Who Are We

Author : Samuel P. Huntington
ISBN : 0684870533
Genre : Political Science
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Analyzes the gradual erosion of American identity over the recent decades because of bilingualism, multiculturalism, and other factors and explores signs of a revival of American identity in the wake of September 11th.
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Who Are We

Author : Vladimir Megre
ISBN : 0980181240
Genre : Nature
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The Ringing Cedars Series is creating a wave of excitement that is sweeping the globe with positive, life-transforming messages of pure love energy from the beautiful Anastasia.
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Who Are We

Author : Louis P. Pojman
ISBN : 0195179277
Genre : Philosophy
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What is our nature? What is this enigma that we call human? Who are we? Since the dawn of human history, people have exhibited wildly contradictory qualities: good and evil, love and hate, strength and weakness, kindness and cruelty, aggressiveness and pacifism, generosity and greed, courage and cowardice. Experiencing a sense of eternity in our hearts--but at the same time confined to temporal and spatial constraints--we seek to understand ourselves, both individually and as a species. In Who Are We? Theories of Human Nature, esteemed author Louis P. Pojman seeks to find answers to these questions by exploring major theories in Western philosophy and religion, along with several traditions in Eastern thought. The most comprehensive work of its kind, the volume opens with chapters on the Hebrew/Christian view of human nature and the contrasting classical Greek theories, outlining a dichotomy between faith and reason that loosely frames the rest of the book. The following chapters cover the medieval view, Hindu and Buddhist perspectives, conservative and liberal theories, Kant's Copernican revolution, Schopenhauer's pessimistic idealism, and Karl Marx's theory. Freud's psychoanalytic view, the existentialist perspective, the Darwinian view, and scientific materialism are also discussed. Pojman concludes with a discussion of the question of free will, ultimately asserting that each one of us must decide for ourselves who and what we are, and, based on that answer, how we shall live.
Category: Philosophy

Who Are We

Author : Jean Bethke Elshtain
ISBN : 0802847250
Genre : Religion
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At a time when many despair of culture, Elshtain recovers the life-affirming essence of what it means to be human. Respected Christian ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain finds in the tensions and tragedies of our turn-of-the-century society hope in the recovery of personhood. She explores the internal and external trappings that so easily lead us to forget how to be faithful to something other than ourselves. This is a work of political analysis, cultural criticism, and theological engagement. Elshtain suggests that much of what we rightly interpret as troubling presents fascinating interpretive occasions for Christians, who, of all people, are called to live in hope. She highlights in particular certain aspects of youth culture, taking up popular films like "Seven and "Titanic and tragedies like the shootings at Columbine High School. What she finds running through all of these are examples of courage and a search for a source of truth and meaning that seems to elude so many.
Category: Religion

Who Are We Now Christian Humanism

Author : Nicholas Boyle
ISBN : 0567087263
Genre : Religion
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Theology can no longer exist in isolation from politics, philosophy and literature. This is Nicholas Boyle's basis for an examination of personal and cultural identity in today's world. His exploration of the global mind reveals the continuing importance of a Christian perspective in a secular world. He shows that modern trends towards greater diversity and pluralism and simultaneous trends towards greater unification can be reconciled within the Catholic humanist tradition of theology, philosophy and literature. He identifies Postmodernism as 'the pessimism of an obsolescent class - the salaried official intelligentsia - whose fate is closely bound up with that of the declining nation-state'. In this brilliant book, Dr Boyle gives new grounds for optimism about the emerging new world order>
Category: Religion

Who Are We Old New And Timeless Answers From Core Texts

Author : Robert D. Anderson
ISBN : 9780761853718
Genre : Education
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This book contains essays of literary and philosophical accounts that explain who we are simply as persons, and essays that highlight who we are in light of communal ties. ACTC educators model the intellectual life for students and colleagues by showing how to read texts carefully and with sophistication.
Category: Education

Who Are We

Author : Yuan Kun Lee
ISBN : 9789812835611
Genre : Medical
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Our genome is littered with scraps of DNA, termed OC junkOCO DNAs, that serve no apparent purpose. Junk DNAs make up as much as 98.5% of our genome. Scientists believe that some junk DNAs came into existence millions of years ago, when viruses inserted their DNA into that of the human host. There is emerging evidence that suggests that these bits of microbial DNAs may alter our functional genes, impacting our body physiology and behavior. We have been invaded by OC body snatchersOCO and they are part of us! We could postulate that we are carrying a large number of DNAs that serve only the DNAs, and we are just a small part of the big picture! There is ample scientific evidence to suggest that, even today, free-living microbes are still manipulating our behaviour and our life at large. They are thriving on our wet skin, in our mouth, and in our intestinal and vaginal tracts. We are perhaps not quite what we think we are. This thought-provoking and inspiring book offers many answers, while at the same time raising many questions for future research.
Category: Medical

Who Are We

Author : Frank W. Artusio
ISBN : 1465319891
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Who Are We

Author : Mikaela A. McCoy
ISBN : 9781504908719
Genre : Fiction
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Eighteen-year-old Sheryl is lost in her world. Lied to by her mother about who her absent father was and why he left them when she was thirteen, Sheryl turns to alcohol and sex to escape her frustration, her lack of self-knowledge, and her nagging mother. Sheryl has never lacked for casual lovers, but only when she starts having feelings for Isaiah, a guy she sleeps with regularly, does she begin to figure out who she really is. As she finds herself falling quickly and deeply in love, she and Isaiah keep their relationship a secret. Sheryl is determined to escape her past, but will that help her learn the truth about herself? As an unexpected bump in her plan shifts her outlook on life, the past she’s running from catches up with her in a way that may threaten her life and the lives of those she loves. In this contemporary novel, a young woman struggles with knowing herself and with allowing true love into her life.
Category: Fiction

Who Are We Really

Author : C.D. Contos
ISBN : 9781477110584
Genre : Fiction
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Who Are We Really? Who Are We Really? Contos C.D. Contos I was born in Sacramento, California on January the 19th 1933, at St Mary’s Hospital. I am Scotch-Irish and Greek decent. I retired from electronics after 45 years. I went to college to study art. I am now an artist doing mostly landscapes as well as an author. I have had my PICASO moments. I had the story of WHO ARE WE REALLY in mind for over 50 years. I love art, music and good food and good company. I am working on book to of who are we really? I hope to have it out by November.
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