A Human Fraud

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Corporate Fraud

Author : Maryam Kennedy
ISBN : 9781472905086
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.6 MB
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Protect your organisation by looking at it through a new lens to spot the early warning signs of fraud.
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The Fraud Of Human Rights

Author : Robert Stanmore
ISBN : 1872970060
Genre : Human rights
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This 'well researched' book sets about to expose the modern human rights ideology as a fraud - that it is being used by the 'liberal elite' to extend their, already considerable powers, over the individual.
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Fraud Data Analytics Methodology

Author : Leonard W. Vona
ISBN : 9781119270348
Genre : Business & Economics
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Uncover hidden fraud and red flags using efficient data analytics Fraud Data Analytics Methodology addresses the need for clear, reliable fraud detection with a solid framework for a robust data analytic plan. By combining fraud risk assessment and fraud data analytics, you'll be able to better identify and respond to the risk of fraud in your audits. Proven techniques help you identify signs of fraud hidden deep within company databases, and strategic guidance demonstrates how to build data interrogation search routines into your fraud risk assessment to locate red flags and fraudulent transactions. These methodologies require no advanced software skills, and are easily implemented and integrated into any existing audit program. Professional standards now require all audits to include data analytics, and this informative guide shows you how to leverage this critical tool for recognizing fraud in today's core business systems. Fraud cannot be detected through audit unless the sample contains a fraudulent transaction. This book explores methodologies that allow you to locate transactions that should undergo audit testing. Locate hidden signs of fraud Build a holistic fraud data analytic plan Identify red flags that lead to fraudulent transactions Build efficient data interrogation into your audit plan Incorporating data analytics into your audit program is not about reinventing the wheel. A good auditor must make use of every tool available, and recent advances in analytics have made it accessible to everyone, at any level of IT proficiency. When the old methods are no longer sufficient, new tools are often the boost that brings exceptional results. Fraud Data Analytics Methodology gets you up to speed, with a brand new tool box for fraud detection.
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A Comparative Analysis Of Corporate Fraud

Author : Sally Ramage
ISBN : 9780595401987
Genre : Law
File Size : 67.71 MB
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A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Fraud: Book Four examines corporate fraud in the United Kingdom compared with that of two civil law neighboring countries, France and Germany, as well as the United States. The objective of the study is to discover how fraud occurs, how the two different legal systems treat fraud, contributing factors, and if recommendations were made to authorities in an attempt to combat this illegal activity. The UK can learn much from the French legal system and the way France prosecutes corporations. Germany's Criminal Code is equally comprehensive in its prescriptive definitions of fraud, especially corporate fraud. Although the UK is striving for a general law against fraud, the UK Fraud Offence Bill is very inadequate, lacking detailed solutions. The UK has become entrenched in upholding legal privilege, bowing to intense lobbying by the legal profession. And the use of electronic evidence, vital in prosecuting modern corporate fraud, remains overlooked. The attitude toward corporate fraud in the UK remains laissez-faire. By analyzing corporate fraud in the US, France, and Germany, author Sally Ramage highlights examples that the UK can take from these countries that combat corporate fraud without derogation of established international human rights.
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Novel And Conventional Methods Of Audit Investigation And Fraud Detection 4e

Author : Chetan Dalal
ISBN : 9789388313377
Genre : Law
File Size : 76.11 MB
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The fraud, deception and wrongdoing is increasing at an alarming rate. In that scenario, Novel and Conventional Methods of Audit, Investigation and Fraud Detection offers an insightful and descriptive account of the frauds and accounting irregularities and methodologies to detect them by using combination of novel and conventional audit approaches. The objective of this book is to provide practical approach for investigation to auditors and person entrusted with the task of investing white collar crimes.
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Medicaid Fraud

Author : United States
ISBN : PURD:32754066476080
Genre : Drugs
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A B C S Of Behavioral Forensics

