The Good Egg

Author : Marie Simmons
ISBN : 0618711945
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Sun - Dried Tomato Stuffed Eggs Sun - dried tomatoes have a very concentrated tomato flavor and are generally used sparingly , but I like their intensity in these stuffed eggs . I prefer the tomatoes packed in olive you can use the dry ...
Genre: Cooking

How To Use The Yoni Egg For Sensual Healing

Author : Grace Diaz
ISBN : 9781524592714
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Inhale the sun through your third eye; the egg will naturally guide the energy into your third eye through its tip. Many women like to simply leave their Yoni Eggs charging on a windowsill under the full moon or sun.
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Baba Yaga Laid An Egg

Author : Dubravka Ugresic
ISBN : 9780802197634
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In Peruvian myths, the Creator begs the Sun to make people and populate the world with them. The Sun throws three eggs down to the earth: the higher estates are born from the golden egg, their wives come out of the silver one and the ...
Genre: Fiction

The Magic Egg And Other Tales From Ukraine

Author : Barbara J. Suwyn
ISBN : 9781563084256
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... Joseph, xxx, xxxi "The Stolen Postoly and the Boiled Eggs," xv, 67-70 "The Stranger," xxvi, 153-62 Sun "The Sun, ... 51-52 "The Sun, the Frost, and the Wind," xxvi, 51-52 Tfl r£ss "The Magic Egg," xvi, 185-99 Tatar nomads, ...
Genre: Education

Eggs For The Ageless

Author : Kyle A. Massa
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Don't you realize the effort it took to move the sun?” “Yes,” said Infinity. ... Through great daring and panache, I rode the sun.” “We know,” War repeated, rolling his metal eyeballs. But Egg had to admit, she was enthralled.
Genre: Fiction

Lumberjanes The Good Egg Lumberjanes 3

Author : Mariko Tamaki
ISBN : 9781683354000
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In the sun, the egg looked like a magical glittery orb, which cast a golden glow on Ripley's smiling face. “It's Eggie!” Ripley cried, holding up her arms. “It must have rolled out of the hole in the nest somehow,” Barney mused.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Deviled Eggs

Author : Debbie Moose
ISBN : 9781558324336
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bella tuscany I love sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil—I eat them right out of the jar. ... 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon drained and chopped oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes 6 hard-cooked eggs, peeled, cut in half, and yolks mashed in ...
Genre: Cooking

The Egg Trail

Author : Claudine Bigelow
ISBN : 9781463475024
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Zoey, on Zandar chicks do not lay eggs. They plant seedlings. The seedlings grow into trees, with leaves the color of the rainbow. At adulthood, the trees are filled with eggs. As the days go by, each egg is enriched by the sun, ...
Genre: Fiction

Black Eggs

Author : Sadako Kurihara
ISBN : 9780472038169
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BASKING IN THE SUN 59 BLACK EGGS When Diogenes told the emperor , " Don't stand there - you're blocking the sun , " the sun may well have been just as gentle , warm , and bright as it is today . Alexander , clothed in gorgeous imperial ...


Author : Jerry Spinelli
ISBN : 9781408315484
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He whirled to the sun-washed hilltop, thrust the egg high – and then the sun was gone, blotted by the bulk of a big kid. “Where'd you get it?” the kid said. David pointed. “There.” The kid nodded. “That's what I thought. It's mine.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction