A Week In The Life Of Corinth

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A Week In The Life Of Corinth

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830839629
Genre : Religion
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Intrigue is in the air as Nicanor returns to Corinth and reports to his patron Erastos on recent business dealings in Rome. Nicanor, a former slave, is a man on the make. But surprises keep springing up in his path. A political rival of Erastos is layinga plot, and a new religion from the East keeps pressing in his life. Spend an imaginary week in Paul's Corinth as the story of Nicanor winds through street and forum, marketplace and baths, taking usChristian world.Numerous full-page text boxes expand ona variety of aspects of life and culture as we encounter them in the narrative. into shop, villa and apartment, where we meet friends new and old. From our observing a dinner in the temple of Aesclepius to Christian worship in the home of Erastos, Paul'sdealings with the Corinthians in his letters take focused relevance and socail clarity. The result is an unforgettable introduction to life in a major center of the New Testament world. Throughout the text, helpful sidebars, maps and diagrams serve to further illuminate the sociocultural context of the early Christian world.
Category: Religion

A Week In The Fall Of Jerusalem

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830892846
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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It's AD 70, and Jerusalem is falling to the Romans, its temple being destroyed. As Jews and Christians try to escape the city, we travel with some of them through an imagined week of flight and faith. In this imaginative and entertaining narrative, Ben Witherington leads us behind the veil of centuries to experience the historical and social realities of this epochal event.
Category: Fiction

A Week In The Life Of A Slave

Author : John Byron
ISBN : 9780830870783
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Paul's epistle to Philemon is one of the shortest books in the entire Bible, and it certainly leaves plenty to the imagination. From the pen of an accomplished New Testament scholar, this vivid historical fiction account follows the slave Onesimus, fleshing out the lived context of first-century Ephesus and providing a social and theological critique of slavery in the Roman Empire.
Category: Religion

Voices And Views On Paul

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830873449
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the field of Pauline studies, much has changed over the last twenty years. In this reliable guide to the major terrain of Pauline scholarship, Ben Witherington and Jason Myers explain and analyze the thought of recent major Pauline interpreters and track developments within this dynamic field over the past two decades.
Category: Religion

A Critical And Exegetical Commentary On The Second Epistle To The Corinthians 1 Introduction And Commentary On Ii Corinthians I Vii

Author : Margaret E. Thrall
ISBN : 0567096556
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Whether the Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians is a single document or a compilation of two or more, and the question of Paul's relations with the Corinthian church between the despatch of the First and the composition of the Second letter (or letters), have been matters of debate since the eighteenth century.Margaret Thrall's commentary engages with these and all the other issues associated with 2 Corinthians. There follows a detailed verse-by-verse exegesis of chapters 1-7, which attempts to understand the viewpoint of the original readers of the text as well as Paul's own.This volume covers many of Paul's writings which have evoked considerable scholarly interest in recent years. This is an exemplary addition to the ICC series.
Category: Religion

The Epistles Of 2 Corinthians And 1 Peter

Author : J. B. Lightfoot
ISBN : 9780830899593
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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InterVarsity Press is proud to present The Lightfoot Legacy, a three-volume set of previously unpublished material from J. B. Lightfoot, one of the great biblical scholars of the modern era. In the spring of 2013, Ben Witherington III discovered hundreds of pages of biblical commentary by Lightfoot in the Durham Cathedral Library. While incomplete, these commentaries represent a goldmine for historians and biblical scholars, as well as for the many people who have found Lightfoot's work both informative and edifying, deeply learned and pastorally sensitive. In addition to the material on the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of St. John, published in volumes one and two, respectively, there were fragments on 2 Corinthians and 1 Peter. Lightfoot was well known as a Pauline expert given his commentaries on Galatians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon, and fragments of his work on Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, and 1 and 2 Thessalonians were published posthumously. It is therefore a delight to have his notes on 2 Corinthians available for the first time. Lightfoot was also interested in the life and work of Peter. The introduction to his commentary on 1 Peter provides insightful analysis of the chronology and context of the epistle. Lightfoot seeks to demonstrate that Peter knew Paul's work and that these two great apostles were in harmony regarding theology and ethics. Now complete, these three commentary volumes reveal a scholar well ahead of his time, one of the great minds of his or any generation.
Category: Religion

The Life Of St Paul

Author : Lawrence Boadt
ISBN : 0809105195
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This engaging, highly readable biography of St. Paul is an introduction to his thought and the major events of his life. In short simple chapters, the book covers not only the facts of Paul's life known to us through Scripture, but also the fascinating legends told by the early church about this key figure in the development of Christianity. The book is illustrated throughout with four-color paintings highlighting Paul's tumultuous life. These arresting pictures blend the "naive style" of painting, which is strikingly similar to the teaching-style art of the eleventh century, with the artist's own deep love of quilting. The charming result evokes the tradition of the great icons, transforming the book from a simply wonderful introduction to Paul to a truly wonderful gift. Together, text and art combine to make this unique presentation of St. Paul's life a written and visual delight for everyone. Book jacket.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Silvae 1

Author : Publius Papinius Statius
ISBN : OCLC:162618549
Genre :
File Size : 44.81 MB
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Letters And Homilies For Hellenized Christians

