Aegean Bronze Age Art

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The Visual Culture Of The Aegean Bronze Age

Author : Carl Knappett
ISBN : 9781108429436
Genre : Art
File Size : 33.26 MB
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Offers an innovative theory for ancient art and its creativity, demonstrated through the rich material and visual culture of the protohistoric Aegean.
Category: Art

Introduction To Aegean Art

Author : Philip P. Betancourt
ISBN : 9781623030841
Genre : History
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Section 508 Compliant This textbook is a compilation of the author's more than 35 years of teaching and excavation experience in the field of Aegean Bronze Age art history and archaeology. It is geared toward an audience of undergraduate and graduate students as an introduction to the Bronze Age art objects and architecture that have been uncovered on Crete, the Greek peninsula, and the Cycladic Islands.
Category: History


Author : Robert Laffineur
ISBN : UOM:39015032966577
Genre : History
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Twenty-four papers from the 4th International Aegean Conference in 1992, divided into four thematic areas: composition and style, artistic medium and social context, extracting meaning and motifs and themes. Contents: Ingo PINI, Towards a Standardization of Terminology. Problems of Description and Identification ; Janice L. CROWLEY, The Icon Imperative: Rules of Composition in Aegean Art ; Paul REHAK, Tradition and Innovation in the Fresco from Room 31 in the 'Cult Center' at Mycenae ; Thomas G. PALAIMA, Mycenaean Scribal Aesthetics ; Marie-Henriette GATES, Mycenaean Art for a Levantine Market? The Ivory Lid from Minet el Beidha/Ugarit ; Michael B. COSMOPOULOS, The Development of Iconography in the Early Bronze 2 Aegean ; Wolf-Dietrich NIEMEIER, Iconography and Context: the Thera Frescoes ; Robert LAFFINEUR, Iconography as Evidence of Social and Political Status in Mycenaean Greece ; Jennifer M. WEBB, Cypriote Bronze Age Glyptic: Style, Function and Social Context ; John CHERRY, Beazley in the Bronze Age? Reflections on Attribution Studies in Aegean Prehistory ; Christina A. TELEVANTOU, Theran Wall-Painting: Artistic Tendencies and Painters ; Charles GATES, Art for Children in Mycenaean Greece ; Jan BOUZEK, The Structure of Minoan Representational Art ; Michael WEDDE, Pictorial Architecture: for a Theory-Based Analysis of Imagery ; Sarah P. MORRIS, Prehistoric Iconography and Historical Sources: Hindsight through Texts? ; Carol G. THOMAS, Aegean Bronze Age Iconography: Poetic Art? ; Isabel McBRYDE, Archaeology and Art, Art as Archaeology: Problems of Cultural Context and Chronology in Australian Aboriginal Rock Art ; Andree ROSENFELD, Recent Developments in Australian Rock Art Studies ; Gisela WALBERG, Minoan Floral Iconography ; Anna Lucia D'AGATA, Late Minoan Crete and Horns of Consecration: a Symbol in Action ; John G. YOUNGER, Representations of Minoan-Mycenaean Jewelry ; Edmund F. BLOEDOW, On Lions in Mycenaean and Minoan Culture ; Judith POWELL, Archaeological and Pictorial Evidence for Fishing in the Bronze Age: Issues of Identification and Interpretation ; Wolfgang SCHIERING, Elements of Landscape in Minoan and Mycenaean Art ; Henri and Micheline van EFFENTERRE, L'iconographie du temps dans la glyptique creto- mycenienne ; Plenary discussion.
Category: History

Studies In Aegean Art And Culture

Author : Robert B. Koehl
ISBN : 9781623034139
Genre : History
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Section 508 Compliant The papers published here are dedicated to the memory of Ellen N. Davis, one of the most valued and beloved Aegean scholars of her generation. All of the articles are in some way inspired or influenced by Davis’ own contributions to the field. In the area of metalwork, several papers investigate interconnections within and around the Aegean during the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Ages (Betancourt, Ferrence and Muhly, Weingarten, Kopcke), while others examine metal ware in its social context (Wiener). Papers on wall painting range from studies of pigments and optical illusions (Vlachopoulos), to representations of water (Shank). Anthropomorphic representations, or their absence, of goddesses or priestesses (Jones), rulers (Palaima), or initiates (Koehl) are also studied here with new eyes and fresh insights.
Category: History

