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31 Day Food Revolution

Author : Ocean Robbins
ISBN : 9781538746240
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 47.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Heal your body, lose excess weight, and free yourself from toxic food with this simple guide focusing on sustainable food. 31-DAY FOOD REVOLUTION is your guide to liberation from a toxic food world. Author Ocean Robbins reveals the secrets the industrialized food industry doesn't want you to know, how specific ingredients and methods could be making you sick-and what to do about it. And he shows you how-in just 31 days-you can use the amazing power of delicious food to heal your gut, lose excess weight, and lower your risk for disease, all while contributing to a healthier planet. Ocean's plan includes 31 simple and affordable step-by-step actions that give you a road map to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food. He breaks it down into four parts: Detoxify: Get rid of the unhealthy foods and environmental factors making you sick. Nourish: Fuel your body with the healthy micronutrients you need to thrive. Gather: Build your community and surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Transform: YOU can be part of the solution. It's a lot easier to change the world than you imagine! You'll discover amazing secrets, such as how to stop food cravings, why nuts are one of the best snack foods, time-saving habits, and how to catch dangerous ingredients hiding in food labels. In his nonjudgmental and down-to-earth way, Ocean Robbins meets you wherever you are on your personal journey with food. Then, he provides you with tools that make it easy to eat less sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy animal products-and to happily enjoy whole plant foods, and more fair trade, local, organic, and otherwise consciously sourced fare. Ocean helps you make small improvements that lead to big results. If you want to feel better, enjoy your food more, and help sustain the planet, start reading this book today. In just 31 days you can change your health for the better. And your body will thank you for the rest of your life.
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The Food Revolution

Author : John Robbins
ISBN : 9781609252922
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 33.35 MB
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The Saving Power of the Plant-Based Diet A revolution in food-politics. When John Robbins released an early version of this book in 1987, he took the first steps in launching the food revolution. His viewpoint and insight on the harms of America’s eating habits was a wake-up call for many. By bringing to our attention fundamental issues in our eating habits, such as our dependence on animal products, Robbins provokes our awareness and promotes change. Making conscious food choices. It is obvious to us that what we eat affects our own bodies, but what we may not realize is that what we eat also affects our world. In fact, most of the foods that are bad for us (think: genetically modified products) also negatively impact our environment. By approaching our eating habits with intentionality, we benefit our own health and that of the world we live in. The value of a plant-based diet. Robbins’ arguments for a plant-based diet are compelling and backed by over 20 years of work focused on the subject of conscious eating. Through exposing the dangers in our factory farming system, Robbins makes a definitive case for solely plant-based eating. This timely read on healthy eating will enlighten those curious about plant-based diets and fortify the mindsets of the already converted. Read John Robbins’ book, The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World, and discover… • The negative effects your current eating habits could be having on you • A powerful case for plant-based eating • Wisdom from one of the most frequently cited books of the food-politics revolution If books such as We are the Weather, How Not to Die, 31-Day Food Revolution, or Fast Food Genocide have interested you, then The Food Revolution is the next book for you!
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End Dieting Hell

Author : Michelle Melendez
ISBN : 0578526980
Genre :
File Size : 59.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is not another diet and exercise book. It is a book that gets to the core of why you've struggled with weight for so long, and what to do about it. If you've been in dieting hell and you're ready to achieve the health and weight that you deserve, Michelle Melendez wrote this book for you! She will gently show you: ► The surprising cause of your lifetime struggle with weight ► Why your ego has kept you in this cycle - up until now ► Three insights that will bring you and your body peace ► How to boost your weight loss in a way that lasts ► Guided practices that you can implement immediately "Michelle reveals the emotional addiction behind years of yo-yo dieting - and how to end the cycle. It's credible, it's a pleasure to read, and most importantly, it's effective." Ocean Robbins, Best-selling Author, 31-Day Food Revolution and CEO, Food Revolution Network

The Urban Food Revolution

Author : Peter Ladner
ISBN : 9781550924886
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 89.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Planning cities as if food matters
Category: Architecture

Voices Of The Food Revolution

Author : Robbins, John
ISBN : 9781573246248
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 32.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Did you know that: More than 80% of the foods you eat in restaurants and buy at supermarkets contain genetically engineered ingredients, and that these ingredients have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions in people; sickness, sterility, and fatalities in livestock; and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals?If you don't count French fries, ketchup or pizza as vegetables, more than half of Americans eat no vegetables at all?Cows raised for meat are impacting our climate more than cars?It’s possible to be a positive food revolutionary without sounding like a self-righteous nag? Join John and Ocean Robbins for 21 intimate, game-changing conversations with some of the world’s leading “food revolutionaries”: scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, economists, activists, and nutritionists working on food issues today. Introduced and with commentary by John Robbins and his son Ocean, the book features luminaries such as: Dean Ornish, MD, on his years-in-the-making breakthrough with Medicare (his program for healing heart disease is now covered)Kathy Freston on making incremental, manageable changes to how we eatT. Colin Campbell, PhD, (author of the famed China Study) with the latest research on animal protein and human healthJoel Fuhrman, MD (author of the bestselling Eat to Live), on achieving excellent health through dietCaldwell Esselstyn, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic on wiping out heart disease by changing what we eatVandana Shiva, PhD, on GMOs and Big AgRory Freedman on how to stop eating misery and start looking fabulousRaj Patel on building a saner global food policy Each contributor discusses his or her work in depth, but together they make one rallying cry: for a healthy, sustainable, humane, and delicious revolution in how we and the world are fed. Over twenty-five years ago John Robbins started a revolution. This book is proof of how far we’ve come, a fascinating look behind the scenes of the multi-faceted food movement, and a call to join in the work of ensuring our health and food future.
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The Juice Lady S Living Foods Revolution

