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A Slow Death In The Streets

Author : John Shedler NREMT-P, CEP/F.F.
ISBN : 9781462800148
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.78 MB
Format : PDF
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John Shedler brings to us the absorbing story of a unique emergency response team in a unique setting: the frozen streets of Alaska. Chronicling his time with the Anchorage Community Service Patrol, Shedler relates a series of compelling actual episodes, from life -or- death medical emergencies to dangerous police situations, set against a backdrop of kindness and empathy as the CSP carries on their humanitarian mission to aid the city's indigent and often inebriated street population. As it pays tribute to the CSP's compassionate and dedicated men and women, always forced to do more with less and rarely given the respect or support they deserved, "A Slow Death in the Streets" also raises important moral and public policy questions regarding how we think about and care for our homeless. Brad Selden, M.D., FORMER EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN, ALASKA NATIVE MEDICAL CENTER FORMER MEMBER, ANCHORAGE ALASKA EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES ADIVSORY BOARD This a great read. The memories of so many events was fun & sad at the same time. This is a quick & have to read for any EMS, ER staff. This describes Anchorage during the 1970, 1980 & early 1990's. A great documentary defining a lot of community effort to care for these people. The concept that this is a lifestyle choice is well brought out. Don Hudson, DO ER Doctor at Alaska Regional Hospital & Medical Director for the Department of Corrections.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

A Slow Death 83 Days Of Radiation Sickness

Author : Nhk TV Crew
ISBN : 1942993544
Genre : History
File Size : 63.30 MB
Format : PDF
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Japan's worst nuclear radiation accident took place at a uranium reprocessing facility in Tokaimura, northeast of Tokyo, on 30 September 1999. The direct cause of the accident was cited as the depositing of a uranyl nitrate solution--containing about 16.6 kg of uranium, which exceeded the critical mass--into a precipitation tank. Three workers were exposed to extreme doses of radiation. Hiroshi Ouchi, one of these workers, was transferred to the University of Tokyo Hospital Emergency Room, three days after the accident. Dr. Maekawa and his staff initially thought that Ouchi looked relatively well for a person exposed to such radiation levels. He could talk, and only his right hand was a little swollen with redness. However, his condition gradually weakened as the radioactivity broke down the chromosomes in his cells. The doctors were at a loss as to what to do. There were very few precedents and proven medical treatments for the victims of radiation poisoning. Less than 20 nuclear accidents had occurred in the world to that point, and most of those happened 30 years ago. This book documents the following 83 days of treatment until his passing, with detailed descriptions and explanations of the radiation poisoning.
Category: History

Slow Death By Rubber Duck

Author : Rick Smith
ISBN : 9780307374011
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 45.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Funny, thought-provoking, and incredibly disturbing, Slow Death by Rubber Duck reveals that just the living of daily life creates a chemical soup inside each of us. Pollution is no longer just about belching smokestacks and ugly sewer pipes - now, it's personal. The most dangerous pollution has always come from commonplace items in our homes and workplaces. Smith and Lourie ingested and inhaled a host of things that surround all of us all the time. This book exposes the extent to which we are poisoned every day of our lives. For this book, over the period of a week - the kind of week that would be familiar to most people - the authors use their own bodies as the reference point and tell the story of pollution in our modern world, the miscreant corporate giants who manufacture the toxins, the weak-kneed government officials who let it happen, and the effects on people and families across the globe. Parents and concerned citizens will have to read this book. Key concerns raised in Slow Death by Rubber Duck: • Flame-retardant chemicals from electronics and household dust polluting our blood. • Toxins in our urine caused by leaching from plastics and run-of-the-mill shampoos, toothpastes and deodorant. • Mercury in our blood from eating tuna. • The chemicals that build up in our body when carpets and upholstery off-gas. Ultimately hopeful, the book empowers readers with some simple ideas for protecting themselves and their families, and changing things for the better. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Health & Fitness

Slow Death

Author : James Fielder
ISBN : 9780786030279
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 88.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Never Trust a Chained Captive. That was one of the rules David Parker Ray posted on the isolated property where he and his girlfriend Cynthia Hendy lived near New Mexico's Elephant Butte Lake. They called their windowless trailer The Toybox. Over the years they lured countless young women into its chamber of unspeakable pain and horror--and filmed every moment. A Satanist, Ray was the center of a web of sadism, sex slavery, and murder. Authorities suspect he murdered more than 60 women. In October 2011, a flood of tips led to a renewed search for the remains of more possible victims. This updated edition reveals all the details, plus the inside story on the controversial movie based on these unforgettable events. "An eye-opening journey into the world of criminal sexual sadism." --Jim Yontz, Deputy District Attorney, Albuquerque, New Mexico 16 pages of haunting photos "Darkly fascinating. . .a shocker from beginning to end." --Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author
Category: True Crime

A Slow Cold Death

Author : Susy Gage
ISBN : 9781938463389
Genre : College stories
File Size : 40.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A cozy academic mystery featuring a girl genius detective, a physics department, and a six-hundred-million-dollar motive.
Category: College stories

