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What The Mystics Know

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 0824599659
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Drawing from the best and most poetic of Richard Rohr's essays from nearly a quarter of a century, each chapter in this new collection examines one of the seven core mystical truths. Organized according to the mystical paths that every worshiper must follow, Rohr identifies the despair of everyday life, promotes opportunities for change even in the face of pain, and encourages transforming one's deeper self into a beacon of light that aids in the metamorphosis of others. Illuminating these insights with reflections on Christian and Jewish scriptures while citing the greatest religious writers throughout the ages, Rohr offers an unparalleled window into the wisdom of the mystics in this succinct volume that represents the best of his vast library of writing.
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Reifes Leben

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 9783451808906
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Richard Rohrs Buch über die spirituelle Dimension des Älter- und Reiferwerdens: Was ist von Bedeutung auf der Lebensreise? Während Menschen in der ersten Hälfte in Beruf und Partnerschaft an der »Form" ihres Lebens arbeiten, rückt in der zweiten Lebenshälfte dessen »Inhalt" in den Mittelpunkt. Darüber entscheiden nicht zuerst Altersstufen, sondern vor allem Erfahrungen des Loslassens und wie wir damit umgehen - auf dem Weg zu unserem »wahren Selbst".
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Die Zukunft Gottes

Author : Deepak Chopra
ISBN : 9783932130410
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kann Gott in einem skeptischen Zeitalter wiederbelebt werden? Was wäre nötig, um den Menschen ein spirituelles Leben zu geben, kraftvoller als alles, was es in der Vergangenheit je gab? Deepak Chopra greift diese Fragen mit Eloquenz und Tiefe in seinem neuen Buch auf. Sein überzeugender Rat: Gott an der Quelle des menschlichen Bewusstseins zu suchen. Er findet sich in jedem von uns selbst und mit ihm auch die Kraft, das eigene Leben zu verwandeln. Gott ist in Schwierigkeiten. Mit dem Aufstieg des militanten Atheismus, einer aggressiv-polemischen Bewegung angeführt von Richard Dawkins, haben viele Menschen resigniert und sich der Idee gebeugt, dass Gott ein überholter Mythos in der modernen Welt sei. Die Argumente scheinen zu stark. Doch tief in sich spüren sie eine andere Wahrheit und die unerschütterliche Sehnsucht nach höherem Sinn, nach einer Gegenwart Gottes. Deepak Chopra widerspricht den Argumenten jener atheistischen Bewegung mit Kompetenz und Leidenschaft. Vielmehr sieht er im Hier und Jetzt die perfekte Zeit für eine neue Spiritualität, die vor allem eines sein sollte: verlässliche Erkenntnis einer höheren Wirklichkeit. Indem er einen Weg zu Gott skizziert, der den Unglauben zu einem ersten Schritt des Erwachens macht, zeigt Chopra uns, dass die Krise des Glaubens wie Feuer ist, durch das wir hindurch müssen auf dem Weg zur Kraft, Wahrheit und Liebe. Auch in der Wissenschaft haben sich längst Dogmen etabliert, an denen zu rütteln das Ende der eigenen Karriere bedeuten kann. "Doch im Gegensatz zu religiösen Fundamentalisten sind sich wissenschaftliche Ideologen nicht bewusst, dass ihre Weltsicht allein auf Glauben basiert. Sie meinen, sie kennen die Wahrheit. Sie glauben, die Wissenschaft habe die wesentlichen Fragen bereits gelöst." So hat Szientismus die schädliche Wirkung, jede Art von Denken und Forschung zu unterdrücken, die nicht den etablierten Richtlinien entspricht. "Der Glaube muss zum Wohle aller bewahrt werden", schreibt Chopra.
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Learning To Love Differently A Healing Pathway For Families Of Addicts

Author : Candace Hartzler MA/LICDC
ISBN : 9781483485652
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 55.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Today’s new media offers detailed coverage of “the epidemic,” but offers little insight into a healing process for family members impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder. Learning to Love Differently guides families through that rocky landscape. It offers: •A definition of addiction and codependency without shame/blame •A clear and simple look at how complex love becomes during addiction •Personal recovery stories from author, from addicts and family members •Tools for self-reflection, referred to as “Story Pages,” at end of each chapter •A name for the family pain as well as strategies for change
Category: Family & Relationships

