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Women Workers In The First World War

Author : Gail Braybon
ISBN : 9780415622707
Genre : History
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Commentators writing soon after the outbreak of the First World War about the classic problems of women’s employment (low pay, lack of career structure, exclusion from "men’s jobs") frequently went on to say that the war had "changed all this", and that women’s position would never be the same again. This book looks at how and why women were employed, and in what ways society’s attitudes towards women workers did or did not change during the war. Contrary to the mythology of the war, which portrayed women as popular workers, rewarded with the vote for their splendid work, the author shows that most employers were extremely reluctant to take on women workers, and remained cynical about their performance. The book considers attitudes towards women’s work as held throughout society. It examines the prejudices of government, trade unions and employers, and considers society’s views about the kinds of work women should be doing, and their "wider role" as the "mothers of the race". First published in 1981, this is an important book for anyone interested in women’s history, or the social history of the twentieth century. Companion volumes, Women Workers in the Second World Warby Penny Summerfield, and Out of the Cage: Women's Experiences in Two World Warsby Gail Braybon and Penny Summerfield, are also published by Routledge.
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Women Workers In The Second World War

Author : Penny Summerfield
ISBN : 9781136247262
Genre : History
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The Second World War is often seen as a period of emancipation, because of the influx of women into paid work, and because the state took steps to relieve women of domestic work. This study challenges such a picture. The state approached the removal of women from the domestic sphere with extreme caution, in spite of the desperate need for women’s labour in war work. Women’s own preferences were frequently neglected or distorted in the search for a compromise between production and patriarchy. However, the enduring practices of paying women less and treating them as an inferior category of workers led to growth in the numbers and proportions of women employed after the war in many areas of work. Penny Summerfield concludes that the war accelerated the segregation of women in 'inferior' sectors of work, and inflated the expectation that working women would bear the double burden without a redistribution of responsibility for the domestic sphere between men, women and the state. First published in 1984, this is an important book for students of history, sociology and women’s studies at all levels.
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Give Us Bread But Give Us Roses

Author : Sarah Eisenstein
ISBN : 9781136245022
Genre : History
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Rooted in the printed sources of the period, this book reconstructs the attitudes of a pioneer generation of young women to the conflicts brought about by their new experience of employment outside their homes, and to changes in work and family relationships. In the 1890s and after the still prevalent Victorian conception of respectable womanhood excluded wage-earning women. Yet working-class women themselves did not acquiesce in this judgement, and Eisenstein’s exploration of Victorian ideas about women and work – using the contemporary middle-class literature of advice and prescription to this new workforce – makes a historical study which is a classic of its kind. The book was originally published in 1983.
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Out Of The Cage

Author : Gail Braybon
ISBN : 9781136247330
Genre : History
File Size : 38.10 MB
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Originally published in 1987, Out of the Cage brings vividly to life the experiences of working women from all social groups in the two World Wars. Telling a fascinating story, the authors emphasise what the women themselves have had to say, in diaries, memoirs, letters and recorded interviews about the call up, their personal reactions to war, their feelings about pay and the company at work, the effects of war on their health, their relations with men and their home lives; they speak too about how demobilisation affected them, and how they spent the years between two World Wars.
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M Tter Im Vaterland

Author : Claudia Koonz
ISBN : 3926023147
Genre : Families
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Das Werk widmet sich der Frage, wie Frauen dazu kamen, eine männliche, nationalsozialistische Politik zu unterstützen. Schwerpunkte bilden die Rolle protestantischer, katholischer und jüdischer Frauen sowie die Funktion der Geschlechtertrennung für die Kriegsökonomie und den Genozid. Darüber hinaus enthält die Publikation Gespräche mit der ehemaligen Reichsfrauenführerin Gertrud Scholtz-Klink und der Jüdin Jolana Roth, die im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau gefangen war.
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Die Frau Im 18 Jahrhundert

