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Understanding Trickle Down Economics

Author : David J Lehmans
ISBN : 1522883266
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Trickle-Down Economics refers to a populist political term used to characterize economic policies as favoring the wealthy or privileged. There is no "trickle down" economics as defined by economists, the term is almost exclusively used by critics of policies with other established names. It is usually associated with criticism of laissez-faire capitalism in general and more specifically supply-side economics Join David J. Lehmans on through this easy-to-read reference for understanding trickle down economics!

Reaganomics In Plain And Simple English

Author : BookCaps Study Guides Staff
ISBN : 9781621070726
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Reaganomics has become one of the most talked about economic theories in modern economics--but what exactly is it? If you don't quite get ecomics, but want to know why it's so important, then this book is for you! This puts the idea of trickle-down economics in an easy to read format and helps you understand all the key concepts.
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Learn And Understand Economic History

Author : IntroBooks
Genre : Business & Economics
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Economic compositions date from prior to Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman, Indian subcontinent, Chinese, Persian, and Arab developments. Eminent authors from old times through the fourteenth century incorporate Aristotle, Xenophon, Chanakya (otherwise called Kautilya), Qin Shi Huang, Thomas Aquinas, and Ibn Khaldun. Joseph Schumpeter portrayed Aquinas as "coming closer than whatever another gathering to being the "organizers" of experimental economic matters" as to money linked, finest, and featured hypothesis inside of a characteristic law perspective. Two gatherings, later on, called "mercantilists" and "physiocrats", more specifically affected the resulting improvement of the subject. Both gatherings were connected with the ascent of monetary patriotism and cutting edge private enterprise in Europe. Mercantilism was an economic precept that thrived from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century in productive leaflet writing, whether of traders or statesmen. It held that a country's riches relied on upon its amassing of gold and silver. Countries without access to mines could get gold and silver from exchange just by offering merchandise abroad and limiting imports other than of gold and silver. The tenet called for importing modest crude materials to be utilized as a part of assembling products, which could be traded, and for state regulation to force defensive levies on remotely fabricated merchandise and preclude fabricating in the colonies.
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Understanding American Economic Decline

Author : David E. Adler
ISBN : 0521456797
Genre : Business & Economics
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The public has been painfully aware of the economy's stagnation for a long time. In this major new volume, leading thinkers in the social sciences directly confront the various economic difficulties facing the United States today. Underlying each essay is the premise that these problems can be understood only in a broad historical context--that such difficulties arise not from cyclical phenomena, but from structural distortions in the economy. These essays furnish more than hard-hitting criticisms of the various received economic wisdoms: they offer hope as they formulate new economic approaches and policies for the present and the future.
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Author : John R. Talbott
ISBN : 9781609800680
Genre : Political Science
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Bestselling author John R. Talbott, who predicted the housing and mortgage crisis, pictures in Obamanomics--written well in advance of the historic 2008 elections--a Barack Obama presidency based on justice and cooperation—principles that have not held sway in Washington, DC, for quite some time. Talbott's powerful grasp of finance allows him to connect the issue of financial inequality in America with our need as a people to embrace change. Obama has shown he knows that divisions among races, religions, and political views have prevented Americans from coming together to solve the most important problems of our age. Obamanomics, infused with Obama's speeches, campaign policy statements, and other writings, describes a government acting according to democratic principles to enact lobbying reform, get our economy moving again, fix our healthcare system, slow global warming, prevent unnecessary wars, improve education, address the aging of our population, find alternative energy sources, and bring about housing, mortgage, and banking reform.
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Trickle Down Theory And Tax Cuts For The Rich

Author : Thomas Sowell
ISBN : 9780817916169
Genre : Political Science
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This essay unscrambles gross misconceptions that have made rational debates about tax policies virtually impossible for decades.
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Understanding Comparative Politics

Author : Mehran Kamrava
ISBN : 9781134792511
Genre : Political Science
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Comparative politics has undergone significant theoretical changes in recent decades. Particularly since the 1980s, a new generation of scholars have revamped and rejuvinated the study of the subject. Mehran Kamrava examines current and past approaches to the study of comparative politics and proposes a new framework for analysis. This is achieved through a comparative examination of state and social institutions, the interactions that occur between them, and the poltical cultures within which they operate. The book also offers a concise and detailed synthesis of existing comparative frameworks that, up to now at least, have encountered analytical shortcomings on their own. Although analytically different in its arguments and emphasis from the current "Mainstream" genre of literature on comparative politics, the present study is a logical outgrowth of the scholarly works of the last decade or so. It will be essential reading for all students of comparative politics.
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The History Of Money For Understanding Economics

Author : Vincent Lannoye
ISBN : 9781507845905
Genre : Business & Economics
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Money is the key to learning economics. If the monetary system is well understood, it will clarify seemingly impenetrable economic events. The History of Money for Understanding Economics is indeed the indispensable reference to decrypt economics, and it does so in an enthralling way, from antiquity to the present day, with readily accessible language. This book answers questions such as: How did money and banking appear? Why did gold coins vanish after circulating for centuries? What is inflation? What is the IMF? The History of Money for Understanding Economics also explains new interpretations of history that have underscored how monetary changes have catalyzed events from the fall of the Roman Empire to World War II and beyond. Considering such past monetary influences, Lannoye challenges the reader with a monetary innovation to speed up the economy (and finance a green economy).
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Mtd Solar Heating

Author : John Canivan
ISBN : 9780975498095
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The important thing is to get started. Your first collector will be the most This do-it-yourself solar heating project is designed for people with basic carpentry skills interested in doing more with less as Buckminster Fuller once said. The design is modular so it will be easy to add collectors as confidence is gained. Youll be able to complete a functional heating and hot water system for under $1000 and youll be able to enlarge your investment as time and funds permit.difficult, but once you understand the nature of the beast youll be popping them out like popcorn in a busy movie theater.
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Does Trickle Down Work

Author : Joseph Persky
ISBN : 9780880993098
Genre : Business & Economics
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The authors explore a new framework for evaluating economic development projects. This framework is based on a job-chain approach. Each new job created by an economic development incentive is filled by an employee who leaves behind another job. In turn, that job may be filled by someone who leaves behind their old job, etc. Such job chains end when an unemployedworker, someone not previously in the labor force, or an in-migrant to the labor market takes a vacancy. Job chains are the mechanism for observing and measuring "trickle down". The job trains model developed in this book presents new insights into local economic development evaluation and strategy.
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