A New Direction In Calves

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A New Direction In Calves

Author : Steve Davis
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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In this classic power-packed treatise re-issued from the 1970s, legendary bodybuilder Steve Davis, known for his statuesque symmetry and blazing definition, reveals his unique program for developing sensational calves! No longer does this hard-to-develop muscle group have to languish anymore, when you get the secrets from this master bodybuilder and trainer. Inside, you’ll find out: --How to grow your calves, even if you haven’t been able to in the past--Harness the power of the mind and mental attitude in your training--Which calf exercises are the best, and how precisely to do them --You’ll learn how to do “The Perfect Calfraise.”--A unique approach to specialize and give priority to your calf work.--Learn how to gain muscle and definition as never before in your calves! The first of the New Breed physique, Steve Davis has won many of the biggest titles in competitive bodybuilding, including Mr. World. His physique at its peak was considered close to perfection, with super muscularity. Renowned as an innovative thinker and an inspirational trainer, let Steve guide you to massive, dazzling calves in this classic course!
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Calving Problems And Early Viability Of The Calf

Author : B. Hoffmann
ISBN : 9789400993150
Genre : Medical
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This publication contains the proceedings of a seminar held in Germany (Fed. Rep.) on May 4 -6, 1977, under the auspices of the Commission of the European Communities, as part of the EEC programme of co ordination of research on beef production. The programme was drawn up by a combined scientific working group on Genetics and Selection and on Nutrition and Management on behalf of the Beef Production Committee. The working group consisted of Professor Dr. Neimann S~rensen (Denmark, Chairman), Dr. Brolund Larsen (Denmark), Mr. Boccard (France), Dr. H. de Boer (Netherlands), Priv.-Doz. Dr. B. Hoffmann (Germany, Fed. Rep.), Professor Dr. H.J. Langholz (Germany, Fed. Rep.), Dr. J.W.B. King (UK), Mr. R. Jarrige (France), Mr. B. Vissac (France), Professor Dr. A. Romita (Italy), Professor Dr. E.P. Cunningham (Ireland), Mr. P. L'Hermite (CEC) and Dr. J.C. Tayler (Scientific Adviser to CEC). The subject chosen for this seminar was drawn from the list of priorities in research objectives drawn up in 1973 by members of a committee (now the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research, (~PRA). One of the functions of this series of seminars was to summarise and update the information available on the selected subjects and to discuss future needs for research, so as to assist the Commission in evaluating the probable impact of research on agri cultural production within the Community.
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The Golden Calf Between Bible And Qur An

Author : Michael E. Pregill
ISBN : 9780198852421
Genre : Religion
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This book explores the story of the Israelites' worship of the Golden Calf in its Jewish, Christian, and Muslim contexts, from ancient Israel to the emergence of Islam. It focuses in particular on the Qur'an's presentation of the narrative and its background in Jewish and Christian retellings of the episode from Late Antiquity. Across the centuries, the interpretation of the Calf episode underwent major changes reflecting the varying cultural, religious, and ideological contexts in which various communities used the story to legitimate their own tradition, challenge the claims of others, and delineate the boundaries between self and other. The book contributes to the ongoing reevaluation of the relationship between Bible and Qur'an, arguing for the necessity of understanding the Qur'an and Islamic interpretations of the history and narratives of ancient Israel as part of the broader biblical tradition. The Calf narrative in the Qur'an, central to the qur'anic conception of the legacy of Israel and the status of the Jews of its own time, reflects a profound engagement with the biblical account in Exodus, as well as being informed by exegetical and parascriptural traditions in circulation in the Qur'an's milieu in Late Antiquity. The book also addresses the issue of Western approaches to the Qur'an, arguing that the historical reliance of scholars and translators on classical Muslim exegesis of scripture has led to misleading conclusions about the meaning of qur'anic episodes.
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The August Stories

Author : Jacob Abbott
ISBN : OXFORD:555002198
Genre :
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Diverse Structure And Organization Of U S Beef Cow Calf Farms

Author : William D. McBride
ISBN : 9781437983760
Genre :
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Beef cow-calf production in the U.S. is widespread, occurring in every State. Nearly 765,000 farms, about 35% of the 2.2 million farms in the U.S., had a beef cow inventory in 2007. Most of these were small, part-time operations. This study examines the structure, costs, and characteristics of beef cow-calf producers. Many small operations are "rural residence farms" that specialize in beef cow-calf production, but their income from off-farm sources exceeds that from the farm. Most beef cow-calf production occurs on large farms, but cow-calf production is not the primary enterprise on many of these farms. Operators of beef cow-calf farms have a diverse set of goals for the cattle enterprise. Charts and tables. This is a print on demand report.

