A Guide To Theosophy

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A Guide To Theosophy

Author : Tukaram Tatya
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023468692
Genre : Theosophy
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A Guide To Theosophy 1924

Author : Ernest Wood
ISBN : 1258829517
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This is a new release of the original 1924 edition.

A Dictionary Of Theosophy

Author : Theodore Besterman
ISBN : 9781596053731
Genre : Religion
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SAKTISM. An erotic mysticism associated with the worship of goddesses. -from A Dictionary of Theosophy Here, in one concise volume first published in 1926, is a glossary of the language of theosophy, or "the essential truth underlying all religious, ethical, philosophical, and other teaching," from Abhava ("Non-being, non-existence, negation") to Zarathushtra ("The name given to one of the Servers"). Steeped in the spirituality of ancient India and fueled by the occult fads of the early 20th century, this is a fascinating, highly browsable guide to a forerunner of today's wide-ranging, metaphysically encompassing New Age thought. Also available from Cosimo Classics: Besterman's Crystal-Gazing. British bibliographer, and editor THEODORE BESTERMAN (1904-1976) is remembered chiefly as a scholar of the philosopher Voltaire, though his interests ranged from anthropology to the paranormal. His many books include Annie Besant: A Modern Prophet and Divining Rod: An Experimental and Psychological Investigation.
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A Textbook Of Theosophy

Author : Charles Webster Leadbeater
ISBN : 9781602062023
Genre : Religion
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Theosophy is an esoteric course of study that resides at the crossroads of philosophy, religion, and science. This expository work, by renowned spiritual adept Charles W. Leadbeater and first published in 1912, is a succinct, practical description of the movement, which is, at its base, a study of Truth. Leadbeater, having been thoroughly educated within a number of schools of religious thought, is a uniquely qualified guide who leads the reader through the challenging field of Theosophy, with but one goal in mind: To serve humanity by showing all students the way to be one with the divine energy of God. English clergyman turned spiritualist CHARLES WEBSTER LEADBEATER (1854-1934) was ordained as an Anglican priest, but later joined the prominent Theosophical Society and traveled to India to study alternative spiritual and occult practices, eventually settling into his life as a clairvoyant and author. His other works include Man Visible and Invisible and The Science of the Sacrament.
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Initiation Human And Solar

Author : Alice Bailey
ISBN : EAN:4064066050689
Genre : Religion
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Initiation, Human and Solar is book by Alice Bailey in which is explained her theory of the hierarchy of sacred entities, and the part initiation plays in that system. Initiation is presented as a growth of perception which serves as a guide to revelation and elucidation.
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The Building Of The Kosmos

Author : Annie Wood Besant
ISBN : 9781596054400
Genre : Religion
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The very rites and ceremonies of religion that are binding on the Soul that is still unliberated, become useless when the Soul has gained liberation, for then the Soul no longer can be held by anything.-from "Yoga"Anne Besant was one of the most popular and beloved voices of theosophy, the occult philosophy of the early 20th century that sought to find the underlying universal truths in all religions. Here she turns her theosophical eye on the traditions and beliefs of Hinduism, using the precepts of theosophy as a guide to understanding the obscurer meanings of Hindu sacred writings.Originally delivered as a series of lectures in 1893, and published in book form the next year, this is an illuminating exploration of Hinduism-and the fundamental essence of all religious expression-from a perspective almost forgotten today.British social reformer and writer ANNIE BESANT (1847-1933) was an early public advocate of birth control and women's health care, as well as an active proponent of theosophy. Among her books are The Ancient Wisdom (1897), Death and After (1901), and Occult Chemistry (1919).
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Theosophy And Life S Deeper Problems

Author : Anne Besant
ISBN : 9783752406917
Genre : Fiction
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Reproduction of the original: Theosophy and Life's Deeper Problems by Anne Besant
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Theosophy Across Boundaries