Aegean Painting In The Bronze Age

Author : Sara Anderson Immerwahr
ISBN : UOM:39015017983704
Genre : Art
File Size : 21.43 MB
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Aegean Painting in the Bronze Age is intended as a handbook for the art historian and archaeologist, with a full catalogue of examples (arranged according to site), critical discussion of the problems of chronology, a comprehensive bibliography, maps, drawings of details, and more than 100 photographic plates, 23 in color. This is the only book to give a synthesis of painting and pictorial art from its beginnings in Prepalatial Crete to the collapse of Bronze Age civilization in the Aegean. Immerwahr traces the development of Aegean painting from its origins in Crete through its spread to the Cycladic islands and to the Greek mainland, where it gave rise to the specific Mycenaean style. She studies primarily wall painting but refers also to painting on pottery and the pictorial art of seal engraving. The question of foreign influence from Egypt and Mesopotamia is discussed in connection with the origins of Minoan painting, and the new frescoes from Akrotiri on Thera are used to supplement the much more fragmentary paintings from Sir Arthur Evan's excavations at Knossos. Immerwahr also explores the interrelationship of the Minoan Cretans, the Cycladic islanders with their Minoanized enclaves on Thera and Melos, and the early Greek Mycenean mainlanders.
Category: Art

Performance Power And The Art Of The Aegean Bronze Age

Author : Senta C. German
ISBN : UOM:39015060569863
Genre : Social Science
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Are we to believe that Late Minoan Crete was over-run with dancers and bull leapers? As Senta German shows, dancing and bull-leaping were the most prevalent themes of Late Bronze Age glyptic art although, aside from their demonstration of a social and perhaps symbolic activity, they also had a much deeper function in Late Minoan society.
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The Aegean Bronze Age

Author : Oliver Dickinson
ISBN : 0521456649
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Desribes the prehistoric civilizations of the Aegean Sea Region.
Category: Social Science


Author : Robert Laffineur
ISBN : IND:30000077008872
Genre : Aegean Islands (Greece and Turkey)
File Size : 43.79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Aegean Islands (Greece and Turkey)


