A Meeting Place With God

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A Meeting Place With God

Author : Kevin Zadai
ISBN : 1541250893
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As you enter into your special Meeting Place with God, your purpose and destiny will be revealed. All the words written about you in your heavenly book will come off the pages, as they become your new reality in Him. He is asking you to walk with Him into the joy of your destiny together. In addition to sharing my story with everyone through the books, "Heavenly Visitation: A Guide to the Supernatural" and "Days of Heaven on Earth: A Guide to the Days Ahead"' the Lord gave me a commission to produce this book, "A Meeting Place With God." It is a book that addresses some of the revelations concerning the areas that Jesus reviewed and revealed to me, in the Word of God and by the Spirit of God, during several visitations.

The Meeting Place

Author : N.L. Brumbaugh
ISBN : 9781462402465
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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God can be found from the tiniest of wildflowers to majestic, craggy cliff s; in billowy cumulus cloud or in blazing sunset—seen in awe-inspiring loveliness that touches our innermost person with its alluring romance. God cares. The Meeting Place is an open dialogue and honest conversation with the invisible God who delights in the visible expressions of his handiwork and in those who “look up.” Because of an inner need for healing and peace, N. L. Brumbaugh spent one year making weekly one-hour visits to the Meeting Place. The Lookout visits became a vital absorbing of the natural world, while in earnest she sought God through prayer and contemplation—with thoughts rich in tone and texture. Join N. L. Brumbaugh as she views the beauties of nature, shares her heart, and speaks in intimacy with the God of love. “Bless you for sharing your life through a year of journaling at Lookout Point....Those who truly desire a closer more intimate life with God, will find it in your book.” —Christine Peterson, pastor’s wife
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The Purpose Room

Author : Heather Lindsey
ISBN : 0996464468
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"My issue wasn't that I didn't know my purpose. I knew my purpose. I just didn't understand how I was going to get there in this small cubical doing data entry work at a dead end job in business casual clothes. " - Heather Lindsey We live in a society that makes it easy to compare your life to everyone else's social media "highlight" reels. If you feel "behind," I have written this book to remind you that you're exactly where you're supposed to be. You have God-given purpose. You have a plan. You don't need to copy or imitate anyone but Jesus Christ! He has assigned you with a specific purpose, and called you to solve a problem on this earth, for this generation! If you've struggled greatly with your purpose, Heather Lindsey can relate to you as she shares her years of living purposeless without Jesus, to becoming a first generation pastor, and best selling author to a worldwide ministry. She candidly shares her peaks, pitfalls, and what she has learned along the way as the Lord has revealed His purpose to her. If you've ever struggled with identifying, being afraid of, or walking in your purpose, this book is for you. The Purpose Room seeks to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to be honest about your talents, gifts, or insecurities, in order to confidently walk the path God has called you to. Regardless of where you are in life, The Purpose Room will help you to discover, accomplish and birth your God-given purpose.

Exploring The Word

Author : Rodney E. Whittle
ISBN : 9781615792559
Genre : Religion
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This is a daily inspirational study book, based on a pattern to read your Bible through in one year. Rev. Rodney Whittle, along with his congregation, used this plan for many years to read their Bible through; it was such a blessing to him personally. He decided to follow that same format, as he wrote this book. There are two passages to read a day, a morning Old Testament passage and an evening New Testament passage. He would take an inspirational thought he received from that passage and write a study. As he wrote the monthly booklets, he didn't necessarily do them in sequential order and he only lacked eight days of his last month (January), before he passed away. His wife, Grace, worked and completed the eight days that remained, with other materials he had written in times past. Rodney E. Whittle was born in Cereal, Alberta, Canada, on October 29, 1928, and died on September 8, 2007. At his home, two missionaries from the Canadian Sunday School Mission arrived on bicycles to do missionary work. Through the ministry of these men, Rodney was wonderfully converted and called to preach the gospel. He spent the years 1944-1950 at Prairie Bible Institute, where the missionary boys were attending. He met his wife, Grace at Prairie and they married on August 28, 1950 and celebrated 57 happy years together. He had four daughters, ten grandchildren, and six great grandchildren at the time of his passing. He pastored and helped many churches; Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, St. Louis Missouri, Minneapolis Minnesota, Nassau Bahamas, and Kingston Jamaica. He was pastoring in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, at the time of his death.
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From Temple To Meeting House

Author : Harold W. Turner
ISBN : 9783110803679
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.17 MB
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The series Religion and Society (RS) contributes to the exploration of religions as social systems – both in Western and non-Western societies; in particular, it examines religions in their differentiation from, and intersection with, other cultural systems, such as art, economy, law and politics. Due attention is given to paradigmatic case or comparative studies that exhibit a clear theoretical orientation with the empirical and historical data of religion and such aspects of religion as ritual, the religious imagination, constructions of tradition, iconography, or media. In addition, the formation of religious communities, their construction of identity, and their relation to society and the wider public are key issues of this series.
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A Course In Miracles

