A Curriculum Of Fear

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A Curriculum Of Fear

Author : Nicole Nguyen
ISBN : 9781452951782
Genre : Education
File Size : 75.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Welcome to Milton High School, where fear is a teacher’s best tool and every student is a soldier in the war on terror. A struggling public school outside the nation’s capital, Milton sat squarely at the center of two trends: growing fear of resurgent terrorism and mounting pressure to run schools as job training sites. In response, the school established a specialized Homeland Security program. A Curriculum of Fear takes us into Milton for a day-to-day look at how such a program works, what it means to students and staff, and what it says about the militarization of U.S. public schools and, more broadly, the state of public education in this country. Nicole Nguyen guides us through a curriculum of national security–themed classes, electives, and internships designed through public-private partnerships with major defense contractors like Northrop Grumman and federal agencies like the NSA. She introduces us to students in the process of becoming a corps of “diverse workers” for the national security industry, learning to be “vigilant” citizens; and she shows us the everyday realities of a program intended to improve the school, revitalize the community, and eliminate the achievement gap. With reference to critical work on school militarization, neoliberal school reform, the impact of the global war on terror on everyday life, and the political uses of fear, A Curriculum of Fear maps the contexts that gave rise to Milton’s Homeland Security program and its popularity. Ultimately, as the first ethnography of such a program, the book provides a disturbing close encounter with the new normal imposed by the global war on terror—a school at once under siege and actively preparing for the siege itself.
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No Fear Coding

Author : Heidi Williams
ISBN : 1564843874
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.34 MB
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Coding and computational thinking (the ability to think like a computer) are among the skills that will serve students well in the future. Coding goes beyond websites and software - it's an essential component in finding solutions to everyday problems. Computational thinking has many applications beyond the computer lab or math class -it teaches reasoning, creativity and expression, and is an innovative way to demonstrate content knowledge and see mathematical processes in action. No-Fear Coding shows K-5 educators how to bring coding into their curriculum by embedding computational thinking skills into activities for every content area. At the same time, embedding these skills helps students prepare for coding in the middle grades as they build their knowledge. To help teachers easily and effectively introduce coding, the book features: Classroom-tested lessons and activities designed for skills progression. Ready-to-implement coding exercises that can be incorporated across the curriculum. Alignment to ISTE and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards. Case studies and explorations of technology tools and resources to teach coding.
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Fear S Revenge

Author : Lynn Case
ISBN : 9781483682358
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.11 MB
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Allison Symms had forgotten everything about that night over twenty years ago. The night she was held captive in an old cabin in the woods. Last thing she can remember is running through the woods and crashing head on into something, falling back knocking herself unconscious. She doesnt remember anything about that night until one day she gets knocked over by a city bus taking a turn to sharp and hits her head against a flower planter and goes unconscious once again. Then she begins to have horrific nightmares and flashbacks to events that she cant remember. After seeing her therapist and undergoing hypnosis, all is revealed about the lost events of that one traumatic night. Allison decides to take the law into her own hands and take Fear's Revenge on the four boys that held her captive. As each detailed step of revenge Allison takes against, Cole, Tyler, Tony and Bobby she is beginning the healing and growing process in more ways than she bargained for.
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The Monarchy Of Fear

Author : Martha C. Nussbaum
ISBN : 9780192565938
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From one of the world's most celebrated moral philosophers comes a thorough examination of the current political crisis and recommendations for how to mend a divided country. For decades Martha C. Nussbaum has been an acclaimed scholar and humanist, earning dozens of honours for her books and essays. In The Monarchy of Fear she turns her attention to the current political crisis that has polarized America since the 2016 election. Although today's atmosphere is marked by partisanship, divisive rhetoric, and the inability of two halves of the country to communicate with one another, Nussbaum focuses on what so many pollsters and pundits have overlooked. She sees a simple truth at the heart of the problem: the political is always emotional. Globalization has produced feelings of powerlessness in millions of people in the West. That sense of powerlessness bubbles into resentment and blame. Blame of immigrants. Blame of Muslims. Blame of other races. Blame of cultural elites. While this politics of blame is exemplified by the election of Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit, Nussbaum argues it can be found on all sides of the political spectrum, left or right. Drawing on a mix of historical and contemporary examples, from classical Athens to the musical Hamilton, The Monarchy of Fear untangles this web of feelings and provides a roadmap of where to go next.
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The Curriculum And The Child