Author : Sridhar Ramamoorti
ISBN : 9781118417249
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.76 MB
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Get practical insights on the psychology of white-collar criminals—and how to outsmart them Understand how the psychologies of fraudsters and their victims interact as well as what makes auditors/investigators/regulators let down their guard. Learn about the psychology of fraud victims, including boards of directors and senior management, and what makes them want to believe fraudsters, and therefore making them particularly vulnerable to deception. Just as IT experts gave us computer forensics, we now have a uniquely qualified team immersed in psychology, sociology, psychiatry as well as accounting and auditing, introducing the emerging field of behavioral forensics to address the phenomenon of fraud. Ever wonder what makes a white-collar criminal tick? Why does she or he do what they do? For the first time ever, see the mind of the fraudster laid bare, including their sometimes twisted rationalizations; think like a crook to catch a crook! The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics takes you there, with expert advice from a diverse but highly specialized authoring team of professionals (three out of the four are Certified Fraud Examiners): a former accounting firm partner who has a PhD in psychology, a former FBI special agent who has been with investigative practices of two of the Big Four firms, an industrial psychiatrist who has worked closely with the C-level suite of large and small companies, and an accounting professor who has interviewed numerous convicted felons. Along with a fascinating exploration of what makes people fall for the common and not-so-common swindles, the book provides a sweeping characterization of the ecology of fraud using The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics paradigm: the bad Apple (rogue executive), the bad Bushel (groups that collude and behave like gangs), and the bad Crop (representing organization-wide or even societally-sanctioned cultures that are toxic and corrosive). The book will make you take a longer look when hiring new employees and offers a deeper more complex understanding of what happens in organizations and in their people. The A.B.C. model will also help those inside and outside organizations inoculate against fraud and make you reflect on instilling the core values of your organization among your people and create a culture of excellence and integrity that acts as a prophylactic against fraud. Ultimately, you will discover that, used wisely, behavioral methods trump solely economic incentives. With business fraud on the rise globally, The A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics is the must-have book for investigators, auditors, the C-suite and risk management professionals, the boards of directors, regulators, and HR professionals. Examines the psychology of fraud in a practical way, relating it to aspects of fraud prevention, deterrence, detection, and remediation Helps you understand that trust violation—the essence of fraud—is a betrayal of behavioral assumptions about "trusted" people Explains how good people go bad and how otherwise honest people cross the line Underscores the importance of creating a culture of excellence and integrity that inoculates an organization from fraud risk (i.e., honest behavior pays, while dishonesty is frowned upon) Provides key takeaways on what to look for when hiring new employees and in your current employees, as well as creating and maintaining a culture of control consciousness Includes narrative accounts of interviews with convicted white-collar criminals, as well as interpretive insights and analysis of their rationalizations Furnishes ideas about how to enhance professional skepticism, how to resist fraudsters, how to see through their schemes, how to infuse internal controls with the people/behavioral element, and make them more effective in addressing behav
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Fraud Risk Assessment

Author : Tommie W. Singleton
ISBN : 9781118021781
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46.51 MB
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Praise for the Fourth Edition of Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting "Tommie and Aaron Singleton have made important updates to a book I personally rely very heavily upon: Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting (FAFA). In the newest edition, they take difficult topics and explain them in straightforward actionable language. All my students benefitted from reading the third edition of the FAFA to better understand the issues and area of fraud and forensic accounting. With their singular focus on understandability and practicality, this Fourth Edition of the book makes a very important contribution for academics, researchers, practitioners, and students. Bravo!"—Dr. Timothy A. Pearson, Director, Division of Accounting, West Virginia University, Executive Director, Institute for Fraud Prevention "Finally someone has written a book that combines fraud examination and forensic accounting. The authors have clearly explained both in their earlier edition and now they have enhanced the first with additional materials. The order in which the material is presented is easy to grasp and logically follows the 'typical' fraud examination from the awareness that something is wrong to the court case. The explanatory materials presented aid this effort by being both well placed within the book and relevant to the narrative." —Dr. Douglas E. Ziegenfuss, Chair and Professor, Department of Accounting, Old Dominion University "Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting is a masterful compilation of the concepts found in this field. The organization of the text with the incorporation of actual cases, facts, and figures provides a logical and comprehensive basis for learning the intricacies of fraud examination and forensic accounting. The authors successfully blend the necessary basics with advanced principles in a manner that makes the book an outstanding resource for students and professionals alike."—Ralph Q. Summerford, President of Forensic/Strategic Solutions, PC
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Detecting Fraud In Organizations