Author : Hans Martin Krämer
ISBN : 9781438480435
Genre : Religion
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Offers a new approach to Theosophy that takes into account its global dimensions and its interaction with highly diverse cultural contexts. Theosophy across Boundaries brings a global history approach to the study of esotericism, highlighting the important role of Theosophy in the general histories of religion, science, philosophy, art, and politics. The first half of the book consists of seven perspectives on the activities of the Theosophical Society in very different regional contexts, ranging from India, Vietnam, China, and Japan to Victorian Britain and Israel, shedding new light on the entanglement of “Western” and “Oriental” ideas around 1900. The second half explores specific cultural influences that Theosophy exerted in the spheres of literature, art, and politics, using case studies from Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Japan, Ireland, Germany, and Russia. The examples clearly show that Theosophy was part of a truly global movement, thus providing an outstanding example of the complex entanglements of the global religious history of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Hans Martin Krämer is Professor of Japanese Studies at Heidelberg University, Germany, and the author of Shimaji Mokurai and the Reconception of Religion and the Secular in Modern Japan. Julian Strube is a Research Fellow in Religious Studies at the University of Münster, Germany.
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The Theosophical Society

Author : Jeffrey D. Lavoie
ISBN : 9781612335537
Genre : Religion
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This peer-reviewed study represents a culmination of years of research into the history of the Theosophical Society. In this unique project which combines biographies with source analyses, Jeffrey D. Lavoie records a detailed history of the early Theosophical Society and examines its relationship with the modern Spiritualist movement between the years 1875-1891. Special attention has been paid to some of the neglected figures associated with these organizations including Arthur Lillie- the Gnostic-occultist and early critic of the Theosophical Society; the Davenport Brothers- the Spiritualist mediums who developed many of the standard elements which became associated with modern Spiritualism; Alfred Wallace- the prominent scientist, Spiritualist, and supposed member of the Theosophical Society and many others. This work will appeal to a wide array of readers including those interested in modern religious movements, Western Esotericism, South Asian history, and Victorian studies.
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Krotona Theosophy And Krishnamurti Archival Documents Of The Theosophical Society S Esoteric Center Krotona In Ojai California

Author : Joseph E. Ross
ISBN : 9780925943156
Genre : Religion
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From the author's archive of rare archival Theosophical documents, he has produced several books on the early history of Theosophy. This is Volume 5 in the Krotona Series. It will be of particular interest to some because its archival documents reveal Theosophical conversations from the period when Krishnamurti broke away from the organization of Theosophy. We also witness first-hand the ongoing founding and building of Krotona and the first Star Camp. We become privy to the internal conversation of the Esoteric School and communications between Annie Besant, Leadbeater, Jinarajadasa, Arundale, Warrington and others as their world is drastically changing with Krishnamurti's dissolving of the Order of the Star and his venture on a pathless truth.
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The One True Adventure

Author : Joy Mills
ISBN : 9780835631150
Genre : Religion
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Theosophy expresses modern versions of the ancient wisdom found in world religions. Ultimately, it concerns living fully by learning the meaning of life and thereby achieving self-transformation. These essays by a premier American teacher are grouped according to the four stages of the quest for meaning: The Human Condition, Our Hidden Potential, Esoteric Teachings, and Self-Transformation. Written over a lifetime, these essays comprise a reliable, inspiring guide for anyone on a spiritual path.
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A Guide To Scholarly Resources On The Russian Empire And The Soviet Union In The New York Metropolitan Area

Author : Robert A. Karlowich
ISBN : 9781315490755
Genre : History
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Identifies collections held by public and university libraries, historical societies, and other institutions, as well as private collections, with material relating to any subject and historical period, and to the widest geographical area under imperial or Soviet rule. Includes movements for example
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The Theosophist

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B2989202
Genre : Theosophy
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Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 9781855842540
Genre :
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A work on the development of body, soul, and spirit, by the Austrian philosopher and educationalist Rudolf Steiner.

Studies In Occultism

Author : H P Blavatsky
ISBN : 9781291490305
Genre : Literary Collections
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Guide to the wisdom of the east for students and others in this little-known Victorian masterpiece The Callender Academic series
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The Spiritual Science Of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Author : Emma C. Hopkins
ISBN : 9781476728643
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.73 MB
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