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What The Mystics Know

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 0824599659
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Drawing from the best and most poetic of Richard Rohr's essays from nearly a quarter of a century, each chapter in this new collection examines one of the seven core mystical truths. Organized according to the mystical paths that every worshiper must follow, Rohr identifies the despair of everyday life, promotes opportunities for change even in the face of pain, and encourages transforming one's deeper self into a beacon of light that aids in the metamorphosis of others. Illuminating these insights with reflections on Christian and Jewish scriptures while citing the greatest religious writers throughout the ages, Rohr offers an unparalleled window into the wisdom of the mystics in this succinct volume that represents the best of his vast library of writing.
Category: Religion

Immortal Diamond

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 9781118421543
Genre : Religion
File Size : 24.88 MB
Format : PDF
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Dissolve the distractions of ego to find our authentic selves in God In his bestselling book Falling Upward, Richard Rohr talked about ego (or the False Self) and how it gets in the way of spiritual maturity. But if there's a False Self, is there also a True Self? What is it? How is it found? Why does it matter? And what does it have to do with the spiritual journey? This book likens True Self to a diamond, buried deep within us, formed under the intense pressure of our lives, that must be searched for, uncovered, separated from all the debris of ego that surrounds it. In a sense True Self must, like Jesus, be resurrected, and that process is not resuscitation but transformation. Shows how to navigate spiritually difficult terrain with clear vision and tools to uncover our True Selves Written by Father Richard Rohr, the bestselling author of Falling Upward Examines the fundamental issues of who we are and helps us on our path of spiritual maturity Immortal Diamond (whose title is taken from a line in a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem) explores the deepest questions of identity, spirituality, and meaning in Richard Rohr's inimitable style.
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Things Hidden

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 9780281075171
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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‘Only when the two come together, inner and outer authority, do we have true spiritual wisdom. We have for too long insisted on outer authority alone, without any teaching of prayer, inner journey and maturing consciousness. The results for the world and for religion have been disastrous . . . I offer these reflections to again unite what should never have been separated: sacred Scripture and Christian spirituality.’ From The Introduction In this exploration of central themes of Scripture, Richard Rohr transforms the written word, discovering in these ancient texts a new and vital meaning, relevant and essential for modern Christians. He uncovers what the Bible says about morality, power, wisdom and the generosity of God in a manner that demands a life-changing response from believers. Rohr offers his readers a Christian vision of abundance, grace and joy to counteract a world filled with scarcity, judgement and fear—a vision that can revolutionize how we relate to ourselves, others and the world.
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The Naked Now

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 0824525434
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Drawn from the Gospels, Jesus, Paul, and the great Christian contemplatives, this examination reveals how many of the hidden truths of Christianity have been misunderstood or lost and how to read them with the eyes of the mystics rather than interpreting them through rational thought.
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Job And The Mystery Of Suffering

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 0852443080
Genre : Bible
File Size : 35.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Richard Rohr, internationally known retreat leader, speaker and writer, plumbs the depths of the Job's story and its relevance for us today. Rohr strips Christian faith down to the essentials, beyond glib answers and a "hand-me-down" experience of God, and points the way to true knowing. In this invigorating exploration, the tension between suffering and faith becomes a powerful means to an authentic, open connection with the divine.
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Author : William Harmless
ISBN : 9780195300383
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Mystics, William Harmless, S.J., introduces readers to the scholarly study of mysticism. He expolores both mystics' extraordinary lives and their no-less-extraordinary writings using a unique case-study method centered on detailed examinations of six major Christian mystics: Thomas Merton, Bernard of Clairvaux, Hildegard of Bingen, Bonaventure, Meister Eckhart, and Evagrius Ponticus. Rather than presenting mysticism as a subtle web of psychological or theological abstractions, Harless's case-study approach brings things down to earth, restoring mystics to their historical context.
Category: Religion

Everything Belongs

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 0824519957
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Using Zen parables and personal experiences, Rohr leads readers beyond the techniques of prayer to a place where they can receive the gift of contemplation--and know that everything belongs.
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The Divine Dance

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 9780281078165
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Trinity is supposed to be the central, foundational doctrine of our entire Christian belief system, yet we're often told that we shouldn't attempt to understand it because it is a ‘mystery’. Should we presume to try to breach this mystery? If we could, how would it transform our relationship with God and renew our lives? The word Trinity is not found in the New Testament—it wasn't until the third century that early Christian father Tertullian coined it—but the idea of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was present in Jesus' life and teachings and from the very beginning of the Christian experience. In the pages of this book, internationally recognized teacher Richard Rohr circles around this most paradoxical idea as he explores the nature of God—circling around being an apt metaphor for this mystery we're trying to apprehend. Early Christians who came to be known as the ‘Desert Mothers and Fathers’ applied the Greek verb perichoresis to the mystery of the Trinity. The best translation of this odd-sounding word is dancing. Our word choreography comes from the same root. Although these early Christians gave us some highly conceptualized thinking on the life of the Trinity, the best they could say, again and again, was, Whatever is going on in God is a flow—it's like a dance. But God is not a dancer—He is the dance itself. That idea might sound novel, but it is about as traditional as you can get. God is the dance itself, and He invites you to be a part of that dance. Are you ready to join in?
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Learning To Love Differently A Healing Pathway For Families Of Addicts

Author : Candace Hartzler MA/LICDC
ISBN : 9781483485652
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 30.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Today’s new media offers detailed coverage of “the epidemic,” but offers little insight into a healing process for family members impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder. Learning to Love Differently guides families through that rocky landscape. It offers: •A definition of addiction and codependency without shame/blame •A clear and simple look at how complex love becomes during addiction •Personal recovery stories from author, from addicts and family members •Tools for self-reflection, referred to as “Story Pages,” at end of each chapter •A name for the family pain as well as strategies for change
Category: Family & Relationships

Mansions Of The Heart

Author : R. Thomas Ashbrook
ISBN : 0470530057
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A practical program for developing a deeper, more authentic relationship with God Written for anyone who wants to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with God, Mansions of the Heart offers a step-by-step guide through a spiritual formation road map based on Teresa of Avila's Seven Mansions. The book includes a Mapping Tool that will help you discern your place on your spiritual journey and offers church leaders a process for helping church members to grow into spiritual maturity. Contains a spiritual program based on the writings of Teresa of Avila, one of Christianity's most profound and beloved mystical teachers Offers a complete, step-by-step program for spiritual growth Includes information for leading others in their spiritual journeys Appropriate for all kinds of Christians
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