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A Quiet Revolution

Author : Mary Elizabeth King
ISBN : UOM:39015074274476
Genre : Political Science
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Looks at the strategies used to begin negotiated settlements in the first Palestinian Intifada, and the impact that the media has on such affairs.
Category: Political Science

Spiritual Ecology A Quiet Revolution

Author : Leslie E. Sponsel
ISBN : 9780313364105
Genre : Religion
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A prominent scientist and scholar documents and explains the thoughts, actions, and legacies of spiritual ecology's pioneers from ancient times to the present, demonstrating how the movement may offer the last chance to restore a healthy relationship between humankind and nature. • Clear, concise, and captivating essays on well-known, as well as little-known, pioneers in spiritual ecology • Chapter-long treatment of each individual's contributions, allowing for in-depth coverage • An extensive resource guide, including films and websites • An appendix listing approximately 100 pioneers in spiritual ecology
Category: Religion

A Quiet Revolution

Author : John Franklin Copper
ISBN : 0896331288
Genre : Philosophy
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In mid-1987 Taiwanese president Chiang Ching-kuo announced the end of martial law and the legalization of a political opposition. These two changes, in addition to the orderly elections held at the end of 1986, underscored the political development that has occurred in the Republic of China on Taiwan. John Copper argues that the country's economic success has obscured-and sometimes been placed in false opposition to-its political progress. Despite the many internal difficulties it faces and the external threat from mainland China, says Copper, the Taiwanese government has handled challenges so well that it might serve as a model for other developing states. He traces the history of Taiwan through developments in governmental structure, the economic system, and political strategies. The 1986 elections, which demonstrated both basic confidence in the Taiwanese government as a whole and an openness to opposition candidates in some areas, showed an emerging if not yet fully operational democratic process. Like Japan, says Copper, Taiwan will probably continue to be dominated by one party, but it will also make further political changes conducive to social stability and economic growth.
Category: Philosophy

A Quiet Revolution

Author : Leila Ahmed
ISBN : 9780300175059
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In Cairo in the 1940s, Leila Ahmed was raised by a generation of women who never dressed in the veils and headscarves their mothers and grandmothers had worn. To them, these coverings seemed irrelevant to both modern life and Islamic piety. Today, however, the majority of Muslim women throughout the Islamic world again wear the veil. Why, Ahmed asks, did this change take root so swiftly, and what does this shift mean for women, Islam, and the West? When she began her study, Ahmed assumed that the veil's return indicated a backward step for Muslim women worldwide. What she discovered, however, in the stories of British colonial officials, young Muslim feminists, Arab nationalists, pious Islamic daughters, American Muslim immigrants, violent jihadists, and peaceful Islamic activists, confounded her expectations. Ahmed observed that Islamism, with its commitments to activism in the service of the poor and in pursuit of social justice, is the strain of Islam most easily and naturally merging with western democracies' own tradition of activism in the cause of justice and social change. It is often Islamists, even more than secular Muslims, who are at the forefront of such contemporary activist struggles as civil rights and women's rights. Ahmed's surprising conclusions represent a near reversal of her thinking on this topic. Richly insightful, intricately drawn, and passionately argued, this absorbing story of the veil's resurgence, from Egypt through Saudi Arabia and into the West, suggests a dramatically new portrait of contemporary Islam.
Category: RELIGION

A Quiet Revolution

Author : John Perkins
ISBN : 0551013001
Genre : Christian life
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Category: Christian life

A Quiet Revolution

Author : Christopher Heathcote
ISBN : 1875847324
Genre : Art, Australian
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An authoritative look at the social and political changes that overtook Australian art in the space of two decades after World War II. Heathcote outlines the transition from a minuscule, inert art scene in the late forties to a new visual establishment in the sixties which embraced change and celebrated its openness to international trends.
Category: Art, Australian

