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Under The Black Umbrella

Author : Hildi Kang
ISBN : 9780801470165
Genre : History
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In the rich and varied life stories in Under the Black Umbrella, elderly Koreans recall incidents that illustrate the complexities of Korea during the colonial period. Hildi Kang here reinvigorates a period of Korean history long shrouded in the silence of those who endured under the "black umbrella" of Japanese colonial rule. Existing descriptions of the colonial period tend to focus on extremes: imperial repression and national resistance, Japanese subjugation and Korean suffering, Korean backwardness and Japanese progress. "Most people," Kang says, "have read or heard only the horror stories which, although true, tell only a small segment of colonial life." The varied accounts in Under the Black Umbrella reveal a truth that is both more ambiguous and more human—the small-scale, mundane realities of life in colonial Korea. Accessible and attractive narratives, linked by brief historical overviews, provide a large and fully textured view of Korea under Japanese rule. Looking past racial hatred and repression, Kang reveals small acts of resistance carried out by Koreans, as well as gestures of fairness by Japanese colonizers. Impressive for the history it recovers and preserves, Under the Black Umbrella is a candid, human account of a complicated time in a contested place.
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Japan S Colonization Of Korea

Author : Alexis Dudden
ISBN : 9780824831394
Genre : History
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From its creation in the early twentieth century, policymakers used the discourse of international law to legitimate Japan s empire. Although the Japanese state aggrandizers reliance on this discourse did not create the imperial nation Japan would become, their fluent use of its terms inscribed Japan s claims as legal practice within Japan and abroad. Focusing on Japan s annexation of Korea in 1910, Alexis Dudden gives long-needed attention to the intellectual history of the empire and brings to light presumptions of the twentieth century s so-called international system by describing its most powerful and most often overlooked member s engagement with that system. Early chapters describe the global atmosphere that declared Japan the legal ruler of Korea and frame the significance of the discourse of early twentieth-century international law and how its terms became Japanese. Dudden then brings together these discussions in her analysis of how Meiji leaders embedded this discourse into legal precedent for Japan, particularly in its relations with Korea. Remaining chapters explore the limits of these universal ideas and consider how the international arena measured Japan s use of its terms. Dudden squares her examination of the legality of Japan s imperialist designs by discussing the place of colonial policy studies in Japan at the time, demonstrating how this new discipline further created a common sense that Japan s empire accorded to knowledgeable practice. This landmark study greatly enhances our understanding of the intellectual underpinnings of Japan s imperial aspirations. In this carefully researched and cogently argued work, Dudden makes clear that, even before Japan annexed Korea, it had embarked on a legal and often legislating mission to make its colonization legitimate in the eyes of the world.
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Japanese Assimilation Policies In Colonial Korea 1910 1945

Author : Mark E. Caprio
ISBN : 9780295990408
Genre : History
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From the late nineteenth century, Japan sought to incorporate the Korean Peninsula into its expanding empire. Japan took control of Korea in 1910 and ruled it until the end of World War II. During this colonial period, Japan advertised as a national goal the assimilation of Koreans into the Japanese state. It never achieved that goal. Mark Caprio here examines why Japan's assimilation efforts failed. Utilizing government documents, personal travel accounts, diaries, newspapers, and works of fiction, he uncovers plenty of evidence for the potential for assimilation but very few practical initiatives to implement the policy. Japan's early history of colonial rule included tactics used with peoples such as the Ainu and Ryukyuan that tended more toward obliterating those cultures than to incorporating the people as equal Japanese citizens. Following the annexation of Taiwan in 1895, Japanese policymakers turned to European imperialist models, especially those of France and England, in developing strengthening its plan for assimilation policies. But, although Japanese used rhetoric that embraced assimilation, Japanese people themselves, from the top levels of government down, considered Koreans inferior and gave them few political rights. Segregation was built into everyday life. Japanese maintained separate communities in Korea, children were schooled in two separate and unequal systems, there was relatively limited intermarriage, and prejudice was ingrained. Under these circumstances, many Koreans resisted assimilation. By not actively promoting Korean-Japanese integration on the ground, Japan's rhetoric of assimilation remained just that.
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Peasant Protest Social Change In Colonial Korea

Author : Gi-Wook Shin
ISBN : 0295975482
Genre : History
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The period from 1876 to 1946 in Korea marked a turbulent time when the country opened its market to foreign powers, became subject to Japanese colonialism, and was swept into agricultural commercialization, industrialization, and eventually postcolonial revolutionary movements. Gi-Wook Shin examines how peasants responded to these events, and to their own economic and political circumstances, with protests that eventually shaped the course of postwar revolution in the north and reform in the south.
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Japan At War An Encyclopedia

Author : Louis G. Perez
ISBN : 9781598847420
Genre : History
File Size : 51.31 MB
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This compelling reference focuses on the events, individuals, organizations, and ideas that shaped Japanese warfare from early times to the present day. • Topic finder lists • A comprehensive timeline • 10 maps of key military theaters • Essential primary source documents related to the military history of Japan
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The Rule Of The Clan

Author : Mark S. Weiner
ISBN : 9781466836389
Genre : Political Science
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A revealing look at the role kin-based societies have played throughout history and around the world A lively, wide-ranging meditation on human development that offers surprising lessons for the future of modern individualism, The Rule of the Clan examines the constitutional principles and cultural institutions of kin-based societies, from medieval Iceland to modern Pakistan. Mark S. Weiner, an expert in constitutional law and legal history, shows us that true individual freedom depends on the existence of a robust state dedicated to the public interest. In the absence of a healthy state, he explains, humans naturally tend to create legal structures centered not on individuals but rather on extended family groups. The modern liberal state makes individualism possible by keeping this powerful drive in check—and we ignore the continuing threat to liberal values and institutions at our peril. At the same time, for modern individualism to survive, liberals must also acknowledge the profound social and psychological benefits the rule of the clan provides and recognize the loss humanity sustains in its transition to modernity. Masterfully argued and filled with rich historical detail, Weiner's investigation speaks both to modern liberal societies and to developing nations riven by "clannism," including Muslim societies in the wake of the Arab Spring.
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Korea Observer

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X006135363
Genre : Korea
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Landownership Under Colonial Rule

Author : Edwin H. Gragert
ISBN : 0824814975
Genre : Business & Economics
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The rapid economic changes in post-World War II Korea are often described as "miraculous." Indeed, the country is frequently posited as a model for other countries to emulate. Yet few social or economic historians have seriously examined the roots of these dramatic changes. Edwin Gragert, in this analysis of landownership patterns during the final years of the Yi dynasty, contends that economic changes relevant to Korea's current prosperity long predate the postwar Period; indeed, factors influencing these changes were in place even prior to the twentieth century. A landmark in the study of socioeconomic change in modern Korea, Landownership under Colonial Rule stands firm in its revision of the nationalist thesis about Japanese land expropriation during the colonial period. The meticulous research offers the most detailed and complex view of the late Choson and colonial landholding system available in English. It reveals striking new evidence that acquisition came at a much later date, the result of market forces during the worldwide depression years. Despite having a policy of massive settlement of Japanese citizens and plans for economic exploitation and transformation of the Korean peninsula, Imperial Japan was frustrated by social, economic, and political forces already at work in Korea. Dr. Gragert opens new approaches to research on the colonial period and provides a fresh perspective on modern Korean and Japanese history.
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Acta Koreana

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133515556
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Korean Studies

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066364665
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