Author : John White
ISBN : 0415356644
Genre : Education
File Size : 44.36 MB
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16 of white's key writings on: mind; state and curriculum; well-being; politics; and curriculum subjects.
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Teaching The Children We Fear

Author : Terry Jo Smith
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123350048
Genre : Education
File Size : 61.55 MB
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"Because the narrative evolves out of life in the classroom, it broaches a broad range of topics from violence to curriculum, from fear to love. This critical teacher story provides both the novice and the experienced teacher with renderings of school life that will provoke deep reflections on fundamental questions of teachering and learning, socialization and control, self and others."--BOOK JACKET.
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The Soul Of Education

Author : Rachael Kessler
ISBN : 9781416604433
Genre : Education
File Size : 66.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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* How can educators and parents of diverse backgrounds come together to find ways to invite soul into schools? * How do educators address ''soul'' in education without violating the separation of church and state or the deeply held beliefs of families and students? In this book, Rachael Kessler shows how. Based on the deeply moving stories and profound questions of students themselves, each chapter responds to the yearnings young people express: Deep Connection, Meaning and Purpose, Silence, Joy, Creativity, Transcendence, and Initiation--each evokes a gateway to inviting soul into the clas.
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Core Curriculum For Critical Care Nursing E Book

Author : JoAnn Grif Alspach
ISBN : 9781455756285
Genre : Medical
File Size : 50.22 MB
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From the experts at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), comes the definitive resource on administering quality nursing care to critically ill patients. The 6th edition has been updated to reflect the current state of critical care nursing practice and includes new content on the AACN Synergy Model, professional care and ethical practice, and critical care patients with special needs, as well as the most current literature and clinical studies. The clear and logical format makes this book an ideal study tool for critical care nursing orientation and continuing education programs. By covering the newest content on the CCRN exam, it also serves as an important resource for nurses preparing for critical care certification. Authored by the experts at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Reflects the most recent blueprint of the CCRN examination. Content spans basic to advanced levels with an emphasis on nursing practice. Organized by body system and written in a concise outline format for ease of use. Coverage of the AACN Synergy Model is featured in the new opening chapter. Professional Care and Ethical Practice is integrated into the Core Curriculum series framework. A new chapter on Critical Care Patients with Special Needs includes bariatric and geriatric patients in critical care, as well as high-risk obstetric patients. Features new content on chest tubes, liver transplantation for acute liver failure, spirituality, and spiritual aspects of care. Integrates pain as the 5th vital sign and includes JCAHO, HCFA, and AHCPR guidelines relating to pain management. Features AHRQ evidence-based practice guidelines as reference sources for practice interventions. New organization for Patient Care presents patient problems, needs, etc. in order of clinical priority. Expanded Nursing Interventions includes considerations related to patient/family education, patient transfer, and discharge planning. Web-based resources for CDC, AHA, NINR, National Guideline Clearinghouse, NIH Consensus Conference Proceedings, ADA.
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Fear Failure And Flexibility