The Long Slow Death Of White Australia

Author : Gwenda Tavan
ISBN : UOM:39015062847861
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Did the White Australia policy really die? Or was it buried alive by bureaucrats and politicians keen to present a new face of Australia to the world? Tavan plots the history of the policy and offers new insights into Australia's past and present place in the world and the ideals that shaped the nation.
Category: Political Science

A Good Death

Author : Lesley Cullen
ISBN : 9781134774241
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 52.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Good Death is based on a survey in East London and provides a wide range of fascinating and helpful insights into all aspects of experiencing death and surviving grief. The voices in the book are those of people who have managed to cope despite being under the shadow of impending death. Their experience could be a comfort to anybody in a similar situation. A Good Death is intended for people who are dying, for their lay and professional carers and for student doctors, nurses and social workers.
Category: Health & Fitness

Many Thousands Gone

Author : Ira Berlin
ISBN : 0674020820
Genre : History
File Size : 49.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Today most Americans, black and white, identify slavery with cotton, the deep South, and the African-American church. But at the beginning of the nineteenth century, after almost two hundred years of African-American life in mainland North America, few slaves grew cotton, lived in the deep South, or embraced Christianity. Many Thousands Gone traces the evolution of black society from the first arrivals in the early seventeenth century through the Revolution. In telling their story, Ira Berlin, a leading historian of southern and African-American life, reintegrates slaves into the history of the American working class and into the tapestry of our nation. Laboring as field hands on tobacco and rice plantations, as skilled artisans in port cities, or soldiers along the frontier, generation after generation of African Americans struggled to create a world of their own in circumstances not of their own making. In a panoramic view that stretches from the North to the Chesapeake Bay and Carolina lowcountry to the Mississippi Valley, Many Thousands Gone reveals the diverse forms that slavery and freedom assumed before cotton was king. We witness the transformation that occurred as the first generations of creole slaves--who worked alongside their owners, free blacks, and indentured whites--gave way to the plantation generations, whose back-breaking labor was the sole engine of their society and whose physical and linguistic isolation sustained African traditions on American soil. As the nature of the slaves' labor changed with place and time, so did the relationship between slave and master, and between slave and society. In this fresh and vivid interpretation, Berlin demonstrates that the meaning of slavery and of race itself was continually renegotiated and redefined, as the nation lurched toward political and economic independence and grappled with the Enlightenment ideals that had inspired its birth.
Category: History

The Uses Of Experiment

Author : David Gooding
ISBN : 0521331854
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Experiment is widely regarded as the most distinctive feature of natural science and essential to the way scientists find out about the world. Yet there has been little study of the way scientists actually make and use experiments. The Uses of Experiment fills this gap in our knowledge about how science is practised. Presenting 14 original case studies of important and often famous experiments, the book asks the questions: What tools do experimenters use? How do scientists argue from experiments? What happens when an experiment is challenged? How do scientists check that their experiments are working? Are there differences between experiments in the physical sciences and technology? Leading scholars in the fields of history, sociology and philosophy of science consider topics such as the interaction of experiment; instruments and theory; accuracy and reliability as hallmarks of experiment in science and technology; realising new phenomena; the believability of experiments and the sort of knowledge they produce; and the wider contexts on which experimentalists draw to develop and win support for their work. Drawing on examples as diverse as Galilean mechanics, Victorian experiments on electricity, experiments on cloud formation, and testing of nuclear missiles, a new view of experiment emerges. This view emphasises that experiments always involve choice, tactics and strategy in persuading audiences that Nature resembles the picture experimenters create.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Marketisation Inequality The Slow Death Of Fe

Author : Frank Inkwright
ISBN : 1490441344
Genre : Education
File Size : 36.57 MB
Format : PDF
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This book explore the economic crisis affecting the developed world, widening wealth gap and the impact of market forces on society. The book explore economic systems, investigate problems facing humans all over the world, investigate problems caused by poverty and the wealth gap, investigate motivation, discuss ideas of Taylor. The book also looks into the ideas of Keynes, Hayek and Marx. Further investigates capitalism and banking in general. OFSTED (2012) has been critical of the FE sector. The impact o marketisation on Further Education is examined along with reasons for the decline in quality. The difficulties faced by teachers due to the inspection process are explored. Many families are affected by the state of the economy in Western countries. Many in the middle class and working class have lost their jobs. Many lecturers have been made redundant and others have experienced a reduction in their pay, job security, job satisfaction accompanied by an increased workload. We have also witnessed the slow death of the British Industry, with massive job losses. At the same time, the rich have got richer and the poor got poorer, widening the wealth gap. The widening wealth gap has caused widespread social inequality and injustice. Due to widespread application of automation and new technology, many jobs that required humans have disappeared. Is it fair to blame the unemployed when there is a real scarcity of suitable jobs? A new economic model and new thinking is needed to avoid wasting human talent, creativity, and drive and to give people self respect and dignity.
Category: Education