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Yiddish Civilisation

Author : Paul Kriwaczek
ISBN : 9781780221410
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A portrait of a civilisation which flourished within living memory and left an indelible mark on history In the 13th century Yiddish language and culture began to spread from the Rhineland and Bavaria slowly east into Austria, Bohemia and Moravia, then to Poland and Lithuania and finally to western Russia and the Ukraine, becoming steadily less German and more Slav in the process. In its late-medieval heyday the culturally vibrant, economically successful, intellectually adventurous and largely self-ruling Yiddish society stretched from Riga on the Baltic down to Odessa on the Black Sea. In the 1650s the Chmielnicki Massacres in the Ukraine by the Cossacks killed 100,000 Jews, forcing those that were left to spread out into the small towns (shtetls) and villages. The break-up of Poland-Lithuania - a safe haven for Jews in previous centuries - in the late 18th century further disrupted Yiddish society, as did the Russian anti-Jewish pogroms from the 1880s onwards, at the very time when Yiddish was producing a rich stream of plays, poems and novels. Paul Kriwaczek describes the development, over the centuries, of Yiddish language, religion, occupations and social life, art, music and literature. The book ends by describing how the Yiddish way of life became one of the foundation stones of modern American, and therefore of world, culture.
Category: History

Jews In Eastern Europe

Author : Waldemar Szczerbiński
ISBN : 9781443887786
Genre : Social Science
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The problem of being a stranger is present in every culture. In this context, “the Jewish question” is often discussed, since the Jews have been present in other nations for centuries, constituting the social and cultural minority and being almost always perceived as strangers. This volume presents a detailed analysis of Jewish self-perceptions and attitudes, often very complex, towards other societies and communities living in the same lands. The contributors to this book explore the lengthy discussions between both the supporters and adversaries of assimilation within the Jewish environment and also between the assimilated Jews and non-Jews, which often further complicate this issue. As the authors show here, the “methods of assimilation” of eastern European Jews were not straightforward, but were rather often rather complicated and rough. Many Jewish people were trying to find the best solution to their own, “Jewish question”, and adapt themselves reasonably to the gentile environment and to the changing realities of the world in which they had to exist, regardless of their will, or in which they freely chose to live having made autonomic and personal decisions. As such, this volume explores Jewish assimilation issues from a wide and multifaceted perspective.
Category: Social Science

The Vanishing American Jew

Author : Alan M. Dershowitz
ISBN : 9780446930505
Genre : Religion
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In this urgent book, Alan M. Dershowitz shows why American Jews are in danger of disappearing - and what must be done now to create a renewed sense of Jewish identity for the next century. In previous times, the threats to Jewish survival were external - the virulent consequences of anti-Semitism. Now, however, in late-twentieth-century America, the danger has shifted. Jews today are more secure, more accepted, more assimilated, and more successful than ever before. They've dived into the melting pot - and they've achieved the American Dream. And that, according to Dershowitz, is precisely the problem. More than 50 percent of Jews will marry non-Jews, and their children will most often be raised as non-Jews. Which means, in the view of Dershowitz, that American Jews will vanish as a distinct cultural group sometime in the next century - unless they act now. Speaking to concerned Jews everywhere, Dershowitz calls for a new Jewish identity that focuses on the positive - the 3,500-year-old legacy of Jewish culture, values, and traditions. Dershowitz shows how this new Jewish identity can compete in America's open environment of opportunity and choice - and offers concrete proposals on how to instill it in the younger generation.
Category: Religion

Yiddish And Power

Author : D. Katz
ISBN : 9781137475756
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Yiddish and Power surveys the social, linguistic and intellectual history of the Yiddish language within the traditional civilisation of Jewish Ashkenaz in central, and then in eastern Europe, and its interaction with the surrounding non-Jewish culture. It explores the various ways in which Yiddish has empowered masses and served political agendas.
Category: Social Science

Jewish Renaissance

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131531670
Genre : Jews
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Category: Jews

