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Whose Freedom

Author : George Lakoff
ISBN : 142998970X
Genre : Political Science
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Since September 11, 2001, the Bush administration has relentlessly invoked the word "freedom." The United States can strike preemptively because "freedom is on the march." Social security should be privatized in order to protect individual freedoms. In the 2005 presidential inaugural speech, the words "freedom," "free," and "liberty" were used forty-nine times. "Freedom" is one of the most contested words in American political discourse, the keystone to the domestic and foreign policy battles that are racking this polarized nation. For many Democrats, it seems that President Bush's use of the word is meaningless and contradictory—deployed opportunistically to justify American military action abroad and the curtailing of civil liberties at home. But in Whose Freedom?, George Lakoff, an adviser to the Democratic party, shows that in fact the right has effected a devastatingly coherent and ideological redefinition of freedom. The conservative revolution has remade freedom in its own image and deployed it as a central weapon on the front lines of everything from the war on terror to the battles over religion in the classroom and abortion. In a deep and alarming analysis, Lakoff explains the mechanisms behind this hijacking of our most cherished political idea—and shows how progressives have not only failed to counter the right-wing attack on freedom but have failed to recognize its nature. Whose Freedom? argues forcefully what progressives must do to take back ground in this high-stakes war over the most central idea in American life.
Category: Political Science

Whose Freedom Security And Justice

Author : Anneliese Baldaccini
ISBN : 9781847313669
Genre : Law
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This book brings together contributions from some of the leading authorities in the field of EU immigration and asylum law to reflect upon developments since the Amsterdam Treaty and, particularly, the Tampere European Council in 1999. At Tampere, Heads of State and Government met to set guidelines for the implementation of the powers and competences introduced by the Amsterdam Treaty and make the development of the Union as an area of freedom, security and justice a reality. Since 1999, a substantial body of law and policy has developed, but the process has been lengthy and the results open to critique. This book presents a series of analyses of and reflections on the major legal instruments and policy themes, with the underlying question, to what extent the ideals held out of 'freedom, security and justice accessible to all', are in fact reflected in these legislative and policy developments. Has freedom from terrorism and the spectre of illegal or irregular migration, and increasingly strict border securitisation and surveillance overshadowed the freedom of the migrant to seek entry or residence for legitimate touristic, work, study, or family reasons, a secure refuge from persecution, and effective access to justice? In 2004, the Heads of State and Government presented a programme for the next stage of development in these areas, the Hague Programme, and the Directives and Regulations that have been agreed are now being transposed and applied in Member States legal systems. What are the main challenges in the years ahead as the Hague Programme and the existing legislative acquis are implemented?
Category: Law

Whose Freedom

Author : Sukumar Muralidharan
ISBN : 818291017X
Genre : Poor
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Category: Poor

Military Wives Whose Husbands Are Deployed During Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author : Veneisha Johnson
ISBN : 9781599426785
Genre :
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The focus of this study was to gain an understanding of six military wives experiences while their husbands were deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. There were three themes that were derived from the literature and they were explored with the six wives: communication, reintegration, and self-esteem. The analysis of the research was qualitative, utilizing a phenomenological approach, consisting of structured interviews for the participants whose husbands were deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. To analyze the data Giorgio s (1985) phenomenological approach was used. The structured interviews were used to explore and gain an understanding of how the three themes impacted the wives while their husbands were deployed. The results showed that all three themes impacted the wives while their husbands were deployed. Self-esteem was not necessarily impacted by role reversal, but it was an integral part of the deployment process and how the wives felt about themselves. All of the participants experienced some type of difficulty communicating with their spouse during the time of war. The obscurity continued after the deployment and many had to learn how to initiate a different type of communication skill. The second theme dealing with reintegration proved to also be difficult on all of the wives. They all expressed their happiness with the husband being home safe, but struggled with the role reversal. The wives also struggled with giving up some of their independence. The third theme proved that for many of the wives body image was very important. Also important for them was their jobs and the role that they played as mother. This research is important to the field of psychology, those within the military culture, and those interested in knowing more about the military community. This is vital in helping others understand the plight of the wife during the time when her husband is deployed. It will also assist in providing and reevaluating the way wives are treated and the programs that are offered to support them.

Whose Life Are You Living Discovering The Wisdom To Walk In Freedom

Author : Chidi Jacob
ISBN : 9780989387361
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.81 MB
Format : PDF
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In this book, you will learn: • How to gain freedom from imposed limitations and superficial customs. • How to locate your place of Relevance and to leave an enduring legacy. • How to identify and maximize your gifts and talents. • The fundamental truths about the Christian life
Category: Religion

Whose Freedom

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000118240765
Genre : African Americans
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Category: African Americans

The Contingent Nature Of Life

Author : Marcus Düwell
ISBN : 140206764X
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume explores the different dimensions of how the contingency of life, and especially human life, is relevant for ethical discussions and the normative frameworks in bioethics. It explores the relevance of the notion contingency, needs and desires for moral argumentation and bioethics. The volume discusses those notions in a philosophical perspective. Additionally, the volume is a contribution to a deeper reflection on basic philosophical assumptions of bioethics.
Category: Science

Kenya Uhuru

Author : University of Cape Town. International Labour Research and Information Group
ISBN : UCAL:B3803246
Genre : Kenya
File Size : 23.42 MB
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Category: Kenya

Foundations Of Freedom

Author : Simon R. Clarke
ISBN : 9780415622370
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 20.62 MB
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What makes individual freedom valuable? People have always believed in freedom, have sought it, and have sometimes fought and died for it. The belief that it is something to be valued is widespread. But does this belief have a rational foundation? This book examines answers to these questions that are based on the welfare of the person whose freedom is at stake. There are various conceptions of a worthwhile life, a life that is valuable for the person whose life it is. These conceptions will be examined to see whether they are plausible and what their connection, if any, is to freedom. Are they compelling foundations for freedom? Does freedom make a person’s life better or would his/her welfare be advanced by restricting freedom?
Category: Philosophy

Press Freedom In Africa

Author : Herman Wasserman
ISBN : 9781135716363
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.81 MB
Format : PDF
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This book gives an overview of current debates surrounding press freedom in Africa in response to ongoing contestations between media and governments on the continent. Through case studies of individual African countries as well as international comparisons, a wide range of global contributors provide critical assessments of the state of press freedom on the continent and critical perspectives on the dominant discourses around freedom and democracy. Some fear an alarming slide towards a media-intolerant environment in South Africa, and the proposed Media Appeals Tribunal and the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB) have met with strong criticism from journalism practitioners and educators. This book examines these and other recent developments seen to represent a threat to press freedom on the African continent. Contributors to the volume take a comparative look at the situation in South Africa within a broader, global context of transitions to democracy and globalised marketization of the media, as well as inspecting specific African examples that may serve to illuminate broader trends. Case studies from different African countries are examined, but in the process the discourses around press freedom are also subjected to critical scrutiny. Critics state that the South African media are not without fault, and that part of journalism scholarship’s role is to continue to point to these shortcomings and to suggest ways of improving the media’s democratic responsibility. Press Freedom in Africa provides a range of perspectives on the heated debates surrounding press freedom. It illustrates the importance of research-based, scholarly interventions into the often emotional and rhetorical debates surrounding the role of the media in African society. This book was originally published as a special issue of Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies.
Category: Social Science