Author : Robert Rose Ph.D.
ISBN : 1462831621
Genre : Education
File Size : 66.72 MB
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To get into this let me first reprise what I said about "MICROSCOPE," because these two books are part of the same research project and are related. Even though the incidents occurred in 1978, "TEACHER UNDER A MICROSCOPE" examines ongoing issues in education through the eyes and ears of trained observers and evaluators. They observe, comment, and critique everything I say and do. The intake and exit interviews explore my philosophy of education as well as my comments and responses to their questions about what I actually did and why I did it. The conflicts between a disturbed principal (who was backed by the District) and me demonstrate the lack of balance of power in the schools. One of my main contentions is about the necessity of teacher autonomy. You see how I fight for it, not for me, but to better serve and teach my students. There are some basic questions asked and answered through the Observers interviews and protocol and the daily and weekly journals or commentaries I was asked to make. A few times I give you some overlapping of the same incidents as seen by the Observer and then in my journal so you can see them in greater depth. First. What should life in the schools be like for the children and their caretakers teachers and support personnel? Second. What are the basic goals of public education and how should they be accomplished? Third. How much freedom or autonomy should a teacher have or needs to properly achieve these goals? With the accountability movement gaining strength coupled with powerful back-to-basics and safe schools components, it appears the public believes schools should emphasize basic skills. To assure this happening testing is the rage to demonstrate that the students are achieving higher standards of skills and as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of each teacher. Testing is reasonable and necessary as one way to determine what a student has learned and a teacher has taught. It is one way. It does not take the place of all the complex and useful things a teacher has learned about a student during the year. Often, because a student is learning English or is enduring serious emotional distress or has some type of learning handicap, the teacher is in the best position to know whether a test assesses accurately his skill levels, knowledge, or progress. When a single test is the only determiner of whether a child passes or fails, injustices occur. The same is true when the test results of the class are the only determiners of the teachers ability or success. The threat of being fired for the poor performance of a class will discourage even good teachers from taking classes or individual children who have academic or behavior problems. I have already read about and seen instances of teachers trying to insure they have more than their share of "good" and capable students. This stacking of a class will most affect new teachers (and their students) who have always suffered trial by fire. It makes good sense for the experienced teachers not to jeopardize their career, but is it ethical or good educational practice? The positive aspect of mass testing and accountability is that more students are being exposed to a much wider variety of useful academic skills In many poverty areas the students, because of alleged or believed weak academic abilities, were limited in what was taught to them. Asking teachers to carefully examine what they teach and expecting them to know why as well as what they are teaching is a positive step for the profession. However, school should offer more than an enhanced basic education, because those skills are what are most easily testable. Schools are where students can learn the social skills that enable them to move successfully through society in their personal and work lives. This was a job parents and extended
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Assessment Reform In Science

Author : Benny B.H.W Yung
ISBN : 9781402034084
Genre : Science
File Size : 56.46 MB
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The conclusions and recommendations made in this book are derived from a study of ten teachers in Hong Kong as they tried to change their practice following a reform of the Hong Kong assessment system. Hong Kong is simply a context that provided the opportunity to gather very rich and informative data on issues pertaining to assessment reforms which also have very wide implications in many countries’ contexts. The text is written in a lucid and easy-to-read style.
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Fear Not Discovering God S Promises For Our Lives

Author : Virginia D. Ripple
ISBN : 9780557096510
Genre :
File Size : 84.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When life seems impossible to cope with, God reaches out to remind us of his promises for our lives. Journey through scripture to meet God in new and unexpected ways as you discover what it means to "Fear Not!"

Life Skills Curriculum Arise Brain Food

Author : ARISE Foundation
ISBN : 9781586140359
Genre :
File Size : 72.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ARISE Brain Food: Peaceful Living is a 78-page book of fun, interactive lessons that will help your students succeed in effectively managing their emotions at home and in their future careers. Peaceful Living topics include controlling worry and stress, conquering fear, fair play, avoiding guilt and forgiving.

Parenting Without Fear

Author : Paul J. Donahue, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781466813687
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 69.44 MB
Format : PDF
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"Dr. Donahue's calm, reasoned approach will help moms and dads sort out their concerns so they can stop worrying about the future and enjoy their rapidly changing kids — now." --Thomas. W. Phelan, author, 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children The ‘perfect parenting' expectations imposed on you by the media, society, your family, and your community can seem impossible to live up to and only make you more fearful and anxious. Paul Donahue, Ph.D. has uncovered the six most common fears that prevent you from being the effective, loving, and successful parent you want to be: -The Fear of Letting Go -The Fear of Not Doing Enough -The Fear of Taking Charge -The Fear of Slowing Down -The Fear of Unstructured Time -The Fear of Falling Behind Parenting Without Fear gives you the tools to confront your fears, rethink your goals and teach your children how to be independent, to persevere, to cooperate and respect adults, to be mindful, to imagine and explore their world, and to develop compassion for others. Discover how to gain the confidence to trust your own judgment, and the courage to make choices about your children's academic, social and athletic lives that reflect your family's values and balance your needs with theirs. "Dr. Donahue has masterfully identifies the key fears faced by many parents as they confront the challenges of raising children in today's world and he does so with warmth, humor, and empathy. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for parents." --Robert Brooks, Ph.D., co-author, Raising Resilient Children and The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence and Personal Strength in Your Life "This book provides welcome reassurance to parents who worry they are not doing everything they can for their kids." --Nancy Samalin, M.S., author of Loving without Spoiling and 100 Timeless Tips for Raising Terrific Kids
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Author : Peter Block
ISBN : 9781442964846
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"In this wonderfully practical book, Block defines the nature of a community with manageable dimensions, creative directions, and hopeful possibilities. His methods lead us to a restoration of the joy of a genuine common life."--John McKnight, Professor of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University.
Category: Business & Economics

