A Class Book On Rhetoric

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A Class Book On Rhetoric

Author : Daniel Falloon Hutchinson
ISBN : OCLC:63007390
Genre : English language
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Text Book On Rhetoric

Author : Brainerd Kellogg
ISBN : PSU:000005569977
Genre : English language
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The Chreia And Ancient Rhetoric

Author : Ronald F. Hock
ISBN : 9004126562
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume features thirty-six translated texts illustrating the use of the chreia, or anecdote, in Greco-Roman classrooms to teach reading, writing, and composition. This ancient literary form preserves the wit and wisdom of famous philosophers, orators, kings, and poets. Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (www.sbl-site.org).
Category: Religion

A Hand Book Of Rhetoric

Author : Rev. M. Barry
ISBN : OSU:32435083873927
Genre : Rhetoric
File Size : 88.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Rhetoric

The Rhetoric Of Concealment

Author : Rosemary Kegl
ISBN : 080143016X
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 89.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Demonstrating how struggles over gender and class were mediated through formal properties of writing, The Rhetoric of Concealment offers a new framework for the discussion of court literature and middle-class literature in the English Renaissance. Rosemary Kegl offers powerful readings of works by Puttenham, Sidney, Shakespeare, and Deloney and considers an array of other texts including journals, gynecological and obstetrical writings, misogynist tracts, defenses of women, prescriptive literature on companionate marriage, royal proclamations, legal records, and town charters. Kegl's readings center on a recurrent rhetorical gesture in the work of each author - riddling disclosure in Puttenham's The Arte of English Poesie, the logic of unsound bodies and buildings in Sidney's Arcadia, the network of insults in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, and the collection of proverbial wisdom in Deloney's Jack of Newbury. Asking what sorts of social relations such gestures promote, she analyzes how they help to mediate the relationships between, on the one hand, patterns of economic exploitation and, on the other, absolutism, popular rebellion, social mobility, the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical and secular courts, the structure of guilds, and the relative authority of town government. Kegl also traces interrelationships between such rhetorical gestures and the language used to describe Elizabeth's rule, the gendered division of labor, the situation of propertied widows, and the prosecution and punishment, in ecclesiastical courts and in shaming rituals, of women's verbal and sexual excesses. By way of conclusion, she takes up recent work by Karen Newman and Richard Halpern in order to discuss the role that Renaissance historical criticism may play in contemporary cultural studies.
Category: Literary Criticism

Intercultural Rhetoric In The Writing Classroom

Author : Ulla Connor
ISBN : 0472034588
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 63.68 MB
Format : PDF
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It is easy to argue that the need for attention to how we navigate rhetorically within and across cultures has never been greater, given ever-increasing global migrations and seemingly instantaneous global communication. Yet, the conceptual basis of intercultural rhetoric (also known in the past as contrastive rhetoric) has been under fire ever since it first emerged as an area of research and pedagogical interest. In recent years, Ulla Connor has built a steadily more extensive and sophisticated case for how a culturally contextualized study of rhetoric in any media can be carried out without static and reductive over-generalizations about culture/s or rhetoric. This volume provides both an eloquent summation and further theoretical expansion of Connor’s arguments. Readers who have wondered about the possibility of exploring connections between their students’ (or anyone’s) culture and discourse style will find many of their questions addressed in this volume; other readers who have not previously raised such questions will very likely begin to see the value of doing so.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Rhetoric Of Pleasure

Author : T. R. Johnson
ISBN : 0867095261
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How often have you seen that strange and wonderful surge of energy when students become truly engaged with writing-when they discover an intense and genuine pleasure in the crafting of their own prose? A Rhetoric of Pleasure explores that magical moment in the classroom and offers practical ways to create and sustain it.
Category: Education

A Rhetoric For Writing Teachers

Author : Erika Lindemann
ISBN : 0195130456
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.65 MB
Format : PDF
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From answering the question "Why teach writing?" to offering guidance in managing group work and responding to assignments, A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers provides a comprehensive introduction to the teaching of writing. Now in a fourth edition, this remarkably successful book features a new chapter by Daniel Anderson on teaching with computers and adds updated material on invention, intellectual development, and responding to students' writing. Describing in straightforward terms the cross-disciplinary scholarship that underlies composition teaching, it opens with chapters on prewriting techniques, organizing material, paragraphing, sentence structure, words, and revising that show teachers how to lead students through composing. Sections on writing workshops, collaborative learning, and instructional technology reflect current views of writing as a social interaction. Chapters on rhetoric, cognition, and linguistics explain theoretical principles that support classroom practices and make teachers' performances more effective. Treating both the theory and practice of writing, this classic book encourages teachers to adopt the methods that best meet their students' needs and to develop a style of teaching based on informed decisions. It provides an extensive updated bibliography--including useful Web sites as well as important books and articles--and an updated table of important dates in the history of composition. A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, 4/e, offers both prospective and seasoned writing teachers convenient access to influential scholarship in the field and inspires them to examine what it means to teach well.
Category: Education

Cultural Diversity In Schools

Author : Robert A. DeVillar
ISBN : 0791416739
Genre : Education
File Size : 26.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book confronts the patterns of school failure often faced by subordinated minority groups in the United States. It does so by presenting a socioacademic framework that is based on the notion that all groups can have comparable access to quality schooling, comparable participation in the schooling, and derive comparable educational benefits from their participation. Organized around three key, interrelated components--communication, integration, and cooperation--the book combines theoretical concepts with actual classroom practices that support change. It moves us from a position of rhetoric about educational equality to one that actively addresses the socioacademic needs of students in a culturally diverse society.
Category: Education

