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Two Tyrants

Author : A. G. Roderick
ISBN : 0990889203
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Despite growing voter dissatisfaction, the Republican and Democratic parties maintain complete dominance over the American political realm. A majority of voters now identify as independents, yet the traditional powers continue to win every election. Using a combination polling, policy analysis and a sharp wit, A.G. Roderick offers a knockout blow to the Republicans, the Democrats, and the two party system that keeps them in power. Two Tyrants proves that we have the power to dethrone our two political monarchs. The goal is not destruction of either party, but reform of the system that allows them to rule without consequence. The book is a passionate narrative on the cause and effect of two party rule, and an invitation to take the first step toward a new political reality. It is required reading for the coming voter uprising in America.

Grand Illusion

Author : Theresa Amato
ISBN : 9781459600010
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As the national campaign manager for Ralph Nader's historic runs for president in 2000 and 2004, Theresa Amato had a rare ringside role in two of the most hotly contested presidential elections this country has seen. In Grand Illusion, she gives us a witty, thoughtful critique of the American electoral system, as well as a powerful argument for opening up the contest as if people and their daily lives mattered. While making the case for specific reforms in the United States' arcane system of ballot access laws, complex federal regulations, and partisan control of elections, Amato also offers a spirited history of how third-party and Independent candidates have kept important issues on the table in elections past and contribute to our country's political life. Even the most fervent Nader critics will think twice about Nader's role in 2000, thanks to Amato's trenchant factual analysis. Looking beyond the Nader story to campaigns waged by challengers John Anderson, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and others, Amato shows how limiting ourselves to two candidates deprives our country of a robust political life, strips would-be contenders of their free speech and association rights, and cheats voters out of meaningful political choices.

The Tyranny Of Clich S

Author : Jonah Goldberg
ISBN : 9781101572351
Genre : Political Science
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The bestselling author of Liberal Fascism dismantles the progressive myths that are passed-off as wisdom in our schools, media and politics. According to Jonah Goldberg, if the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, the greatest trick liberals ever pulled was convincing themselves that they’re not ideological. Today, “objective” journalists, academics and “moderate” politicians peddle some of the most radical arguments by hiding them in homespun aphorisms. Barack Obama casts himself as a disciple of reason and sticks to one refrain above all others: he’s a pragmatist, opposed to the ideology and dogma of the right, solely concerned with “what works.” And today’s liberals follow his lead, spouting countless clichés such as: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter: Sure, if the other man is an idiot. Was Martin Luther King Jr. a terrorist? Was Bin Laden a freedom fighter? Violence never solves anything: Really? It solved our problems with the British empire and ended slavery. Better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man suffer: So you won’t mind if those ten guilty men move next door to you? Diversity is strength: Cool.The NBA should have a quota for midgets and one-legged point guards! We need complete separation of church and state: In other words all expressions of faith should be barred from politics …except when they support liberal programs. With humor and passion, Goldberg dismantles these and many other Trojan Horses that liberals use to cheat in the war of ideas. He shows that the grand Progressive tradition of denying an ideological agenda while pursuing it vigorously under the false-flag of reasonableness is alive and well. And he reveals how this dangerous game may lead us further down the path of self-destruction.
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Public Choice In America

Author : William C. Mitchell
ISBN : UOM:39015014512076
Genre : Political science
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Race And The Obama Phenomenon

Author : G. Reginald Daniel
ISBN : 9781626742017
Genre : Social Science
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The concept of a more perfect union remains a constant theme in the political rhetoric of Barack Obama. From his now-historic race speech to his second victory speech delivered on November 7, 2012, that striving is evident. “Tonight, more than two hundred years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward,” stated the forty-fourth president of the United States upon securing a second term in office after a hard-fought political contest. Obama borrows this rhetoric from the founding documents of the United States set forth in the U.S. Constitution and in Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.” How naive or realistic is Obama’s vision of a more perfect American union that brings together people across racial, class, and political lines? How can this vision of a more inclusive America be realized in a society that remains racist at its core? These essays seek answers to these complicated questions by examining the 2008 and 2012 elections as well as the events of President Obama’s first term. Written by preeminent race scholars from multiple disciplines, the volume brings together competing perspectives on race, gender, and the historic significance of Obama’s election and re-election. The president heralded in his November 2012 acceptance speech, “The idea that if you’re willing to work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like . . . . whether you’re black or white, Hispanic or Asian or Native American.” These essayists argue the truth of that statement and assess whether America has made any progress toward that vision.
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Encyclopedia Of American Biography

Author : Jerome L. Sternstein
ISBN : UCAL:B4404252
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Profiles important figures both past and present in American arts, sciences, and politics.
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Author : توماس بين
Genre : Business & Economics
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لعل الاراء الواردة فى الصفحات التالية لت تؤلف " بعد " بما يكفى لتحوز تأييدا عاما : فاعتياد عد اعتبار شئ ما " خاطئاً" وقتا طويلا يعطيه مظهرا زائفا من " الصحة " ويثير فى بداية الامر احتجاجا شديدا دفاعا عن الاعاف والعادات . ولكن سرعات ما تهدأ الجبلة اذ الوقت كفيل بأن يهدى الى الصواب اناسا اكثر ممن يهديهم العقل .
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World Press Review

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822015963655
Genre : Journalism
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