Author : Joseph R. Petrucelli
ISBN : 9781118237359
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A savvy examination of where people and value meet, creating the opportunity for fraud An essential reference for all business professionals, Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources explains the process of how people commit fraud, as well as how to prevent and stop fraud from occurring in your organization. Organized by business processes which succinctly describe how fraud manifests itself on a daily basis, the authors explain ways in which everyone can help guard against fraud by familiarizing themselves with its building blocks and methods used to perpetrate and conceal it. Filled with situational examples the book is accompanied by a website featuring fraud simulations, business process maps, and other useful tools for combating fraud. Focuses on the people who perpetrate fraud and those who are tasked with preventing and detecting it Uniquely organized by business processes for more relevance and easier understanding by those people working within organizations Shows how subtle factors play a large role in identifying and ferreting out fraud in addition to the traditional knowledge of fraud schemes giving people and organizations the edge they need to be successful in prevention and deterrence Companion website includes additional fraud simulations, business process maps, and useful tools The price of fraud can be devastating to your business. Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources equips you and others in your organization with essential information and tools necessary to proactively catch fraud, reduce losses, improve efficiencies and develop actionable controls.
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Fraud Smart

Author : K. H. Spencer Pickett
ISBN : 9781119960461
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 48.50 MB
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A professional guide to developing training for fraud risk and detection This book provides a simple but effective method of developing a fraud risk awareness strategy that focuses on training employees using a six-stage approach to this task that involves understanding the threat, appreciating respective responsibilities, embracing a sound moral compass, recognizing red flags, mastering suitable internal controls, and managing the risk of fraud. Using this step-by-step approach, all senior executives, managers, employees, and associates can develop an important new skill set that will help them understand and deal with the risk of fraud in the workplace.
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Knowledge Discovery In Databases Pkdd 2007

Author : Joost N. Kok
ISBN : 9783540749752
Genre : Computers
File Size : 89.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, PKDD 2007, held in Warsaw, Poland, co-located with ECML 2007, the 18th European Conference on Machine Learning. The 28 revised full papers and 35 revised short papers present original results on leading-edge subjects of knowledge discovery from conventional and complex data and address all current issues in the area.
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Fraud Analytics

Author : Delena D. Spann
ISBN : 9781118282731
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Proven guidance for expertly using analytics in fraud examinations, financial analysis, auditing and fraud prevention Fraud Analytics thoroughly reveals the elements of analysis that are used in today's fraud examinations, fraud investigations, and financial crime investigations. This valuable resource reviews the types of analysis that should be considered prior to beginning an investigation and explains how to optimally use data mining techniques to detect fraud. Packed with examples and sample cases illustrating pertinent concepts in practice, this book also explores the two major data analytics providers: ACL and IDEA. Looks at elements of analysis used in today's fraud examinations Reveals how to use data mining (fraud analytic) techniques to detect fraud Examines ACL and IDEA as indispensable tools for fraud detection Includes an abundance of sample cases and examples Written by Delena D Spann, Board of Regent (Emeritus) for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), who currently serves as Advisory Board Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Board Member of the Education Task Force of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists ASIS International (Economic Crime Council) and Advisory Board Member of the Robert Morris University (School of Business), Fraud Analytics equips you with authoritative fraud analysis techniques you can put to use right away.
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Bank Fraud

Author : Revathi Subramanian
ISBN : 9781118233979
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Learn how advances in technology can help curb bank fraud Fraud prevention specialists are grappling with ever-mounting quantities of data, but in today's volatile commercial environment, paying attention to that data is more important than ever. Bank Fraud provides a frank discussion of the attitudes, strategies, and—most importantly—the technology that specialists will need to combat fraud. Fraudulent activity may have increased over the years, but so has the field of data science and the results that can be achieved by applying the right principles, a necessary tool today for financial institutions to protect themselves and their clientele. This resource helps professionals in the financial services industry make the most of data intelligence and uncovers the applicable methods to strengthening defenses against fraudulent behavior. This in-depth treatment of the topic begins with a brief history of fraud detection in banking and definitions of key terms, then discusses the benefits of technology, data sharing, and analysis, along with other in-depth information, including: The challenges of fraud detection in a financial services environment The use of statistics, including effective ways to measure losses per account and ROI by product/initiative The Ten Commandments for tackling fraud and ways to build an effective model for fraud management Bank Fraud offers a compelling narrative that ultimately urges security and fraud prevention professionals to make the most of the data they have so painstakingly gathered. Such professionals shouldn't let their most important intellectual asset—data—go to waste. This book shows you just how to leverage data and the most up-to-date tools, technologies, and methods to thwart fraud at every turn.
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Fraud And Fallible Judgement

