A Turning Point For Europe

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A Turning Point For Europe

Author : Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
ISBN : 9781586173494
Genre : Religion
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Cardinal Ratzinger addresses the challenges and responsibilities that both the Church and society in Europe face after the collapse of Marxism. Both liberalism and Marxism have denied religion the right to have any influence on public affairs and the common future of humanity. Since there is also a great spiritual emptiness growing in the West with the increased secularization, consumerism and hedonism, Ratzinger's comments apply as much, if not more, to the United States as well. With the downfall of Marxism, religion has been discovered anew as an ineradicable force for both the individual and society. While there is renewed interest in religion, the dangers also exist to lay hold of religion as an instrument to serve various political ideas. Ratzinger, whose theological work has often dealt with the "reasons for our faith:' reflects upon the various problems facing humanity at this turning point of our history and offers genuine hope based upon a deep Christian faith. He also addressed the critical role that the Church has in relationship to the world and the essential task of bringing Christ back into our culture. "In the present situation it is an absolute obligation for the theologian and for the pastor of the Church to enter the disputation about the correct understanding of the present time, and to both clarify faith's own proper sphere and to do justice to the share of responsibility that lies on him at this hour.-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Category: Religion

A Turning Point

Author : John Maslen
ISBN : IND:30000061694505
Genre :
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Biography And Turning Points In Europe And America

Author : Hackstaff, Karla B.
ISBN : 9781447307402
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.41 MB
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This sociological collection advances the argument that the concept of a turning point expands our understanding of life experiences from a descriptive to a deeper and more abstract level of analysis. It addresses the conceptual issue of what distinguishes turning points from life transitions in general and raises crucial questions about the application of turning points as a biographical research method. Biography and turning points in Europe and America is all the more distinctive and significant due to its broad empirical database. The anthology includes authors from ten different countries, providing a number of contexts for thinking about how turning points relate to constructions of meaning shaped by globalization and by cultural and structural meanings unique to each country. The book will be useful across a wide range of social sciences and particularly valuable for researchers needing a stronger theoretical base for biographical work.
Category: Social Science

The Vienna Meeting Of The Conference On Security And Cooperation In Europe 1986 1989

Author : Stefan Lehne
ISBN : 9781000306903
Genre : Political Science
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This volume focuses on the third Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) Follow-Up Meeting which took place in Vienna from November 1986 to January 1989 against the background of dynamic developments in Eastern Europe.
Category: Political Science

The 21st Century Turning Point For The Northern Sea Route

Author : Claes Lykke Ragner
ISBN : 0792363655
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.69 MB
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The Northern Sea Route - the ice infested sea lanes running north of Siberia - can potentially cut sailing distances between Northwest Europe and Northeast Asia by as much as 50% compared with present routes. Further, the route passes some of the world's largest deposits of oil and gas. Several recent multimillion dollar research programmes have investigated the route's commercial, technological and commercial feasibility. The results of this research were presented to the Northern Sea Route User Conference in Oslo, November 1999. The Conference was also told about new Russian policies on the route. The research results and Russian policy statements were assessed and commented on by representatives of international shipping organisations, who also proposed the shipping industry's own view of the commercial feasibility of the NSR. The present book, derived from the Conference, discusses the question of international shipping on the NSR more comprehensively than has ever been witnessed before, not only as a matter of theoretical research but also as a practical matter, assessed in commercial, political and maritime terms. Readership: All those interested in the NSR, whether as a business opportunity or an object of research or environmental concern.
Category: Business & Economics

The Turning Point That Changed Everything

Author : Wallace R. Pratt
ISBN : 9781615795215
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In every person's life, there comes a moment in time when circumstances or events require decisions and responses that greatly determine the future. This book has no design to be another volume on leadership techniques. Rather, it is a candid exploration of those unexpected turns birthed out of the experience of being confronted with a reversal of circumstances in the life of an individual. Frankly, it is a study about the drama of life. The intention of the author is to give a sincere and straightforward examination of why turnabouts often get high-jacked and fail to live up to people's expectations. Even more, individuals will find a plea for courage and faith when things do not occur as they once envisioned they would. Consequently, it is a clarion call for courage to go further than some would desire, but also a caution to impatient leaders to be watchful of their own intentions to push a change further than would be wise. In the end, some leaders must be willing to consider a more contemplative life built on valuing people above their own ideological mindset. Dr. Wallace R. Pratt is an administrator, minister, teacher, and writer. He lives in Salem, Oregon and has been married thirty-eight years to his wonderful wife Judy. They are blessed with two daughters, two great son-in-laws and five grandchildren. Dr. Pratt serves as a regional supervisor in the Northwest for his church organization, while also serving as an adjunct professor for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His leadership experience has included thirty-three years of pastoral ministry and approximately eighteen years of teaching in sixteen nations. He has been serving on the Doctrine and Polity Committee of his church organization for fourteen years and presently holds the position of chairman for this international body.
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The Great Turning Points Of British History

