The Blue Touch Paper

Author : David Hare
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A Memoir David Hare. DAVID HARE The Blue Touch Paper - - A MEMOIR "Frank, moving and beguiling. Joan Didion DAVID HARE The Blue Touch Paper A Memoir. Front Cover.
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

An Asperger Dictionary Of Everyday Expressions

Author : Ian Stuart-Hamilton
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Blue sky research Research directed at newareas of study without consideration of possible commercial benefits.* Blue streak See talk a blue streak. Blue touch-paper See light the blue touch- paper. Blue yonder See wide blue yonder.
Genre: Family & Relationships

Inflamed Invisible

Author : David Toop
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You could buy blue touch paper in half imperial sheets, which meant you could do things with it. Like you could stick it together and get a really large figure; and he used to draw with gunpowder, you know, glue and gunpowder, ...
Genre: Music

A Miracle At Prairie Avenue

Author : Pastor Stephen Kyeyune
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Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” Hawking writes------It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.
Genre: Reference

Habakkuk A Prophecy For Our Time

Author : Victor Robert Farrell
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Night-Whisper | CONSIDER Lighting the blue touch paper being part two. performed I imagine in three a solitary major Temple parts and singer this standing being the and beginning powerfully or proclaiming the words: “God came from Teman ...
Genre: Religion

Out Of The Blue

Author : Gary Thacker
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Spinning away, Drogba celebrated, lighting the 'blue touch paper' of the game. On the bench, Villas-Boas allowed himself a quiet smile of satisfaction. There was plenty of time to go, and lots of things could still go awry, ...
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Pyrotechnics

Author : K.L. Kosanke
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It is possible that an additional external covering of pasted tissue paper was applied to the torpedoes for added physical ... TOUCH PAPER – (Also blue touch paper) – Paper that has been impregnated with potassium nitrate such that it ...

Knapworth At War

Author : Timothy Finn
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'It says “Light the blue touch paper and retire”,' Arnold answered. 'Reckon that's good advice, Arnold. You can retire any time you like. Only do us a favour and light the blue touch paper while you're making up your mind.
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Left To Right

Author : David Crow
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A New Typography / Light the Blue Touch Paper and Stand Well Back Light the Blue Touch Paper and Stand Well Back By the early 1990s the new technology was already being used to design fonts and format them for immediate use by others.
Genre: Art

The Oxford Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable

Author : Elizabeth Knowles
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See also touch the NELSON touch, WOOD. touchpaper a strip of paper impregnated with nitre, for setting light to fireworks or gunpowder. light the blue touchpaper and retire immediately traditional instruction for lighting fireworks.
Genre: Reference