Author :
ISBN : 9780981597164
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 44.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."
Category: Self-Help

The Temple

Author : John M. Lundquist
ISBN : 0500810400
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 25.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The idea of the temple - the holy precinct, the dwelling of the gods - is central to all religions. John Lundquist follows it back into the darkness of prehistory, unveiling features that are common to ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian beliefs, Hinduism, Buddhism, Maya and Aztec cults, Islam, Judaism and Christianity; showing examples such as Borobudur, Angkor Wat and the biblical Temple of Solomon. The place of ritual and initiation, the mountain, the waters of generation, the pillar joining heaven, earth and the underworld, the path to the innermost sanctuary: these concepts are universal and eternal. They appear in sacred texts and works of art from every time and place, and in the subconscious minds of us all.
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Holy Bible Recovery Version

Author : Living Stream Ministry
ISBN : 9780736356992
Genre : Bibles
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Throughout the centuries, translations of the Bible have steadily improved. In general, each new translation inherits from previous ones and opens the way for later ones. While a new translation derives help from its predecessors, it should go further. The Recovery Version of the New Testament, following the precedent set by the major authoritative English versions and taking these versions as reference, not only incorporates lessons learned from an examination of others’ practices but also attempts to avoid biases and inaccurate judgments. This version, frequently guided by other versions, attempts to provide the best utterance for the revelation in the divine Word, that it may be expressed in the English language with the greatest accuracy. Translating the Bible depends not only on an adequate comprehension of the original language but also on a proper understanding of the divine revelation in the holy Word. Throughout the centuries the understanding of the divine revelation possessed by the saints has always been based upon the light they received, and this understanding has progressed steadily. The consummation of this understanding forms the basis of this translation and its footnotes. Hence, this translation and the accompanying footnotes could be called the “crystallization” of the understanding of the divine revelation which the saints everywhere have attained to in the past two thousand years. It is our hope that the Recovery Version will carry on the heritage that it has received and will pave the way for future generations. As with any New Testament translation, the determination of the original Greek text, based upon the available manuscripts, forms the basis for the text of the Recovery Version of the New Testament. The Recovery Version follows, for the most part, the Nestle-Aland Greek text as found in Novum Testamentum Graece (26th edition). However, in determining the original form of any verse, the translators of the Recovery Version gave careful consideration to the larger context of chapter and book and to similar portions of the New Testament. The most recently discovered manuscripts or the manuscripts of oldest date are not necessarily the most accurate or reliable; hence, the determination of the text for this version was based largely upon the principle stated above. Departures from the Nestle-Aland text are sometimes indicated in the footnotes. Italicized words in the verses indicate supplied words, not found in the Greek text. Quotation marks are used to indicate close quotation from the Old Testament. The Recovery Version embodies extensive research into the meaning of the original text and attempts to express this meaning with English that is to the point, easy to understand, and readable. In those places where it is difficult to express the exact meaning of the original Greek, explanatory footnotes have been supplied. The subject provided at the beginning of each book and the outline of each book take the historical facts as their base and express the spiritual meaning in each book. The footnotes stress the revelation of the truth, the spiritual light, and the supply of life more than history, geography, and persons. The cross-references lead not only to other verses with the same expressions and facts but also to other matters related to the spiritual revelation in the divine Word.
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Called To Be God S Leader Workbook

Author : Henry Blackaby
ISBN : 9781418559342
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Created to Be God's Friend, Henry Blackaby explored the life of Abraham, and in Chosen to Be God's Prophet, he examined God's work through Samuel. In Called to Be God's Leader, readers will see how God applies leadership principles in the life of the great biblical leader Joshua. This is the workbook companion to Called to Be God's Leader. What did God have in mind when He saw Joshua as a young slave in Egypt? How did He mold and shape Joshua to prepare him for service? Through Joshua and numerous examples from their own lives, the authors create a picture of God's ways, offering deep insight that readers can apply to their own lives.
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Author : Hannah K. Harrington
ISBN : 9781134749874
Genre : History
File Size : 49.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this in-depth exploration of holiness in the context of rabbinic Judaism, Hannah K. Harrington places the rabbinic concept of holiness alongside other notions of the sacred in the Graeco-Roman world. Holistic and yet detailed, this volume provides a much-needed comparative view of this subject during a key period in the development of the Jewish religion.
Category: History

