Advanced Gasification

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Advanced Gasification

Author : A.A.C.M. Beenackers
ISBN : 9027722129
Genre : Science
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Advanced Biomass Gasification

Author : Steffen Heidenreich
ISBN : 9780128043677
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Advanced Biomass Gasification: New Concepts for Efficiency Increase and Product Flexibility provides a thorough overview on new concepts in biomass gasification and consolidated information on advances for process integration and combination, which could otherwise only be gained by reading a high number of journal publications. Heidenreich, Müller and Foscolo, highly respected experts in this field, start their exploration with the compact UNIQUE reactor, gasification and pyrolysis, gasification and combustion, and catalysts and membranes. The authors then examine biomass pre-treatment processes, taking into account the energy balance of the overall conversion process, and look into oxygen-steam gasification and solutions for air separation, including new options for integration of O2-membranes into the gasifier. Several polygeneration strategies are covered, including combined heat and power (CHP) production with synthetic natural gas (SNG), biofuels and hydrogen, and new cutting-edge concepts, such as plasma gasification, supercritical water gasification, and catalytic gasification, which allows for insights on the future technological outlook of the area. This book is then a valuable resource for industry and academia-based researchers, as well as graduate students in the energy and chemical sectors with interest in biomass gasification, especially in areas of power engineering, bioenergy, chemical engineering, and catalysis. Explores state-of-the-art technologies that allow for greater efficiency and flexibility in gasification, including process integration, combination, and polygeneration strategies Consolidates information that was, up until now, scattered among several sources, including journal articles Provides a valuable resource for industry and academia-based researchers, as well as graduate students in the energy and chemical sectors with interest in biomass gasification, especially in areas of power engineering, bioenergy, chemical engineering, and catalysis
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Characterization And Control Of Interfaces For High Quality Advanced Materials Iii

Author : Kevin Ewsuk
ISBN : 9780470917138
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This proceedings volume features 59 peer-reviewed papers from ICCCI2009 on interface characterization and control technology, powder and composite processing, joining, the control of airborne particulates, new metallic glasses, and interface phenomena at high temperature. ICCCI2009 was supported by the Global COE Program “Center of Excellence for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design” lead by Professor Tomoyuki Kakeshita at Osaka University, the Project on Joining Technology for New Metallic Glasses and Inorganic Materials, the Institute of Materials Research (IMR) of Tohoku University, the Materials and Structures Laboratory (MSL) of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kobe Gakuin University, Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, the Japan JSPS 124th Committee, and the Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI) of Osaka University. Over 160 scientists and engineers from academia and industry from 18 different countries attended ICCCI2009 to see and discuss 140 invited and contributed presentations and posters on the state-of-the-art of interface characterization and control for particulate materials, joining, and nanotechnology.
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Trigtm An Advanced Gasification Technology To Utilize Low Rank Coals For Power

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1052065157
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Graphical abstract: Highlights: Low rank coal use becomes urgent or accessible. Costs to reduce emissions for power generation are increasing. LRC TRIGTM IGCC is advanced and cost effective clean coal technology. LRC TRIGTM IGCC has a higher performance than conventional USC. TRIGTM IGCC provides a viable solution for low rank coal. Abstract: This paper presents the results of a recent low rank coal 850 MW class IGCC ("Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle") feasibility study for the 50 Hz market. The study aimed to position the Transport Integrated Gasification ("TRIGTM") technology for power generation in the China market where coal gasification has been widely practiced. It assumed a mine mouth project in eastern Inner Mongolia, China and used a low rank coal from the area. Results from the study indicate that the low rank coal TRIGTM IGCC is more efficient and with a superior environmental performance and less water usage than the best available conventional ultra-supercritical ("USC") technology in the China market. With environmental regulation compliance costs increasing in China, the low rank coal TRIGTM IGCC will become competitive as one of the viable clean coal technologies for power generation. Converting the large reserve of low cost and low heating value coals located in remote areas to electricity for the coastal areas will certainly help these areas manage the increasing pressure for further reductions in emissions from coal firing power plants. The paper also provides an update on Southern Company's Kemper IGCC project in the USA that includes CO2 capture and is currently in its final stage of construction.