The Skeleton Code

Author : Alla Campanella
ISBN : 9781630479541
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 29.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A revealing look at what we hide and why: “Funny, well-written, and absolutely the best self-help book I have come across in a while” (Urban Book Reviews). In an of age of social media, computer hacking, recorders on every new device we can get our hands on, and security cameras following every shameless move we make, privacy is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the skeletons in our closets aren’t so gone, forgotten, or protected. With one errant text, unfortunate photo, or midnight tweet, they can start rattling. This tongue-in-cheek, yet cautionary book explores the many ways, and great lengths we go to, to shield our public personas, reputations, and most embarrassing and cringe-worthy secrets. With scores of funny and alarming interviews with people who didn’t take extreme measures to guard their now-free and feral skeletons, it also outlines the strategies you can take to make sure your secrets never see the light of day. If you don’t think you need the key to The Skeleton Code, you’re treading the dark and increasing crowded waters of that infamous river called Denial.
Category: Self-Help

Mindfulness For Educational Leadership In The 21st Century

Author : Elizabeth Nakayiza RSCJ (Ph.D.)
ISBN : 9781514487334
Genre : Education
File Size : 75.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book proposes a method for making educational systems and their curriculum leaderships in Sub-Saharan Africaparticularly Ugandarelevant, functional, and generative in the current unfolding of a fast-paced, technology-driven future that prompts questions about educational leadership in a society where many traditional educational systems are failing. The book poses the following question: What might constitute effective leadership in our heightened global nexus of realities often described as globalization? Nonhuman technologies are moving people away from connections that once strengthened human relationships and fostered collective actions. Too many workplace pressures and demands cause educational leaders to function on autopilot without involving others in the process of mindful leadership of educational reform. Focusing on mindfulness, its application in different educational settings, and its advantages for educational leadership, this book argues that contemporary meditation practices and their benefits can inform effective, successful twenty-first-century leadership practices in Africa, particularly Uganda. It draws on numerous theories from literature in the fields of business and management, medicine, psychology, theology, and the social and behavioral sciences. The selected theories represent the growing research grounded in contemporary thoughts on leadership epistemology, with inclination toward the mindfulness that grows out of regular practice of meditation. The book concludes with the argument that collective, mindful educational leadership emerges when all stakeholders are able to participate in the leadership of their institution or school and contribute to the entire systems development. If practiced regularly, mindfulness would conduce to healthier collaborative behavior that would markedly improve Ugandan and other African educational systems. This kind of mindful leadership requires each stakeholder to lead from inside the self and interconnection with others in a profound way. This means leading by listening attentively and intently and embracing one anothers voice nonjudgmentally for the common good.
Category: Education

Your Kin Dom Come

Author : William Thompson-Uberuaga
ISBN : 9781532610325
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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So many Christians pray the Lord’s Prayer. It is almost “second nature.” This book is meant to help these people pray it more deeply and lovingly. Ecumenical and even striving to be global in nature, this book explores what the Scriptures teach us about this prayer, how the Christian tradition has approached this prayer in its long history, and how many of our contemporary concerns challenge the way we can pray this prayer, and also how the prayer can provide insights for those same concerns. People of all persuasions, believers and nonbelievers, “nones,” and followers of the world’s great religions will also find many of their concerns given serious consideration in this book. If you think nothing new can be said about the “Our Father,” this book may surprise you.
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Mit Dem Herzen Eines Buddha

Author : Tara Brach
ISBN : 9783426452257
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Wie lernt man, sich so anzunehmen, wie man ist? Wie stärkt man sein Selbstwertgefühl? Tara Brach führt den Leser auf den Weg des inneren Friedens, der zeigt, wie man im eigenen Herzen Zuflucht finden kann. Die berühmte Lehrerin gibt genaue Anleitungen zu Meditation und Reflexion, so dass jeder zu einem positiven Verhältnis zu sich selbst finden kann. »Mit dem Herzen eines Buddha lädt uns ein, uns mit all unserem Schmerz, unseren Ängsten und Sorgen selbst zu umarmen und mit leichtem, doch festem Schritt den Pfad des Verständnisses und Mitgefühls zu gehen.« Thich Nhat Hanh
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