The Last Place God Made

Author : Michael M. Alvarez
ISBN : 1462825117
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Nicholas Madrid, Tucson private investigator, thought he had seen it all, but his most bizarre case yet begins when dark-haired, long-legged Lucia Calderon asks Nick to find her missing little brother. What Nick ultimately finds, will change the "Old Pueblo" forever. The puzzling mystery begins with a girl who is killed twice! Was Cindy Dexter killed during a cult ritual, or was she murdered to cover up an even more heinous crime? Cindy's murder also triggers a macabre chain of events that include: - the murders of three innocent people; - the discovery of an efficient, high-profit drug smuggling ring; - the unholy activities of a Satanic cult linked directly to organized crime; - and the shattering revelation that some of the city's most powerful and influential businessmen belong to a secret society of pedophiles. On the trail of a frightened teenager, coerced into participating in a ritualistic murder, Nick delves deeper and deeper into a labyrinthine cobweb of treacherous lies, deception, and brutal murders. Before he can prove a naive boy's innocence, Nick must first unravel a nightmarish maze that stretches from the mayor's office to the seedy back alleys of Tucson--the sunshine land of saguaros, roadrunners, and retirees. After Lucia Calderon is kidnapped, Nick is forced into a violent confrontation with one of the drug world's most ruthless and deadliest drug emperors, a Colombian named Santiago Robles. In order to save his beautiful client's life, Nick Madrid must journey to a desolate, forgotten Arizona town, Ultimo Lugar, perched on the Mexican border--a forbidden drug smuggler's haven that lies between heaven and hell and is sagely referred to by the locals as...THE LAST PLACE GOD MADE.
Category: Fiction

A Course In Miracles

Author : Helen Schucman, Scribe
ISBN : 9781883360269
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 37.68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The only edition that contains in one place all of the writings that Dr. Helen Schucman, its Scribe, authorized to be printed"--P. [4] of cover.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Meeting God In Holy Places

Author : Frank LaGard Smith
ISBN : 1565075218
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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F. LaGard Smith's intimate familiarity with the Holy Land provides the backdrop for meditative parables that lead you gently into the land of God's great promises and the deep peace that comes from walking in a place that Jesus called home.
Category: Religion

Words Of Life May August 2012

Author : The Salvation Army
ISBN : 9781444703481
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.48 MB
Format : PDF
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The theme of WORDS OF LIFE for 2012 is faith. This edition looks at our 'Faith Journey'. Beginning with a series on prayer, we then have the Israelites moving into the Promised Land. Observing the rise of a united kingdom under King David, we see how human weakness can break even those close to God. After Ezra's story of reconstruction and regeneration, we consider the question of suffering in the compelling book of Job. Guest writer Major Sasmoko Hertjahjo (Indonesia) provides a beautiful Pentecost series. In the New Testament we explore God's story recorded by Matthew, along with the opening of John's Gospel; then, in Acts, see the good news spreading and the Church being started. In various psalms and proverbs, as well as hymns, we find that our faith journey is both corporate and personal.
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Stargate 2012 Alignment

Author : Sarah Ince
ISBN : 9781445727721
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stargate 2012 Alignment: - 44 Levels of Ascension Lightwork pave the light path to ascension into the light, for entry to the Golden Age on Earth. The earth pole shift is coming up in 2012, and a unique galactic shift willl occur, opening the Stargate of Ascension for those who are prepared vibrationally
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God Is At The Meeting

Author : Maurice C.
ISBN : 1449726224
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Maurice C. received the gift of sobriety more than twenty-five years ago through membership in Alcoholics Anonymous. Through AA, Maurice found the ability to let go of the past and let God take the future. In God Is at the Meeting, Maurice gives insight into a world where hurt and shame lead people to feel that they are “less than” and that they must build walls to protect themselves. Those walls get higher and higher until alcohol or drugs seem to be the only relief. Once enslaved, the alcoholic tries desperately to maintain and strengthen the walls of self-protection, to do it all on his or her own until, finally, the effort becomes too exhausting. If this is you—listen. You don’t have to live that way any longer. There is a way out, and this way out has worked for thousands of people just like you for more than seventy-five years. If you will let Him, God will walk with you through the twelve steps to sobriety and a life without walls. This book is not meant in any way to replace the time-tested books of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is one man’s insight into finding, leaning on and growing into a stronger relationship with God as you work through the steps.
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Using Common Worship Times And Seasons All Saints To Candlemas

Author : David Kennedy
ISBN : 0715121138
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A guide to help clergy and worship planners use the seasonal material for the Church of England, Common Worship: Times and Seasons. Covering Advent to Candlemas, it includes an introduction to the history and theology of the Christian year, background information for each part of the season, and practical tips and case studies.
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