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830867226
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians, Volume 2 is the third of three volumes extending Ben Witherington's innovative socio-rhetorical analysis of New Testament books to the latter-Pauline and non-Pauline corpora. By dividing the volumes according to the socioreligious contexts for which they were written, Witherington sheds fresh light on the documents, their provenance, character and importance. Throughout, Witherington shows his thorough knowledge of recent literature on these texts and focuses his attention on the unique insights brought about through socio-rhetorical analysis that either reinforces or corrects those gleaned from other approaches. "Bridging the Horizons" sections point to the relevance of the text for believers today, making this volume of special value to pastors and general readers as well as to students and scholars.
Category: Religion

Letters And Homilies For Jewish Christians

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830867233
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.59 MB
Format : PDF
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In this commentary on Hebrews, James and Jude, Ben Witherington III applies his socio-rhetorical method to elucidate these letters within their primarily Jewish context, probing the social setting of the readers and the rhetorical strategies of the authors of the letters.
Category: Religion

The Life Of Gen Albert Sidney Johnston

Author : William Preston Johnston
ISBN : NYPL:33433082381157
Genre : Generals
File Size : 53.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive biography by his son, who served on his staff & later with Jeff Davis. Johnston served as a private in the Republic of Texas army, an officer in the U.S. Infantry, and a general in the Confederate Army, Johnston was killed at Shiloh.
Category: Generals

Jesus Paul And The End Of The World

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 083081759X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ben Witherington III offers a comparison and a critical assessment of the end times teachings of Jesus and Paul.
Category: Religion

New Testament Theology And Ethics

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830899838
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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All too often, argues Ben Witherington, the theology of the New Testament has been divorced from its ethics, leaving as isolated abstractions what are fully integrated, dynamic elements within the New Testament itself. As Witherington stresses, "behavior affects and reinforces or undoes belief." Having completed commentaries on all of the New Testament books, a remarkable feat in itself, Witherington now offers the first of a two-volume set on the theological and ethical thought world of the New Testament. The first volume looks at the individual witnesses, while the second examines the collective witness. The New Testament, says Ben Witherington, is "like a smallish choir. All are singing the same cantata, but each has an individual voice and is singing its own parts and notes. If we fail to pay attention to all the voices in the choir, we do not get the entire effect. . . . If this first volume is about closely analyzing the sheet music left to us by which each musician's part is delineated, the second volume will attempt to re-create what it might have sounded like had they ever gotten together and performed their scores to produce a single masterful cantata." What the New Testament authors have in mind, Witherington contends, is that all believers should be conformed in thought, word and deed to the image of Jesus Christ--the indelible image.
Category: Religion

The Indelible Image The Theological And Ethical Thought World Of The New Testament

Author : Ben Witherington III
ISBN : 9780830838622
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the second volume of his two-volume comprehensive overview of the theological and ethical thought world of the New Testament, Ben Witherington III focuses on the collective witness of New Testament writers--the convergences and divergences of their theological and ethical thought.
Category: Religion

Paul A Critical Life

Author : Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
ISBN : 9780191500954
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Here Jerome Murphy-O'Connor presents a completely new, and much more vivid and dramatic account of the life of Paul than has ever previously been attempted. From his childhood in Tarsus and his years as a student in Jerusalem to the successes and failures of his ministry, this biography has no peer in terms of its detailed reconstructions of Paul's movements and motives. Traditionally, the Acts of the Apostles has provided the framework for the lives of Paul. In recent years, however, the historical value of the Acts has been called into question. Despite the accuracy of many details, they have been linked in ways which reflect the interests of Luke rather than objective reality. Critical assessment is called for if they are to be incorporated into a life of Paul. The prime source for a reconstruction of the Apostle's life must be his own writings. Recent advances in the study of the letters have brought to light new depths which enables them to be used for biographical purposes. The originality of this book lies in the combination of these two approaches, which are reinforced by close attention to the social and cultural aspects of Paul's ministry as revealed by archaeology and contemporary texts—and it transforms a fountain of theological ideas into a human being.
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The Second Epistle To The Corinthians

Author : Murray J. Harris
ISBN : 0853645809
Genre : Bible
File Size : 48.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The reputation of the NIGTC series is so outstanding that the appearance of each new volume is noteworthy. This book on 2 Corinthians is no exception. Master New Testament exegete Murray J. Harris has produced a superb commentary that analyzes the Greek text verse by verse against the backdrop of Paul's tumultuous relations with his converts at Corinth. Believing that Scripture cannot be understood theologically unless it has first been understood grammatically, Harris provides a careful, thoroughgoing reading of the text of 2 Corinthians. He gives special attention to matters of translation, making regular references not only to the standard modern English translations but also to influential older versions such as "The Twentieth Century New Testament" and those by Weymouth, Moffatt, and Goodspeed. His close attention to matters of textual criticism and grammar leads to discussions of the theology of 2 Corinthians that show the relevance of Paul's teaching to Christian living and church ministry. Other notable features of the book include a comprehensive introduction in which all the relevant literary and historical issues are discussed, an expanded paraphrase of the letter that conveniently shows Harris's decisions on exegetical issues and indicates the flow of Paul's argument, a chronology of the relations of Paul, Timothy, and Titus with the Corinthian church, and an excursus on Paul's "affliction in Asia" (1:8-11) and its influence on his outlook and theology.
Category: Bible