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A Taste Of Greece

Author : Andreas Lagos
ISBN : 9788834188903
Genre : Cooking
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It is the clear, Greek light, the azure sea and the mild, unique climate that endow the land of Greece with exceptional flavors and rare fragrances. In this book, I share my own childhood paradise, a treasure of delicious tastes and recipes from my birthplace, the Aegean island of Samos. You will experience a simple, healthy and balanced cuisine that brings the essence of the Mediterranean diet to your table. Recipes full of Greek authentic flavors and aromas which find a place in the gastronomy of people all around the world.
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A Taste Of Greece

Author : Sarah Spencer
ISBN : 1095469819
Genre :
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Bring the flavors of Greece into your kitchen with easy to make, authentic Greek Recipes! ***BLACK AND WHITE EDITION*** From ancient times to the modern day, Greek cooking has evolved to be some of the healthiest around the globe. Greek culture has given a loving name for their own food; they call it "the food of the Gods." With a focus on including whole and local foods, the Greek diet helps to maintain heart health and prevent the development of diabetes, and some areas of Greece are recognized as having some of the lowest cancer rates in the world. And it's not just good for us; it's delicious! Greek food is hailed across the world for its amazingly textured cuisine that provides a perfect balance of different flavors. Greek foods are naturally healthy and full of flavors, reflecting the culture's deep and sentimental attachment to their local food. Inside, you'll find: Introduction to cooking food in Greece, the ingredients that are often used and the common methods Delightful appetizer recipes such as the Fried Cheese Saganaki, the Spinach, and Cheese Pie Spanokopita, and the Traditional Greek Hummus Tasty salad and soup recipes such as the Classic Greek Salad, the Eggplant Salad Melitzanosalata, and the Lentil Soup Fakes Delicious sandwich and bread recipes like the Greek Pita Bread, the Chicken Gyro Pita Sandwich, and the Greek Burger with Kefalotyri Bountiful beef, lamb and pork recipes such as the Beef Kebabs, Greek Lamb Chops, and the Classic Moussaka Wholesome chicken and poultry recipes like the Greek-Style Grilled Chicken, the Chicken Gyro, and the Chicken Feta Orzo Satisfying fish and seafood recipes like the Grilled Octopus, the Shrimp Kebabs, and the Stuffed Squid Vegetarian and side recipes like the Manestra Pasta, the Gigantes Plaki Butter Beans, and the Baked Lemon Potatoes Luscious dessert recipes such as the Baklava, the Honey Loukoumades, and the Semolina Halva All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. . Let's start cooking! Scroll back up and order your copy today!

A Taste For Wine

Author : Vincent Gasnier
ISBN : 9780756640668
Genre : Cooking
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Whether you prefer bold reds or fruity whites, A Taste For Wine will help you discover your personal wine style. Discovered a fun, fresh, and intuitive way to learn how to recognize the flavors you like best and pick exactly the right bottle of wine every time. Find your own "wine style" through 22 guided tastings. A Taste for Wine also includes an introduction to wine making, plus tips on buying, storing, and serving wine. It also contains a directory of world wines organized by style and country.
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A Taste Of Greece

Author : Hrh Princess Tatiana
ISBN : 383273337X
Genre : Cooking
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NOT JUST ANOTHER COOKBOOK, A Taste of Greece could have been called For the Love of Greece, as it became a project that brought together well-known personalities from across the world who all share a special bond with this ever fascinating Mediterranean country. They gave us their favorite recipes, told us of their much-loved foods, and opened their hearts as they shared their memories and revealed what Greece means to them. A Taste of Greece represents a collaborative effort between HRH Princess Tatiana, who has made Athens her home since 2013; Diana Farr Louis, a New Yorker who first came to Greece in 1963; and the Athens-based NGO BOROUME ("We Can"). Founded in 2011, BOROUME is the only nonprofit organization in Greece dedicated to reducing food waste and fighting malnutrition at the same time, by creating networks of food donors and receivers throughout the country. Through this book, you will see, feel, and taste a Greece that may be new to you. Most importantly, you will join a global community of active citizens who are eager to support the country they love. All proceeds from this book's sale will support BOROUME in supplying meals for still more families and building a closer sense of community and solidarity. Food. It fuels our body and nourishes our soul. Shared, it fosters a mysterious sense of intimacy, even among strangers. Universal, it remains unique to each country, an essential element of the cultural heritage that links present and past through traditions and memories. A single bite can transport us both round the world and back in time. What else but food can awaken and create such lasting memories and deep emotions? It is not by chance that, for A Taste of Greece, over 30 well-known international personalities have chosen to share their favorite local food recipes to give life to their personal connection with this beautiful Mediterranean country and shed light on its multifaceted appeal. Their stories and recipes illustrated by stunning photos will give you a real appreciation of Greek cuisine, age-old traditions, and a fascinating contemporary culture. We trust that you will become as enamored of the country and its people as they are!
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A Ttaste Of Greece

