists, philosophers and art theorists."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Category: Architecture

The Architecture Of Use

Author : Stephen Grabow
ISBN : 9781135016463
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 85.99 MB
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By analyzing ten examples of buildings that embody the human experience at an extraordinary level, this book clarifies the central importance of the role of function in architecture as a generative force in determining built form. Using familiar twentieth-century buildings as case studies, the authors present these from a new perspective, based on their functional design concepts. Here Grabow and Spreckelmeyer expand the definition of human use to that of an art form by re-evaluating these buildings from an aesthetic and ecological view of function. Each building is described from the point of view of a major functional concept or idea of human use which then spreads out and influences the spatial organization, built form and structure. In doing so each building is presented as an exemplar that reaches beyond the pragmatic concerns of a narrow program and demonstrates how functional concepts can inspire great design, evoke archetypal human experience and help us to understand how architecture embodies the deeper purposes and meanings of everyday life.
Category: Architecture

The Anaesthetics Of Architecture

Author : Neil Leach
ISBN : 0262621266
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 29.58 MB
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Leach examines the consequences of the growing preoccupation with images and image-making in contemporary architectural culture, arguing that focusing on images dulls the senses. 30 illustrations.
Category: Architecture

Meaning And Aesthetics In Architecture

Author : Kurt Brandle
ISBN : 0984727159
Genre : City planning
File Size : 28.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Every thing we encounter has for us more or less meaning. It is what we infer as a particular understanding of the thing. But we also provide meaning by how we live and by what we produce. In architecture we experience this duality as deriving impressions from it and as giving expressions to it. This implies that meaning in architecture, like in all other fields, is process and result. Decision making is involved with judgments based on theoretical and practical issues. The activities are driven by the design factors of purpose, context and realization. This text proceeds from explaining philosophical foundations of meaning to interpreting physical designs of architecture. At the center of discussion is design thinking which has rational and emotional components, making it profoundly aesthetic. The concept of design narratives is developed as the dialog between the content and the form of projects. The text is profusely supported by illustrations in color and by extensive references. Meaning and Aesthetics in Architecture is a book for all who are interested to understand our built environments.
Category: City planning

Aesthetics And Technology In Building

Author : Pier Luigi Nervi
ISBN : UOM:39015006347986
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 31.77 MB
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Here is a verbal and pictorial illustration of the credo that has guided one of the world's most distinguished architects throughout his career. "Architecture is, and must be, a synthesis of technology and art." Using nearly 200 drawings and photographs, including plans, interesting details, various stages of construction, and both interior and exterior views of some of his major works, Mr. Nervi shows how his philosophy is put into practice. Referring to most of his important projects, he discusses solutions to various functional and construction requirements where he used precast and cast-in-place concrete, emphasizing the richness of this material. Mr. Nervi stresses the advantages of reinforced concrete, which, he says, allows greater flexibility and makes it easier to satisfy his triple demand of economy, technical correctness, and aesthetic satisfaction. In predicting the future of architecture he stresses the necessity of architectural solutions that are functionally and technically sound. His final remarks concern his ideas about the proper course of study for architecture students, training that will produce architects with a "far greater technical sense than in the past, a technical sense which results in a constant search for economic efficiency."
Category: Architecture

Architectural Aesthetics

Author : Sangeet Sharma
ISBN : UOM:39015064775318
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 67.45 MB
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Mostly with reference to India.
Category: Architecture

Aesthetics And The Environment

Author : Allen Carlson
ISBN : 041530105X
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 56.65 MB
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This books presents fresh and fascinating insights into our interpretation of the environment and shows how our aesthetic experience encompasses nature rather than art.
Category: Architecture

Architecture Aesth Ethics Religion

Author : Sigurd Bergmann
ISBN : 3889397492
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 29.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Space is the primary condition of life. It can be regarded as the Creator's gift to the living. The human need for built environments is as existential as the need of an ecological, social and spiritual orientation. Built spaces encourage us to look for syntheses and varied connections between traditionally separate spheres: aesthetics/ethics, nature/mind, body/soul, God/world, social life in change and in continuity. How can we deepen the connections between aesthetics, ethics and religion in architecture? Do we really need "less aesthetics, more ethics"? How can we understand the spirituality of space and place, and what about the spatiality of the sacred? What is the significance of built space for the experience and imaging of the God of the Here-and-Now? The authors of this book offer many-faceted contributions from architectural, artistic, philosophical and theological perspectives, as well as insights into ongoing research projects of relevance to the new interdisciplinary field. ---------- Contents: PREFACE (Sigurd Bergmann); BEAUTIFUL, TRUE AND GOOD ARCHITECTURE - An introduction (Birgit Cold); ARCHITECTURE AND RELIGION IN SECULARIZED TIMES (Eivind Kasa); PLACE IN SCULPTURE (Gunilla Bandolin); SPACE AND SPIRIT - Towards a theology of inhabitation (Sigurd Bergmann); ETHICS OR AESTHETICS IN ARCHITECTURE (Gernot Böhme); HABITABILITY AS A DEEP AESTHETIC VALUE (Pauline von Bonsdor); HOUSING SIX BILLION - A theological plea for the vernacular (Tim Gorringe); ETHICS, AESTHETICS AND URBAN WELFARE (Tom Nielsen); SEA-ING SPIRIT - Ecotheology and a coastal sense of place (Nancy M. Victorin-Vangerud); SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE (Christiane Johannsen); CLASSICISM, HISTORICISM, MODERNISM - Architectural concepts as a gateway to Norwegian cultural debate 1920-30 (Per Anders Aas); FUSING THE SACRED WITH TECHNOLOGY - The virtual basilica of St. Francis in Assisi (Daniel T. Michaels); PRAYERBALLS - Art-objects for prayer and meditation in the dialogue between Christianity and Zen-Buddhism (Grete Refsum)
Category: Architecture

