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The Mountain Arapesh

Author : Margaret Mead
ISBN : 1412837871
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77.58 MB
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For approximately eight months during 1931-1932, anthropologist Margaret Mead lived with and studied the Mountain Arapesh-a segment of the population of the East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. She found a culture based on simplicity, sensitivity, and cooperation. In contrast to the aggressive Arapesh who lived on the plains, both the men and the women of the mountain settlements were found to be, in Mead's word, maternal. The Mountain Arapesh exhibited qualities that many might consider feminine: they were, in general, passive, affectionate, and peaceloving. Though Mead partially explains the male's "femininity" as being due to the type of nourishment available to the Arapesh, she maintains social conditioning to be a factor in the type of lifestyle led by both sexes. Mead's study encapsulates all aspects of the Arapesh culture. She discusses betrothal and marriage customs, sexuality, gender roles, diet, religion, arts, agriculture, and rites of passage. In possibly a portent for the breakdown of traditional roles and beliefs in the latter part of the twentieth century, Mead discusses the purpose of rites of passage in maintaining societal values and social control. Mead also discovered that both male and female parents took an active role in raising their children. Furthermore, it was found that there were few conflicts over property: the Arapesh, having no concept of land ownership, maintained a peaceful existence with each other. In his new introduction to The Mountain Arapesh, Paul B. Roscoe assesses the importance of Mead's work in light of modern anthropological and ethnographic research, as well as how it fits into her own canon of writings. Roscoe discusses findings he culled from a trip to Papua New Guinea in 1991 to clarify some ambiguities in Mead's work. His travels also served to help reconstruct what had happened to the Arapesh since Mead's historic visit in the early 1930s. Margaret Mead (1901-1978) was associated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York for over fifty years, becoming Curator of Ethnology in 1964. She taught at Columbia University and the New School for Social Research as well as a number of other universities. Among her many books is Continuities in Cultural Evolution, available from Transaction Publishers. Paul B. Roscoe is professor of anthropology at the University of Maine. He is a frequent contributor to anthropology journals, including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, and Current Anthropology, and is co-editor (with Nancy Lutkehaus) of Gender Rituals: Female Initiation in Melanesia. The 1992 recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Curl Essay Prize, he has an archival specialization in ancient Polynesia.
Category: Social Science

A Piece Of The Core

Author : Anne W. Smallidge
ISBN : 1462815340
Genre : Fiction
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Zelda is fifty years old when she takes a major step in her life. She quits her job, rents her house, sells her car and says goodbye to her three young adult children and their children, and joins the Peace Corps. The time is 1980 when Zelda travels to Africa, a completely different part of this planet. To the other side of the world, the developing world where she experiences many challenges. She is assigned to a tiny village upriver, two hundred miles from the capitol, where the local people had never before known a white person. Her two room house was not yet completed, so she stays in the home of the dresser dispenser, Barbar, and his family for several days. She does not know the Mandinka language well enough to understand what is being said. She meets the next door neighbor, Kumba, who becomes her best friend. Neither know the others language. Once a week she worked in the maternal/infant health clinic when the trek team arrives from Bansang. She is disturbed by the way her counterpart, Ida treats the mothers. It appears to Zelda that Ida is charging for the free service. Her little two room house had no running water nor does she have a well. Kumba carries water from the river and pours it into Zeldas jardinire. She uses chlorine tablets to purify the river water. She has no toilet or latrine for a few days. So, she has to run to Barbars latrine a few houses away until a latrine is dug and a bamboo fence surrounding it is built. She does not mind using candles, although her neighbors are not happy when she uses more than one at a time. It is extravagant and unnecessary. . On her way to Karnataka she purchases a bamboo bed, four bamboo chairs, and a straw mattress from a roadside furniture maker. This furnishes her home. Thee of the young boys bring a baby monkey to her. She reluctantly accepts it once the boys bring an orange crate, from god knows where, to use as a bed for the little thing. She names him Sangio, the Mandinka word for rain. Sangio gives her much pleasure in this difficult place. A long story ensures with a sad ending. On night while on her way to Karantaba the ambulance she is riding in completely drops into a sink hole. A torrential rain is beating down in the middle of the bush. Zelda and the other eight passengers crawl out. The ambulance lies deep in the hole, sideways, with the drivers side door facing up and out. They are stranded in knee deep water in the middle of the bush with a newborn baby and mother, and several others who had been discharged from the hospital in Bansang. They are rescued by Farkamou, and his tractor. Zelda meets people she never forgets. Zelda loses a great deal of weight due to the lack of available food, extreme heat and loneliness. She becomes infected with every scratch or cut. Zelda is transferred to a less environmentally challenging. assignment. To Jambanjelly, nearer to the sea. In Jambanjelly, she becomes a part of the village and the family she lives with, the Chief and his three wives. There is a coup detet, and Zelda is evacuated to Senegal with the other volunteers. And returned in a week. This book covers the first year of Zeldas time in The Gambia. It ends on a New Years Eve night with several of her Peace Corps and Gambian friends on a deserted quiet beach which stretched forever into the night.
Category: Fiction