The Quiet Revolution

Author : Alan S. Blinder
ISBN : 9780300127508
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.95 MB
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Although little noticed, the face of central banking has changed significantly over the past ten to fifteen years, says the author of this enlightening book. Alan S. Blinder, a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System and member of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, shows that the changes, though quiet, have been sufficiently profound to constitute a revolution in central banking. Blinder considers three of the most significant aspects of the revolution. The first is the shift toward transparency: whereas central bankers once believed in secrecy and even mystery, greater openness is now considered a virtue. The second is the transition from monetary policy decisions made by single individuals to decisions made by committees. The third change is a profoundly different attitude toward the markets, from that of stern schoolmarm to one of listener. With keenness and balance, the author examines the origins of these changes and their pros and cons.
Category: Business & Economics

Putting Work In Its Place

Author : Peter Meiksins
ISBN : 9781501731990
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.50 MB
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Most books on the subject of work focus on the increased amount of time Americans spend on the job. Peter Meiksins and Peter Whalley address the counter-trend, examining the difficult path traversed by people who choose to work less than the standard, forty-hour week. Their fascinating investigation of alternative work arrangements speaks directly to the concerns of all workers who must balance career with other commitments. Through interviews with technical professionals from a wide range of employment settings, Putting Work in Its Place refutes the popular myth of the customized work schedule as inevitably a "mommy-track" or a return to traditionalism among women. Most of these workers—male and female, young and old—remain strongly committed to their jobs, but wish to combine work with other activities they value just as highly. This can mean family for some, but for others encompasses community service or various avocations. By viewing their work arrangements in the longer term, and not as short-term expedients, these professionals are challenging the accepted view of time requirements for careers in organizations. They are also helping to shape a new agenda for the future of the workplace: to transform their individual successes into a normal practice of customized work time.
Category: Business & Economics

A Quiet Revolution

Author : Michael D. Steele
ISBN : 9781641131834
Genre : Education
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Over the past thirty years, Holt High School in central Michigan has engaged in a quiet revolution that has transformed mathematics teaching and learning in the district. From its roots as a rural high school housed in a single building in the 1980s, the high school mathematics staff has grown an innovative, meaningful high school mathematics curriculum that sees nearly every student in the district completing the equivalent of Precalculus. Tracking was dropped in favor of an evolving suite of supports designed to promote student success in unifying, rather than segregating, ways. Mathematics classrooms in Holt are discourse-rich environments where teachers and students explore meaningful uses for mathematics as they reason and problem solve together. This transformation took place and persists amidst changing professional partnerships, shifting district demographics, increasing accountability measures at the state and national level, and turnover in teaching staff and district leadership. In this book, we explore the case of Holt High School though an exploration of how the mathematics curriculum has shifted over the past thirty years, and the conditions and supports that have been put in place in the district to make this work fruitful and sustainable. The story includes successes, failures, celebrations and challenges as we chronicle Holt’s high school mathematics evolution. Guiding questions, protocols, and reflective activities are provided for teachers and district leaders to begin the challenging conversations in their own district that lead to meaningful change.
Category: Education

Chronicles And The Politics Of Davidic Restoration

Author : David Janzen
ISBN : 9780567675491
Genre : Religion
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David Janzen argues that the Book of Chronicles is a document with a political message as well as a theological one and moreover, that the book's politics explain its theology. The author of Chronicles was part of a 4th century B.C.E. group within the post-exilic Judean community that hoped to see the Davidides restored to power, and he or she composed this work to promote a restoration of this house to the position of a client monarchy within the Persian Empire. Once this is understood as the political motivation for the work's composition, the reasons behind the Chronicler's particular alterations to source material and emphasis of certain issues becomes clear. The doctrine of immediate retribution, the role of 'all Israel' at important junctures in Judah's past, the promotion of Levitical status and authority, the virtual joint reign of David and Solomon, and the decision to begin the narrative with Saul's death can all be explained as ways in which the Chronicler tries to assure the 4th century assembly that a change in local government to Davidic client rule would benefit them. It is not necessary to argue that Chronicles is either pro-Davidic or pro-Levitical; it is both, and the attention Chronicles pays to the Levites is done in the service of winning over a group within the temple personnel to the pro-Davidic cause, just as many of its other features were designed to appeal to other interest groups within the assembly.
Category: Religion