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1916 The Easter Rising

Author : Tim Pat Coogan
ISBN : 9781474605083
Genre : History
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The Easter Rising began at 12 noon on 24 April, 1916 and lasted for six short but bloody days, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians, the destruction of many parts of Dublin and the true beginning of Irish independence. The 1916 Rising was born out of the Conservative and Unionist parties' illegal defiance of the democratically expressed wish of the Irish electorate for Home Rule; and of confusion, mishap and disorganisation, compounded by a split within the Volunteer leadership. Tim Pat Coogan introduces the major players, themes and outcomes of a drama that would profoundly affect twentieth-century Irish history. Not only is this the story of a turning point in Ireland's struggle for freedom, but also a testament to the men and women of courage and conviction who were prepared to give their lives for what they believed was right.
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Easter Rising 1916

Author : Seán Enright
ISBN : 9781908928559
Genre : History
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Scotland And The Easter Rising

Author : Willy Maley
ISBN : 9781910324790
Genre : History
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The story of the Rising is still being told, and in these pages the reader will find much to ponder, much to discuss, and much to disagree with. From the Introduction by Kirsty Lusk and Willy Maley On Easter Monday 1916, leaders of a rebellion against British rule over Ireland proclaimed the establishment of an Irish Republic. Lasting only six days before surrender to the British, this landmark event nevertheless laid the foundations for Ireland’s violent path to Independence. It is little known that James Connolly, one of the rebellion’s leaders, was born in Edinburgh’s Cowgate, at the time nicknamed ‘Little Ireland’, or that another key figure in the events of Easter 1916 was a young woman from Coatbridge, Margaret Skinnider. These and other surprising Scottish connections are explored in Scotland and the Easter Rising, as Kirsty Lusk and Willy Maley gather together a rich grouping of writers, journalists and academics to examine, for the first time, the Scottish dimension to the events of 1916 and its continued resonance in Scotland today. ALLAN ARMSTRONG • RICHARD BARLOW • IAN BELL • ALAN BISSETT • JOSEPH M. BRADLEY • RAY BURNETT • STUART CHRISTIE • HELEN CLARK • MARIA-DANIELLA DICK • DES DILLON • PETER GEOGHEGAN • PEARSE HUTCHINSON • SHAUN KAVANAGH • BILLY KAY • PHIL KELLY • AARON KELLY • JAMES KELMAN • KIRSTY LUSK • KEVIN MCKENNA • WILLY MALEY • NIALL O’GALLAGHER • ALISON O’MALLEY-YOUNGER • ALAN RIACH • KEVIN ROONEY • MICHAEL SHAW • IRVINE WELSH • OWEN DUDLEY EDWARDS Featuring a mix of memoir, essays, poetry and fiction this book provides a thought-provoking and necessary negotiation of historical and contemporary Irish-Scottish relations, and explores the Easter Rising’s intersections with other movements, from Women’s Suffrage to the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.
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Who S Afraid Of The Easter Rising 1916 2016

Author : James Heartfield
ISBN : 9781782798866
Genre : History
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One hundred years ago, Easter 1916, Irish revolutionaries rose against the British Empire proclaiming a Republic from the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin. The men and women of the Easter Rising were defeated by the overwhelming force of the British Army, in five days of intense fighting. Their leaders were executed. But the Easter Rising lit a fire that ended with the whole country turning against Westminster’s rule, and founding a nation. But today, the heirs to the Irish state are embarrassed about 1916. They are ashamed that their state owes its origins to a revolution. Along with academics and other commentators in the press and on television they dismiss the Rising as the work of violent fanatics, and the defeat of constitutional politics. Who’s Afraid of the Easter Rising? explains why today’s Dublin elite are recoiling from the origins of their state in a popular struggle. Where the critics paint the Rising as an armed conspiracy, we explain that it was in fact a revolt against war; not a militaristic upsurge, but the first challenge to the awful slaughter of the First World War. The Statesmen of Europe sacrificed millions upon the altar of war. Their recruiting sergeants in Ireland, Edward Carson and John Redmond sent 200,000 Irishmen into the slaughter and nearly 50,000 were killed. The Easter Rising drew a halt to British recruitment, and the blow to the Empire was the first crack in a growing revolt against the war, followed by the Russian Revolution in 1917, and the German revolution the following year – which ended the conflict. The Easter Rising was an inspiration to those who were challenging the Empires of Europe, from India to Vietnam, from New Zealand to Moscow; it was an inspiration to British activists like John Maclean and Sylvia Pankhurst; and it was an inspiration to the Irish men and women who rose up against British rule to free their nation.
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1916 The Easter Rising

Author : Owen Dudley Edwards
ISBN : UOM:39015010416397
Genre : History
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Easter Rising 1916