Author : Eirini Togia
ISBN : 1500939404
Genre : Cooking
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The award-winning Greek chef Irini Togia, our well-known and beloved "Rena Tis Ftelias", presents the best Greek traditional recipes in their most successful version. After 35 creative and successful years, Rena finally made her dream come true. She gathered 45 of the most popular and best loved recipes in a single book, and now "serves" us with their secrets.Table of ContentsMy childhood's gemista (stuffed peppers and tomatoes)!Salad with black-eyed beans, flavouring & olivesCrispy domatokeftedes (tomato fritters) with lots of peppermintAromatic hortopita (vegetable and cheese pie) with homemade filo (dough)Octopus salad with multi-coloured peppers and lots of flavouringStuffed squidsColourful salad with potatoes and courgettesFried eggs and tomatoesCrispy kadaifi pastry stuffed with a variety of Greek cheesesStuffed beets with yoghurt and grated walnutsShrimps saganaki with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and ouzoRena's pâté with Greek smoked salmonVegetable garden... cooked in the ovenDolmades (stuffed grape leaves) with fresh leaves!Bean stew with potatoesSofrito (pan-fried veal with potatoes): the original recipe from Corfu!Chicken stew with okraStuffed aubergines (imam bayildi)Hearty fasolada (bean soup) with plenty of celery and sweet Florina peppers!Stuffed courgettes with minced beef and avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce)The traditional pastitsada... with cinnamon flavourStuffed meatloaves with omelette and gravieraBite-sized pieces of veal cooked in the pot with feta cheese and Kalamata olivesArtichokes with peas, potatoes and lots of lemonBraised chicken with chilopites (Greek noodles)The famous oven-baked lamb with lemon and oreganoGiouvetsi cooked in the pot (veal stew)Cod bites with skordalia (garlic dip)Perch bianco (white) stew with lemon juice and potatoesOur grandmother's giouvarlakia (meatball soup)Pork stew with leeks and celery...no further comment necessaryStuffed aubergines with feta sauceCuttlefish stew with flavouring and orzoCrispy, pan-fried meatballsCauliflower yiahni (stew)Oven-baked aromatic butter beans with herbsThe classic moussaka; aromatic and lightChicken bites with dill and courgettesPork stew with beansShrimp salad with rice; full of colours and aromatic!Bouillabaisse... fish soupLoukoumades with yoghurtSamali (semolina cake with syrup)Homemade jam of 3 kinds of peachesVissinada (sour cherry juice): offer it to your guests!
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The Cooking Of Greece

Author : Matthew Locricchio
ISBN : 076141729X
Genre : Cooking
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Introduces the different culinary regions of Greece through recipes adapted for young chefs and discusses the basics of food handling and kitchen safety.
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A Taste Of Honey

Author : Habeeb Akande
ISBN : 9780957484511
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 24.42 MB
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A Taste of Honey provides a scholarly exposition on the prominent place that sexuality and erotology enjoyed in traditional Islam. The book is divided into two parts; part one presents a critical examination of sexual ethics and part two consists of a concise treatise on the art of seduction and lovemaking. The central aim of this book argues that Islam is a sexually enlightened religion which teaches that sensuality should not be devoid of spirituality. The book also argues that the loss of sacred sensuality afflicting modern society can be reclaimed by a revival of the classical erotological tradition. Drawing upon the Qur’ān, ĥadīth and traditional erotological literature, the book follows the style and composition of classical Eastern and Afro-Arab love texts such as the Kama Sutra and Jalāl ad-Dīn aś-Śuyūţī’s erotic treatises. A Taste of Honey is a thought-provoking work on a highly sensitive, yet extremely important subject.
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A Taste Of Topology

Author : Volker Runde
ISBN : 038725790X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 78.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This should be a revelation for mathematics undergraduates. Having evolved from Runde’s notes for an introductory topology course at the University of Alberta, this essential text provides a concise introduction to set-theoretic topology, as well as some algebraic topology. It is accessible to undergraduates from the second year on, and even beginning graduate students can benefit from some sections. The well-chosen selection of examples is accessible to students who have a background in calculus and elementary algebra, but not necessarily in real or complex analysis. In places, Runde’s text treats its material differently to other books on the subject, providing a fresh perspective.
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A History Of Greece

Author : George Finlay
ISBN : MINN:31951002159357A
Genre : Byzantine Empire
File Size : 36.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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