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A River On Fire

Author : Jasvinder Sharma
ISBN : 9788122310245
Genre : Short stories, Indic (English)
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This bouquet of short stories presents a true-to-life picture of the society before us. Instead of an imagined world, the storyteller through these stories offers a slice of life, a down-to-earth scenario in which the reader finds himself involved unknowingly.The writer having a good understanding of basic human feelings brings them out dexterously in these tales on divergent issues. These fine, tumultuous, powerful and heartfelt sagas are not just stories; these are experiences. Reading them, the reader does not remain solely an observer; he becomes a part of them. the stories open a world of fallacy, malice and maladjustment, and take him directly to it. This is the world that is already known to him, but he very often chooses to close his eyes to it. Brimming with unlikely and colourful characters, the tales offer a fine blend of irony and humanity, with some of them replete with heart-warming humour. the world of the storyteller has the fullness of human psyche, with its dreams, passions, awe and wonder. Despite the ambience of fantasy, hardcore realism, quandaries and predicament underline his stories.
Category: Short stories, Indic (English)

Rivers Of Fire

Author : Arnon Sofer
ISBN : 084768511X
Genre : History
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In a never-ending battle to match population growth with food and energy production, the countries of the Middle East have been frenziedly developing water resources without considering their neighbors' needs. The inevitable result has been more frequent and increasingly bitter conflicts. At the same time, a halting Arab-Israeli peace process continues. Are we indeed entering a new era in a new Middle East? Focusing on international rivers and ground water, this timely study provides thoughtful-if pessimistic-answers to this question. Examining each water source in the Middle East, Soffer also weighs the implications of going to war over water and such unconventional solutions to the water shortage as desalination and importation.
Category: History

River Of Fire

Author : Qurratulain Hyder
ISBN : 9780811204422
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.53 MB
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“Magisterial” (Pankaj Mishra, The New York Review of Books) and “to Urdu fiction what One Hundred Years of Solitude is to Hispanic literature” (TLS) The most important novel of twentieth-century Urdu fiction, Qurratulain Hyder’s River of Fire encompasses the fates of four recurring characters over two and a half millennia. These characters become crisscrossed and strangely inseparable over different eras, forming and reforming their relationships in romance and war, in possession and dispossession. River of Fire interweaves parables, legends, dreams, diaries, and letters, forming a rich tapestry of history and human emotions and redefining Indian identity. But above all, it’s a unique pleasure to read Hyder’s singular prose style: “Lyrical and witty, occasionally idiosyncratic, it is always alluring and allusive: Flora Annie Steel and E. M. Forster encounter classical Urdu poets; Eliot and Virginia Woolf meet Faiz Ahmed Faiz” (The Times Literary Supplement).
Category: Fiction