Author : Karen Polinger Foster
ISBN : UOM:39015058852271
Genre : History
File Size : 72.17 MB
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Contents: Foreword ; List of abbreviations ; A. KEYNOTE ADDRESS ; James D. MUHLY : Archaeology and Archaeometry: Why We Need (and Should Want) to Work Together ; B. MEASURING THE AEGEAN LANDSCAPE ; Gisela WALBERG: Measuring the Aegean Landscape ; Daniel J. PULLEN: Site Size, Territory, and Hierarchy: Measuring Levels of Integration and Social Change in Neolithic and Bronze Age Aegean Societies ; Richard ROTHAUS, Eduard REINHARDT, Thomas TARTARON and Jay NOLLER: A Geoarchaeological Approach for Understanding Prehistoric Usage of the Coastline of the Eastern Korinthia ; Anastasia DAKOURI-HILD, Eleni ANDRIKOU, Vassilis ARAVANTINOS and Elena KOUNTOURI: A GIS in Boeotian Thebes: Taking Measures for Heritage Management, Archaeological Research and Public Outreach ; C. MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION ; Thomas F. TARTARON: The Characterization of Inorganic Materials in Aegean Prehistory ; Pat GETZ-GENTLE, Norman HERZ, Yannis MANIATIS and Kyriaki POLIKRETI: Sourcing the Marble of Early Cycladic Objects: : Tristan CARTER: Problematizing the Analysis of Obsidian in the Aegean and Surrounding Worlds ; Zofia A. STOS-GALE and Noel H. GALE: Lead Isotopic and other Isotopic Research in the Aegean ; Carole GILLIS, Robin CLAYTON, Ernst PERNICKA and Noel GALE: Tin in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Susan Ferrence, Kristalia Melessanaki, Maripaz Mateo, Philip P. Betancourt and Demetrios Anglos: Adaptation of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts ; Philip P. BETANCOURT: Interpreting Ceramic Petrography: The Special Product Model, a New Model for Pottery Distribution in the Early Minoan Period ; Evangelia KIRIATZI: Sherds, Fabrics and Clay Sources: Reconstructing the Ceramic Landscapes of Prehistoric Kythera ; Vassilis KILIKOGLOU, Evangelia KIRIATZI, Anna PHILIPPA-TOUCHAIS, Gilles TOUCHAIS and Ian WITHBREAD: Pottery Production and Supply at MH Aspis, Argos: The Evidence of Chemical and Petrographic Analyses ; D. ARTIFACT-BASED STUDIES ; Elizabeth HENDRIX: Some Methods for Revealing Paint on Early Cycladic Figures ; Walter MWalter MULLER: Minoan Works of Art - ; Thanos PANTAZIS, Andreas G. KARYDAS, Christos DOUMAS, Andreas VLACHOPOULOS, Petros NOMIKOS and Mark DINSMORE: X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of a Gold Ibex and other Artifacts from Akrotiri ; Elizabeth B. SHANK and Costas BALAS: The MuSIS 2007 and its Application to the Throne Room Fresco at Knossos ; Ann BRYSBAERT: Rotating Angles in Measuring the Aegean Bronze Age. The Technology of Bronze Age Painted Plaster from the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean ; Maria C. SHAW: Grids and other Drafting Devices in Minoan and other Aegean Wall Painting. A Comparative Analysis Including Egypt ; E. EXPERIMENTAL ARCHAEOLOGY AND REPLICATION PROJECTS ; Elizabeth J.W. BARBER: Archaeology by Experiment and Reproduction ; Eva ANDERSSON and Marie-Louise B. NOSCH: With a Little Help from my Friends: Investigating Mycenaean Textiles with Help from Scandinavian Experimental Archaeology ; F. ENVIRONMENTAL AND BIOLOGICAL ANALYSES ; Robert ARNOTT and Elizabeth STUCKEY: Finding the Hydra: The Search for Malaria in the Prehistoric Aegean ; Sevi TRIANTAPHYLLOU: A Bioarchaeological Approach to Bronze Age Cemetery Populations from Western and Central Greek Macedonia ; Margaret SERPICO: Quantifying Resin Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age ; G. ARCHITECTURAL AND CONSTRUCTIONAL STUDIES ; Donald PREZIOSI: What Does a Module Mean? ; Joseph W. SHAW: Palatial Proportions: A Study of the Relative Proportions between Minoan Palaces and Their Settlements ; David Gilman ROMANO: Minoan Surveyors and Town Planning at Gournia ; Louise A. HITCHCOCK: Louise A. HITCHCOCK: "And Above Were Costly Stones, Hewn According to Measurement:" ; Michael C. NELSON: Leveling Ashlar Walls ; H. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ; Maria Emanuela ALBERTI: Weighting and Dying between East and West Weighing Materials from LBA Aegean Funerary Contexts ; Karl M. PETRUSO: Quantal Analysis of Some Mycenaean Balance Weights ; Lorenz RAHMSTORF: The Identification of Early Helladic Weights and Their Wider Implications ; Anna MICHAILIDOU: Measuring Weight and Value in Bronze Age Economies in the Aegean and the Near East: A Discussion on Metal Axes of No Practical Use ; I. STATISTICAL ANALYSES OF CERAMICS ; Marianna NIKOLAIDOU, Nikos MEROUSIS, Aikaterini PAPANTHIMOU and Angeliki PAPASTERIOU: From Metron to Context in Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Mandalon, Northwestern Greece: The Example of Ceramics ; Iris TZACHILI: Quantitative Analysis of the Pottery from the Peak Sanctuary at Vrysinas, Rethymnon ; J. MEASURING AND LINEAR A ; Dimitri NAKASSIS and Kevin PLUTA: Linear A and Multidimensional Scaling ; Massimo PERNA: Ideograms of Vases and Fractions in Linear A Script ; K. MEASURING ACROSS SPACE AND TIME ; George F. BASS: Carolyn: A Submersible for Underwater Archaeology ; Robert LAFFINEUR and Jean-Noel ANSLIJN: Laser Plotting and 3D Reconstruction of Aegaean Archaeological Remains. From the River Meuse to the Aegaean Sea ; Benjamin R. FOSTER: The Measure of Ancient Mesopotamia ; Malcolm H. WIENER: Time Out: The Current Impasse in Bronze Age Archaeological Dating ; L. POSTERS ; Paolo BELLI: On Measuring Tholoi in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Andrew BEVAN and Doniert EVELY: The Andrew BEVAN and Doniert EVELY: The "Stone Vessels of the Bronze Age Aegean" ; Giuliana BIANCO: Two Different Building Modules of Measurement at Kommos - A Neopalatial Module in Building T and a Postpalatial Module in Building P ; Janice L. CROWLEY: IconA: Classification and Database for Aegean Glyptic ; Cesare D''ANNIBALE and Dan LONG: Replicating Bronze Age Obsidian Blade Manufacture: Towards an Assessment of the Scale of Production during the Minoan Period ; Karen Polinger FOSTER and Max BICHLER: Theran Pumice from Egyptian Graves? ; Bernice JONES: Veils and Mantles: An Investigation of the Construction and Function of the Costumes of the Veiled Dancer from Thera and the Camp Stool Banqueter from Knossos ; Walther KAMM: The Nippur-measuring-rod and its Reference to the Linear-Measure Used during the Aegean Bronze Age ; Athanasia KRAHTOPOULOU: Geomorphic Processes and the Creation of the Modern Archaeological Record of Northern Pieria, Macedonia, Greece ; Robert LAFFINEUR: Automatic Profile Drawing of Sherds and Vases at the University of Liege ; Abby LILLETHUN: The Recreation of Aegean Cloth and Clothing ; Severine LIVIN : An Advanced Skill in Hydraulic Engineering at Knossos? ; Walter MULLER : Precision Measurements of Minoan and Mycenaean Gold Rings with Ultrasound ; Steven SOETENS, Apostolos SARRIS, Klaas VANSTEENHUYSE and Sofia TOPOUZI: GIS Variations on a Cretan Theme: Minoan Peak Sanctuaries ; Gisela WALBERG and John HANCOCK : Digital Midea: An Interactive Computer Model of a Mycenaean Citadel ; John G. YOUNGER: Calculating Vessel Volumes ; M. ABSTRACTS ; Stelios ANDREOU, Sarantis DIMITRIADIS, Vassilis KILIKOGLOU, Evangelia KIRIATZI, Kostas KOTSAKIS and Alexandra TSOLAKIDOU: Measuring Demand and Supply of Mycenaean and Protogeometric Style Pottery in Late Bronze Age Macedonia with Special Reference to Thessaloniki Toumba ; Andrew BEVAN: Exploring Kythera: Island Dynamics and GIS ; Keri A. BROWN, Christine FLAHERTY, John PRAG and Terence A. BROWN: Families, Faces and Ancient DNA at Mycenae ; James CONOLLY: Quantitative Analysis of Aegean Survey Data: A Case Study from Kythera ; Charles FREDERICK, Athanasia KRAHTOPOULOU and Maria KOUSOULAKOU: Polycyclic Terracing: The View from Kythera ; Thea A. POLITIS, Meg H. ABRAHAM and J. Peter NORTHOVER: PIXE, Gold, and Granulation: Potential Applications for Measuring Social and Technological Interaction in the Aegean Bronze Age ; Sven VAN LOKEREN: Metallurgical Technologies and Production Organisation on LBA Kythera ; N. CLOSING ADDRESS ; Paul REHAK and John G. YOUNGER: Concluding Remarks.
Category: History


