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Disclosure 101

Author : David Everett Robinson
ISBN : 1500352012
Genre : Civil rights
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The American Republic: The United States of America (major) = the united States of America = uSA = 50 States joined in perpetual Union by the Articles of Confederation via the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine = organic geographically described states = living inhabitants = American Nationals = john-quincy: doe or John Quincy of the Family Doe = names of living people = heirs; beneficiaries; entitlement holders; priority creditors = private sector = Law of the Land = The Constitution for the united States of America = The United States of America in Congress Assembled = congress of the United States of America = unincorporated Trust Management Company doing business as The United States = Body Politic = senate = house of representatives = civil government = full commercial liability = sovereign nation = American Nationals = Natural and Unalienable rights = U.S. Trust = American Common Law = U.S. dollar = Public Laws = Full Enactment Clauses = State Governors; as in -Maine State Governor-.
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Miscellaneous Writings Featuring Anna Von Reitz

Author : Anna Reitz
ISBN : 1544623917
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The Miscellaneous writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from the Maine Republic Email Alert news blog at regarding her book entitled "You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" found at http: //

They Own It All Including You

Author : Ronald MacDonald
ISBN : 9781622872695
Genre : Business & Economics
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Presented is the factual evidence that demonstrates the overthrow of world governments, and the ruination of liberties and property ownership's of the People globally. ""They Own It All Including You"" will reveal an unimaginable and hidden crime that is almost impossible to view without the information found within this book.
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Fruit From A Poisonous Tree

Author : Melvin Stamper Jd
ISBN : 9780595524969
Genre : Law
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"This book is a veritable powerhouse that shatters, in one instant, the wall of lies and deceit that took decades to build upon our impressionable minds. Stamper's ability to explain complex legal and political information in a comprehensive yet concise manner is without equal. Like a master sculptor he has chipped away the 'Words of Art and Deception' to reveal the inescapable and undeniable Truth. This book has single-handedly bared the cleverly crafted schemes of a Power-lusting Elite." ~ Paul Nash, DC, ND, CCN, ACU, Holistic Medicine, Minneapolis "If only a portion of what this researcher has discovered is verifiable, we as a nation of free people must hang our heads in shame. The future generations will not forgive us or forget the terrible injustice we have let befall them." ~ Fred Diaulas, Professor of Ethics, University of North Florida "In 1954 I began my legal practice as an assistant district attorney in the city of Miami. We switched from common law pleading to statutory pleading and no one asked why. Now I know the answer, and it depresses me to no end." ~ Ralph G. Mitchell, JD, Attorney at Law, St. Augustine, Florida.
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Textbook On Trusts

Author : Paul Todd
ISBN : 0199260737
Genre : Trusts and trustees
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This new edition of this comprehensive text has been substantially updated in the light of developments since the last edition. The main changes include treatment of Trustee legislation enacted in 1999 and 2000, the state of play in the dynamic area of tracing, and constructive trusteeship and restitution. Containing extensive reference to contemporary views, this book contextualizes the major issues influencing and informing the subject's development and direction. It also has suggestions for further reading that encourage students to engage effectively with the most up-to-date literature on the subject.
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Excellence Of The Common Law

Author : Brent Allan Winters
ISBN : OCLC:971622509
Genre : Christianity and law
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As It Is The Truth

Author : David E. Robinson
ISBN : 153686305X
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Blogtalk Radio In CommerceRadio Show Episode 12July 20th, 2016Welcome to Everyone. And we have some very exciting guests today. This is Tom Sensarmont, your host, and we have today Anna von Reitz and Royal Solomon and all kinds of exciting topics and people and ideas, good fortune and wisdom and blessings to share with you today.The testimony of Guest Speaker Judge Anna von Reitz begins at minute 47:54.

Code Breaker The 83 Equation

Author : David R. Myrland
ISBN : 9781483534800
Genre : Law
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This manual focuses on Tax Code § 83 which remains unknown to the accounting industry, the legal profession, and IRS personnel. HOWEVER, the courts say that § 83 is universally applicable and fundamentally governing: US Tax Court: “The amount taxable as ordinary income was the lesser of the fair market value of the stock ... over the individual’s cost of the stock. ...the language of the section [Tax Code § 83] covers the transfer of any property transferred in connection with the performance of services... The legislative history makes clear that Congress was aware that the Statute’s coverage extended beyond restricted stock plans for employees.” (See Cohn v. Comm’r of IRS, 73 USTC 443, 446 (1979)). Fifth Circuit: “Section 83(a) explains how property received in exchange for services is taxed.” (See Montelepre Systemed, Inc. v. Comm’r of IRS, 956 F.2d 496, 498 (CA5 1992)). Second Circuit: “At the heart of this case is I.R.C. § 83 [Tax Code § 83], which governs the taxation of property transferred in connection with the performance of services.” (See Gudmundsson v. US, 634 F.3d 212 (CA2 2011)). This manual is the first and last word on the meaning and operation of the statute that determines whether Americans owe an income tax on their hard earned pay. When you observe how this interpretation comes together you’ll quickly come to understand why the IRS refuses to indulge any and all inquiries as to how Tax Code § 83 operated in any determination of income tax liability.
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