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A Single Stone

Author : Meg McKinlay
ISBN : 9780763691769
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jena — strong, respected, reliable — is the leader of the line, a job every girl in the village dreams of. Watched over by the Mothers as one of the chosen seven, Jena's years spent denying herself food and wrapping her limbs have paid off. She is small enough to squeeze through the tunnels of the mountain and gather the harvest, risking her life with each mission. No work is more important. This has always been the way of things, even if it isn’t easy. But as her suspicions mount and Jena begins to question the life she’s always known, the cracks in her world become impossible to ignore. Thought-provoking and quietly complex, Meg McKinlay’s novel unfolds into a harshly beautiful tale of belief, survival, and resilience stronger than stone.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

A Single Stone

Author : Marilyn Wallace
ISBN : 068542118X
Genre : Oakland (Calif.)
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Category: Oakland (Calif.)

Renal Stone Disease

Author : Charles Y.C. Pak
ISBN : 9781461320692
Genre : Medical
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CHARLES Y. c. PAK Major progress has been made in the pathophysiologic elucidation and management of nephrolithiasis during the past two decades. It is now possible to detect the cause of stone disease in more than 95% of patients, to prevent recurrent formation of stones in the majority of patients, and to remove most existing stones less invasively. The assumption of editorship of this book permits me to indulge in the discussion of this progress from my personal perspective. Three somewhat fortuitous events in my academic career dictated my directing major efforts in stone research. The first event occurred in 1963 when, after having completed medical training, I was faced with two years of military service as a participant of the Berry plan. Choices were limited and disconcerting for someone interested in a research career: a staff physician at a military installation or an indian reservation, or a member of a research team in a state penitentiary. An interesting article by Norman Gershfeld on phospholi pid monolayers prompted me to write him seeking a position in his laboratory of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD. Partly because of at the National Institutes my rudimentary exposure and publication in surface chemistry, I was offered a position as a staff scientist and a position in the Public Health Service which satisfied the requirements of a military service.
Category: Medical

Precious Stones

Author : Max Bauer
ISBN : 9780486151250
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 90.54 MB
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This classic study begins with a general analysis of precious stones followed by descriptions of their cutting and mounting. The remainder of this volume focuses on the diamond. 52 figures.
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The Stones Of Tiahuanaco

Author : Stella Nair
ISBN : 9781938770999
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 87.37 MB
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The world's most artful and skillful stone architecture is found at Tiahuanaco at the southern end of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The precision of the stone masonry rivals that of the Incas to the point that writers from Spanish chroniclers of the sixteenth century to twentieth-century authors have claimed that Tiahuanaco not only served as a model for Inca architecture and stone masonry, but that the Incas even imported stonemasons from the Titicaca Basin to construct their buildings. Experiments aimed at replicating the astounding feats of the Tiahuanaco stonecutters--perfectly planar surfaces, perfect exterior and interior right angles, and precision to within 1 mm--throw light on the stonemasons' skill and knowledge, especially of geometry and mathematics. Detailed analyses of building stones yield insights into the architecture of Tiahuanaco, including its appearance, rules of composition, canons, and production, filling a significant gap in the understanding of Tiahuanaco's material culture.
Category: Architecture

Precious Stones And Bedrock Truth

Author : Mark L. Day
ISBN : 9781609571375
Genre :
File Size : 81.85 MB
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Will your home stand firm when the torrents of life come bursting at the foundation? Certainly, if it's built on the foundation of Christ alone. Is your marriage troubled? Has your spouse or child been lifted on eagle's wings to heaven unexpectedly? Has your doctor explained a dreaded prognosis? Does the ground quake with financial uncertainties? These are the times when you need solid rock! Hopeless secular humanism builds on sinking sand and changing ideas. Yet, believers from every generation have found strength by entrusting their future into God's hands. When you study God's Word, with determination to obey, you are building on Christ-faith's cornerstone. We will build upon this foundation by studying the Spirit's use of stone typology in scripture, to reveal foundations of Christian faith and how to live for Christ as He intended. Rock solid truth equips you to stand firm in faith and to give an account of the hope within you, for God's glory. Mark Day is a student of God's Word and diligently examines Biblical truth. He appreciates practical applications from personal study that impact how to live the Christian life. For over 40 years, Mark has enjoyed sound Biblical teaching from excellent Pastors, has grown through leading men's fellowship groups, teaching Bible classes and encouraging believers through hospital visitation ministries. He has discovered that believers need to stand firm on solid truth, especially during testing and trials. He has written several articles on Christian doctrines to encourage others. Precious Stones, which is the culmination of a ten year research project, was written as a heritage for his children, and prays that you too will find increased strength through this Bible study. Mark is a Software Engineer, living in Southern California. He and his wife Cherie have three children and five grandchildren.