Author : Robert Laffineur
ISBN : STANFORD:36105022822444
Genre : Artisans
File Size : 82.41 MB
Format : PDF
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Aegean Bronze Age Rhyta

Author : Robert B. Koehl
ISBN : 9781623030575
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rhyta are among the most appealing yet enigmatic classes of artefacts from the Aegean Bronze Age. They were produced in a wide range of forms and media with a consistently high degree of craftsmanship. This comprehensive study of Bronze Age rhyta from the Aegean builds on nearly a century of discoveries and scholarly contributions, and addresses questions of typology, function, context, and the uses of these vessels. The volume includes a thoroughly illustrated catalogue, an index of sites and the present locations of rhyta.
Category: Social Science

The Cambridge Companion To The Aegean Bronze Age

Author : Cynthia W. Shelmerdine
ISBN : 9781107494626
Genre : Art
File Size : 39.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is a comprehensive up-to-date survey of the Aegean Bronze Age, from its beginnings to the period following the collapse of the Mycenaean palace system. In essays by leading authorities commissioned especially for this volume, it covers the history and the material culture of Crete, Greece, and the Aegean Islands from c.3000–1100 BCE, as well as topics such as trade, religions, and economic administration. Intended as a reliable, readable introduction for university students, it will also be useful to scholars in related fields within and outside classics. The contents of this book are arranged chronologically and geographically, facilitating comparison between the different cultures. Within this framework, the cultures of the Aegean Bronze Age are assessed thematically and combine both material culture and social history.
Category: Art

A Consideration Of Gender Roles And Relations In The Aegean Bronze Age Interpreted From Gestures And Proxemics In Art

Author : Susan E. Poole
ISBN : 1407354280
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Through an analysis of human figures in Aegean Bronze Age art the roles and relations between genders are considered, especially in terms of differential status and power implications. Detailed observations are made of body language, particularly gestures, postures and orientations between the figures, and some original interpretations are offered.
Category: Social Science


Author : Robert Laffineur
ISBN : 1935488112
Genre : History
File Size : 47.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A huge collection of fifty-seven papers from the 6th International Aegean conference held in Philadelphia 1996. A small selection of the papers is: Arts and artefacts in the shaft graves (Oliver Dickinson); Aegean art before and after the LM IB Cretan destructions ( Paul Rehak); Minoan wall-painting (Fritz Blakolmer); Minoan clay figures and figurines (George Rethemiotakis); LM III tholois and theri builders (Paolo Belli); Pottery workshops at Phaestos and Haghia Triada in the Protopalatial period (Filippo M. Carinci); Mycenaean kylix painters at Zygouries (Patrick M. Thomas); The organisation of textile production on Bronze Age Crete (Brendan Burke); Itinerant craftsmen and trade in the Aegean Bronze Age (Edmund Bloedow); Minoan women and the challenges of weaving for home, trade and shrine (Elizabeth Barber).
Category: History