Author : Nathaniel J. Pallone
ISBN : 1412823900
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.60 MB
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Fraud and Fallible Judgment is both an exploration of fraud and an examination of the nature of truth in social relations and experience. The essays in this volume are concerned with deception in the social and behavioral sciences, and conditions that elicit deceptive behavior among scientists, whatever then-discipline. The issue of fraud in the social sciences moves far beyond a simple dictionary definition of duplicity. Errors in experimentation are less definite and less concrete than they are in the physical sciences. Fraud in the social sciences ranges from simple plagiarism of data and ideas to quiet suppression of information. The essays in "Fraud and Fallible Judgment "raise issues of professional judgment from self-policing to academic policy. Episodes of misconduct in research, once resolved within the academic or scientific community, are now commanding media attention on an unprecedented scale. One net effect over the long term may prove to be that public confidence in the research enterprise has been irretrievably weakened (likewise, perhaps, public willingness to invest tax dollars in the support of that enterprise). Allegations of fraud can also be used to destroy careers. Once maligned, a reputation may never be repaired. The very act of writing on the subject with candor and intelligence is itself an act of rare courage. Contributions to this volume include: David Goodstein, "The Fading Myth of the Noble Scientist"; J. Phillipe Rushton, "Cyril Hurt as the Victim of Scientific Hoax"; Del Thiessen and Robert Young, "Investigating Sexual Coercion"; and Marcel LaFollette, "The Silence of the Social Sciences." This volume is an ideal text for students and scientists in all areas of the social and behavioral sciences, particularly psychologists and sociologists.
Category: Social Science

Knowledge And Information Technology Management Human And Social Perspectives

Author : Gunasekaran, Angappa
ISBN : 1591400724
Genre : Computers
File Size : 56.79 MB
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Success in an increasingly competitive market depends on the quality of knowledge which organisations apply to their major business processes. For example, a supply chain depends on knowledge of diverse areas, including raw materials, planning, manufacturing, and distribution. Likewise, product development requires knowledge of consumer requirements, new science, new technology, and marketing. Knowledge is broadly defined as credible information that is of potential value to an organisation. Knowledge management (KM) is a function of generation and dissemination of information, developing a shared understanding of information, filtering shared understandings into degrees of potential value, and storing valuable knowledge within the confines of an accessible organisational mechanism.
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Valuing The Human Health Damage Caused By The Fraud Of Volkswagen

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1052030595
Genre :
File Size : 39.47 MB
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Abstract: Recently it became known that Volkswagen Group has been cheating with emission tests for diesel engines over the last six years, resulting in on-road emissions vastly exceeding legal standards for nitrogen oxides in Europe and the United States. Here, we provide an estimate of the public health consequences caused by this fraud. From 2009 to 2015, approximately nine million fraudulent Volkswagen cars, as sold in Europe and the US, emitted a cumulative amount of 526 ktonnes of nitrogen oxides more than was legally allowed. These fraudulent emissions are associated with 45 thousand disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and a value of life lost of at least 39 billion US dollars, which is approximately 5.3 times larger than the 7.3 billion US dollars that Volkswagen Group has set aside to cover worldwide costs related to the diesel emissions scandal. Highlights: Health damages from Volkswagen's emission fraud are estimated in the USA and Europe. Combined health damages in the USA and Europe are estimated at 45 thousand DALYs. Health damages will further increase to 119 thousand DALYs if cars are not recalled. Combined health costs in the USA and Europe are estimated at 39 billion US dollars. Costs will further increase to 102 billion US dollars if cars are not recalled. Abstract : The diesel emission fraud committed by Volkswagen Group has led to substantial unforeseen emissions of nitrogen oxides and subsequent health damage costs in Europe and the US.

Fraud And The Serious Fraud Office

Author : Sally Ramage
ISBN : 9780595361212
Genre : Law
File Size : 85.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is Book Two (Fraud and the Serious Fraud Office) in the series 'Fraud Law', following Book One (Serious Fraud and Current Issues), and deals with legal issues such as the right to silence of a suspect. The law of Germany, France and New York and Illinois is discussed and compared with English law to give a good perspective of fraud in the developed world. The very fact that the series consists of five volumes speaks for itself that fraud is a huge problem and seems to have become accepted as part of our culture, with roots of fraudulent behaviour running deep into the fabric of finance and accountancy. There is nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes, and fraud is as common today as in centuries past, man's ingenuity and cunning only growing sharper.
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