Who Cut The Cheese

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Genre : Humor
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A humorous look at the influence of flatulence in religion, science, music, literature, television, film, and radio
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Who Cut The Cheese

Author : Jim Dawson
ISBN : 9780307778789
Genre : Humor
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We've told you HOW TO SHIT IN THE WOODS. We've taken you UP SHIT CREEK. Now, we dare to ask the eternal question...WHO CUT THE CHEESE? Which is to say, what exactly is a fart? Why do we do it? Why do we hide it when we do it? And why do we find farts so darn funny? A cut above anything else on the subject, this book really lets go and tells all, getting to the bottom of these mysteries. Author Jim sniffs out a load of historical and scientific fart tales, then offers the kind of fun facts you'll be dying to let slip at social occasions, in chapters like "Fart Facts That Aren't Just Hot Air," "Gone with the Wind" (on famous movie farts), and "Le Petomane & the Art of the Fart" (on the most famous windbag in history). From fact to fiction to frivolous flatulence, this book is unquestionably a ripping good read. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Doktor Proktors Pupspulver

Author : Jo Nesbø
ISBN : 9783401800813
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Doktor Proktor ist ein verrückter Professor. Na ja, beinahe vielleicht - eigentlich ist er ein genialer Erfinder! Es wird schließlich nicht alle Tage ein Pupspulver erfunden, das man sogar als Raketenstarthilfe an die NASA verkaufen könnte. Davon sind zumindest Bulle und Lise fest überzeugt! Wären da bloß nicht die fiesen Zwillinge Truls und Trym, die sich das Pupspulver unter den Nagel reißen wollen.
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American Taboo The Forbidden Words Unspoken Rules And Secret Morality Of Popular Culture

Author : Lauren Rosewarne
ISBN : 9780313399343
Genre : Social Science
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America's often-unspoken morality codes make many topics taboo in "the land of the free." This book analyzes hundreds of popular culture examples to expose how the media both avoids and alludes to how we derive pleasure from our bodies. • Analyzes an enormous range of popular culture examples in a lively and highly readable writing style • Identifies and examines 12 separate taboos of the media • Provides interdisciplinary coverage that intersects with a wide variety of subject areas, including cultural studies, philosophy, feminism, and queer culture • Offers not only in-depth descriptions of cultural taboos but also clear explanations of why they exist • Supplies fascinating and useful information for general audiences as well as students and scholars of popular culture, political science, sexuality and gender studies, and sociology
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Blame It On The Dog

Author : Jim Dawson
ISBN : 9780307778772
Genre : Humor
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Did you know that James Joyce liked to smell his wife'¬?s farts? That some fish communicate by expelling gas? Or that the Pentagon is developing weapons of mass olfactory destruction (WMOD)? That'¬?s just a whiff of what's in store in this breathtaking follow-up to the best-selling fart history, WHO CUT THE CHEESE?In BLAME IT ON THE DOG, eminent fartologist Jim Dawson sniffs out the latest and greatest new items of the past century, from flatulent robot dogs and fart fetishists to poot-proof underwear and anti-stink pills. In fifty breezy chapters, he spills the beans about scientific (wind)breakthroughs, celebrity butt rumblings, and real-life fartistes like Flatulina Fontanelle Boutier, cyberspace entertainer the Queen of Farts, and Mr. Methane, England'¬?s Prince of Poots. Plumbing the nether regions of politics, pop culture, and the (f)arts, this stinker of a bathroom book will leave you gasping for air. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Das Pups Tabu

Author : Jan Rein
ISBN : 9783641205713
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Über Blähungen spricht man nicht? Vor allem nicht, wenn man selbst darunter leidet? Jan Rein bricht dieses Tabu. Offen und humorvoll schildert er seine unangenehmen Erfahrungen mit heftigen Blähungen – und wie er den Blähbauch loswurde. Er erklärt die komplizierten Vorgänge, die im menschlichen Darm stattfinden, und liefert unzählige Tipps zur Optimierung der Verdauung. Diese sind allesamt sehr einfach umzusetzen und praxisnah – und das Wichtigste: Sie wirken. So kann es jedem ganz leicht gelingen, Blähungen loszuwerden.
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Viagra Prozac And Leeches

Author : Don Ramon
ISBN : 9780595390885
Genre : Fiction
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The contents of this book originally appeared as columns in The Huntsville Item, in Huntsville, Texas. Here is a sampling of the comments the columns generated: "I laughed myself silly over Latin and German as applied to Sir Isaac Newton. Am sending a copy to my brother-in law " J.S. "I laughed so loud my wife came in from the next room to see what was the matter." B.L. "That may be the funniest thing I've ever read." K.R. "I loved your limericks. I laughed till I cried." G.N. "Your column today was especially funny. I laughed so hard, I almost barfed!" N. W. "While Mary and I have not had the pleasure of meeting either of you, we just wanted to send a note to say how much we look forward to Mr. Ramon's article every Sunday. His article alone is worth the price of admission. We mail his message to various friends of ours (some in Qatar) who just go ballistic. Today's was a classic!!!!!" M.C. (A letter to the publisher of The Huntsville Item). "The Greeting from Frankfurt was hilarious!!! I have tears rolling down my face. Springtime in Vienna was just as hilarious." S.S.B.
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The Extraordinary And The Everyday In Early Modern England

Author : A. McShane
ISBN : 9780230293939
Genre : History
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A fascinating collection of essays by renowned and emerging scholars exploring how everyday matters from farting to friendship reveal extraordinary aspects of early modern life, while seemingly exceptional acts and beliefs – such as those of ghosts, prophecies, and cannibalism – illuminate something of the routine experience of ordinary people.
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Poop Culture

Author : Dave Praeger
ISBN : 9781932595628
Genre : Education
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Is “The Origin of Feces” a Darwinian concern? Perhaps not, but it is the title to the preface of this tongue-in-cheek and unexpectedly revealing exploration of human behavior by the webmaster behind the popular PoopReport.com. This book is not a history of poop, but a study of today. Its goal is to understand how poop affects us, how we view it, and why; to appreciate its impact from the moment it slides out of our anal sphincters to the moment it enters the sewage treatment plant; to explore how we’ve arrived at this strange discomfort and confusion about a natural product of our bodies; to see how this contradiction—the natural as unnatural—shapes our minds, relationships, environment, culture, economics, media, and art. Paul Provenza, the director of The Aristocrats, says in his foreword: “It’s shocking to think that a book about poop can be considered an act of courage. But it is. Most of us have knee-jerk responses to the topic that we are not even aware of. Attitudes that, like the awful stench of poop itself, permeate all of society and culture. This book has some very profound and beautiful things to say. It takes a dirty, smelly, unpleasant subject like shit and brings forth ideas that are empowering, dignifying and life affirming.”
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The Dictionary Of Modern Proverbs

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ISBN : 9780300183351
Genre : Reference
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"You can't unring a bell." "It takes a village to raise a child." "Life is just a bowl of cherries." We sometimes think of proverbs as expressions of ancient wisdom, but in fact new proverbs are constantly arising. This unique volume is devoted exclusively to English language proverbs that originated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The most complete and accurate such collection ever compiled, The Yale Book of Modern Proverbs presents more than 1,400 individual proverbs gathered and researched with the help of electronic full-text databases not previously used for such a project. Entries are organized alphabetically by key words, with information about the earliest datable appearance, origin, history, and meaning of each proverb. Mundane or sublime, serious or jocular, these memorable sayings represent virtually every aspect of the modern experience. Readers will find the book almost impossible to put down once opened; every page offers further proof of the immense vitality of proverbs and their colorful contributions to the oral traditions of today.
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