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The Design Life Of Structures

Author : G. Somerville
ISBN : 9780203168875
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 58.81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The whole area of durability, integrity and quality control of structures is starting to be taken very seriously by the construction industry. Central to this is the design life concept, which looks at the materials used, methods of construction, safety factors, maintenance and repair, and change of use, all from a holistic viewpoint. This new book
Category: Architecture

Fatigue Damage Crack Growth And Life Prediction

Author : F. Ellyin
ISBN : 0412596008
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 77.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Fatigue failure is a multi-stage process. It begins with the initiation of cracks, and with continued cyclic loading the cracks propagate, finally leading to the rupture of a component or specimen. The demarcation between the above stages is not well-defined. Depending upon the scale of interest, the variation may span three orders of magnitude. For example, to a material scientist an initiated crack may be of the order of a micron, whereas for an engineer it can be of the order of a millimetre. It is not surprising therefore to see that investigation of the fatigue process has followed different paths depending upon the scale of phenomenon under investigation. Interest in the study of fatigue failure increased with the advent of industrial ization. Because of the urgent need to design against fatigue failure, early investiga tors focused on prototype testing and proposed failure criteria similar to design formulae. Thus, a methodology developed whereby the fatigue theories were proposed based on experimental observations, albeit at times with limited scope. This type of phenomenological approach progressed rapidly during the past four decades as closed-loop testing machines became available.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Corporate Accounting

Author : Mukherjee & Hanif
ISBN : 0070604290
Genre : Corporations
File Size : 57.41 MB
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Category: Corporations


Author : Barbara Rubin
ISBN : 1982223111
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 22.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Based on solid science and research, Diet: A Prescribed Way of Life, by author Barbara Rubin, builds a cohesive, tested concept for healthy eating that will keep you looking great and give you true vitality and a real appetite for life. Through Rubin's personal experiences and observations, examples, humorous anecdotes, and practical advice, you'll discover the power of food as a tool for healing and learn how to translate this power to your plate. She offers clear explanations and full analyses of the issues, which not only focus on educating, but also on ensuring you enjoy the best life possible. She discusses that food isn't just medicine. It's the life source, and it's important to understand every part of the process--from the soil your food is grown in, to the way it's cared for, and how it is processed. Diet: A Prescribed Way of Life presents a transformed perspective on food and nutrition, giving you the knowledge you need to make well-informed choices about your diet. It shows how everything is the result of a consciously selected and consistently practiced lifestyle--the best way to keep your body working as it should.
Category: Health & Fitness

Prescribed Life

Author : Morgan Davis
ISBN : 1475233906
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Seventeen year old Leah Clark once roamed Whetstones halls without direction, as a loner against ludicrous lifestyles. While other students rehearsed their roles living ritualistic reputations, she often acted on impulses by skipping lines, and rebelling against the rubric. Unfortunately, a passion for politics wasn't enough when it came to scholastic survival. Before the high school senior's grades reached rock bottom, her mother flipped frantically through the yellow pages, seeking professional help. Luckily a local shrink was able to diagnose her psychological symptoms, and pinpoint a probable solution. However, Leah couldn't help feeling skeptical as an unknown antidote was filled in her name. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect a few tablets to pave her rocky path from the inside out. From that point on, ingesting every dose was a breath of fresh air as Leah rejoiced in relaxation after unlocking an open minds initiative using a prince's philosophy. Just as things were beginning to turn around, the magical medication falls into the wrong hands, putting Leah's entire alter existence in jeopardy. As if chances for survival weren't slim enough, rations were running short as doctors decided to discontinue further distribution behind enemy lines. Despite disadvantages, the teen continues to fight alongside her prince, putting newfound knowledge to the test in attempt to save an unwritten realm from realities destruction.
Category: Fiction

Whole Life Costing

Author : Peter Caplehorn
ISBN : 9781134078868
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 21.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Whole life costing has been a subject waiting to come of age for many years. What was previously of mainly academic interest is now becoming a key business tool in the procurement and construction of significant projects. With the advent of PPP and in particular of PFI, details of the project life need to be assessed and tied in to funding and operation plans. Many of these projects run to millions of pounds and are of high political or social importance, so the implications of the life of materials is crucial. A fundamental requirement of these procurement routes has been that the whole enterprise should be included within the bid, so that a company takes on not only the construction but also the running and maintenance of any building. Additionally as sustainability has emerged and grown in importance, so has the need for a whole life time costing approach, partly driven by governmental insistence. At the heart of sustainability is an understanding of what the specification means for the future of the building and how it will affect the environment. Whole life costing considers part of this and provides an understanding of how materials may perform and what allowances are needed at the end of their life. This book sets out the practical issues involved in the selection of materials, their performance, and the issues that need to be taken into account. The emphasis, unlike in other publications, is not to formularise or to package the issues but to leave the reader with a clear understanding and a sensible practical way of arriving at conclusions in the future.
Category: Architecture

Growing Up Transnational Identity And Kinship In A Global Era

Author : May Friedman
ISBN : 9781442695238
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75.95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Stereotypes and cultural imperialism often provide a framework of fixed characteristics for postmodern life, yet fail to address the implications of questions such as, "Where are you from?" Growing Up Transnational challenges the assumptions behind this fixed framework to look at the interconnectivity, conflict, and contradictions within current discussions of identity and kinship. This collection offers a fresh, feminist perspective on family relations, identity politics, and cultural locations in a global era. Using an interdisciplinary approach from fields including gender studies, postcolonial theory, and literary theory, this volume questions the concept of hybridity and the tangible implications of assumed identities. The rich personal narratives of the authors explore hyphenated identities, hybridized families, and the challenges and rewards of lives on and beyond borders. The result is a new transnational sensibility that explores the redefinition of the self, the family, and the nation.
Category: Social Science

Where Two Or Three Are Gathered

Author : Lezley Stewart
ISBN : 9780861538423
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.34 MB
Format : PDF
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A set of accessible resources for people leading group worship – suitable for Ordained and Laity. The resources are designed to enable leaders to explore the journey of life and faith through the twelve themes of of Timing, Unity, Providence, Creation, Growth, Service, Justice, Love, Life, Kingdom, Challenge and Light. There are 48 complete services based on the twelve core themes. For each of the themes, there is a suggested ‘creative centre’ to focus the group’s thoughts. Within each of the themes, there are also prayer liturgies which include four homilies or Biblical reflections to develop the theme. There are also suggested points for group discussion and/or personal reflection. All of the material is suitable for dipping into or using in its entirety as suits the occasion and need. Ready to use straight from the page, they can be used for short, complete services or for opening worship as part of Church meetings or group gatherings. They are designed to give informal group leaders confidence and are created specifically to be able to be used in a variety of worship settings, and to encourage people to confidently lead in the worship of God.
Category: Religion