Author : Michael Wood
ISBN : 9781472107787
Genre : History
File Size : 86.54 MB
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Twenty of the most crucial moments in Britain's history. BBC History Magazine asked a selection of leading historians to choose and describe the twenty most important turning points in British history from AD 1000 to 2000. Collected together, their choices present a new way of looking at our nation's story. From the Danish invasion of Britain in 1016, to the Suez crisis in 1956, the key moments include victories (or defeats) both at home and abroad, plague, reform and even revolutions that have reshaped the British way of life. Each contribution brings the past to life, offering new perspectives and food for debate: did the Battle of Agincourt change England's role in Europe? What was the impact of American independence on Britain? Was 1916 more important than 1939? Thought-provoking and inspiring accounts.
Category: History

Turning Points

Author : Mark A. Noll
ISBN : 9781441238801
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.76 MB
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In this popular introduction to church history, now in its third edition, Mark Noll isolates key events that provide a framework for understanding the history of Christianity. The book presents Christianity as a worldwide phenomenon rather than just a Western experience. Now organized around fourteen key moments in church history, this well-received text provides contemporary Christians with a fuller understanding of God as he has revealed his purpose through the centuries. This new edition includes a new preface; updates throughout the book; revised "further readings" for each chapter; and two new chapters, including one spotlighting Vatican II and Lausanne as turning points of the recent past. Students in academic settings and church adult education contexts will benefit from this one-semester survey of Christian history.
Category: Religion

Revisiting The European Union As Empire

Author : Hartmut Behr
ISBN : 9781317595106
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23.59 MB
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The European Union’s stalled expansion, the Euro deficit and emerging crises of economic and political sovereignty in Greece, Italy and Spain have significantly altered the image of the EU as a model of progressive civilization. However, despite recent events the EU maintains its international image as the paragon of European politics and global governance. This book unites leading scholars on Europe and Empire to revisit the view of the European Union as an ‘imperial’ power. It offers a re-appraisal of the EU as empire in response to geopolitical and economic developments since 2007 and asks if the policies, practices, and priorities of the Union exhibit characteristics of a modern empire. This text will be of key interest to students and scholars of the EU, European studies, history, sociology, international relations, and economics.
Category: Political Science

Turning Point

Author : Robert Ayres
ISBN : 9781134179787
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.74 MB
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This text discusses the current basis of economic growth, concluding that it is is failing to deliver, and is actually harming our prospects for future security. Further arguments propose a possible long-term strategy for economic revival - eco-restructuring. This strategy involves a shifting away from production of goods to production of services, closing material cycles and eliminating reliance on non-renewable resources.
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Turning Points In Modern Times

Author : Karl Dietrich Bracher
ISBN : 0674913531
Genre : History
File Size : 21.49 MB
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Turning Points in Modern Times focuses on events after 1917: the rise of Nazism on the Right and authoritarianism on the Left. Bracher provides an incisive framework for understanding the great ideological confrontation of this century--democracy versus totalitarianism in the forms of fascism, Nazism, and communism. His analysis of the outcomes underscores the significance and power of democratic values and governments. The doyen of German political history, Karl Dietrich Bracher extends the argument against dictatorship that runs through his life's work, offers a blueprint for dealing with the recent past of the communist East German State (DDR), looks at the true facts of the Stasi collaboration, and challenges misperceptions of Hitler, Stalin, and others. He demonstrates the kinship between fascism and communism, considers Weimar and liberalism, assesses the legacy of Nazism, and outlines the ethos of democracy. In all this Bracher exposes the twentieth-century threats to the democratic state so that they can never again subvert representative government. A founder of the new history of Germany, which considers the larger context for Hitler and illuminates events through the theories of social science and the values of liberalism and democracy, Bracher writes in the tradition of Acton, Burckhardt, Croce, and Dahrendorf. This is a vital history lesson for our turbulent times, when once more democracy is on the march after a twilight century.
Category: History

The State Of The European Union Vol 7

Author : Craig Parsons
ISBN : 0199283966
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.24 MB
Format : PDF
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Twenty-first-century Europeans are suddenly confronting new choices about their place in the world. The most immediate challenges reflect tensions in the transatlantic partnership - long the keystone of European worldviews. In the Iraqi conflict President Bush posed a blunt general question to the world: 'Are you with us or against us?', and much of Europe chose the latter. More than at any time since 1945, Europeans are uncertain about the future of transatlantic cooperation. Internal European developments combine with this external shift to create the impression of a continental turning point. The fifty-year project of the European Union is entering a new phase. The Single Market program and monetary union realized the most ambitious visions of the EU's founding fathers. Most thinking about further integration is exceedingly vague. Simultaneous EU enlargement to the east (and beyond to Turkey) may create opportunities to reopen the Union's basic bargains. This book proposesto help students and scholars understand the many trends of change that have brought Europe to these crossroads. Its approach is novel in two ways. First, most similar scholarship either seeks a single grand theory of European change or implies that European politics is too complex to map change broadly. This book takes a middle-ground position, positing several distinct mechanisms of change and tracing them across policies and institutional settings. Second, it uses the United States as a reference point to chart European change. The aim is not comparative - the focus remains on Europe - but the volume maps out EU trends against American policy positions and institutional patterns, thus providing a useful comparative anchor for complex patterns. This is the seventh volume in the biennial series State of the European Union, launched in 1991, and produced under the auspices of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA).
Category: Political Science