Treatment Of Urolithiasis

Author : M. Akimoto
ISBN : 9784431685173
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80.82 MB
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Urolithiasis is not only one of the most frequently encountered diseases at uro logical clinics; it is also the disorder whose treatment has shown the most rapid progress in the past decade. In that period, medicine has experienced a real revolution, characterized by minimally invasive treatments, improvement of the quality of life, and cost-effectiveness in treatment outcomes. In urology, the revolution started with the development of endoscopic retrograde treatment of urolithiasis in the upper urinary tract, which led to development of the percuta neous antegrade maneuver in the latter half of the 1970s. The most remarkable event occurred in 1982, when clinical use of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy was introduced by the Munich group, represented by Dr. Christian Chaussy, at the 18th Congress of the International Society of Urology in San Francisco. With the advent of these new strategies, open surgery for urolithiasis has all but dis appeared. Today, with the availability of new technology and equipment, guide lines for the treatment of urolithiasis have changed in all developed countries. It is quite timely that the Meeting of International Consultation on Urolithiasis will be held in Paris in June 2001 to establish international guidelines for urolithiasis. Looking through this textbook for urolithiasis, I was greatly impressed to learn that we have already drawn up some guidelines. The book includes all the updated advances of urolithiasis presented by the most prominent and experi enced urologists from all around the world.
Category: Medical

Records In Stone

Author : Clive Ruggles
ISBN : 0521531306
Genre : Science
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Professor Alexander Thom, who died in 1985, was a distinguished engineer. Independently of his 'mainstream' academic career, he developed a deep and active interest in the prehistoric megalithic sites of Britain and Brittany. Thom's interpretations of the field data have aroused strong interest and some intense controversy.
Category: Science

Dem Study Of A Single Stone Column In A Clayey Stratum

Author : Anibal Enrique Santos Marin
ISBN : OCLC:1087510569
Genre : Building, Stone
File Size : 29.22 MB
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Aggregate piers are an alternative ground improvement technique used for improving the bearing capacity and reducing the total and differential settlement of foundations supported on compressible soils. The piers are composed of a series of vibrationally compacted aggregate lifts from a desired depth up to the finished foundation level. The shear strength of the coarse-grained material comprising an aggregate pier is defined by its internal friction angle. There are several factors affecting the friction angle of the granular material that include: confining stress, particle shape, relative density and particle distribution (gradation). These factors are not directly considered in the design of aggregate columns. However, because the granular material friction angle is a fundamental design parameter used to estimate the bearing capacity of aggregate piers, these factors could play an important role in the mechanical behavior of isolated aggregate columns. Other factors responsible for altering the global performance of aggregate piers are column length and the undrained shear strength of the matrix soil. Full-scale 3D discrete element method (DEM) simulations were conducted to reproduce field plate load tests performed on small circular foundation resting on single aggregate piers in order to evaluate the effects of these factors on the global performance of aggregate columns. The numerical results demonstrate that incorporating the gradation, confining stress and relative density dependence of the aggregate friction angle in the DEM models provides better numerical estimation of the load-displacement curves observed in the field for both the foundation serviceability level and the ultimate load condition. The effects of column length on the load-displacement response are found to be a minimum for column slenderness ratios greater than four.
Category: Building, Stone

Harper S Weekly

Author : John Bonner
ISBN : UOM:39015018147655
Genre : American periodicals
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Category: American periodicals