Python Programming

Python Programming

Written by: Clive Campbell

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  • Publish Date: 2019-08-17
  • ISBN-10: 1686920296
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Book Summary

★★Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE★★ Python programming: the ultimate guide from a beginner to expert is the right book for the reader that is new to python programming and at the same time wants to learn all the necessary tools to use python in a professional and effective way. The most exciting parts of the book are: Basics of Python Programming Language Types of Variables Methods/Functions in Python Flow Control in Python Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization Applications of Machine Learning Inheritance and Polymorphism Special Functions/Methods Exception Handling Amongst many other python programming books this one stands out for several reasons. Readers will find this Book unique because: - It uses simple English that both a native and non-native English speaker will find easy to read and understand. - The examples and work to do are presented completely throughout. There are no assumptions that you are aware of the basics. - It provides brief notes including observations in each chapter. - The exercises and examples given do not overwhelm you. The aim is to help you navigate through the features of Python as opposed to testing you. The decision to emphasize the first three chapters which other writers lump into one chapter is to enable you get a firm grounding on the fundamentals of programming. The reason for splitting the introductory content into three chapters is to ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed with a long introductory chapter! The Chapters are also presented systematically to ensure that the learner is systematically developing his or her skill set. The Book is like a fusion of a Python manual, instructor view, and student view of how to teach programming. Against this backdrop, you will find this Book an invaluable tool for starting and mastering programming in Python. Python is a powerful tool for the future, object oriented and the preferred code for machine learning, therefore if you are interested in entering into this exciting new world scroll up, add to cart and buy the book now

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