Rhetorical Theory And Praxis In The Business Communication Classroom

Author : Kristen Getchell
ISBN : 9781351132855
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 32.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rhetorical Theory and Praxis in the Business Communication Classroom responds to a significant need in the emerging field of business communication as the first collection of its type to establish a connection between rhetorical theory and practice in the business communication classroom. The volume includes topics such as rhetorical grammar, genre awareness in business communication theory, the role of big data in message strategy, social media and memory, and the connection between rhetorical theory and entrepreneurship. These essays provide the business communication scholar, practitioner, and program administrator insight into the rhetorical considerations of the business communication landscape.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Available Means

Author : Joy Ritchie
ISBN : 9780822979753
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 37.45 MB
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“I say that even later someone will remember us.”—Sappho, Fragment 147, sixth century, BC Sappho’s prediction came true; fragments of work by the earliest woman writer in Western literate history have in fact survived into the twenty-first century. But not without peril. Sappho’s writing remains only in fragments, partly due to the passage of time, but mostly as a result of systematic efforts to silence women’s voices. Sappho’s hopeful boast captures the mission of this anthology: to gather together women engaged in the art of persuasion—across differences of race, class, sexual orientation, historical and physical locations—in order to remember that the rhetorical tradition indeed includes them. Available Means offers seventy women rhetoricians—from ancient Greece to the twenty-first century—a room of their own for the first time. Editors Joy Ritchie and Kate Ronald do so in the feminist tradition of recovering a previously unarticulated canon of women’s rhetoric. Women whose voices are central to such scholarship are included here, such as Aspasia (a contemporary of Plato’s), Margery Kempe, Margaret Fuller, and Ida B. Wells. Added are influential works on what it means to write as a woman—by Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Rich, Nancy Mairs, Alice Walker, and Hélène Cixous. Public “manifestos” on the rights of women by Hortensia, Mary Astell, Maria Stewart, Sarah and Angelina Grimké, Anna Julia Cooper, Margaret Sanger, and Audre Lorde also join the discourse. But Available Means searches for rhetorical tradition in less obvious places, too. Letters, journals, speeches, newspaper columns, diaries, meditations, and a fable (Rachel Carson’s introduction to Silent Spring) also find places in this room. Such unconventional documents challenge traditional notions of invention, arrangement, style, and delivery, and blur the boundaries between public and private discourse. Included, too, are writers whose voices have not been heard in any tradition. Ritchie and Ronald seek to “unsettle” as they expand the women’s rhetorical canon. Arranged chronologically, Available Means is designed as a classroom text that will allow students to hear women speaking to each other across centuries, and to see how women have added new places from which arguments can be made. Each selection is accompanied by an extensive headnote, which sets the reading in context. The breadth of material will allow students to ask such questions as “How might we define women’s rhetoric? How have women used and subverted traditional rhetoric?” A topical index at the end of the book provides teachers a guide through the rhetorical riches. Available Means will be an invaluable text for rhetoric courses of all levels, as well as for women’s studies courses.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Year Book

Author : Hope College
ISBN : UOM:39015066594675
Genre :
File Size : 73.54 MB
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Alternative Rhetorics

Author : Laura Gray-Rosendale
ISBN : 0791449742
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 64.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Challenges the traditional rhetorical canon.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Brief Text Book Of Logic And Mental Philosophy

Author : Charles Coppens
ISBN : UCAL:$B286091
Genre : Logic
File Size : 80.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"These pages are a modest contribution towards the accomplishment of an important purpose. They are written in compliance with an earnest desire repeatedly expressed in the solemn utterances of our venerated Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII. "The more active," he says, "the enemies of religion are to teach the unlearned, the young especially, what clouds their intellect and corrupts their morals, the more should you exert yourselves to establish not only a well-adapted and solid method of instruction, but a method in perfect conformity with the Catholic faith, especially as regards Mental Philosophy, on which the right teaching of all the other sciences in a great measure depends- a Philosophy which shall prepare the way for Divine Revelation instead of aiming at its overthrow." Thus spoke the Holy Father in his Encyclical "Inscrutabili" at the opening of his Pontificate. What this Philosophy should be, he soon after explained in a special Encyclical "On the Higher Studies." It should be the Philosophy of the Schoolmen, the system founded upon the teachings of Aristotle, which was carried to its perfection by St. Thomas in the thirteenth century, and which has held its place in most of the Catholic Colleges and Universities to the present day. "Among the doctors of the Schools," he says, "St. Thomas stands forth by far the first and master of all ... To this we must add," the Encyclical continues, " that this Angelic Doctor extended the sphere of his philosophic conclusions and speculations to the very reasons and principles of things, opening out the widest field for study, and containing within themselves the germs of an infinity of truths, an exhaustless mine for future teachers to draw from at the proper time and with rich results. As he used the same intellectual process in refuting error, he succeeded in combating single-handed all the erroneous systems of past ages, and supplied victorious weapons to the champions of truth against the errors which are to crop up in succession to the end of time." Of this Philosophy there exist many excellent text-books in the Latin, but very few in the English tongue; the present little volume does not attempt to rival their perfection. Its aim is simply: to present to pupils unfamiliar with Latin a brief outline of a sound Philosophy conformable to the teachings of the Schoolmen. It was composed before the excellent Stonyhurst Series of English Manuals of Catholic Philosophy was published; but it is chiefly meant for a different purpose, viz.: for class use in Academies and similar institutions, for which that collection of Manuals is too voluminous, though invaluable as works of reference for professors and pupils. The author sincerely hopes that his modest efforts will contribute to the propagation of sound Philosophic learning"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved).
Category: Logic