Fossil Energy Update

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112087480775
Genre : Fossil fuels
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Congressional Budget Request

Author : United States. Department of Energy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211275743
Genre : Energy conservation
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Category: Energy conservation

High Temperature Materials For Power Engineering 1990

Author : E. Bachelet
ISBN : 0792309251
Genre : Diesel motor
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Themes reflect the work carried out within the framework of COST-501 and of COST-505 the latter being concerned with materials for steam turbines and the first results of the concerted action COST-501/II 'High temperature materials for power engineering' initiated in 1988.
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Carbon Dioxide Recovery And Utilization

Author : M. Aresta
ISBN : 1402014090
Genre : Science
File Size : 83.72 MB
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Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Utilization is a complete and informative resource on the carbon dioxide sources and market at the European Union level, with reference to the world situation. The book covers the following themes: - Sources of carbon dioxide and their purity, - Market of carbon dioxide and its uses, - Separation techniques of carbon dioxide from flue gases, - Analysis of the potential of each technique and application, - Basic science and technology of supercritical CO2, - Reactions in supercritical CO2 and its use as reactive solvent, - Utilization of CO2 in the synthesis of chemicals with low energy input, - Conversion of CO2 into fuels: existing techniques, - Dry reforming of methane, - Assessment of the use of carbon dioxide for the synthesis of methanol. This book is unique in providing integrated information and a perspective on innovative technologies for the use of carbon dioxide. The book is suitable for use as a textbook for courses in chemical engineering and chemistry. It is also of great interest as a general reference for those involved with technologies for avoiding carbon dioxide production and for economists. This is an invaluable reference for specialists on synthetic chemistry, gas separation, supercritical fluids, carbon dioxide marketing, renewable energy and sustainable development. In addition, it will be useful for those working in the chemical industry and for policy makers for carbon dioxide mitigation, innovative technologies, carbon recycling, and power generation.
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An Advanced Biomass Gasification Technology With Integrated Catalytic Hot Gas Cleaning Part Iii Effects Of Inorganic Species In Char On The Reforming Of Tars From Wood And Agricultural Wastes

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051979188
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Highlights: The raw and H-form char were used to reform tar in a pilot scale gasifier. The effects of inorganics in the char catalyst on tar reforming were obvious. The catalyst also captured volatilised inorganics from raw gasification gas. Abstract: Char is used directly as a catalyst for the catalytic reforming of tar during gasification. Experiments have been carried out to examine the effects of inorganics in char as a catalyst for the catalytic reforming of tar during the gasification of mallee wood, corn stalk and wheat straw in a pilot plant. The char catalyst was prepared from the pyrolysis of mallee wood at a fast heating rate. The catalytic activities of char and acid-washed char for tar reforming were compared under otherwise identical gasification conditions. For all biomass feedstocks tested for gasification, the tar contents in product gas could be drastically reduced by the catalyst, reaching a tar concentration level well below 100 mg/N m 3 . The acid-washed char also showed profound activity for tar reforming although its catalytic activity was definitely lower than the raw char. Both catalysts could effectively reform the aromatic ring systems (especially large aromatic ring systems with three or more fused benzene rings) in tars as is revealed using UV-fluorescence spectroscopy. The char itself was also partially gasified. After being used as a catalyst, the condensation of the aromatic rings and the accumulation of inorganic species led to drastic changes in char reactivity with O2 at 400 °C. The inorganic species in char tended to enhance the formation of H2 and CO during the reforming reactions in the catalytic reactor.

Industrial Coal Gasification Technologies Covering Baseline And High Ash Coal

Author : Martin Gräbner
ISBN : 9783527336937
Genre : Science
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The ongoing discussion about reaching the "peak-oil point" (maximal delivery rate with conventional methods) emphasizes a fundamental change of the frame conditions of oil-based basic products. The alternative with the largest potential is the use of coal. Coal gasification is the production of coal gas (a mixture of mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from coal adding agents like steam/water and oxygen, which can be used in a number of industrial processes (e.g. hydroformulation and Fischer-Tropsch process). Many different kinds of coal do naturally occur, and due to shrinking natural resources, there has been a substantial gain of interest in poor, ash-rich coal. Beside the quality of coal, there is a number of other parameters influencing the efficiency of coal gasification, such as temperature, pressure, and reactor type. Although several books dealing with the subject of gasification have recently been published, few are strictly focussed on coal as feedstock. This monograph provides the reader with the necessary chemical background on coal gasification. Several types of coal (baseline coal and ash-rich coal) are compared systematically, pointing out the technological efforts achieved so far to overcome this challenge. Using a new, innovative order scheme to evaluate the gasification process at a glance (the ternary diagram), the complex network of chemistry, engineering, and economic needs can be overviewed in a highly efficient way. This book is a must-have for Chemical and Process Engineers, Engineering Students, as well as Scientists in the Chemical Industry.
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Advanced Energy Systems Second Edition

