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Who Is The King In America And Who Are The Counselors To The King

Author : William J. Federer
ISBN : 0989649121
Genre : History
File Size : 36.9 MB
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From the invention of writing c. 3,300 BC, the world has mostly been ruled by kings. Though called different names: Pharaohs, Chieftains, Emperors, Caesars, Sultans, Khans, Maharajas, Monarchs, & Dictators, they act the same. Power, like gravity, concentrates into the hand of one person who rewards friends and punishes enemies. Socialist & Communist countries, too, though professing equality, inevitably are run by dictators. The most powerful king on the planet was the King of England. When Americans got the chance, they set up a government as far from a king as possible. A "republic" is where the people are king ruling through representatives. The Constitution is essentially a collection of hurdles to prevent power from snapping back to a king. Where did founders get their ideas? England's Magna Carta; Roman Republic; Athenian Democracy; and ultimately, Ancient Israel. Israel's initial 400 years out of Egypt was the first well-recorded instance of a nation ruled without a king. Did this influence colonial pastors who founded New England? What is needed for a nation to function without a king? Is the God of Bible an integral part? What is the difference between a democracy and a republic. How do they rise & fall? Did political activists develop tactics to help them fall: Machiavelli, Robespierre, Hegel, Marx, & Alinsky? Are these tactics being used in America today? -Identify racial & class fault lines running through society. -Fan real or perceived injustices into flames, creating tension & unrest. -When domestic violence erupts, everyone is so desperate to have order restored they relinquish freedoms to the state. 45 countries fell to communist dictators this way. How is domestic unrest created? With agitators, labor organizers, community organizers, agent provocateurs. Political advisor David Axelrod explained in a NPR interview, April 19, 2010: "In Chicago, there was an old tradition of throwing a brick through your own campaign office window, and then calling a press conference to say that you've been attacked." Stalin stated: "Crisis alone permitted the authorities to demand - and obtain - total submission and all necessary sacrifices from its citizens." Discover keys to preserving America's republic!
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Author : Stephen King
ISBN : 9783641053987
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.48 MB
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Allein mit dem Bösen am einsamsten Ort der Welt Im Bergbaustädtchen Desperation ist das Gewebe zwischen den Welten dünn. Bergleute sind versehentlich in eine andere Dimension durchgebrochen und haben einen schrecklichen Dämon freigesetzt. Ein paar Urlauber auf der Durchreise landen im Gefängnis des kleinen Ortes mitten in der Wüste Nevadas: Desperation – das heißt Verzweiflung ... »Wieder beweist Stephen King, dass er der wichtigste Barometer unseres kulturellen Klimas ist: Seine Albträume sind unbarmherzig.« Publishers Weekly
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The King And His Counselors

Author : Ilán Adler
ISBN : 1462854419
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 71.52 MB
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Balance is lost throughout the kingdom when the whimsical King, overcome by impatience, decides to plant the wrong type of tree in the Royal Gardens, ignoring the cautious advice of his wisest counsellors. As havoc spreads across the land an absurd, and at times comical, battle unfolds where nature plays its part alongside humans and other beings. This deeply symbolic tale, to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, provides an allegory on the inner struggle of humankind. It is a reflection on how our lack of internal clarity has generated much of the chaos and environmental degradation we see in the world today. Based on an original story published in South America in 1998, this new bilingual edition presents some minor corrections to the Spanish version along with an excellent translation to English. Students will also find in it a valuable tool, alternating between both languages by simply flipping the book over.
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A History Of Evil In Popular Culture What Hannibal Lecter Stephen King And Vampires Reveal About America 2 Volumes

Author : Sharon Packer MD
ISBN : 9780313397714
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89.15 MB
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Evil isn't simply an abstract theological or philosophical talking point. In our society, the idea of evil feeds entertainment, manifests in all sorts of media, and is a root concept in our collective psyche. This accessible and appealing book examines what evil means to us. • Includes the insights of scholars from widely different academic fields to inspect evil from various points of view, giving readers a broader perspective on the topic • Compiles expert opinions from American, American expatriate, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern contributors • Covers the portrayal of evil in many different forms of media—film, television, music, art, video games, literature, poetry—as well as in politics, current events, and the legal arena
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Multicultural Counseling

