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Woven Threads

Author : Maria Shaw
ISBN : 9781785700613
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 41.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Woven textiles are produced by nearly all human societies. This volume investigates evidence for patterned textiles (that is, textiles woven with elaborate designs) that were produced by two early Mediterranean civilizations: the Minoans of Crete and the Mycenaeans of mainland Greece, that prospered during the Aegean Bronze Age, c. 3000–1200 BC, contemporary with Pharaonic Egypt. Both could boast of specialists in textile production. Together with their wine, oil, and art, Minoan and Mycenaean textiles were much desired as trade goods. Artistic images of their fabrics preserved both in the Aegean and in other parts of the Mediterranean show elaborate patterns woven with rich decorative detail and color. Only a few small scraps of textiles survive but evidence for their production is abundant and frescoes supply detailed information about a wide variety of now-lost textile goods from luxurious costumes and beautifully patterned wall hangings and carpets, to more utilitarian decorated fabrics. A review of surviving artistic and archaeological evidence indicates that textiles played essential practical and social roles in both Minoan and Mycenaean societies.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Woven Threads

Author : Judith Mccoy Miller
ISBN : 9781634096621
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.19 MB
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Knowing that God is directing her path, Tessie, armed with years of schooling has taken the position as physician for the Santa Fe Railroad in Florence, Kansas. Part of her longs to show her independence and strengh within her profession, while a deeper part longs to be loved and cared for. Tessie glows under the attention of Charlie Banion, the handsome and very capable operations manager for the railroad, but her interest is stirred by an intriguing English patient, Edward Buford, who may hold the key to restoring the hearing to Tessie's young patient and ward. Tessie must follow Edward to Chicago to learn about new ear sugery techniques, but her heart is in Florence. Where does God want her to be... and with whom will she weave the threads of her life?
Category: Fiction

Woven Threads

Author : George Gotardo Foletta
ISBN : 0959723609
Genre : Hosiery industry
File Size : 81.98 MB
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Category: Hosiery industry

Woven Threads Of Charles Liggan And George Admire And Related Lines

Author :
ISBN : LCCN:96061989
Genre : Missouri
File Size : 68.58 MB
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Charles Liggon or Legan was born in about 1765. He married Polly Admire, daughter of George Admire, 15 July 1789 in Woodruff County, Kentucky. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas.
Category: Missouri

Threads Of Love

Author : Judith Mccoy Miller
ISBN : 9781634097468
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rediscover this classic romance from bestselling author Judith Miller. Feeling unloved and unwanted after her mother dies, Delphinia leaves her childhood home in Illinois for a Kansas homestead to become a nanny and housekeeper for five orphans and their uncle. Only the threads of a precious quilt remain to tie Delphinia to the mother who taught her to trust in God. Will faith alone guide her to a steadfast man and lifelong love? Also included is a bonus historical romance following related characters.
Category: Fiction

The Woven Thread

Author : Todd Oliver Stewart
ISBN : 9781611879834
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 38.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Woven Thread is a poetic maze of vivid imagery and tone that takes the reader on a journey through all the elements that make us human. It inspires feelings of both hopelessness and hope; dread as well as tranquility. More importantly, the work shows us our lost state and man's need for salvation. This title is published by eLectio Publishing and is distributed worldwide by Untreed Reads.
Category: Poetry

The Woven Thread

Author : Claire Lorrimer
ISBN : 9781444751437
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jennifer Winfield goes to work as a residential secretary at the Manor House, where the elderly Lady Barclay is researching a book of the family history. Jenny intends the job to be merely a means of filling the time until her fiancé, Peter, returns from an assignment abroad. But although life is initially uneventful in the secluded Manor, it does not remain so for long... The unexpected arrival of Simon Barclay and a young American, Allan Howe, turn Jenny’s world upside down. Unprepared for the powerful attraction she feels for two very different men, Jenny’s emotions veer chaotically out of control. Now unable to face Peter, she breaks off their engagement... but knows there is no certainty that either Simon or Allan will want to take his place. Then, history seems to repeat itself as the Barclay ancestors merge with the present in an intriguing, disturbing and strangely romantic manner... but with sinister undertones that threaten tragedy.
Category: Fiction

Woven Threads

Author : Helen Lathbury
ISBN : 1976799880
Genre :
File Size : 89.66 MB
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"I ain't going to be a skivvy forever, mind. One day, I'll get back to my books." So declares Clara when, on the death of her father, she has to forego her ambition of becoming a school teacher and go into service. Her time spent in the home of an affluent family sets her life on a course she never anticipated. Though she is content with her life, she is determined that her eldest daughter, Catherine, will benefit from the education she herself was denied. Catherine resists, with unhappy consequences. It is Clara's Granddaughter, Annie, who freed from the constraints of male domination , is able to take advantages of the opening up of education to women in Edwardian England. Throughout the novel, Clara strives to act in the best interests of both her daughter and granddaughter, with mixed success.

Three Threads Woven

Author : Lucinda Stein
ISBN : 9781440157516
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Wenona Black Elk is woven from three threads Dakota Sioux, Navajo, and white. Her father trades his soul to keep the secret that he has created a child with a white woman. After asking his parents to raise Wenona, Joseph Black Elk is determined to never have anything to do with the baby again. As a child, a stable family life eludes Wenona. She is shuffled from her Dakota Sioux grandparents' windswept farm in South Dakota to her great aunt's ranch on the Navajo desert. Her unstable father drops into her life at rare moments, leaving as quickly as he arrives. But Wenona faces more challenges than trying to figure out where she belongs she is taunted by other children and called half-blood. Her childhood is not easy, and despite all she endures, Wenona becomes a young woman with hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, she finds herself in an ill-fated marriage and soon after, her father unleashes a devastating blow. Painted against the colorful backdrop of Dakota and Navajo culture, Wenona's journey carries her from prejudice to self-acceptance, forgiveness and the eventual realization that true family is found in the hidden depths of the heart. Three Thread Woven, was recently chosen as a 2010 Finalist in the WILLA literary award in the Contemporary Fiction division.
Category: Fiction

Woven From The Threads Of Abuse

Author : Ann Welly
ISBN : 9780595274468
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 69.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"In a society more aware of sexual abuse than ever before, we need to find the path to healing and reconciliation. This book is filled with wise guidance for that journey: gripping personal stories that invite reflection; deep prayers that stir the soul; solid spiritual exercises that lead to greater integrity. The authors, who demonstrate a great sense of compassion, have taken threads of grief and anger and woven them into a powerful invitation to new hope."Jim Bacik, Ph.D.Theologian, Pastor Corpus Christi University Parish Toledo, Ohio "The opportunity for spiritual growth abounds in the wake of crisis. This book confronts our present day institutional breakdowns with a process that seeks not to fix the problems but to transcend them. Using personal dialogue and inner reflection, the reader is led to interior depths where the Spirit heals and transforms. The result is a New Creation with a consciousness that is both feminine and masculine in equal balance." Joan Hauser, M.Div. Few in our society are untouched by abuse and the grief it holds. The Spirit is challenging us to look at ourselves, to delve more deeply into our stories and to share what we learn with others in a co-creative response.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit