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Yemen Chronicle

Author : Steven C. Caton
ISBN : 9781466807730
Genre : History
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A report like no other from the heart of the Arab Middle East In 1979, Steven C. Caton went to a remote area of Yemen to do fieldwork on the famous oral poetry of its tribes. The recent hostage crisis in Iran made life perilous for a young American in the Middle East; worse, he was soon embroiled in a dangerous local conflict. Yemen Chronicle is Caton's touchingly candid acount of the extraordinary events that ensued. One day a neighboring sheikh came angrily to the sanctuary village where Caton lived, claiming that a man there had abducted his daughter and another girl. This was cause for war, and even though the culprit was captured and mediation efforts launched, tribal hostilities simmered for months. A man who was helping to resolve the dispute befriended Caton, showing him how the poems recited by the belligerents were connected to larger Arab conflicts and giving him refuge when the sanctuary was attacked. Then, unexpectedly, Caton himself was arrested and jailed for being an American spy. It was 2001 before Caton could return toYemen to untangle the story of why he had been imprisoned and what had happened to the missing girls. Placing his contradictory experiences in their full context, Yemen Chronicle is not only an invaluable assessment of classical ethnographic procedures but also a profound meditation on the political, cultural, and sexual components of modern Arab culture.
Category: History

A Companion To The Anthropology Of The Middle East

Author : Soraya Altorki
ISBN : 9781118475614
File Size : 36.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East presents a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions in anthropological research and activism in the modern Middle East. Featuring contributions from a wide range of distinguished contemporary scholars of Middle East anthropology, chapters encompass the entire breadth of the region’s cultural, social, political, and religious diversity. Numerous issues covering various aspects of Middle Eastern anthropological concerns are addressed—topics drawn from religion, the arts, language, and politics to political economy, the law, human rights, multiculturalism, and globalization. Within each topic explored, individual authors focus on the most pressing methodological and theoretical concerns raised by contemporary scholars, along with key conceptual breakthroughs, gaps in the literature, and fruitful areas for further research. Timely and thought-provoking, A Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East is an invaluable resource for anthropologists and other social scientists seeking a better understanding of the complex relationship between the East and West in our new global environments.

Regionalism And Rebellion In Yemen

Author : Stephen W. Day
ISBN : 9781107022157
Genre : History
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Based on years of in-depth field research, this book unravels the complexities of the Yemeni state and its domestic politics with a particular focus on the post-1990 years. The central thesis is that Yemen continues to suffer from regional fragmentation which has endured for centuries. En route the book discusses the rise of President Salih, his tribal and family connections, Yemen's civil war in 1994, the war's consequences later in the decade, the spread of radical movements after the US military response to 9/11 and finally developments leading to the historic events of 2011. This book sets a new standard for scholarship on Yemeni politics and it is essential reading for anyone interested in the modern Middle East, the 2011 Arab revolts and twenty-first-century Islamic politics.
Category: History

A Companion To Moral Anthropology

Author : Didier Fassin
ISBN : 9781118290583
Genre : Social Science
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A Companion to Moral Anthropology is the first collective consideration of the anthropological dimensions of morals, morality, and ethics. Original essays by international experts explore the various currents, approaches, and issues in this important new discipline, examining topics such as the ethnography of moralities, the study of moral subjectivities, and the exploration of moral economies. Investigates the central legacies of moral anthropology, the formation of moral facts and values, the context of local moralities, and the frontiers between moralities, politics, humanitarianism Features contributions from pioneers in the field of moral anthropology, as well as international experts in related fields such as moral philosophy, moral psychology, evolutionary biology and neuroethics
Category: Social Science

The Thistle And The Drone

Author : Akbar Ahmed
ISBN : 9780815723790
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.45 MB
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In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the United States declared war on terrorism. More than ten years later, the results are decidedly mixed. Here world-renowned author, diplomat, and scholar Akbar Ahmed reveals an important yet largely ignored result of this war: in many nations it has exacerbated the already broken relationship between central governments and the largely rural Muslim tribal societies on the peripheries of both Muslim and non-Muslim nations. The center and the periphery are engaged in a mutually destructive civil war across the globe, a conflict that has been intensified by the war on terror. Conflicts between governments and tribal societies predate the war on terror in many regions, from South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, pitting those in the centers of power against those who live in the outlying provinces. Akbar Ahmed's unique study demonstrates that this conflict between the center and the periphery has entered a new and dangerous stage with U.S. involvement after 9/11 and the deployment of drones, in the hunt for al Qaeda, threatening the very existence of many tribal societies. American firepower and its vast anti-terror network have turned the war on terror into a global war on tribal Islam. And too often the victims are innocent children at school, women in their homes, workers simply trying to earn a living, and worshipers in their mosques. Battered by military attacks or drone strikes one day and suicide bombers the next, the tribes bemoan, "Every day is like 9/11 for us." In The Thistle and the Drone, the third volume in Ahmed's groundbreaking trilogy examining relations between America and the Muslim world, the author draws on forty case studies representing the global span of Islam to demonstrate how the U.S. has become involved directly or indirectly in each of these societies. The study provides the social and historical context necessary to understand how both central governments and tribal societies have become embroiled in America's war. Beginning with Waziristan and expanding to societies in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere, Ahmed offers a fresh approach to the conflicts studied and presents an unprecedented paradigm for understanding and winning the war on terror. The Thistle and the Drone was the 2013 Foreword Reviews Gold winner for Political Science.
Category: Political Science

Yemen Update

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000111174896
Genre : Yemen
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Category: Yemen

Author : نوال السعداوي
ISBN : 9789776644304
Genre :
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«اضطهادُ المرأةِ لا يَرجعُ إلى الشرقِ أو الغربِ أو الإسلامِ أو الأديان، ولكنَّه يَرجعُ أساسًا إلى النُّظمِ الأبويةِ في المجتمعِ البَشريِّ كلِّه.» جسَّدتْ مُعاناةُ المرأةِ العربيةِ ضدَّ القِيَمِ والعاداتِ والتقاليدِ الموروثة، بالإضافةِ إلى الفَهمِ الخاطئِ للدِّين، مَلْحمةً كبيرةً امتدَّتْ لعُصورٍ طويلة، ولم تكُنْ تلكَ المُعاناةُ حصادَ رافدٍ واحدٍ من تلكَ الرَّوافد، بل انحدرَتْ منها جميعًا. ولم تكُنْ للشرقِ أو الغربِ يدٌ فيما وصلَتْ له حالُ المرأة، وبالتبعيةِ لم تكُنْ للدينِ المسيحيِّ أو الإسلاميِّ مُشارَكةٌ في اضطهادِها، غيرَ أنَّ هذا كلَّه استُتْبِعَ بتأويلاتٍ تُراثيةٍ عالجَتْ مشكلاتِ المرأةِ بأشكالٍ عدةٍ خاطئة، أدَّتْ إلى ظُهورِ المَوروثاتِ الشعبيةِ التي تحُضُّ على العُنفِ ضدَّ المرأةِ وسَلْبِها حُقوقَها، ومَنْعِها من مُمارسةِ حياةٍ طبيعيةٍ كانَتْ في القديمِ حقًّا أصيلًا لها لا يُنازعُها فيه مُنازِع.

Author : حمودي، عبد الله
ISBN : 185516552X
Genre : Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages
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Category: Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages

Author : نوال السعداوي
ISBN : 6000181795
Genre :
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