A First Course In Wavelets With Fourier Analysis

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A First Course In Wavelets With Fourier Analysis

Author : Albert Boggess
ISBN : 9781119214328
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive, self-contained treatment of Fourier analysis and wavelets—now in a new edition Through expansive coverage and easy-to-follow explanations, A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis, Second Edition provides a self-contained mathematical treatment of Fourier analysis and wavelets, while uniquely presenting signal analysis applications and problems. Essential and fundamental ideas are presented in an effort to make the book accessible to a broad audience, and, in addition, their applications to signal processing are kept at an elementary level. The book begins with an introduction to vector spaces, inner product spaces, and other preliminary topics in analysis. Subsequent chapters feature: The development of a Fourier series, Fourier transform, and discrete Fourier analysis Improved sections devoted to continuous wavelets and two-dimensional wavelets The analysis of Haar, Shannon, and linear spline wavelets The general theory of multi-resolution analysis Updated MATLAB code and expanded applications to signal processing The construction, smoothness, and computation of Daubechies' wavelets Advanced topics such as wavelets in higher dimensions, decomposition and reconstruction, and wavelet transform Applications to signal processing are provided throughout the book, most involving the filtering and compression of signals from audio or video. Some of these applications are presented first in the context of Fourier analysis and are later explored in the chapters on wavelets. New exercises introduce additional applications, and complete proofs accompany the discussion of each presented theory. Extensive appendices outline more advanced proofs and partial solutions to exercises as well as updated MATLAB routines that supplement the presented examples. A First Course in Wavelets with Fourier Analysis, Second Edition is an excellent book for courses in mathematics and engineering at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a valuable resource for mathematicians, signal processing engineers, and scientists who wish to learn about wavelet theory and Fourier analysis on an elementary level.
Category: Mathematics

A First Course In Wavelets With Fourier Analysis

Author : Albert Boggess
ISBN : UCSC:32106016316116
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 67.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book fills the gap between volumes on wavelets that are either too advanced (in terms of mathematical background required) or that contain too little mathematical theory underlying wavelets. It presents most of the theory underlying Fourier analysis and wavelets in a clear and comprehensive fashion-- without requiring advanced background in real analysis. Provides a careful balance between theory and practical algorithms, and features a clear presentation of applications to digital signal processing--e.g., data compression, digital filtering and singularity detection. Includes illustrations and MATLAB code used in many of the algorithms. Inner Product Spaces. Fourier Series. The Fourier Transform. Discrete Fourier Analysis. Wavelet Analysis. Multiresolution Analysis. The Daubechies Wavelets. For anyone interested in Wavelets and Fourier Analysis.
Category: Mathematics

A First Course In Fourier Analysis

Author : David W. Kammler
ISBN : 9781139469036
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 28.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides a meaningful resource for applied mathematics through Fourier analysis. It develops a unified theory of discrete and continuous (univariate) Fourier analysis, the fast Fourier transform, and a powerful elementary theory of generalized functions and shows how these mathematical ideas can be used to study sampling theory, PDEs, probability, diffraction, musical tones, and wavelets. The book contains an unusually complete presentation of the Fourier transform calculus. It uses concepts from calculus to present an elementary theory of generalized functions. FT calculus and generalized functions are then used to study the wave equation, diffusion equation, and diffraction equation. Real-world applications of Fourier analysis are described in the chapter on musical tones. A valuable reference on Fourier analysis for a variety of students and scientific professionals, including mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and others.
Category: Mathematics

A First Course On Wavelets

Author : Eugenio Hernandez
ISBN : 1420049984
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 60.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Wavelet theory had its origin in quantum field theory, signal analysis, and function space theory. In these areas wavelet-like algorithms replace the classical Fourier-type expansion of a function. This unique new book is an excellent introduction to the basic properties of wavelets, from background math to powerful applications. The authors provide elementary methods for constructing wavelets, and illustrate several new classes of wavelets. The text begins with a description of local sine and cosine bases that have been shown to be very effective in applications. Very little mathematical background is needed to follow this material. A complete treatment of band-limited wavelets follows. These are characterized by some elementary equations, allowing the authors to introduce many new wavelets. Next, the idea of multiresolution analysis (MRA) is developed, and the authors include simplified presentations of previous studies, particularly for compactly supported wavelets. Some of the topics treated include: Several bases generated by a single function via translations and dilations Multiresolution analysis, compactly supported wavelets, and spline wavelets Band-limited wavelets Unconditionality of wavelet bases Characterizations of many of the principal objects in the theory of wavelets, such as low-pass filters and scaling functions The authors also present the basic philosophy that all orthonormal wavelets are completely characterized by two simple equations, and that most properties and constructions of wavelets can be developed using these two equations. Material related to applications is provided, and constructions of splines wavelets are presented. Mathematicians, engineers, physicists, and anyone with a mathematical background will find this to be an important text for furthering their studies on wavelets.
Category: Mathematics