Beef Today

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000052516696
Genre : Beef cattle
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A Brief Description Of Western Texas

Author : Agricultural, Stockraising, and Industrial Association of Western Texas
ISBN : CORNELL:31924007716792
Genre : Agriculture
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Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

Author : Bernhard Resch
ISBN : 9789533077185
Genre : Medical
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In this online Open Access book on "Human RSV Infections", several distinguished authors contribute their experience in respiratory syncytial virology. A major focus lies on the fascinating pathophysiology of RSV and represents recent and actual work on different mechanisms involved in the complex pathogenesis of the virus. The second section elucidates epidemiologic and diagnostic aspects of RSV infection covering a more clinical view of RSV disease. At last, treatment modalities including the search for a vaccine that is still not in sight are discussed and conclude this book, thus building up a circle that runs from experimental models of RSV related lung disease over clinical aspects of disease to the latest news of therapeutic and prophylactic approaches to human RSV infection.
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Pennsylvania Holstein News

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000068518417
Genre : Holstein-Friesian cattle
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Farmers Barn Book

Author : Francis Clater
ISBN : WISC:89052501939
Genre : Veterinary anatomy
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The Intelligence Of Dumb Animals

Author : Ken Bull
ISBN : 1441576053
Genre : Education
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The Intelligence of Dumb Animals Ken Bull Are animals really dumb? I guess it depends on what the definition of dumb is. If dumb means that animals do not make noises, then they are not dumb. If dumb means that animals do not communicate, then they are not dumb. If dumb means that they do not communicate with humans, then there is some doubt, but one might question whether the problem is with the animal or with the human. Certainly they communicate with others of their species and often with other species as well. I think that they can and do communicate with humans. Most of those who read this will know that their pets do communicate with them. A dog or a cat will surely get across that they need to "go out. Dog owners know that dogs learn tricks and perform on command. Cat owners know that cats spend all of their time training their owners. Certainly pets understand human languages. They know when you are unhappy and when you are pleased. Your gruff voice may send them cowering but they know that their careful response to your anger usually will bring forgiveness. The lesser domesticated animals, horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and the wild animals as well do respond to humans. They respond to voices and are particularly attentive to body language. Barbara and I own and operate a ranch in Central Texas. Actually, Barbara owns the ranch and I just work here. Truthfully, the ranch owns us. It decides what we will do each day and when we might take a trip or even when we may go to town for more supplies. Invariably, when we leave for a day or two, the bulls will break down a gate and let the herds mix or the horses will get into a wire fence and cut a leg or some cow will get in trouble having a calf. One gets afraid to leave the place. I don't know how the animals know that we are gone but they seem to know. But it's a great life style if you love working with animals. We took over the ranch operations in 1974 and now live in a house on the ranch. We have raised horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs and cats out here amongst the deer, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, bobcats, coyotes, snakes and mountain lions. Some years we make a little money depending upon the livestock market, the weather and the government. More years than we would like, we end up with little income and chalk it off as another year of great experience and forced intense exercise. Over the years of living and working with animals we have noted that animals are intelligent and far from being dumb. We notice many human traits in animals or perhaps animal traits in humans. They live by a hierarchy. There is a boss cow or boss horse or a boss deer and the others within that herd yield to that hierarchy. There is also a dominance of one animal species over another, including humans. They definitely grieve over the loss of an offspring. Unlike humans, the newly born animals instinctively know to get up, nurse and make their own way. The stories that I document here are actual experiences that Barbara and I have had here on the ranch. A horse that knew to come for our help to rescue her friend, see Chapter 1. A Pyrenese sheep dog that willingly allowed a lost lamb to nurse along with her own pups, see Chapter 4. A cow that led us to her calf that had drowned shortly after birth, see Chapter 2. Many other examples of animal intelligence are documented in this book. We love the animals and believe that we are not alone. Most mom and pop ranching families are in business because they love animals and love the ranch way of life. We know that they do not stay in the ranching business because of profit. The ever-increasing cost of operations has long ago taken the profit from ranching. America owes a lot to small agriculture operations because these small ag businesses have kept the cost of food and fiber reasonable for the American families. Contrary to the belief of some folks in the cities, food does
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International Wolf

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951P00275027E
Genre : Gray wolf
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Author : Beef Improvement Federation. Research Symposium & Annual Meeting
ISBN : WISC:89058767930
Genre : Beef cattle
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Bovine Practice

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924053570523
Genre : Cattle
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