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A Very British Coup

Author : Chris Mullin
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Former steel worker Harry Perkins, has, against all the odds, led the Labour Party to a stunning victory at the general election. His manifesto includes the removal of American bases, public control of finance, and the dismantling of the newspaper monopolies. The Establishment is appalled by the prospect, and secretly decides that something must be done. As M15 conspires with the city and the press barons, Perkins the PM finds himself in a no-holds-barred battle for survival.

A Very British Coup

Author : Jerry Burgoyne
ISBN : 1291989765
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This is the tale where they visit a couple of ambiguous allies and then take the Prime Minister for a ride while discovering that some breakfasts are more enjoyable than others.

Patriot Of Persia

Author : Christopher de Bellaigue
ISBN : 9781448137015
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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On 19 August 1953 the British and American intelligence agencies launched a desperate coup against a cussed, bedridden 72-year-old. His name was Muhammad Mossadegh, the Iranian prime minister. To Winston Churchill he was a lunatic, determined to humiliate Britain. To President Eisenhower he was delivering Iran to the Soviets. Mossadegh must go. And so he did, in one of the most dramatic episodes in modern Middle Eastern history. But the countries that overthrew him would, in time, deeply regret it. Mossadegh was one of the first liberals of the Middle East, a man whose conception of liberty was as sophisticated as any in Europe or America. He wanted friendship with the West - not slavish dependence. Here, for the first time, is the political and personal life of a remarkable patriot, written by our foremost observer of Iran. Above all, the life of Muhammad Mossadegh is a warning to today's occupants of Downing Street and the White House, as they commit us all to intervention in a volatile and unpredictable region.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Fires Were Started

Author : Lester D. Friedman
ISBN : 1904764711
Genre : Performing Arts
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Fires Were Started is a provocative analysis of the responses of British film to the policies and political ideology of the Conservative governments of Margaret Thatcher and it represents an original and stimulating contribution to our knowledge of British cinema. This second edition includes revised and updated contributions from some of the leading scholars of British cinema, including Thomas Elsaesser, Peter Wollen and Manthia Diawara. The book discuss prominent filmmakers such as Peter Greenaway, Derek Jarman, Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg and Stephen Frears, it also explores some lesser known but equally important territory such as the work of Black British filmmakers, the Leeds Animation Workshop and Channel 4's Film on Four. Films discussed include Distant Voices, Still Lives, My Beautiful Launderette, Chariots of Fire and Drowning by Numbers.
Category: Performing Arts

Paranoid Visions

Author : Joseph Oldham
ISBN : 9781526116130
Genre : Performing Arts
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Paranoid visions explores the history of the spy and conspiracy genres on British television, from 1960s Cold War series through 1980s conspiracy dramas to contemporary 'war on terror' thrillers. It analyses classic dramas including Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Edge of Darkness, A Very British Coup and Spooks. This book will be an invaluable resource for television scholars interested in a new perspective on the history of television drama and intelligence scholars seeking an analysis of the popular representation of espionage with a strong political focus, as well as fans of cult British television and general readers interested in British cultural history.
Category: Performing Arts

Governing Fables

Author : Sandford Borins
ISBN : 9781617354922
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Governing Fables: Learning from Public Sector Narratives advocates the importance of narrative for public servants, exemplifies it with a rigorously selected and analyzed set of narratives, and imparts narrative skills politicians and public servants need in their careers. Governing Fables turns to narratology, the interdisciplinary study of narrative, for a conceptual framework that is applied to a set of narratives engaging life within public organizations, focusing on works produced during the last twentyfive years in the US and UK. The genres discussed include British government narratives inspired by and reacting to Yes Minister, British appeasement narratives, American political narratives, the Cuban Missile Crisis narrative, jury decisionmaking narratives, and heroic teacher narratives. In each genre lessons are presented regarding both effective management and essential narrative skills. Governing Fables is intended for public management and political science scholars and practitioners interested in leadership and management, as well as readers drawn to the political subject matter and to the genre of political films, novels, and television series.
Category: Business & Economics

The Friends Of Harry Perkins

Author : Chris Mullin
ISBN : 9781471182495
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.18 MB
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'Harry Perkins was buried on the day that America declared war on China.' The definitive post-Brexit novel, and long-awaited sequel to the bestselling A Very British Coup. 'Terrific...measured, heart-stopping, moving, clear-eyed'. Stephen Frears 'Brilliant, chilling and all too plausible.' Alastair Campbell 'A very knowledgeable and pleasurable political thriller.' Mark Lawson, The Guardian ‘Readable and very entertaining, and should appeal to both sides of the divide. A book that seeks your X in the ballot box.’ – The Spectator 'Brexit Britain was a gloomy place. True, the Armageddon that some had prophesied had not occurred, but neither had economic miracle promised by the Brexiteers. Instead there had been a long, slow decline into insularity and irrelevance. The value of the pound had fallen steadily against the Euro, the dollar and the Yuan. The much vaunted increase in trade with the Commonwealth had not materialised. The Americans, too, were proving particularly obstreperous. Even now after a nearly decade of negotiations no significant agreements had been reached. At the UN there was talk of relieving the UK of its seat on the Security Council.' Thirty-five years after the publication of A Very British Coup, former Labour MP Chris Mullin has written a compelling and timely sequel. In a near-future, post-Brexit Britain, the fault lines forged in the white heat of the referendum have become entrenched features of British political life. Britain's standing in the world has steadily diminished as its problems have grown. Into the maelstrom steps Fred Thompson, former aide to left-wing prime minister Harry Perkins and his successor as MP for Sheffield Parkside. As he ascends the greasy pole of British politics, Thompson must deal with corruption, the threat of the Far Right and personal tragedy. Along the way, he learns that power does not come without a personal price and that shadowy forces are at work behind the scenes...which, this time, appear to be on his side. At once a gripping political thriller and a chilling prognostication of where we may be headed, this taut, insightful and engrossing novel is essential reading for our troubled times.
Category: Fiction


Author : Dan Fleming
ISBN : 0719058465
Genre : Performing Arts
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This textbook for students and teachers of media studies in higher education takes the reader beyond introductory material. This is a collection with a web-enhanced instructional design built into its format.
Category: Performing Arts

Politics And Paranoia

Author : Robin Ramsay
ISBN : 9780955610547
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 77.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Covers espionage, MI5, MI6, CIA, 9/11, New Labour and much more.
Category: Great Britain