An Introduction To Wavelets

Author : Charles K. Chui
ISBN : 0121745848
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An introductory treatise on wavelet analysis, with an emphasis on spline wavelets and time-frequency analysis. Among the basic topics covered in this book are time-frequency localization, integral wavelet transforms, dyadic wavelets, frames, spline-wavelets, orthonormal wavelet bases, and wavelet packets. In addition, the author presents a unified treatment of nonorthogonal, semiorthogonal, and orthogonal wavelets. This monograph is self-contained, the only prerequisite being a basic knowledge of function theory and real analysis.
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Wavelets Made Easy

Author : Yves Nievergelt
ISBN : 9781461205739
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 52.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book explains the nature and computation of mathematical wavelets, which provide a framework and methods for the analysis and the synthesis of signals, images, and other arrays of data. The material presented here addresses the au dience of engineers, financiers, scientists, and students looking for explanations of wavelets at the undergraduate level. It requires only a working knowledge or memories of a first course in linear algebra and calculus. The first part of the book answers the following two questions: What are wavelets? Wavelets extend Fourier analysis. How are wavelets computed? Fast transforms compute them. To show the practical significance of wavelets, the book also provides transitions into several applications: analysis (detection of crashes, edges, or other events), compression (reduction of storage), smoothing (attenuation of noise), and syn thesis (reconstruction after compression or other modification). Such applications include one-dimensional signals (sounds or other time-series), two-dimensional arrays (pictures or maps), and three-dimensional data (spatial diffusion). The ap plications demonstrated here do not constitute recipes for real implementations, but aim only at clarifying and strengthening the understanding of the mathematics of wavelets.
Category: Mathematics

Discrete Fourier Analysis

Author : M. W. Wong
ISBN : 9783034801164
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 48.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This textbook presents basic notions and techniques of Fourier analysis in discrete settings. Written in a concise style, it is interlaced with remarks, discussions and motivations from signal analysis. The first part is dedicated to topics related to the Fourier transform, including discrete time-frequency analysis and discrete wavelet analysis. Basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus is the only prerequisite. The second part is built on Hilbert spaces and Fourier series and culminates in a section on pseudo-differential operators, providing a lucid introduction to this advanced topic in analysis. Some measure theory language is used, although most of this part is accessible to students familiar with an undergraduate course in real analysis. Discrete Fourier Analysis is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics and applied mathematics. Enhanced with exercises, it will be an excellent resource for the classroom as well as for self-study.
Category: Mathematics

Calculus Of Variations

Author : C. R. MacCluer
ISBN : UVA:X004806132
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 28.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the first truly up-to-date treatment of calculus of variations - and the first to incorporate a simple introduction to key concepts such as optimization, optimal control, bang-bang, Pontryagin's maximum principle, or LQ control design. Introduces all material using simple, easily understood applications that are worked and reprised several times throughout. Features a large number of exercises, ranging widely in difficulty. Gives readers a broader, "big picture" perspective that makes the material less overwhelming. Offers a useful, stand-alone discussion of MATLAB ("MATLAB Cookbook") in the appendices. Includes a clear introduction to weak/strong sufficiency. A useful reference for engineers, chemists, and forest/environmental managers.
Category: Mathematics

An Introduction To Wavelet Analysis

Author : David F. Walnut
ISBN : 9781461200017
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a comprehensive presentation of the conceptual basis of wavelet analysis, including the construction and analysis of wavelet bases. It motivates the central ideas of wavelet theory by offering a detailed exposition of the Haar series, then shows how a more abstract approach allows readers to generalize and improve upon the Haar series. It then presents a number of variations and extensions of Haar construction.
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A Friendly Guide To Wavelets

