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Was Achilles A Jew

Author : Larry S. Milner
ISBN : 9781465333155
Genre : History
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Significant interest has always existed about the origin of Classic Greek culture, but despite the long-standing attention, scholars continue to disagree on where this amazing civilization got its start. The Mycenaeans were the earliest Greek-speaking people on the mainland, but the country entered a Dark Age following the end of the Trojan War, and in the Archaic Age which followed, the fundamentals of Greek political and literary thought suddenly emerged, without a clear source of derivation. Historians have sometimes given credit to the Egyptians, Phoenicians, or other Eastern civilizations for this evolution, but no serious consideration has been given to the ancient Hebrews, despite the fact that the Exodus from Egypt took place during the Late Bronze Age, when Mycenae was at its peak of influence in the Mediterranean Basin. In Was Achilles a Jew? Hebraic Origins to Greek Civilization, Dr. Larry Milner argues that a group of Hebrews devoted to the traditions of the patriarchs left the Exodus following the parricidal reprisals instituted by Moses during the modification of Judaism into a monotheistic faith, and migrated to Mycenae, where they became immersed into Mycenaean culture, taking part in the Trojan War. His analysis provides the most persuasive argument to date about where the Eastern influence in Greece was generated.
Category: History

The Idler

Author : Jerome Klapka Jerome
ISBN : UIUC:30112042702313
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The Idler

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435073513343
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Hitler Made Me A Jew

Author : Nadia Gould
ISBN : 9780917990199
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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I wrote this book seven years ago. At that time there was much controversy over whether the Holocaust had really happened. I was so upset by articles denying that the Holocaust had happened that I decided to put down my experiences-even if my experiences were light in comparison to the horrors that went on in the concentration camps. Not one day goes by that I don't think about the Holocaust in Germany, Poland, and other countries, and about the silent people who let it happen. I feel grateful to the scholars who are gathering the data of what happened during those years and particularly in 1940 because it was the year that Hitler made me a "Jew." I am a painter and writing was a challenge for me. It became a meditation. I decided to remember as far back as I could, to keep the images clear, to be as honest as I could, and to try to recapture the feelings I had as a child. Then I realized I would have to write about my parents and all the people in my life. I was concerned that I would be gossiping. I decided it didn't matter, that what mattered was recording what I remembered and not making it pretty, except where it fit my recollection-to think that way gave me a sensibility of purity. I was able to get into the same states of mind with writing as I get into when I paint, and the technique worked well for me. Reading back what I wrote was more difficult and upsetting and not at all as when I can tell whether my paintings are good or not. My Bible was Strunk
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Neither With Them Nor Without Them

Author : Elena M. Katz
ISBN : 0815631820
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume explores the complex and ambiguous construction of Jewishness as 'Otherness' in the works of Gogol, Dostoevsky and Turgenev. Elena M. katz tackles traditional representations of Jews in light of the sociohistoric and cultural contexts of the time and of the writers' own politics and aesthetics.
Category: Literary Criticism

Jesus Christ Was Not A Jew And The Fifth Age Of The Tree Of Life Calendar

Author : Dennis J. Foley
ISBN : 9781329240384
Genre : Religion
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Jesus Christ was a product of Pagan traditions and circumstances, as was His true mother Deidre, a.k.a. Mary. Jesus was conceived in Britain, His mother fleeing to Israel where she re married and then gave birth to Jesus and Thomas. This is the real and human story, revealing Christ's very earthly father and the circumstances of His mother, and that Mary Magdalene was Not His 'wife, or what ever. Her identity is revealed, as is the actual Mary who was a Virgin...and who became the Black Madonna! The 'Tree of Life' Calendar was a long term Pagan tradition, begun in Egypt and maintained for several thousand years, for the purpose of spreading knowledge and messages of wisdom and good living, including medical and healing techniques. In the 5th Age from 30 B.C. to 750 A.D. Five Founders and Proclaimers of world religions emerged, the Prophet Mohammed of course, being one of them! In each Age there was always one 'Medicine Man' who connects with a series of 'Medicine Men'...
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Sons And Soldiers