Author : Nikolai V. Khartchenko
ISBN : 9781482216882
Genre : Science
File Size : 59.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This second edition to a popular first provides a comprehensive, fully updated treatment of advanced conventional power generation and cogeneration plants, as well as alternative energy technologies. Organized into two parts: Conventional Power Generation Technology and Renewable and Emerging Clean Energy Systems, the book covers the fundamentals, analysis, design, and practical aspects of advanced energy systems, thus supplying a strong theoretical background for highly efficient energy conversion. New and enhanced topics include: Large-scale solar thermal electric and photovoltaic (PV) plants Advanced supercritical and ultra-supercritical steam power generation technologies Advanced coal- and gas-fired power plants (PP) with high conversion efficiency and low environmental impact Hybrid/integrated (i.e., fossil fuel + REN) power generation technologies, such as integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) Clean energy technologies, including "clean coal," H2 and fuel cell, plus integrated power and cogeneration plants (i.e., conventional PP + fuel cell stacks) Emerging trends, including magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-generator and controlled thermonuclear fusion reactor technologies with low/zero CO2 emissions Large capacity offshore and on-land wind farms, as well as other renewable (REN) power generation technologies using hydro, geothermal, ocean, and bio energy systems Containing over 50 solved examples, plus problem sets, full figures, appendices, references, and property data, this practical guide to modern energy technologies serves energy engineering students and professionals alike in design calculations of energy systems.
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Advanced Power Plant Materials Design And Technology

Author : Dermot Roddy
ISBN : 9781845699468
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 47.47 MB
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Fossil-fuel power plants account for the majority of worldwide power generation. Increasing global energy demands, coupled with issues of ageing and inefficient power plants, have led to new power plant construction programmes. As cheaper fossil fuel resources are exhausted and emissions criteria are tightened, utilities are turning to power plants designed with performance in mind to satisfy requirements for improved capacity, efficiency, and environmental characteristics. Advanced power plant materials, design and technology provides a comprehensive reference on the state of the art of gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, their major components and performance improvement options. Part one critically reviews advanced power plant designs which target both higher efficiency and flexible operation, including reviews of combined cycle technology and materials performance issues. Part two reviews major plant components for improved operation, including advanced membrane technology for both hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) separation, as well as flue gas handling technologies for improved emissions control of sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury, ash and particulates. The section concludes with coverage of high-temperature sensors, and monitoring and control technology that are essential to power plant operation and performance optimisation. Part three begins with coverage of low-rank coal upgrading and biomass resource utilisation for improved power plant fuel flexibility. Routes to improve the environmental impact are also reviewed, with chapters detailing the integration of underground coal gasification and the application of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage. Finally, improved generation performance is reviewed with coverage of syngas and hydrogen (H2) production from fossil-fuel feedstocks. With its distinguished international team of contributors, Advanced power plant materials, design and technology is a standard reference for all power plant engineers and operators, as well as to academics and researchers in this field. Provides a comprehensive reference on the state-of-the-art gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, their major components and performance improvement options Examines major plant components for improved operation as well as flue gas handling technologies for improved emissions control Routes to improve environmental impact are discussed with chapters detailing the integration of underground coal gasification
Category: Technology & Engineering

Alternative Fuels And Advanced Vehicle Technologies For Improved Environmental Performance

Author : Richard Folkson
ISBN : 9780857097422
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Most vehicles run on fossil fuels, and this presents a major emissions problem as demand for fuel continues to increase. Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies gives an overview of key developments in advanced fuels and vehicle technologies to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the automotive sector. Part I considers the role of alternative fuels such as electricity, alcohol, and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as advanced additives and oils, in environmentally sustainable transport. Part II explores methods of revising engine and vehicle design to improve environmental performance and fuel economy. It contains chapters on improvements in design, aerodynamics, combustion, and transmission. Finally, Part III outlines developments in electric and hybrid vehicle technologies, and provides an overview of the benefits and limitations of these vehicles in terms of their environmental impact, safety, cost, and design practicalities. Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies is a standard reference for professionals, engineers, and researchers in the automotive sector, as well as vehicle manufacturers, fuel system developers, and academics with an interest in this field. Provides a broad-ranging review of recent research into advanced fuels and vehicle technologies that will be instrumental in improving the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the automotive sector Reviews the development of alternative fuels, more efficient engines, and powertrain technologies, as well as hybrid and electric vehicle technologies
Category: Technology & Engineering

Advanced Combustion And Aerothermal Technologies

Author : Nick Syred
ISBN : 9781402065132
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 76.86 MB
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Here readers will find a summary of proceedings at a highly important NATO workshop. The ARW Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal Technologies: Environmental Protection and Pollution Reductions, was held in Kiev, May 2006. The workshop was co-directed by Profs. N. Syred and A.Khalatov, winners of the NATO Scientific Prize 2002, and was organized by the Institute of Thermophysics (Ukraine) and Cardiff University, UK. The primary workshop objective was to assess the existing knowledge on advanced combustion and aerothermal technologies providing reduced environmental impact.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Advanced Energy Systems

Author : Nik Khartchenko
ISBN : 1560326115
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This text deals with advanced energy systems that are sensitive to the environment, such as combined-cycle power plants. The text analyzes major advanced power generation technologies, and it gives an outlook to the future of power engineering. Among the features of this book are over 50 solved problems, examples included at the end of each chapter, a state-of-the-art analysis of advanced energy and emerging technologies, and full figures, appendices, and references.
Category: Technology & Engineering