River Of Fire

Author : Gary T. Brideau
ISBN : 9781479750740
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.12 MB
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Oh, one more thing. Admiral Sam wants to know, if you need back-up. Great! The more, the merrier. A minute later, Sam appeared next to Debbie, clad in his long cloak and wide brimmed hat and asked, When does the fun, begin? Debbie instantly snapped to attention and saluted. Hold on there, cadet. Dont go military, on me. Relax, were in the field. Calistus explained, We have to stop, about two dozen men and two gun boats, before sunup. Su should be sending a large tank of flammable solvent, through a portal, any moment now. But, I havent seen any guards as of yet. A horizontal portal opened twenty, feet above the water and a large metal tank slipped through unnoticed, and hovered just above the water to close to their position. Calistus sighed and said, I cant ignite it there, itll fry us all. I'm on it, whispered Debbie, eager to show off, for the admiral. As she dove in the water and pushed the container into position. Just then, a pirate poked his head out of one of the gun ships, spotted something moving and hollered, Whos there? And began to fire at the tank of flammable solvent, igniting it into a ball of fire. That swiftly spread over the water turning, the inlet into a river of fire. Debbie quickly dove underwater, to avoid getting hit. But she was struck in the side, before she could react. She struggled desperately to stay afloat, and managed to make it to shore, where she collapsed. Calistus hollered, Sam, lets try and get them in a crossfire! In minutes, the camp was swarming with pirates, firing at anything that moved. After a ten-minute gun battle, the pirates strapped Debbies limp body, to a tree and the leader hollered, Drop your weapons and surrender, or the woman dies! Sam, theyve got Debbie! Hold your fire! The two men approached the pirates, with their hands and guns over their heads, Sam whispered, Protective shields on, weapons on stun, once we reach Debbie, we position ourselves in front of her, to protect her, then, we let 'em have it. As they reached Debbie, the men quickly spun around, Calistus hollered, as he leveled his rifle at the pirates, I think its you, who should surrender! Laughter suddenly broke out, amongst the crowd, mocking Calistuss bold statement. Sam shouted, Fire! Blasts of energy streaked through the night rapidly finding their marks as bullets ricocheted off their shields. Once silence reined, Calistus glanced at Sam and inquired, What's wrong? I was hoping for a knockdown, drag out, gun fight. Instead, all we got, was a bunch of wimps! Whatever, Sam. Why dont you round them up, before they come to, while I take care of Debbie. Carefully untying her and lying her on the ground, Calistus contacted Moon Base One, Su, I need you here and fast, cadet Debbies been injured. Seconds later, Su appeared, then, hollered, as she dove for the ground, firing her pistol Look out! A blast of energy struck the would-be assassin, liquefying his body into a yellow-brown ooze, which swiftly seeped into the sand. Su quickly returned, with Debbie. Sam bellowed A little help, here, if you dont mind! Having the prisoners tied up, Sam surveyed the pirates and commented What a motley crew they are. Do you think well get any information, out of 'em, Cal? Nope! None of them, look like, they have the brains to come up with a strategy, as complex as this. Deb did mention about Norm, who tried to waste her. Hes probably their contact. How are we going to locate one person, in this jungle? questioned a frustrated Sam. Sam, youre slipping in your old age. Deb mentioned that she was washed up on the beach after the ship was destroyed. That should be on the other side of the island. Calistus contacted Su and inquired, Can you contact the nearest coast guard, and inform them about the bunch of pirates, we have tied up. Then, see if you can bounce a signal off one of Earths satelli
Category: Science

River Of Fire And Other Stories

Author : Ed Robison
ISBN : 1462887163
Genre : History
File Size : 20.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As he demonstrated in The Fox and Other Stories, (Turtle Press - 1996) and The Man Who Saw Himself (Xlibris -2002), Ed Robison continues to watch and listen closely to the world around him. This new collection reveals fresh poignancies and acutely observed quotidian mini-dramas that can easily burn into the consciousness of those willing to pause and listen. The River of Fire, the key story, is another unforgettable look at the horror of war. “It wouldn’t be entirely out of line to characterize Ed Robison as a Damon Runyon of the resorts, retirement communities, logging towns and ... porch swings of the Northwest.” —Jim Nisbet Author of Prelude to a Scream.
Category: History

River Of Fire

Author : Mary Jo Putney
ISBN : 153374260X
Genre : Historical fiction
File Size : 64.79 MB
Format : PDF
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A Desperate Lord...As rebel, soldier, hero, and spy, Kenneth Wilding had never known defeat. But nothing can save his heritage when he returns from the wars to an empty title and a ravaged estate. Nothing—until a stranger offers a devil’s bargain: financial salvation in return for Kenneth’s special subversive skills. Reluctantly Kenneth enters the household of the greatest artist in England to unmask a terrible crime. Instead, he discovers something infinitely more dangerous: a tantalizing new way of life and an irresistible woman. Everything he has always wanted—and can never have.A Scandalous Lady...Her reputation ruined by a disastrous elopement, tempestuous Rebecca Seaton withdraws to her attic studio and buries herself in her painting. Then Kenneth Wilding sweeps into her life with his pirate’s face and poet’s soul. Warily they slide into a duel of desire that brings both searing risks and shattering fulfillment. But Kenneth’s secret mission comes between them, unleashing a danger that threatens Rebecca’s life even as passion sweeps them into a river of fire that transforms their very souls…“In this Regency romance, Putney offers a strong romantic relationship, good writing and memorable characters, and a portrayal of the London art world filled with jealousy and passion.”—Publishers Weekly
Category: Historical fiction