Turning Point

Author : L. Benjamin Ederington
ISBN : UOM:39015033261176
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71.59 MB
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Now that the initial patriotic euphoria over the spectacular "Desert Storm" campaign has settled down, people are looking for more sophisticated accounts of the war and what it can teach us for the future. The editors of this volume have assembled the world's foremost military authorities to reexamine the nature of warfare in the wake of the Persian Gulf War. Not just a book for military specialists, Turning Point offers a broad perspective on the nature of warfare and its role in international politics. The chapters are all written in an engaging, jargon-free style by authors whose individual works have found wide general appeal. Furthermore, the authors offer significant elaborations upon their previous writings. For example, noted strategist Edward Luttwak offers a piece on his argument for an era of "geoeconomics." Joseph Nye expands on his notion of "soft power," Martin van Creveld refines the argument of his recent book The Transformation of War, and Thomas Schelling develops his analysis of nuclear weapons' strategic impact. The book features a gripping account of the ground war from John Keegan, the air war from Eliot Cohen, and the "endgame" from General John Cushman (including some criticism of Norman Schwarzkopf's planning). Covering a broad range of political-military subjects, from the development of U.S. military doctrine to the nature of combat in the Gulf and the future of security challenges in Europe and the Far East, these preeminent authors provide insightful analysis that makes Turning Point a superb source for everyone interested in U.S. foreign policy and strategy.
Category: Political Science

The Renaissance In Europe

Author : Margaret L. King
ISBN : 1856693740
Genre : Art
File Size : 37.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Renaissance is usually portrayed as a period dominated by the extraordinary achievements of great men: rulers, philosophers, poets, painters, architects and scientists. Leading scholar Margaret King recasts the Renaissance as a more complex cultural movement rooted in a unique urban society that was itself the product of many factors and interactions: commerce, papal and imperial ambitions, artistic patronage, scientific discovery, aristocratic and popular violence, legal precedents, peasant migrations, famine, plague, invasion and other social factors. Together with literary and artistic achievements, therefore, today's Renaissance history includes the study of power, wealth, gender, class, honour, shame, ritual and other categories of historical investigation opened up in recent years. Tracing the diffusion of the Renaissance from Italy to the rest of Europe, Professor King marries the best work of the last generation of scholars with the findings of the most recent research, including her own. Ultimately, she points to the multiple ways in which this seminal epoch influenced the later development of Western culture and society.
Category: Art

Early Medieval Europe 300 1050

Author : David Rollason
ISBN : 9781317861348
Genre : History
File Size : 86.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire saw extraordinary change across Western Europe - in institutions, social structure, rural and urban life, religion, learning, scholarship and art. This innovative textbook provides students coming to the study of Early Medieval Europe for the first time with the conceptual and methodological tools to investigate the period for themselves. It identifies major research questions and historiographical debates and offers guidance on how to engage with and evaluate the major documentary sources and the evidence of art history and archaeology. Ideally structured to support courses and classes in Medieval European history, the book's features include: Over 50 carefully selected maps and illustrations accompanied by explanatory commentary Detailed guidance on further reading with research questions to aid understanding Timelines and maps to orientate the reader in each chapter An extensive companion website providing practical study guidance, reference materials and access to further primary sources Offering a road map to the rich written and non-written sources for this period, and the exciting recent scholarship, this book is an essential guide for any student wishing to gain a deeper level of understanding and greater confidence in creative and independent historical thought.
Category: History

With Us Or Against Us

Author : Craig Parsons
ISBN : 0199283958
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the seventh volume in the highly influential State of the European Union series, produced under the auspices of the European Union Studies Association. This volume provides major new insights on both the recent evolution of the EU and its future developmental trajectory, and maps European trends against American policies and institutions.
Category: Political Science

The European Anarchy

Author : Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
ISBN : 9781465559074
Genre : Europe
File Size : 38.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Europe

Posthumous People

Author : Massimo Cacciari
ISBN : 0804727104
Genre : History
File Size : 45.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Cacciari discusses Vienna at a crucial turning point in Western thinking, as the 19th century ended, treating this extraordinarily rich concentration of people and events as the hub upon which wheeled into the 20th century.
Category: History