Author : Michael McNally
ISBN : 1846030676
Genre : History
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When the outbreak of World War I (1914-1918) delayed home rule for Ireland, a faction of Irish nationalists - the Irish Republican Brotherhood - decided to take direct action and infiltrated a number of other nationalist and militia outfits. On Easter Monday 1916, whilst armed men seized key points across Dublin, a rebellion was launched from the steps of the General Post Office (GPO) and Patrick Pearse proclaimed the existence of an Irish Republic and the establishment of a Provisional Government. The British response was a military one and martial law was declared throughout Ireland. Over the next five days they drove the rebels back in violent street fighting until the Provisional Government surrendered on April 29. Central Dublin was left in ruins. The leaders of the rising were tried by court martial: 15 of them were summarily executed and a further 3,500 'sympathizers' imprisoned. Although the majority of the Irish population was against the rebellion, the manner of its suppression began to turn their heads in favor of those who would call for independence from Britain 'at any cost.' Covering in detail this important milestone in the ongoing Anglo-Irish struggle, bestselling author Michael McNally thoroughly examines the politics and tactics employed, to provide a well-researched study of the roots and outcome of this conflict. Furthermore, the array of unique photographs depicting this calamitous event help to bring to life one of the key episodes that shaped Irish history.
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The Easter Rising 1916 Molly S Diary

Author : Patricia Murphy
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Easter 1916. The Great War rages in Europe with two hundred thousand Irishmen fighting in the British Army. But a small group of Irish nationalists refuse to fight for Britain and strike a blow for Irish freedom. Caught up in the action in Dublin, is twelve-year-old Molly O’Donovan. Her own family is plunged into danger on both sides of the conflict. Her father, a technical officer with the Post Office dodges the crossfire as he tries to restore the telegraph lines while her wayward brother runs messages for the rebels. Molly a trained First Aider, risks her own safety to help the wounded on both sides. As violence and looting erupts in the streets of Dublin alongside heroism and high ideals, Molly records it all. The Proclamation at the GPO, the battle of Mount Street, the arrival of the British Troops. But will Molly’s own family survive and will she be able to save her brother? This is her diary.
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Remembering 1916

Author : Richard S. Grayson
ISBN : 9781316565384
Genre : History
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The year 1916 witnessed two events that would profoundly shape both politics and commemoration in Ireland over the course of the following century. Although the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme were important historical events in their own right, their significance also lay in how they came to be understood as iconic moments in the emergence of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach drawing on history, politics, anthropology and cultural studies, this volume explores how the memory of these two foundational events has been constructed, mythologised and revised over the course of the past century. The aim is not merely to understand how the Rising and the Somme came to exert a central place in how the past is viewed in Ireland, but to explore wider questions about the relationship between history, commemoration and memory.
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Staging The Easter Rising

Author : James Moran
ISBN : UOM:39015063349396
Genre : Drama
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* An exciting new interpretation of 1916 as theatre and its later representation on the stage, with a particular focus on gender. "Both stylistically and conceptually, the author works in broad vivid strokes, ultimately producing a book that re-imagines familiar territory in an original and often unexpected way. This is a brave book, one that wades into the undergrowth of some of the bigger and more perilous jungles of Irish cultural debate: Yeats, Casement, the women of 1916, the Abbey and elitism, de Valera, revisionism." -- Christopher Morash This is the most original exploration of representations of the 1916 Rising since William Irwin Thompson's 1967 classic, The Imagination of an Insurrection. It offers new insights into the studied theatricality of the rising, in the context of plays by Pearse and MacDonagh and a rediscovered play of Connolly's Under Which Flag? The book argues that the Rising set out to proclaim sexual equality as well as political independence, but that, while the myth of 1916 became central to Irish political and cultural life, the rebels' radical ideas about gender were ignored. New readings and contexts are provided for O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars and for Yeats's The Dreaming of the Bones. The role of de Valera in the shaping of official commemoration is assessed, while the intervention of Shaw throws new light on the Casement controversy. Surveying representations of the Rising in more recent Irish theatre, especially since the 1966 commemoration, the author shows how gender issues have resurfaced.
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The Easter Rebellion

Author : Max Caulfield
ISBN : 9780717157211
Genre : History
File Size : 30.10 MB
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This is a scrupulously researched and superbly written account of the events of that fateful week. The narrative proceeds almost on an hour-by-hour basis building up a picture which, while immensely detailed, is none the less presented with the greatest clarity. First published in 1964, "The Easter Rebellion" quickly established itself as the outstanding narrative history of the 1916 Rising in Ireland. It provides an objective and exciting appraisal of what was perhaps the most decisive week in the making of modern Ireland. The story unfolds as a vivid and explosive drama, building up a picture which never loses its sense of narrative urgency. Most of all, the author was able to interview many of the surviving participants – something denied to all subsequent accounts of the Rising.
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