J Dische Kultur En Im Neuen Europa

Author : Marina Dmitrieva
ISBN : 3447050195
Genre : History
File Size : 89.50 MB
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Der aus einer internationalen Tagung des Forschungsprojektes "Visuelle und historische Kulturen Ostmitteleuropas seit 1918" am Geisteswissenschaftlichen Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas (Leipzig) hervorgegangene Band widmet sich in einer interdisziplinarkulturwissenschaftlichen Perspektive den unterschiedlichen Facetten judischer Kultur(en) im ostlichen Europa der Zwischenkriegszeit. Am Beispiel Wilnas wird untersucht, welche Modelle des "Jude-Seins" im Spannungsfeld widerstreitender nationaler Identitatskonstruktionen der verschiedenen stadtischen Bevolkerungsgruppen entworfen und wie sie vermittelt wurden. Um einer ethnozentrischen Sichtweise zu entgehen und einen integrativen Zugang zum Thema zu ermoglichen, werden neben den judischen Entwurfen auch diejenigen von Litauern und Polen in den Blick genommen. Das Spektrum der untersuchten Bereiche erstreckt sich von der Fotografie und der bildenden Kunst uber die Literatur und Publizistik bis hin zu wissenschaftlichen Diskursen in Linguistik und Geschichtsschreibung.
Category: History

Science And Religion Around The World

Author : John Hedley Brooke
ISBN : 9780199793204
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The past quarter-century has seen an explosion of interest in the history of science and religion. But all too often the scholars writing it have focused their attention almost exclusively on the Christian experience, with only passing reference to other traditions of both science and faith. At a time when religious ignorance and misunderstanding have lethal consequences, such provincialism must be avoided and, in this pioneering effort to explore the historical relations of what we now call "science" and "religion," the authors go beyond the Abrahamic traditions to examine the way nature has been understood and manipulated in regions as diverse as ancient China, India, and sub-Saharan Africa. Science and Religion around the World also provides authoritative discussions of science in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam -- as well as an exploration of the relationship between science and the loss of religious beliefs. The narratives included in this book demonstrate the value of plural perspectives and of the importance of location for the construction and perception of science-religion relations.
Category: Religion

The Palgrave Dictionary Of Anglo Jewish History

Author : W. Rubinstein
ISBN : 9780230304666
Genre : History
File Size : 64.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This authoritative and comprehensive guide to key people and events in Anglo-Jewish history stretches from Cromwell's re-admittance of the Jews in 1656 to the present day and contains nearly 3000 entries, the vast majority of which are not featured in any other sources.
Category: History

After Genocide

Author : Sue Lieberman
ISBN : 9781781814659
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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2015 will be the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War Two, and, for Jews, the seventieth anniversary of the end of the worst Jewish catastrophe in diaspora history. After Genocide considers how, more than two generations since the war, the events of the Holocaust continue to haunt Jewish people and the worldwide Jewish population, even where there was no immediate family connection. Drawing from interviews with "ordinary" Jews from across the age spectrum, After Genocide focusses on the complex psychological legacy of the Holocaust. Is it, as many think, a "collective trauma"? How is a community detached in space and time traumatised by an event which neither they nor their immediate ancestors experienced?"Ordinary" Jews' own words bring to life a narrative which looks at how commonly-recognised attributes of trauma - loss, anger, fear, guilt, shame - are integral to Jewish reactions to the Holocaust. Two chapters consider how these painful feelings shape two central questions: how the Jewish diaspora relates to Israel; and how a community traumatised however indirectly might free itself from the burden of a heavy past.After Genocide opens up a neglected dimension of the post-Holocaust legacy. Written for both lay and professional audiences, Jewish and wider, readers will see powerful feelings reflected and explored in ways which are moving and thought-provoking. In addressing the question of collective trauma, it will speak to other peoples with comparable histories. It is a book which many will want to read.
Category: Psychology


Author : Abba Solomon Eban
ISBN : 9780671441036
Genre : History
File Size : 25.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the birth of Jewish history to the rebirth of the State of Israel, the author, the former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and the U.N., traces four thousand years of Jewish experience
Category: History