Advanced Verification Topics

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Advanced Verification Topics

Author : Bishnupriya Bhattacharya
ISBN : 9781105113758
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Accellera Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard is architected to scale, but verification is growing and in more than just the digital design dimension. It is growing in the SoC dimension to include low-power and mixed-signal and the system integration dimension to include multi-language support and acceleration. These items and others all contribute to the quality of the SOC so the Metric-Driven Verification (MDV) methodology is needed to unify it all into a coherent verification plan. This book is for verification engineers and managers familiar with the UVM and the benefits it brings to digital verification but who also need to tackle specialized tasks. It is also written for the SoC project manager that is tasked with building an efficient worldwide team. While the task continues to become more complex, Advanced Verification Topics describes methodologies outside of the Accellera UVM standard, but that build on it, to provide a way for SoC teams to stay productive and profitable.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Advanced Verification Techniques

Author : Leena Singh
ISBN : 9781402080296
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"As chip size and complexity continues to grow exponentially, the challenges of functional verification are becoming a critical issue in the electronics industry. It is now commonly heard that logical errors missed during functional verification are the most common cause of chip re-spins, and that the costs associated with functional verification are now outweighing the costs of chip design. To cope with these challenges engineers are increasingly relying on new design and verification methodologies and languages. Transaction-based design and verification, constrained random stimulus generation, functional coverage analysis, and assertion-based verification are all techniques that advanced design and verification teams routinely use today. Engineers are also increasingly turning to design and verification models based on C/C++ and SystemC in order to build more abstract, higher performance hardware and software models and to escape the limitations of RTL HDLs. This new book, Advanced Verification Techniques, provides specific guidance for these advanced verification techniques. The book includes realistic examples and shows how SystemC and SCV can be applied to a variety of advanced design and verification tasks." - Stuart Swan
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Professional Verification

Author : Paul Wilcox
ISBN : 9781402078767
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 77.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Professional Verification is a guide to advanced functional verification in the nanometer era. It presents the best practices in functional verification used today and provides insights on how to solve the problems that verification teams face. Professional Verification is based on the experiences of advanced verification teams throughout the industry, along with work done at Cadence Design Systems. Professional Verification presents a complete and detailed Unified Verification Methodology based on the best practices in use today. It also addresses topics important to those doing advanced functional verification, such as assertions, functional coverage, formal verification, and reactive testbenches.
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Design Verification With E

Author : Samir Palnitkar
ISBN : 0131413090
Genre : Computers
File Size : 82.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As part of the Modern Semiconductor Design series, this book details a broad range of e-based topics including modelling, constraint-driven test generation, functional coverage and assertion checking.
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Lectures On Runtime Verification

Author : Ezio Bartocci
ISBN : 9783319756325
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The idea of this volume originated from the need to have a book for students to support their training with several tutorials on different aspects of RV. The volume has been organized into seven chapters and the topics covered include an introduction on runtime verification, dynamic analysis of concurrency errors, monitoring events that carry data, runtime error reaction and prevention, monitoring of cyber-physical systems, runtime verification for decentralized and distributed systems and an industrial application of runtime verification techniques in financial transaction systems.
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Advanced Topics In Bisimulation And Coinduction

Author : Davide Sangiorgi
ISBN : 9781139502900
Genre : Computers
File Size : 89.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Coinduction is a method for specifying and reasoning about infinite data types and automata with infinite behaviour. In recent years, it has come to play an ever more important role in the theory of computing. It is studied in many disciplines, including process theory and concurrency, modal logic and automata theory. Typically, coinductive proofs demonstrate the equivalence of two objects by constructing a suitable bisimulation relation between them. This collection of surveys is aimed at both researchers and Master's students in computer science and mathematics and deals with various aspects of bisimulation and coinduction, with an emphasis on process theory. Seven chapters cover the following topics: history, algebra and coalgebra, algorithmics, logic, higher-order languages, enhancements of the bisimulation proof method, and probabilities. Exercises are also included to help the reader master new material.
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Vlsi Soc Advanced Topics On Systems On A Chip

Author : Ricardo Reis
ISBN : 9780387895574
Genre : Computers
File Size : 84.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book contains extended and revised versions of the best papers that were presented during the fifteenth edition of the IFIP/IEEE WG10.5 International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, a global System-on-a-Chip Design & CAD conference. The 15th conference was held at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (October 15-17, 2007). Previous conferences have taken place in Edinburgh, Trondheim, Vancouver, Munich, Grenoble, Tokyo, Gramado, Lisbon, Montpellier, Darmstadt, Perth and Nice. The purpose of this conference, sponsored by IFIP TC 10 Working Group 10.5 and by the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA), is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and show industrial and academic research results in the field of microelectronics design. The current trend toward increasing chip integration and technology process advancements brings about stimulating new challenges both at the physical and system-design levels, as well in the test of these systems. VLSI-SoC conferences aim to address these exciting new issues.
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Co Verification Of Hardware And Software For Arm Soc Design