Author : Cherie Calbom
ISBN : 9781616384319
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 56.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Juice Lady’s Live Food Lifestyle builds on what Cherie Calbom’s recent book, The Juice Lady’s Turbo Juice Diet, started. Known around the country as “the Juice Lady,” nutrition expert Cherie Calbom explains the benefits of living foods (raw foods), based on new scientific research that shows that biophotons in plants carry light energy into our bodies, which helps our cells communicate with each other. Cooking food kills these biophotons and leaves the body craving the energy and nutrients it needs to function at a healthy, vibrant level. But you don’t have to switch your diet to a 100 percent raw foods diet. By simply adding more raw foods to your diet, you can increase your body’s intake of these beneficial nutrients. In addition to a 64-page, four-color recipe section, shopping lists, menu plans, and other practical advice, the author presents a living foods lifestyle plan for conquering adrenal fatigue (which some health organizations are calling “the new American epidemic”), busting candida (yeast infections), achieving weight loss, boosting your immune system, balancing your thyroid function, and more. Fight illness and slow the aging process in your body by starting the Juice Lady’s living foods lifestyle today!
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Sick To Fit

Author : Josh LaJaunie
ISBN : 1732979502
Genre : Physical fitness
File Size : 21.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you're overweight or obese...If you're constantly tired, bloated, constipated, achy, sluggish, depressed, or anxious...If you're diabetic or pre-diabetic...If your doctor keeps warning you about the risk of cancer, heart disease, or other lifestyle- reversible calamity...If you're constantly worried about your blood pressure, weight, insomnia, eating habits... But you still find it next to impossible to stick to a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan... Then you might be going about things the wrong way.Let's face it - despite a flood of information and advice, we're getting sicker and fatter all the time. That's because the vast majority of "conventional" advice is outdated, wrong-headed, and just plain ineffective.Within this storm of bad news and bad advice, there's a growing tribe of outliers who have managed to lose hundreds of pounds, reverse "impossible to cure" diseases, and even - to their own shock and delight - become fit and high-performing athletes.Their stories don't get a lot of media attention, because they aren't selling anything. No pills, powders, or potions. No expensive workout gadgets. No late night informercial magic formulas.They simply rediscovered some basic, natural truths about the human animal. What we're designed to eat. How we're designed to move. And how we're meant to think and feel.When we get away from our natural heritage, we suffer. When we return to it, we thrive.Read Sick To Fit to discover how Josh LaJaunie went from a 420-pound food addict to the cover of Runner's World magazine, as well as live appearances on Good Morning America and The Today Show.Discover the simple secrets for a healthy life that have transformed dozens of members of the Missing Chins Run Club and clients of WellStart Health from sick and sad to fit and fulfilled.In Sick To Fit, you'll learn: - the one food rule that banishes confusion, eliminates the need to count calories or restrict portion size, and makes you impervious to the marketing and clickbait BS perpetrated by the food industry- how to honor your culture and heritage without suffering from the diseases that are killing your people (coming from the Bayou of South Louisiana, Josh knows a thing or two about being a foodie)- how to use social and family pressure to get stronger and more committed- how to prevent self-sabotage after initial success- how to start exercising safely if you're overweight (by 20 or 200 pounds)- the four-question FAST Assessment (the "Swiss Army Knife" of sustainable behavior change)- how to master life's stressors so they don't turn into binges- how to never "fall off the wagon" again - even if you've failed at dozens of diets before- and much more...Written with behavioral health expert Howard Jacobson, PhD, Sick To Fit combines Josh's journey with cutting edge nutritional, exercise, neurological, and habit science.Sick To Fit is your roadmap to better health and a more joyful life."Sick To Fit is a captivating, inspiring and practical story of an epic transformation. And don't be deceived by how entertaining this page-turner of a book is. What you're about to have fun reading is scientifically proven, and it just might change your life."Ocean Robbins, Author, 31-Day Food Revolution CEO, Food Revolution Network http: //foodrevolution.org"A diet book with lots of information leaves you with lots of information. But a book that teaches you how to change your dietary and lifestyle habits - and do it in a way that is compelling, engaging, and eminently practical - a book like that can change your life."Sick to Fit takes everything that we know about what makes people change in business and life, and applies it to eating and lifestyle habits. I've read a tremendous number of books on diet, fitness, and health - and this one is the best."Peter Bregman, Author, Leading with Emotional Courage, CEO, Bregman Partners http: //peterbregman.com
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The Food Revolution

Author : Verner Wheelock
ISBN : WISC:89030573067
Genre : Agriculture
File Size : 43.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Agriculture

Slow Food Revolution

Author : Carlo Petrini
ISBN : UOM:39015066801989
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.77 MB
Format : PDF
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A history of the political and gastronomic movement dedicated to the promotion of natural, organic, and healthy ingredients describes its efforts to conserve natural biodiversity and protect fading agricultural practices that are threatened by mass consumerism, in a culinary odyssey that brings readers on a tour of some of the world's most esoteric food traditions.
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