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A Mathematician S Apology

Author : G. H. Hardy
ISBN : 9781107394476
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 62.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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G. H. Hardy was one of this century's finest mathematical thinkers, renowned among his contemporaries as a 'real mathematician ... the purest of the pure'. He was also, as C. P. Snow recounts in his Foreword, 'unorthodox, eccentric, radical, ready to talk about anything'. This 'apology', written in 1940, offers a brilliant and engaging account of mathematics as very much more than a science; when it was first published, Graham Greene hailed it alongside Henry James's notebooks as 'the best account of what it was like to be a creative artist'. C. P. Snow's Foreword gives sympathetic and witty insights into Hardy's life, with its rich store of anecdotes concerning his collaboration with the brilliant Indian mathematician Ramanujan, his idiosyncrasies and his passion for cricket. This is a unique account of the fascination of mathematics and of one of its most compelling exponents in modern times.
Category: Mathematics

Valuing Useless Knowledge 2nd Ed

Author : Robert Bates Graber
ISBN : 9781612480749
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With higher education coming under increasing scrutiny in today's economic climate, is a liberal-arts education still a valuable investment? Robert Bates Graber explores the historical, philosophical, and sociological origins and nature of liberal education, and draws on anthropology to show why we do, and why we should, value education that appears impractical. The premise remains as in the original 1995 edition, but the argument is strengthened and the discussion expanded. Graced by a foreword from Truman President Troy Paino, this new edition is even more enlightening, more provocative, and—dare we say—more useful than the original!
Category: Education

Reading Writing And Proving

Author : Ulrich Daepp
ISBN : 9781441994790
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 50.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This book, which is based on Pólya's method of problem solving, aids students in their transition from calculus (or precalculus) to higher-level mathematics. The book begins by providing a great deal of guidance on how to approach definitions, examples, and theorems in mathematics and ends with suggested projects for independent study. Students will follow Pólya's four step approach: analyzing the problem, devising a plan to solve the problem, carrying out that plan, and then determining the implication of the result. In addition to the Pólya approach to proofs, this book places special emphasis on reading proofs carefully and writing them well. The authors have included a wide variety of problems, examples, illustrations and exercises, some with hints and solutions, designed specifically to improve the student's ability to read and write proofs. Historical connections are made throughout the text, and students are encouraged to use the rather extensive bibliography to begin making connections of their own. While standard texts in this area prepare students for future courses in algebra, this book also includes chapters on sequences, convergence, and metric spaces for those wanting to bridge the gap between the standard course in calculus and one in analysis.
Category: Mathematics

A Course On Integration Theory

Author : Nicolas Lerner
ISBN : 9783034806947
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 69.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This textbook provides a detailed treatment of abstract integration theory, construction of the Lebesgue measure via the Riesz-Markov Theorem and also via the Carathéodory Theorem. It also includes some elementary properties of Hausdorff measures as well as the basic properties of spaces of integrable functions and standard theorems on integrals depending on a parameter. Integration on a product space, change of variables formulas as well as the construction and study of classical Cantor sets are treated in detail. Classical convolution inequalities, such as Young's inequality and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality are proven. The Radon-Nikodym theorem, notions of harmonic analysis, classical inequalities and interpolation theorems, including Marcinkiewicz's theorem, the definition of Lebesgue points and Lebesgue differentiation theorem are further topics included. A detailed appendix provides the reader with various elements of elementary mathematics, such as a discussion around the calculation of antiderivatives or the Gamma function. The appendix also provides more advanced material such as some basic properties of cardinals and ordinals which are useful in the study of measurability.​
Category: Mathematics

100 Years Of Math Milestones The Pi Mu Epsilon Centennial Collection

Author : Stephan Ramon Garcia
ISBN : 9781470436520
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 26.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is an outgrowth of a collection of 100 problems chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the undergraduate math honor society Pi Mu Epsilon. Each chapter describes a problem or event, the progress made, and connections to entries from other years or other parts of mathematics. In places, some knowledge of analysis or algebra, number theory or probability will be helpful. Put together, these problems will be appealing and accessible to energetic and enthusiastic math majors and aficionados of all stripes. Stephan Ramon Garcia is WM Keck Distinguished Service Professor and professor of mathematics at Pomona College. He is the author of four books and over eighty research articles in operator theory, complex analysis, matrix analysis, number theory, discrete geometry, and other fields. He has coauthored dozens of articles with students, including one that appeared in The Best Writing on Mathematics: 2015. He is on the editorial boards of Notices of the AMS, Proceedings of the AMS, American Mathematical Monthly, Involve, and Annals of Functional Analysis. He received four NSF research grants as principal investigator and five teaching awards from three different institutions. He is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and was the inaugural recipient of the Society's Dolciani Prize for Excellence in Research. Steven J. Miller is professor of mathematics at Williams College and a visiting assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has published five books and over one hundred research papers, most with students, in accounting, computer science, economics, geophysics, marketing, mathematics, operations research, physics, sabermetrics, and statistics. He has served on numerous editorial boards, including the Journal of Number Theory, Notices of the AMS, and the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal. He is active in enrichment and supplemental curricular initiatives for elementary and secondary mathematics, from the Teachers as Scholars Program and VCTAL (Value of Computational Thinking Across Grade Levels), to numerous math camps (the Eureka Program, HCSSiM, the Mathematics League International Summer Program, PROMYS, and the Ross Program). He is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society, an at-large senator for Phi Beta Kappa, and a member of the Mount Greylock Regional School Committee, where he sees firsthand the challenges of applying mathematics.
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Social Scientist

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4414549
Genre : India
File Size : 36.43 MB
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