Author : Gerald Kaiser
ISBN : 0817681116
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 23.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume is designed as a textbook for an introductory course on wavelet analysis and time-frequency analysis aimed at graduate students or advanced undergraduates in science and engineering. It can also be used as a self-study or reference book by practicing researchers in signal analysis and related areas. Since the expected audience is not presumed to have a high level of mathematical background, much of the needed analytical machinery is developed from the beginning. The only prerequisites for the first eight chapters are matrix theory, Fourier series, and Fourier integral transforms. Each of these chapters ends with a set of straightforward exercises designed to drive home the concepts just covered, and the many graphics should further facilitate absorption.
Category: Mathematics

Wavelets Theory And Its Applications

Author : Mani Mehra
ISBN : 9789811325953
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 39.6 MB
Format : PDF
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This book provides comprehensive information on the conceptual basis of wavelet theory and it applications. Maintaining an essential balance between mathematical rigour and the practical applications of wavelet theory, the book is closely linked to the wavelet MATLAB toolbox, which is accompanied, wherever applicable, by relevant MATLAB codes. The book is divided into four parts, the first of which is devoted to the mathematical foundations. The second part offers a basic introduction to wavelets. The third part discusses wavelet-based numerical methods for differential equations, while the last part highlights applications of wavelets in other fields. The book is ideally suited as a text for undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics and engineering.
Category: Mathematics

Nondestructive Sensing For Food Safety Quality And Natural Resources

Author : Yud-Ren Chen
ISBN : UOM:39015061388446
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Proceedings of SPIE present the original research papers presented at SPIE conferences and other high-quality conferences in the broad-ranging fields of optics and photonics. These books provide prompt access to the latest innovations in research and technology in their respective fields. Proceedings of SPIE are among the most cited references in patent literature.
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Digital Modulation Techniques

Author : Fuqin Xiong
ISBN : UOM:39076002578446
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Packed with nearly 400 illustrations and over 2,500 equations, the book offers full details for every digital modulation technique, including operation principles, bit error probability, spectral characteristics, modulator, demodulator and synchronizer designs, and performance in fading channels. Almost all modulation schemes and their performance evaluation expressions are supported by extensively referenced derivations or proofs, giving professionals the analytical background needed to improve of modify schemes for specific applications.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Partial Differential Equations With Fourier Series And Boundary Value Problems

Author : Nakhlé H. Asmar
ISBN : UCSC:32106018961745
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 213
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This example-rich reference fosters a smooth transition from elementary ordinary differential equations to more advanced concepts. Asmar's relaxed style and emphasis on applications make the material accessible even to readers with limited exposure to topics beyond calculus. Encourages computer for illustrating results and applications, but is also suitable for use without computer access. Contains more engineering and physics applications, and more mathematical proofs and theory of partial differential equations, than the first edition. Offers a large number of exercises per section. Provides marginal comments and remarks throughout with insightful remarks, keys to following the material, and formulas recalled for the reader's convenience. Offers Mathematica files available for download from the author's website. A useful reference for engineers or anyone who needs to brush up on partial differential equations.
Category: Mathematics

Real Analysis With Real Applications

Author : Kenneth R. Davidson
ISBN : UVA:X004589672
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 88.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 709
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Using a progressive but flexible format, this book contains a series of independent chapters that show how the principles and theory of real analysis can be applied in a variety of settings—in subjects ranging from Fourier series and polynomial approximation to discrete dynamical systems and nonlinear optimization. Users will be prepared for more intensive work in each topic through these applications and their accompanying exercises. Chapter topics under the abstract analysis heading include: the real numbers, series, the topology of R^n, functions, normed vector spaces, differentiation and integration, and limits of functions. Applications cover approximation by polynomials, discrete dynamical systems, differential equations, Fourier series and physics, Fourier series and approximation, wavelets, and convexity and optimization. For math enthusiasts with a prior knowledge of both calculus and linear algebra.
Category: Mathematics


Author : Biochemical Society (Great Britain)
ISBN : OSU:32435078051943
Genre : Biochemistry
File Size : 46.96 MB
Format : PDF
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