The Spring On The Mountain

Author : Judy Allen
ISBN : 9781444905953
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 39.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Peter, Michael and Emma are strangers, each despatched by their parents for a week's holiday with the Myers in their cottage at the foot of a Welsh mountain. Coincidence? Or has the strange neighbour, Mrs White, somehow lured them to enact an awesome quest? They are an uneasy trio, uncomfortable in their forced alliance, and they face their circumstances in very different ways - Mrs Myers anxious 'mothering', the enigmatic Mrs White, and the swirling sense of fear that seems trapped in the lane running past her house, her stories of Arthur's Way, the old straight track shrouded in legend that leads straight to the peak of the mountain, and her obsession with diverting the spring at the top. There are peculiar visitors and strange warnings, yet the children feel compelled to set off up Arthur's Way at the most dangerous time of year. What they discover, about unseen forces on earth, about the price of disturbing nature, about themselves, leads to a gripping climax in a spell-binding tale. First published in 1973 by Jonathan Cape Ltd.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Mountain Of Kept Memory

Author : Rachel Neumeier
ISBN : 9781481448963
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this gorgeous fantasy novel that NPR Books called “a world to get lost in,” in the spirit of Guy Gavriel Kay and Robin McKinley, a prince and a princess must work together to save their kingdom from outside invaders…and dangers within. Long ago the Kieba, last goddess in the world, raised up her mountain in the drylands of Carastind. Ever since then she has dwelled and protected the world from unending plagues and danger… Gulien Madalin, heir to the throne of Carastind, finds himself more interested in ancient history than the tedious business of government and watching his father rule. But Gulien suspects that his father has offended the Kieba so seriously that she has withdrawn her protection from the kingdom. Worse, he fears that Carastind’s enemies suspect this as well. Then he learns that he is right. And invasion is imminent. Meanwhile Gulien’s sister Oressa has focused on what’s important: avoiding the attention of her royal father while keeping track of all the secrets at court. But when she overhears news about the threatened invasion, she’s shocked to discover what her father plans to give away in order to buy peace. But Carastind’s enemies will not agree to peace at any price. They intend to not only conquer the kingdom, but also cast down the Kieba and steal her power. Now, Gulien and Oressa must decide where their most important loyalties lie, and what price they are willing to pay to protect the Kieba, their home, and the world.
Category: Fiction

Master Of The Mountain

Author : Henry Wiencek
ISBN : 9781466827783
Genre : History
File Size : 37.15 MB
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Is there anything new to say about Thomas Jefferson and slavery? The answer is a resounding yes. Master of the Mountain, Henry Wiencek's eloquent, persuasive book—based on new information coming from archaeological work at Monticello and on hitherto overlooked or disregarded evidence in Jefferson's papers—opens up a huge, poorly understood dimension of Jefferson's world. We must, Wiencek suggests, follow the money. So far, historians have offered only easy irony or paradox to explain this extraordinary Founding Father who was an emancipationist in his youth and then recoiled from his own inspiring rhetoric and equivocated about slavery; who enjoyed his renown as a revolutionary leader yet kept some of his own children as slaves. But Wiencek's Jefferson is a man of business and public affairs who makes a success of his debt-ridden plantation thanks to what he calls the "silent profits" gained from his slaves—and thanks to a skewed moral universe that he and thousands of others readily inhabited. We see Jefferson taking out a slave-equity line of credit with a Dutch bank to finance the building of Monticello and deftly creating smoke screens when visitors are dismayed by his apparent endorsement of a system they thought he'd vowed to overturn. It is not a pretty story. Slave boys are whipped to make them work in the nail factory at Monticello that pays Jefferson's grocery bills. Parents are divided from children—in his ledgers they are recast as money—while he composes theories that obscure the dynamics of what some of his friends call "a vile commerce." Many people of Jefferson's time saw a catastrophe coming and tried to stop it, but not Jefferson. The pursuit of happiness had been badly distorted, and an oligarchy was getting very rich. Is this the quintessential American story?
Category: History