Architecture And Ugliness

Author :
ISBN : 9781350068254
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 47.67 MB
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Whatever 'ugliness' is, it remains a problematic category in architectural aesthetics - alternately vilified and appropriated, either to shock or to invert conventions of architecture. This book presents eighteen new essays which rethink ugliness in architecture - from brutalism to eclectic postmodern architectural productions - and together offer a diverse reappraisal of the history and theory of postmodern architecture and design. The essays address both broad theoretical questions on ugliness and postmodern aesthetics, as well as more specific analyses of significant architectural examples dating from the last decades of the twentieth century, addressing the relation between the aesthetic register of ugliness and aesthetic concepts such as brutalism, kitsch, the formless, ad hoc-ism, the monstrous, or the grotesque. The aim of this volume is not simply to document the history of a postmodern anti-aesthetic through case studies. Instead, it aims to shed light on an aesthetic problem that has been largely overlooked in the agenda of architectural theory, the question if and how ugliness can be of interest to architecture; or if and how architecture can make good use of ugliness.
Category: Architecture

The Dynamics Of Delight

Author : Peter Frederick Smith
ISBN : 041530010X
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 79.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It is some of the recent branches of science and biomathematics which provide a platform for a theory of aesthetics which transcends the subjective without undermining subjectivity." "Beauty is not arbitrary; there is a logic which informs its infinite variety of manifestations. It is not enough just to know what we like; the experience of beauty is that much richer when we know why we like it."--Jacket.
Category: Architecture

Eco Aesthetics

Author : Malcolm Miles
ISBN : 9781472524607
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 30.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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By moving beyond traditional aesthetic categories (beauty, the sublime, the religious), Eco-Aesthetics takes an inter-disciplinary approach bridging the arts, humanities and social sciences and explores what aesthetics might mean in the 21st century. It is one in a series of new, radical aesthetics promoting debate, confronting convention and formulating alternative ways of thinking about art practice. There is no doubt that the social and environmental spheres are interconnected but can art and artists really make a difference to the global environmental crisis? Can art practice meaningfully contribute to the development of sustainable lifestyles? Malcolm Miles explores the strands of eco-art, eco-aesthetics and contemporary aesthetic theories, offering timely critiques of consumerism and globalisation and, ultimately, offers a possible formulation of an engaged eco-aesthetic for the early 21st century.
Category: Philosophy

Aesthetics Of Built Form

Author : Alan Holgate
ISBN : UOM:39015028472341
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.17 MB
Format : PDF
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This book concentrates on presenting facts and opinions about the ways in which people respond to built form, drawing on a wide range of literature written by theorists, critics, and practicing architects. The subject matter incorporates perspectives from the psychology of aesthetic appreciation, the linguistic content of built form, the social ramifications of architecture, and, as an extension of this, the often fraught dialogue between the architect and the engineer. The book is richly illustrated with examples of buildings from all periods in history, and should be a stimulating addition to the continuing and topical debate between functionalist and aesthetic considerations affecting the planning of buildings.
Category: Business & Economics

Atmospheric Architectures

Author : Gernot Böhme
ISBN : 9781474258104
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 69.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There is fast-growing awareness of the role atmospheres play in architecture. Of equal interest to contemporary architectural practice as it is to aesthetic theory, this 'atmospheric turn' owes much to the work of the German philosopher Gernot Böhme. Atmospheric Architectures: The Aesthetics of Felt Spaces brings together Böhme's most seminal writings on the subject, through chapters selected from his classic books and articles, many of which have hitherto only been available in German. This is the only translated version authorised by Böhme himself, and is the first coherent collection deploying a consistent terminology. It is a work which will provide rich references and a theoretical framework for ongoing discussions about atmospheres and their relations to architectural and urban spaces. Combining philosophy with architecture, design, landscape design, scenography, music, art criticism, and visual arts, the essays together provide a key to the concepts that motivate the work of some of the best contemporary architects, artists, and theorists: from Peter Zumthor, Herzog & de Meuron and Juhani Pallasmaa to Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell. With a foreword by Professor Mark Dorrian (Forbes Chair in Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art) and an afterword by Professor David Leatherbarrow, (Chair of the Graduate Group in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania), the volume also includes a general introduction to the topic, including coverage of it history, development, areas of application and conceptual apparatus.
Category: Architecture