Marketing Fear In America S Public Schools

Author : Leslie Poynor
ISBN : 9781135619947
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Marketing Fear in America's Public Schools: The Real War on Literacy is an eye-opening examination of the real world consequences of the political pressures and influences on teachers today. In particular, it looks at how the political actions of the conservative right disempower and control teachers, school districts, parents, and children through an atmosphere of fear used as a strategy to ensure that schools follow the conservative political agenda supporting and imposing mandates such as increased accountability, high stakes testing, and direct intense direct-instruction phonics programs. The book offers a unique look not at not only what the conservative factions are doing but why. The volume includes chapters on: *resistance to the conservative agenda; *national and/or federal agendas and actions that directly or indirectly contribute to the privatization and corporate control of public education; *the linkage of federal policy to the disappearance or promotion of particular philosophical and pedagogical approaches; and *the role of the media in perpetuating the agendas of the corporate and political right. Many teachers across the U.S. are frustrated and angry about the outside legislative constraints placed on their work, but at the same time frightened of losing their jobs and/or being faced with a lawsuit. The book's premise is that one must understand the motives behind the current educational "reforms" in order to resist them. The editors and contributors envision the volume as a voice for an alternative to compliance with unreasonable mandates--and thus as a message of hope. Marketing Fear in America's Public Schools: The Real War on Literacy is important reading for teachers; teacher educators; education students; school administrators and other education professionals; researchers concerned with literacy, critical theory, pedagogy, and educational policy; and parents and community activists concerned with the politics of schooling and school reform. It is will serve well as a text in a range of courses across the field of education. A Web site for the book can be found at http://www.erlbaum.com/poynor.
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Trained In The Fear Of God

Author : Randy Stinson
ISBN : 9780825489037
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dr. Randy Stinson and Dr. Timothy Paul Jones have been the primary architects of the theological foundations for whathas become known as “family-equipping ministry”—a recognition that the generations need one another and that parents have an inherent responsibility for the discipleship of their children.
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Medical Education Developing A Curriculum For Practice

Author : Fish, Della
ISBN : 9780335216222
Genre : Education
File Size : 81.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This book is written by two eminent educators and clinicians in medicine, and provides a wealth of information and food for thought for those who have responsibility for curriculum development." Journal of Orthodontics What are the contemporary problems facing curriculum designers and developers? What are the key questions that ought to be addressed with regard to curriculum design for medical practice? How might a curriculum for practice in medical education be developed? Medical Educationoffers a detailed response to these questions and shows what form a curriculum for practice should take and how one can be developed. These ideas are presented in a highly practical and readable account that is essential reading for those involved in educating the doctors of the future and for policy makers in the field of medical education. It also offers useful advice for those in related fields of health care. The authors show that recent developments of curricula for postgraduate doctors have been founded on the misguided view (promoted by politicians and policy makers) that medical practice is routine, straightforward and able to be reduced to simple protocols that professionals must learn and follow. In this view, doctors are technicians who need merely to be trained through a simple curriculum. In contrast, this book shows that the practice of medicine as experienced by working doctors is complex, uncertain and unpredictable. This requires a curriculum that provides the opportunity to learn to exercise professional judgement and make decisions based on practical wisdom.
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