Understanding Y

Author : Charlie Caruso
ISBN : 9780730313816
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The ultimate expose of the Misunderstood Millennials Understanding Y is a fresh and incisive book that offers a better understanding, appreciation and awareness of the Millennial generation. In this groundbreaking work, author Charlie Caruso has amassed a diverse array of papers, articles and journals from prominent individuals, noted entrepreneurs and bestselling authors who collectively explore how Gen Y thinks, interacts and works. Understanding Y gives insight into the generation and examines their motivations and passions. Understanding Y: #andYyoushould provides a refreshingly comprehensive and candid account of the current disconnect between reality and perception surrounding the Millennial cohort. The impressive list of contributors and collaborators each bring their unique insight to explore the myths, facts and motivators behind this generation. Contributors include notables such as David Burstein, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, Ryan Heath, author of Please F* Off: It's Our Turn Now, Bernard Salt, author, demographer and social commentator; and many more. Discover how to motivate, lead, inform, educate, integrate and collaborate with Millenials Learn what experts have to share about the psychology that drives Millenials Uncover the motivators and passions that excite this up-and-coming generation This is a book that offers anyone who interacts with the Millennial generation a humorous, educational, statistical, theoretical and conversational journey for connecting with Gen Y.
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China S Generation Y

Author : Michael Stanat
ISBN : 9781931907323
Genre : Social Science
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Based on interviews and surveys conducted in Shanghai by the author, this is the first English book to look into all aspects of China's young generation - their life styles, relationships with family and society, views, dreams and development. Growing up during the information age, China's Generation Y (born between 1981 and 1995) is unlike any of its predecessors, sporting branded items and increasingly sharing some of the same ideas as western youth. Living in a rapidly developing country, this generation of teenagers in China will most likely be the political and business leaders of the world's next superpower by the year 2025. China's Generation Y explores these perspectives by delving into the nooks and crannies of Chinese teenagers' stories. The book is not only for those who seek to acquaint themselves with this crucial generation from the perspective of a western peer, but also for business leaders who wish to cater to the up-and-coming Chinese consumers. Informative and stimulating, this book will open up a new horizon for many in the west who will ultimately meet the need and challenge of this emerging Chinese generation.
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Author : Anne Sutherland
ISBN : IND:30000087074872
Genre : Social Science
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Americans born since 1980, often dubbed Generation Y, number nearly 100 million strong, and they influence their parents' purchase habits to an extent that has never before been experienced. More than any generation to date, these "power kids" know what they like, what they want, and how to get it. Companies that don't learn how to reach and communicate with this lucrative market run the risk of losing the battle before they fire a single shot. Kidfluence provides marketers and advertisers with research-based strategies for effectively reaching members of Generation Y without turning them off completely. Combining the latest demographic, ethnographic, and sociocultural findings with case studies of successful marketers, this guidebook reveals: How today's kids think about -- and react to -- the world around them, Why technology creates an insatiable hunger for "more", How marketers are developing separate kid-directed lines, brands, and even stores, How to assess whether kids are direct, indirect, or secondary influencers of a purchase, Proven methods for building brand equity in the "tween" years and maximizing returns through cradle-to-grave marketing
Category: Social Science

Apc Understanding Isc Mathematics Class 11 Avichal Publishing Company

Author : M.L. Aggarwal
ISBN : 9788178555843
Genre :
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Understanding ISC Mathematics, for class 11 - sections A, B & C, has been written by Mr. M.L. Aggarwal (Former Head of P.G. Department of Mathematics, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar) strictly according to the new syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi in the year 2015 and onwards for students of class 11. A new feature - Typical Illustrative Examples and Typical Problems, has been added in some chapters for those students who want to attempt some more challenging problems. The entire matter in the book is given in a logical sequence so as to develop and strengthen the concepts of the students.

Understanding Computation

Author : Tom Stuart
ISBN : 9781449330101
Genre : Computers
File Size : 31.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Finally, you can learn computation theory and programming language design in an engaging, practical way. Understanding Computation explains theoretical computer science in a context you’ll recognize, helping you appreciate why these ideas matter and how they can inform your day-to-day programming. Rather than use mathematical notation or an unfamiliar academic programming language like Haskell or Lisp, this book uses Ruby in a reductionist manner to present formal semantics, automata theory, and functional programming with the lambda calculus. It’s ideal for programmers versed in modern languages, with little or no formal training in computer science. Understand fundamental computing concepts, such as Turing completeness in languages Discover how programs use dynamic semantics to communicate ideas to machines Explore what a computer can do when reduced to its bare essentials Learn how universal Turing machines led to today’s general-purpose computers Perform complex calculations, using simple languages and cellular automata Determine which programming language features are essential for computation Examine how halting and self-referencing make some computing problems unsolvable Analyze programs by using abstract interpretation and type systems
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Understanding Business Organisations

Author : Graeme Salaman
ISBN : 9781134556045
Genre : Business & Economics
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Organisational theory is vitally relevant to today's student of business. Understanding Business Organisations introduces the student to classic debates and new perspectives on organisations through a wide ranging but approachable selection of readings. This text: * considers why organisations matter to employees and customers * discusses theories of the organisation as a mode of empowerment and of control. Examining these theories in the light of current programmes of organisational change gives the book a case study element that will be invaluable for teaching and learning.
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Knowledge Perception And Memory

Author : C. Ginet
ISBN : 9789401094511
Genre : Philosophy
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In this book I present what seem to me (at the moment) to be right an swers to some of the main philosophical questions about the topics men tioned in the title, and I argue for them where I can. I hope that what I say may be of interest both to those who have already studied these ques tions a lot and to those who haven't. There are several important topics in epistemology to which I give little or no attention here - such as the nature of a proposition, the major classifications of propositions (neces sary and contingent, a priori and a posteriori, analytic and synthetic, general and particular), the nature of understanding a proposition, the nature of truth, the nature and justification of the various kinds of in ference (deductive, inductive, and probably others) -but enough is cover ed, to one degree or another, that the book might be of use in a course in epistemology. Earlier versions of some of the material in Chapters II, III, and IV were some of the material in Ginet (1970). An earlier version of the part of Chapter VII on memory-connection was a paper that I profited from reading and discussing in philosophy discussion groups at Cornell Uni versity, SUNY at Albany, and Syracuse University in 1972-73. I do not like to admit how long I have been working on this book.
Category: Philosophy

Apc Understanding Icse Mathematics Class 10 Avichal Publishing Company

Author : M.L. Aggarwal
ISBN : 9788177393026
Genre :
File Size : 47.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Understanding ISCE Mathematics, for class 10, has been written by Mr. M.L. Aggarwal (Former Head of P.G. Department of Mathematics, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar) strictly according to the new syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi for the year 2016 and onwards.