River Of Fire

Author : D. L. Cruise
ISBN : 9781412060073
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.5 MB
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The effects and counter effects of a little known religious revival lead by Charles Finney in upstate New York in 1830 began a change of events that would be felt long after Finney's visit and far beyond the boundaries of the river town of Rochester. Charles Finney, a talented lawyer turned Presbyterian evangelist spearheaded the Christian social justice movement that produced the abolitionist movement, prohibition, woman's suffrage and the Civil War. Finney challenged the traditional belief in Predestination by his stand on duty to one's fellow human beings. Thousands of people came to his revival in the river-town of Rochester and were transformed by his message. He set them afire with religious zeal - hence upper New York became known as the Burnt Over District and this novel received its name. A door had been opened for men like Frederick Douglass (a black man) to publish an abolitionists newspaper. Rochester would become an important part of the Anti-Slavery Movement and the Underground Railroad. Rochester was also the birthplace of the woman's rights movement in the person of Susan B. Anthony. The ancient roles of women would, at last, be challenged along with the other attitudes that had hitherto suffocated the dignity of large numbers of the human race. All this is not to imply that the utopia dreamed of in Finney's day was in fact realized. Quite the contrary, an upheaval occurred. forces were set in motion that could not be stopped. But it is only when humans are stressed that agitation conceives change to which complacency could not give birth. I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled! I have a baptism to receive, and how distressed I am until it is over! Do you suppose that I came to bring peace to the world? No, not peace, but division. -Luke 12:49-51 Through the fictional characters of my book, I dramatize vividly the transformation of human beings representing every facet of 1830 American life. From their cold and bitter Puritan roots; the tyranny of slavery; the oppression of immigrant peoples; and the greed of the emerging industrial revolution, to the upheaval that produced the Civil War, my characters tell a passionate, painful, and uplifting story of a nation giving birth to the ideal of social justice.
Category: Fiction

River Of Fire

Author : Jacquelyn Cook
ISBN : 9781935661764
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Two men desired Adrianna. Only a river of fire could prove which one deserved her love and trust. Adrianna, the granddaughter of a prominent Alabama senator, is rich, beautiful, and an exalted member of antebellum society. Yet she longs for an enduring passion. She's attracted to the respectable Foy, yet can't be certain his actions match his righteous talk. His competition, the rakish and elegant Green Bethune, promises a life of adventure in the world far from Adrianna's quiet, isolated hometown of Eufaula, but is Green a wolf in fine clothing? The choice may tear her soul apart.
Category: Fiction

River Of Fire

Author : John MacLeod
ISBN : 9780857900869
Genre : History
File Size : 20.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"MacLeod is a splendid and elegiac narrator of neglected patches of Scotland's history and brings his poetic gifts again to this, the single most dreadful event in our nation's story" - The Observer "An unflinching record of what remains of Scotland's greatest human disaster in modern history" - The Herald Vibrating with endeavours for Britain's effort against the might of Nazi Germany, Clydebank was - in hindsight - an obvious target for the attentions of the Luftwaffe. When, on the evening of 13 March 1941, the authorities first detected that Clydebank was 'on beam' - targeted by the primitive radio-guidance system of the German bombers - no effort was made to raise the alarm or to direct the residents to shelter or flight. Within the hour, a vast timber-yard, three oil-stores, and two distilleries were ablaze, one pouring flaming whisky into a burn that ran blazing into the Clyde itself in vivid ribbons of fire. And still the Germans came; and Clydebank, now an inferno, lay illuminated and defenceless as heavy bombs of high-explosive, as land-mines and parachute blasters began to fall ...With reference to written sources and the memories of those who survived the experience, John MacLeod tells the story of the Clydebank Blitz and the terrible scale of death and devastation, speculating on why its incineration has been so widely forgotten and its ordeal denied any place in national honour.
Category: History

River Of Fire

Author : Maria Pereira
ISBN : 9781440148408
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 33.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Creating a new life in the United States can be challenging for any minority immigrant woman who has the courage to give up everything she's ever known to start anew. In her openly honest memoir, an Indo-Trinidadian woman shares the fascinating story of how she seized an opportunity later in life to follow her dream of working in law enforcement-simply because she wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Maria Pereira offers her early memories as a backdrop to her future life in Atlanta, Georgia, where she confronts violations at Atlanta's Fulton County Jail that threaten the well-being of fellow deputies, inmates, and visitors. Persevering against ostracization and a demotion, she describes how she stood up to her adversaries and followed her conscience, prevailing in the end and ultimately gaining the respect of the inmates and her colleagues. By refusing to allow racism or sexism to define her dream, Pereira offers an inspiring portrait that proves that making a difference is not easy, but in the end, it's immensely rewarding.
Category: Biography & Autobiography