Author : Bruce Henderson
ISBN : 9780062419118
Genre : History
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Joining the ranks of Unbroken, Band of Brothers, and Boys in the Boat, the little-known saga of young German Jews, dubbed The Ritchie Boys, who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s, came of age in America, and returned to Europe at enormous personal risk as members of the U.S. Army to play a key role in the Allied victory. In 1942, the U.S. Army unleashed one of its greatest secret weapons in the battle to defeat Adolf Hitler: training nearly 2,000 German-born Jews in special interrogation techniques and making use of their mastery of the German language, history, and customs. Known as the Ritchie Boys, they were sent in small, elite teams to join every major combat unit in Europe, where they interrogated German POWs and gathered crucial intelligence that saved American lives and helped win the war. Though they knew what the Nazis would do to them if they were captured, the Ritchie Boys eagerly joined the fight to defeat Hitler. As they did, many of them did not know the fates of their own families left behind in occupied Europe. Taking part in every major campaign in Europe, they collected key tactical intelligence on enemy strength, troop and armored movements, and defensive positions. A postwar Army report found that more than sixty percent of the credible intelligence gathered in Europe came from the Ritchie Boys. Bruce Henderson draws on personal interviews with many surviving veterans and extensive archival research to bring this never-before-told chapter of the Second World War to light. Sons and Soldiers traces their stories from childhood and their escapes from Nazi Germany, through their feats and sacrifices during the war, to their desperate attempts to find their missing loved ones in war-torn Europe. Sons and Soldiers is an epic story of heroism, courage, and patriotism that will not soon be forgotten.
Category: History

The Achille Lauro Hijacking

Author : Michael K. Bohn
ISBN : 9781612342757
Genre : History
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Political speeches and public rhetoric paint the phenomena of terrorism with a black-and-white brush, presenting it as a clear-cut battle between evildoers and heroes. With The Achille Lauro Hijacking, Michael K. Bohn, who watched the incident unfold from the White House Situation Room, uses one of the most infamous terrorist incidents of the past twenty-five years to illuminate the folly of such oversimplified jingoisms. The 1985 hijacking of the Italian cruise ship, the amazing capture of the terrorists, and a previously untold story of American bigotry come together in this book as a case study in the complex forces that shape both terrorism and the responses that it triggers. In October 1985, four Palestinian men hijacked an Italian cruise ship, Achille Lauro, holding hundreds hostage for two days. The hijackers killed a partially disabled, sixty-nine year old Jewish American, Leon Klinghoffer, and threw his body into the sea. Many remember Klinghofferas death, but few know of the other murder associated with the hijacking, that of Alex Odeh. Odeh defended on television Yasser Arafatas apparent role in defusing the hijacking. He was killed the next day by a terroristas bomb, which exploded as he opened the door of his Los Angeles office - the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Palestinians killed Klinghoffer because he was Jewish, yet Jewish extremists killed Odeh because he was a Palestinian. The Klinghoffer familyas long crusade to bring the hijacking mastermind, Abu Abbas, to justice was partially satisfied with his April 2003 capture in Iraq. The Odeh family still waits for charges to be brought against Alexas murderers, a particularly disheartening situation as Israel, Americaas friend and ally, refuses to extradite two suspects. These two deaths pale in comparison to the atrocities of September 11, 2001. Yet understanding both the Achille Lauro incident, and the extraordinary sequence of events that followed, will help Americans better understand the threat of terrorism. Terrorism is not an enemy, it is a tactic chosen by some to further political goals. Terrorism is not just about crime and punishment; it is about violence, power politics, prejudice, hatred, land, religion, greed, money, and a host of venal factors that influence human society. All of these forces are present in the Achille Lauro hijacking and its aftermath."
Category: History

What Does A Jew Want

Author : Udi Aloni
ISBN : 9780231157582
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.81 MB
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In the hopes of promoting justice, peace, and solidarity for and with the Palestinian people, Udi Aloni joins with Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou, and Judith Butler to confront the core issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their bold question: Will a new generation of Israelis and Palestinians dare to walk together toward a joint Israel-Palestine? Through a collage of meditation, interview, diary, and essay, Aloni and his interlocutors present a personal, intellectual, and altogether provocative account rich with the insights of philosophy and critical theory. They ultimately foresee the emergence of a binational Israeli-Palestinian state, incorporating the work of Walter Benjamin, Edward Said, and Jewish theology to recast the conflict in secular theological terms.
Category: Religion