Iron Mountain

Author : Mark Frutkin
ISBN : 0888784244
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 38.97 MB
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These are delicate poems harbouring hard truths. In Frutkins vision the entire world speaks to us of time, of change, of immutability, of radiant emptiness.
Category: Poetry

Fire On The Mountain

Author : Anita Desai
ISBN : 9788184003260
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gone are the days when Nanda Kaul watched over her family and played the part of Vice-Chancellor’s wife. Leaving her children behind in the real world, the busier world, she has chosen to spend her last years alone in the mountains in Kasauli, in a secluded bungalow called Carignano. Until one summer her great-granddaughter Raka is dispatched to Kasauli – and everything changes. Nanda is at first dismayed at this break in her preciously acquired solitude. Fiercely taciturn, Raka is, like her, quite untamed. The girl prefers the company of apricot trees and animals to her great-grandmother’s, and spends her afternoons rambling over the mountainside. But the two are more alike than they know. Throughout the hot, long summer, Nanda’s old, hidden dependencies and wounds come to the surface, ending, inevitably, in tragedy. Marvellous yet restrained, Fire on the Mountain speaks of the past and its unshakable hold over the present.
Category: Fiction

The Mountain Between Us

Author : Cindy Myers
ISBN : 9780758277435
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the author of The View from Here—hailed as “solid gold”—comes a heartwarming holiday story set in a small town you will want to take to heart (Pamela Morsi, USA Today–bestselling author). Cut off from the outside world by a blanket of snow, the holidays are usually a time for peace and quiet in tiny Eureka, Colorado. But this year the mountain town is in trouble. Thanks to a corrupt investor, the treasury is bankrupt, leaving residents to struggle through an especially harsh winter. Then there are those with more personal problems, like Maggie Stevens, pregnant and torn between single motherhood or drawing the father-to-be into a life he’s not cut out for. And Olivia Theriot, the mayor’s prodigal daughter, is harboring a secret so painful she may never be able to settle down. But Mother Nature is about to put things in perspective. When a blizzard blows through just days before Christmas, friends and neighbors are left stranded—and others have gone missing. Now there’s only one thing on Eureka’s wish list: to live up to its name and its reputation for coming together, and find a way to bring everyone back home where they belong.
Category: Fiction

Daughter Of The Mountain

Author : Vella Munn
ISBN : 9781466832060
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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She'd set out for California, following her father's dream--a disaster haunted dream that had killed her family and threatened the child she struggled to save. Snow-cloaked mountains, beautiful but heartless, held them prisoner. Blizzard after blizzard left them aching with cold...one step away from starvation. As months passed, Jessie almost stopped believing in warmth, safety...and rescue. Daniel Bear was a wanted man, outcast among his own people, yet willing to brave the fearsome mountain to answer the settlers' desperate need. Daniel had held Jessie's life in his hands, then given it back to her. He'd won much more than her trust. The mountain had turned Jessie's dream of freedom into a nightmare. Captain Sutter's refusal to sell land to an unmarried woman threatened to turn her dream of a home to dust. But in Daniel's arms, Jessie learned to dream again--this time of love.
Category: Fiction

Fourth Uncle In The Mountain

Author : Marjorie Pivar
ISBN : 9781466800991
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51.92 MB
Format : PDF
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Set during the French and American wars, Fourth Uncle in the Mountain is a true story about an orphan, Quang Van Nguyen, who is adopted by a sixty-four year old monk, Thau, who carries great responsibility for his people as a barefoot doctor. Thau manages, against all odds to raise his son to follow in his footsteps and in doing so, saves his son, as well as a part of Vietnam's esoteric knowledge from the Vietnam holocaust. Thau is wanted by the French regime, and occasionally must flee into the jungle, where he is perfectly at home living among the animals. Thau is not the average monk; he practices an ancient lineage of Chinese medicine and uses magic to protect animals and help people. As wise and resourceful as Thau is, he meets his match in his mischievous son. Quang is more interested in learning Cambodian sorcery and martial arts than in developing his skills and wisdom according to his father's plan. Fourth Uncle in the Mountain is an odyssey of a single-father folk hero and his foundling son in a land ravaged by the atrocities of war. It is a classic story, complete with humor, tragedy, and insight from a country where ghosts and magic are real.
Category: Biography & Autobiography