Author : Aretha Faye Marbley
ISBN : 9781135909734
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the first book to explore the experiences of people of color in counseling from the perspective of individuals who are practicing counselors and were previously clients in counseling themselves. Marbley conducted a research study in which she interviewed eight individuals representing each of the major groups of color in the United States - African American, Asian and Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian – to obtain the stories of their experiences in their own words. These stories provide insight into the problems in and failures of counseling services provided to people of color. She quotes extensively from these interviews throughout the book, using the voices of the participants to highlight these shortcomings and personalize her discussion of the issues they have faced. A chapter is devoted to each of the groups of color, as well as one to counseling issues related to gender. These chapters provide an overview of the literature on the historical experiences of these groups in mental health and a discussion of the counselors’ experiences, and conclude with implications and recommendations for counseling and psychotherapy with these groups. Information from follow-up interviews conducted 12 years after the original ones are also provided to compare and contrast the participants’ responses to their earlier ones. Marbley concludes with a look at the need for a social justice movement within the mental health field in order to improve the experiences of and outcomes for people of color.
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King Kong Theorie

Author : Virginie Despentes
ISBN : 9783462319101
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.1 MB
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Die feministische Streitschrift von Virginie Despentes in neuer Übersetzung – so aktuell wie nie zuvor Gleich zu Beginn ihres autobiografischen Essays stellt Virginie Despentes klar, für wen sie schreibt: für die Unzufriedenen, die Ausgegrenzten, für die, die in keine Schublade passen. Ein wütendes Pamphlet gegen Männlichkeitswahn, das Opferdasein und die Beschränkung des Menschen auf Geschlechter- und Rollenklischees. Außerdem ein Plädoyer für das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung, das »Aus-der-Rolle-Fallen« und für ein – wenn nötig auch radikales – Eintreten für sich selbst. Schonungslos, drastisch, ehrlich. »Ein flammendes Plädoyer für das Unangepasstsein« SPIEGEL Online
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Judgment Days

Author : Nick Kotz
ISBN : 0618641831
Genre : History
File Size : 32.71 MB
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The first comprehensive account of the relationship between President Johnson and Martin Luther King uses FBI wiretaps, Johnson's taped telephone conversations, and previously undisclosed communications between the two to paint a fascinating portrait of this important relationship. Reprint.
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Athens Rome And England

Author : Matthew A Pauley
ISBN : 9781497675131
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.67 MB
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Uncovering the roots of the U.S. Constitution The U.S. Constitution influences nearly every aspect of our lives. But for all the fierce disputes about what the Constitution means, the historical foundations of America’s legal and political institutions pass almost unnoticed today. This is a glaring oversight, one that clouds our understanding of the Constitution and American law and politics in general. For the Constitution did not spring up suddenly in 1787. The framers were influenced at every turn by a tradition of constitutional development dating back to ancient times. Political scientist and legal scholar Matthew A. Pauley fills in the blanks in our understanding by chronicling the three most important influences on the American constitutional experience: ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and England. Pauley’s masterful historical survey sheds new light on our system of representative democracy, our court structure, and our traditions of law—civil and criminal, public and private. No student of law or government can afford to ignore this highly readable, deeply informative work. Athens, Rome, and England adds immeasurably to our appreciation and understanding of the roots of the American Constitution and our legal and political system.
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Die Chancen Unserer Kinder

Author : Paul Tough
ISBN : 9783608105896
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ein zentraler Aspekt von Toughs Untersuchung sind die Zukunftschancen von Kindern aus der unteren Skala der Gesellschaft. Wenn wir die richtigen Eigenschaften fördern, kann die soziale Schere geschlossen werden. Psychologen, Neurowissenschaftler und Ökonomen, die sich mit der Frage von Erfolg und Persönlichkeit beschäftigen, belegen: Charaktereigenschaften wie Ausdauer, Optimismus, Neugier, Mut und Gewissenhaftigkeit sind ausschlaggebend für späteren Erfolg. Aber wie kann man diese Eigenschaften fördern? Und warum sind sie so sichere Vorhersagemerkmale? Tough zeigt am Beispiel einer Brennpunktschule, wie die Förderung benachteiligter Schüler gelingt. Dieses kluge und provokante Buch wird den Leser fesseln – und es wird unser Verständnis von Kindheit, Schule und Ausbildung verändern.
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Counseling Across Cultures

Author : Paul B. Pedersen
ISBN : 9781483321684
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 33.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Offering a primary focus on North American cultural and ethnic diversity while addressing global questions and issues, Counseling Across Cultures, Seventh Edition, edited by Paul B. Pederson, Walter J. Lonner, Juris G. Draguns, Joseph E. Trimble, and María R. Scharrón-del Río, draws on the expertise of 48 invited contributors to examine the cultural context of accurate assessment and appropriate interventions in counseling diverse clients. The book’s chapters highlight work with African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos/as, American Indians, refugees, individuals in marginalized situations, international students, those with widely varying religious beliefs, and many others. Edited by pioneers in multicultural counseling, this volume articulates the positive contributions that can be achieved when multicultural awareness is incorporated into the training of counselors.
Category: Social Science