Author : Edmond de Goncourt
ISBN : PRNC:32101068994340
Genre : Eighteenth century
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Women And The First World War

Author : Susan R. Grayzel
ISBN : 9781317875772
Genre : History
File Size : 65.63 MB
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The First World War was the first modern, total war, one requiring the mobilisation of both civilians and combatants. Particularly in Europe, the main theatre of the conflict, this war demanded the active participation of both men and women. Women and the First World War provides an introduction to the experiences and contributions of women during this important turning point in history. In addition to exploring women’s relationship to the war in each of the main protagonist states, the book also looks at the wide-ranging effects of the war on women in Africa Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Topical in its approach, the book highlights: the heated public debates about women’s social, cultural and political roles that the war inspired their varied experiences of war women’s representation in propaganda their roles in peace movements and revolutionary activity that grew out of the war the consequences of the war for women in its immediate aftermath Containing a document section providing a wide range of sources from first-hand accounts, a Chronology and Glossary, Women and the First World War is an ideal text for students studying the First World War or the role of women in the twentieth century.
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Women Work And Protest

Author : Ruth Milkman
ISBN : 9781136247699
Genre : History
File Size : 24.61 MB
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As paid work becomes increasingly central in women’s lives, the history of their labor struggles assumes more and more importance. This volume represents the best of the new feminist scholarship in twentieth-century U.S. women’s labor history. Fourteen original essays illuminate the complex relationship between gender, consciousness and working-class activism, and deepen historical understanding of the contradictory legacy of trade unionism for women workers. The contributors take up a wide range of specific subjects, and write from diverse theoretical perspectives. Some of the essays are case studies of women’s participation in individual unions, organizing efforts, or strikes; others examine broader themes in women’s labor history, focusing on a specific time period; and still others explore the situation of particular categories of women workers over a longer time span. This collection extends the scope of current research and interpretation in women’s labor history, both conceptually and in terms of periodization – emphasis is placed on the post-World War I period where the literature is sparse. This book will be valuable for scholars, students and general readers alike.
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The Feminists

Author : Richard J. Evans
ISBN : 9780415629850
Genre : History
File Size : 32.17 MB
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Originally published in 1977, this book brings together what is known about liberal feminist and socialist movements for the emancipation of women all over the world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It deals not only with Britain and the United States but also with Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Scandinavian countries. The chapters trace the origins, development, and eventual collapse of these movements in relation to the changing social formations and political structures of Europe, America and Australasia in the era of bourgeois liberalism. The first part of the book discusses the origins of feminist movements and advances a model or ‘ideal type’ description of their development. The second part then takes a number of case studies of individual feminist movements to illustrate the main varieties of organised feminism and the differences from country to country. The third part looks at socialist women’s movements and includes a study of the Socialist Women’s International. A final part touches on the reason for the eclipse of women’s emancipation movements in the half-century following the end of the First World War, before a general conclusion pulls together some of the arguments advanced in earlier chapters and attempts a comparison between these feminist movements of 1840-1920 and the Women’s Liberation Movement.
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The Edwardian Woman

Author : Duncan Crow
ISBN : 0415752493
Genre : History
File Size : 74.75 MB
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Covering the period from the beginning of the twentieth century to the outbreak of the First World War, this entertaining account describes the lives of women in all classes of society: the entertainments they watched, the clothes they wore, their education and the effect it had on womene(tm)s magazines, the work they did and the rise of the e~officee(tm) as the Mecca for working women. The author also considers the changing attitudes to contraception and sex. This period, particularly its latter part, saw the rejection of old leaders and old habits. In politics, in the trade unions, and especially in the womene(tm)s movement, the refusal of a so-called reforming government to accede to moderate demands resulted in the rise to power of militants. While primarily about Britain the book also studies women in Germany, France and the United States, offering a particularly revealing account of the stories of women, famous and not, with a lucid, readable outline of the society in which they lived and the social changes that affected their lives and to which they themselves contributed.
Category: History