Author : Jason Andrews
ISBN : 0080476902
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hardware/software co-verification is how to make sure that embedded system software works correctly with the hardware, and that the hardware has been properly designed to run the software successfully -before large sums are spent on prototypes or manufacturing. This is the first book to apply this verification technique to the rapidly growing field of embedded systems-on-a-chip(SoC). As traditional embedded system design evolves into single-chip design, embedded engineers must be armed with the necessary information to make educated decisions about which tools and methodology to deploy. SoC verification requires a mix of expertise from the disciplines of microprocessor and computer architecture, logic design and simulation, and C and Assembly language embedded software. Until now, the relevant information on how it all fits together has not been available. Andrews, a recognized expert, provides in-depth information about how co-verification really works, how to be successful using it, and pitfalls to avoid. He illustrates these concepts using concrete examples with the ARM core - a technology that has the dominant market share in embedded system product design. The companion CD-ROM contains all source code used in the design examples, a searchable e-book version, and useful design tools. * The only book on verification for systems-on-a-chip (SoC) on the market * Will save engineers and their companies time and money by showing them how to speed up the testing process, while still avoiding costly mistakes * Design examples use the ARM core, the dominant technology in SoC, and all the source code is included on the accompanying CD-Rom, so engineers can easily use it in their own designs
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Advanced Topics In Types And Programming Languages

Author : Benjamin C. Pierce
ISBN : 0262162288
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A thorough and accessible introduction to a range of key ideas in type systems for programming language. The study of type systems for programming languages now touches many areas of computer science, from language design and implementation to software engineering, network security, databases, and analysis of concurrent and distributed systems. This book offers accessible introductions to key ideas in the field, with contributions by experts on each topic. The topics covered include precise type analyses, which extend simple type systems to give them a better grip on the run time behavior of systems; type systems for low-level languages; applications of types to reasoning about computer programs; type theory as a framework for the design of sophisticated module systems; and advanced techniques in ML-style type inference. Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages builds on Benjamin Pierce's Types and Programming Languages (MIT Press, 2002); most of the chapters should be accessible to readers familiar with basic notations and techniques of operational semantics and type systems--the material covered in the first half of the earlier book. Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages can be used in the classroom and as a resource for professionals. Most chapters include exercises, ranging in difficulty from quick comprehension checks to challenging extensions, many with solutions.
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Advanced Topics In Artificial Intelligence

Author : Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 1999
ISBN : 3540668225
Genre : Computers
File Size : 39.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI'99, held in Sydney, Australia in December 1999. The 39 revised full papers presented together with 15 posters were carefully reviewed and selected from more than 120 submissions. The book is divided in topical sections on machine learning, neural nets, knowledge representation, natural language processing, belief revision, adaptive algorithms, automated reasonning, neural learning, heuristics, and applications
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Sampling Theory In Fourier And Signal Analysis Advanced Topics

Author : J. R. Higgins
ISBN : 0198534965
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Volume 1 in this series laid the mathematical foundations of sampling theory; Volume 2 surveys the many applications of the theory both within mathematics and in other areas of science. Topics range over a wide variety of areas, and each application is given a modern treatment.
Category: Mathematics

Verilog Hdl

Author : Samir Palnitkar
ISBN : 0130449113
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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VERILOG HDL, Second Editionby Samir PalnitkarWith a Foreword by Prabhu GoelWritten forboth experienced and new users, this book gives you broad coverage of VerilogHDL. The book stresses the practical design and verification perspective ofVerilog rather than emphasizing only the language aspects. The informationpresented is fully compliant with the IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog HDL standard. Among its many features, this edition- bull; bull;Describes state-of-the-art verification methodologies bull;Provides full coverage of gate, dataflow (RTL), behavioral and switch modeling bull;Introduces you to the Programming Language Interface (PLI) bull;Describes logic synthesis methodologies bull;Explains timing and delay simulation bull;Discusses user-defined primitives bull;Offers many practical modeling tips Includes over 300 illustrations, examples, and exercises, and a Verilog resource list.Learning objectives and summaries are provided for each chapter. About the CD-ROMThe CD-ROM contains a Verilog simulator with agraphical user interface and the source code for the examples in the book. Whatpeople are saying about Verilog HDL- "Mr.Palnitkar illustrates how and why Verilog HDL is used to develop today'smost complex digital designs. This book is valuable to both the novice and theexperienced Verilog user. I highly recommend it to anyone exploring Verilogbased design." -RajeevMadhavan, Chairman and CEO, Magma Design Automation "Thisbook is unique in its breadth of information on Verilog and Verilog-relatedtopics. It is fully compliant with the IEEE 1364-2001 standard, contains allthe information that you need on the basics, and devotes several chapters toadvanced topics such as verification, PLI, synthesis and modelingtechniques." -MichaelMcNamara, Chair, IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog Standards Organization Thishas been my favorite Verilog book since I picked it up in college. It is theonly book that covers practical Verilog. A must have for beginners andexperts." -BerendOzceri, Design Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc. "Simple,logical and well-organized material with plenty of illustrations, makes this anideal textbook." -Arun K. Somani, Jerry R. Junkins Chair Professor,Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames PRENTICE HALL Professional Technical Reference Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 ISBN: 0-13-044911-3
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Advanced Topics In Biometrics

Author : Haizhou Li
ISBN : 9789814287852
Genre : Biometric identification
File Size : 59.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Biometrics is the study of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based on one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. After decades of research activities, biometrics, as a recognized scientific discipline, has advanced considerably both in practical technology and theoretical discovery to meet the increasing need of biometric deployments. In this book, the editors provide both a concise and accessible introduction to the field as well as a detailed coverage on the unique research problems with their solutions in a wide spectrum of biometrics research ranging from voice, face, fingerprint, iris, handwriting, human behavior to multimodal biometrics. The contributions also present the pioneering efforts and state-of-the-art results, with special focus on practical issues concerning system development. This book is a valuable reference for established researchers and it also gives an excellent introduction for beginners to understand the challenges.
Category: Biometric identification

Automatic Speech And Speaker Recognition

Author : Chin-Hui Lee
ISBN : 0792397061
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Research in the field of automatic speech and speaker recognition has made a number of significant advances in the last two decades, influenced by advances in signal processing, algorithms, architectures, and hardware. These advances include: the adoption of a statistical pattern recognition paradigm; the use of the hidden Markov modeling framework to characterize both the spectral and the temporal variations in the speech signal; the use of a large set of speech utterance examples from a large population of speakers to train the hidden Markov models of some fundamental speech units; the organization of speech and language knowledge sources into a structural finite state network; and the use of dynamic, programming based heuristic search methods to find the best word sequence in the lexical network corresponding to the spoken utterance. Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition: Advanced Topics groups together in a single volume a number of important topics on speech and speaker recognition, topics which are of fundamental importance, but not yet covered in detail in existing textbooks. Although no explicit partition is given, the book is divided into five parts: Chapters 1-2 are devoted to technology overviews; Chapters 3-12 discuss acoustic modeling of fundamental speech units and lexical modeling of words and pronunciations; Chapters 13-15 address the issues related to flexibility and robustness; Chapter 16-18 concern the theoretical and practical issues of search; Chapters 19-20 give two examples of algorithm and implementational aspects for recognition system realization. Audience: A reference book for speech researchers and graduate students interested in pursuing potential research on the topic. May also be used as a text for advanced courses on the subject.
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Logic Design And Verification Using Systemverilog Revised

Author : Donald Thomas
ISBN : 1523364025
Genre :
File Size : 66.96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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SystemVerilog is a Hardware Description Language that enables designers to work at the higher levels of logic design abstractions that match the increased complexity of current day integrated circuit and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) designs. The majority of the book assumes a basic background in logic design and software programming concepts. It is directed at: * students currently in an introductory logic design course that also teaches SystemVerilog, * designers who want to update their skills from Verilog or VHDL, and * students in VLSI design and advanced logic design courses that include verification as well as design topics. The book starts with a tutorial introduction on hardware description languages and simulation. It proceeds to the register-transfer design topics of combinational and finite state machine (FSM) design - these mirror the topics of introductory logic design courses. The book covers the design of FSM-datapath designs and their interfaces, including SystemVerilog interfaces. Then it covers the more advanced topics of writing testbenches including using assertions and functional coverage. A comprehensive index provides easy access to the book's topics.The goal of the book is to introduce the broad spectrum of features in the language in a way that complements introductory and advanced logic design and verification courses, and then provides a basis for further learning.Solutions to problems at the end of chapters, and text copies of the SystemVerilog examples are available from the author as described in the Preface.

Advanced Topics In Term Rewriting

Author : Enno Ohlebusch
ISBN : 9781475736618
Genre : Computers
File Size : 54.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Unlike current survey articles and textbooks, here the so-called confluence and termination hierarchies play a key role. Throughout, the relationships between the properties in the hierarchies are reviewed, and it is shown that for every implication X => Y in the hierarchies, the property X is undecidable for all term rewriting systems satisfying Y. Topics covered include: the newest techniques for proving termination of rewrite systems; a comprehensive chapter on conditional term rewriting systems; a state-of-the-art survey of modularity in term rewriting, and a uniform framework for term and graph rewriting, as well as the first result on conditional graph rewriting.
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Advanced Topics In Intelligent Information And Database Systems

Author : Dariusz Król
ISBN : 9783319566603
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book presents recent research in intelligent information and database systems. The carefully selected contributions were initially accepted for presentation as posters at the 9th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems (ACIIDS 2017) held from to 5 April 2017 in Kanazawa, Japan. While the contributions are of an advanced scientific level, several are accessible for non-expert readers. The book brings together 47 chapters divided into six main parts: • Part I. From Machine Learning to Data Mining.• Part II. Big Data and Collaborative Decision Support Systems,• Part III. Computer Vision Analysis, Detection, Tracking and Recognition,• Part IV. Data-Intensive Text Processing,• Part V. Innovations in Web and Internet Technologies, and• Part VI. New Methods and Applications in Information and Software Engineering. The book is an excellent resource for researchers and those working in algorithmics, artificial and computational intelligence, collaborative systems, decision management and support systems, natural language processing, image and text processing, Internet technologies, and information and software engineering, as well as for students interested in such research areas.
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