Understanding Octavio Paz

Author : Jose Quiroga
ISBN : 1570032637
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In this comprehensive examination of the work of Octavio Paz - winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature and Mexico's important literary and cultural figure - Jose Quiroga presents an analysis of Paz's writings in light of works by and about him. Combining broad erudition with scholarly attention to detail, Quiroga views Paz's work as an open narrative that explores the relationships between the poet, his readers and his time.
Category: Literary Criticism

Aguila O Sol

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 0811206238
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A bilingual edition of the short prose poetry written by Mexico's most distinguished living poet in 1949-50
Category: Poetry

Octavio Paz A Study Of His Poetics

Author : Jason Wilson
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Octavio Paz (1914–1998), the eminent Mexican poet and critic, attempted to evaluate the neglected role of poetry in the twentieth century in terms of a liberating, semi-religious vocation. Jason Wilson, in this study, approaches Paz's poetics through his close relationship with Andr Breton (1896–1966), the surrealist leader. This is a 'spiritual biography' of a poet-thinker (Paz); a study of a fertile relationship (Paz and Breton); a re-evaluation of surrealism itself and, finally, a coping with those acute problems that all poets and readers of poetry must face in an age lacking an acceptable cultural tradition: why write? What is a poem? Who are the genuine poets? Who am I? Wilson analyses Paz's reaction to these related concerns in the poet's examination of 'the values of poetry' in terms of a liberating poetics.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Monkey Grammarian

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 9781628727753
Genre : Philosophy
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Nobel Prize–winner Octavio Paz offers a dazzling mind journey to the sources of poetry. Poet, diplomat, writer, philosopher, hailed as an “intellectual literary one-man band” by the New York Times Book Review, Nobel Prize–winner Octavio Paz was a key figure in the Latin American Literary Renaissance and in world literature. In this entrancing work, part prose-poem and part rumination on the origins of language and the antic, erotic, sacred nature of poetry, Paz takes inspiration from Hanuman, the red-faced monkey chief and ninth grammarian of Hindu mythology. On a journey to the temple city of Galta in India—which Paz finds partially ruined in a leaf-filled countryside surrounded by forbidding hills—Hanuman’s mythical encounters serve as the springboard for the poet’s speculations on all manners of things, from movement and fixity to meaning and identity, the reality behind language, and the nature of nature. Images of the holy city, complete with the marauding monkeys for which it is known, constantly obtrude on his musings. Perhaps the most poetic of Paz’s prose works, The Monkey Grammarian is visual: every page is rich in images, of palaces and temples, pilgrims and sadhus, and the monkey god himself. Paz’s probing, crystalline prose makes this an unforgettable voyage of the mind.
Category: Philosophy

Sor Juana Or The Traps Of Faith

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 0674821068
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF
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A life of the seventeenth-century poet, intellectual, and feminist who became a nun and eventually gave up secular learning, places her in her times and in Spanish intellectual tradition, and examines the contradictions in her personality.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Octavio Paz

Author : Nicholas Caistor
ISBN : 9781861895981
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30.79 MB
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Both an artist and activist, Octavio Paz won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1990. This recognition was the culmination of decades of work, as Paz strove to marry traditional Mexican poetry with distinctly surrealist and Spanish influences. Along with his work, Paz’s contribution to the intellectual debates of his time, such as those over the role of Mexican art in national identity, cannot be overemphasized. In Octavio Paz, Nicholas Caistor takes a fresh look at Paz’s exquisite poetry and fascinating life. Born during the Mexican Revolution, Paz spent his youth fighting to free Mexico from the ideologies of both the left and right. He traveled to the United States, then to Spain, where he fought with the Republicans against Franco's Nationalists. He eventually served as a diplomat in India before returning to his homeland in 1968, where he again became a vocal opponent of the government. As Caistor demonstrates, Paz’s personal journey in those years was as exciting as his public life. He details here the multiple marriages and passionate friendships that inevitably made their way into Paz’s poetry. Both concise and insightful, Octavio Paz reveals the life that informs a poetry that is deeply expressive—and distinctly political.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

On Poets And Others

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 9781628723922
Genre : Literary Collections
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The Nobel Prize–winning poet and man of letters Octavio Paz was also a brilliant reader of other writers, and this book selects his best critical essays from over three decades. In the sixteen pieces collected here, Paz discusses a wide range of poets and writers, both American and international, from Robert Frost and Walt Whitman to William Carlos Williams; from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Luis Buñuel to Alexander Solzhenitsyn; and from Charles Baudelaire to Jean-Paul Sartre, André Breton, and Henri Michaux. Paz writes, “I believe that a writer’s attitude to language should be that of a lover: fidelity and, at the same time, a lack of respect for the beloved object. Veneration and transgression.” When this original thinker meets these writers, each essay is an adventure of the mind.
Category: Literary Collections

From Art To Politics

Author : Yvon Grenier
ISBN : 0742511286
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book offers an analysis of Paz's political thought, arguing that it is rooted in two separate and often antagonistic traditions, Liberalism and Romanticism. Grenier shows that Paz's political thought is best approached not so much by looking at the specific positions Paz took in the issues of his day, but rather by uncovering the core values at the heart of Paz's political philosophy. From Art to Politics gives not only a better understanding of Paz's thought, but also a discussion of the political culture and democratization of Mexico. The book takes a novel look at issues such as the relations between art and politics, the role of intellectuals, and the penchant of academics for "machination" theories in the area of art and culture. The result is an account of Paz's work that is both more focused and more ambitious than those offered in previous books on Paz's politics.
Category: Literary Criticism

Figures Figurations

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 0811217590
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 63.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A collaboration by the late Mexican poet Octavio Paz and his wife, artist Maria Josâe Paz, features a collection of twelve poems accompanied by twelve pieces of art.
Category: Poetry

In Light Of India

Author : Octavio Paz
ISBN : 0156005786
Genre : History
File Size : 68.96 MB
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Paz looks at the people and landscapes of India, based on his years with the Mexican embassy, offering a collection of essays on Indian history, culture, art, politics, language, and philosophy
Category: History