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Two Treatises Of Government

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 0460870440
Genre : Political Science
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The Everyman Paperback Classics series offers the latest scholarship on the works of the world's greatest poets, writers and philosophers. Each edition includes a comprehensive introduction, chronology, notes, appendix, critical responses, and a text summary. Presented in an affordable edition with wide format pages for generous margins for notes. Contact your sales rep or call Tuttle for a complete list of available titles. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
Category: Political Science

The First Second Treatises Of Government

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 1537524836
Genre :
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Locke's two groundbreaking treatises regarding good governance are present here in this complete edition. At the time these treatises were written, English politics had undergone decades of upheaval in the wake of the English Civil War. When Dutch monarch William of Orange ascended to the English throne in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, burning questions over the best form of governance for England were prominent in the intelligentsia of the era. It was a time when England grappled with its incremental transition from monarchy to early forms of democracy and right to vote, where dynastic monarchy and religious theory still held considerable power over the formation of the state. In the first treatise Locke proceeds to attack and dissect his prominent contemporary Robert Filmer, who was broadly in favour of absolute monarchy under the principle of divine right. The allusions to the Biblical Adam, wherein the monarch can be intimated as a continuation of the first man ever created, are debunked by Locke who asserts that God never asserted that one man had province to rule over all other human beings. Supporting his argument with known history, Locke concludes that no king over the centuries had asserted to be the heir of Adam and thereby the rightful ruler of a country. In the second treatise Locke turns to a different topic - that of the state of nature. He discusses how humanity may have behaved prior to the establishment of formal societies, and concludes that humanity - even without an established government in place - had never been truly lawless even when freedom was at its farthest extent. In arguing against the tyranny of absolute monarchy, while acknowledging the advantages of humanity's freedom in its natural ungoverned state, Locke arrives at his conclusion: a democratically elected government, whereby humans are accorded freedoms but must conform to the rule of law, is the most advantageous type of government to which humans can aspire. Lauded as a classic of political philosophy, the treatises by Locke are a common requirement in various educational courses concerning political science and philosophy to this day. While steeped in the historical realities of the late 17th century, the arguments Locke composes for governance favourable to the people and their country's development were immensely influential on political theory during and after the Enlightenment era.

Worldviews Science And Us

Author : Diederik Aerts
ISBN : 9789814480833
Genre : Science
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This publication features an interdisciplinary group of contributors which questions aspects of today's worldviews and science that are often taken for granted and tacitly determine the boundaries of what is generally conceived of as the 'world' and 'science'. Some authors stress that existing demarcations are obsolete and often prevent new insights. Others show how they influence the way people perceive themselves and believe the world ontologically to be, determining people's actions and the social fabric. There are yet others who point out how a redemarcation may stimulate the development of knowledge acquisition and social well-being. Examples of how bridging knowledge between different fields leads to new crucial insights, while identifying the pattern of too strict a demarcation preventing such insights, are also analyzed in this volume. Contents:Worldviews, Science and Us, Global Perspectives (D Aerts et al.)Arguments in Favour of Inclusive Science (I Maso)Inclusive Worldviews: Interdisciplinary Research from a Radical Constructivist Perspective (A Riegler)The Chatton–Ockham Strategy — An Alternative to the Simplicity Principle (A Smaling)The Intrinsic Multiplicity of Science: Its Internal and External Confrontations — An Essay (J Broekaert)To Know or Not to Know, One Way or Another (R Oldeman)A Naturalistic and Critical View of Social Sciences and the Humanities (H Pinxten & N Note)Sciences and Knowledge Practices: Their Culture-Specific Wellsprings (R Devisch)On High and Low Styles in Philosophy, or, Towards a Rehabilitation of the Ideal (K van der Wal)Towards a Re-Delineation of the Human Self-Understanding within the Western Worldview: Its Social and Ethical Implications (N Note et al.)Towards a New Democracy: Consensus Through Quantum Parliament (D Aerts)Necessity of Combining Mutually Incompatible Perspectives in the Construction of a Global View: Quantum Probability and Signal Analysis (S Aerts et al.) Readership: Graduate students and academics in philosophy, social sciences, political sciences, physics and education. Keywords:Worldviews;Science;Society;Demarcation;Human Self;Interdisciplinarity;Transdisciplinarity;Inclusive Science;Fragmentation;IntegrationKey Features:Its highly original but for actual and future global society very important subject matterIts truly interdisciplinary characterThis book can stimulate the discussion on the foundations of science for each scientific discipline apartThe content of the book contributes in a essential way to the growth and integration of actual human worldviews
Category: Science

Of The People By The People

Author : Roger Osborne
ISBN : 9781446442814
Genre : History
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'Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.' Churchill had more reason than most to rue the power of democracy, having been thrown out of office after leading Britain to victory in 1945. Democracy, when viewed from above, has always been a fickle master; from below it is a powerful but fragile friend. Most books on democracy focus on political theory and analysis, in a futile attempt to define democracy. Of The People, By The People takes the opposite approach, telling the stories of the different democracies that have come into existence during the past two and half millennia. From Athens to Rhaetia, Jamestown to Delhi, and Putney to Pretoria, the book shows how democratic systems are always a reflection of the culture and history of their birthplaces, and come about through seizing fleeting opportunities. Democracy can only be understood through the fascinating and inspiring stories of the peoples who fought to bring it about.
Category: History

The Age Of Reason Begins

Author : Will Durant
ISBN : 9780671013202
Genre : History
File Size : 80.68 MB
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Examines the religious strife and scientific progress made from 1558 to 1650 in Europe
Category: History

Locke Political Writings

Author : John Locke
ISBN : 0872206769
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 32.71 MB
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John Locke's Second Treatise of Government' (c1681) is perhaps the key founding liberal text. A Letter Concerning Toleration', written in 1685 (a year when a Catholic monarch came to the throne of England and Louis XVI unleashed a reign of terror against Protestants in France), is a classic defence of religious freedom. Yet many of Locke's other writings -- not least the Constitutions of Carolina', which he helped draft -- are almost defiantly anti-liberal in outlook. This comprehensive collection brings together the main published works (excluding polemical attacks on other people's views) with the most important surviving evidence from among Locke's papers relating to his political philosophy. David Wootton's wide-ranging and scholarly Introduction sets the writings in the context of their time, examines Locke's developing ideas and unorthodox Christianity, and analyses his main arguments. The result is the first fully rounded picture of Locke's political thought in his own words.
Category: Philosophy


Author : Geoffrey Palmer
ISBN : 9780864739605
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.90 MB
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Politician and law professor Geoffrey Palmer recounts the events and forces that shaped him in this memoir, as well as his many adventures in reforming a wide range of institutions, laws, and policies. Reform has been a recurring theme throughout Geoffrey Palmer's life, not only during his career in politics and as a Prime Minister, but also as a law professor and law practitioner. He speaks of his early life and family background and the eventful lives of his pioneering ancestors. He examines the intellectual influences on his thinking, particularly the nature of his education both in New Zealand and the United States, and chronicles his life according to the issues: accident compensation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Law Commission, liquor law, Maori issues, parliamentary reform, the Resource Management Act, law and order, prisons, and local government reform. Meticulously detailed and engagingly written, "Reform" is essential reading for anyone interested in New Zealand legal and political history.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Marx S Capital And One Free World

Author : Tadas Horie
ISBN : 9781349116188
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book aims to clarify what the author believes to be the fallacy of the infallibility of Marx's "Capital" and Marxist ideology in general. Other works by the author include "Marxian Economics and Reality", and "The Critique of Dialectic Economics".
Category: Business & Economics