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Yeti Turn Out The Light

Author : Greg Long
ISBN : 9781452130965
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 56.89 MB
Format : PDF
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All Yeti wants to do after a long day in the woods is to close his eyes and go to sleep. But something is not right! Shadows lurk, sounds creak, and there are monsters...or are there? This entertaining bedtime book featuring the fierce and frenetic GAMAGO Yeti will amuse and delight kids, all while encouraging them to turn out the light and go to sleep! Plus, this is the fixed format version, which will look almost identical to the print version. Additionally for devices that support audio, this ebook includes a read-along setting.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Don T Turn Out The Lights

Author : Bernard Minier
ISBN : 9781250106063
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“You did nothing.” Christine Steinmeyer thought the anonymous suicide note she found in her mailbox on Christmas Eve wasn’t meant for her. But the man calling in to her radio show seems convinced otherwise. “You let her die. . . .” That’s only the beginning. Bit by bit, her life is turned upside down. But who among her friends and family hates her enough to want to destroy her? And why?It’s as if someone has taken over her life, and everything holding it together starts to crumble. Soon all that is left is an unimaginable nightmare. Martin Servaz is on leave in a clinic for depressed cops, haunted by his childhood sweetheart Marianne’s kidnapping by his nemesis, the psychopath Julian Hirtmann. One day, he receives a key card to a hotel room in the mail—the room where an artist committed suicide a year earlier. Someone wants him to get back to work, which he’s more than ready to do, despite his mandatory sick leave. Servaz soon uncovers evidence of a truly terrifying crime. Could someone really be cruelly, consciously hounding women to death? What if the people closest to us are not what they seem? What happens when someone takes control of your life and your relationships? And what is hiding in the darkness? In Bernard Minier's Don't Turn Out the Lights, you won’t see who’s coming after you.
Category: Fiction

Turn Out The Lights

Author : Gary Cartwright
ISBN : 9780292789920
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 43.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Whether the subject is Jack Ruby, Willie Nelson, or his own leukemia-stricken son Mark, when it comes to looking at the world through another person's eyes, nobody does it better than Gary Cartwright. For over twenty-five years, readers of Texas Monthly have relied on Cartwright to tell the stories behind the headlines with pull-no-punches honesty and wry humor. His reporting has told us not just what's happened over three decades in Texas, but, more importantly, what we've become as a result. This book collects seventeen of Cartwright's best Texas Monthly articles from the 1980s and 1990s, along with a new essay, "My Most Unforgettable Year," about the lasting legacy of the Kennedy assassination. He ranges widely in these pieces, from the reasons for his return to Texas after a New Mexican exile to profiles of Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Along the way, he strolls through San Antonio's historic King William District; attends a Dallas Cowboys old-timers reunion and the Holyfield vs. Foreman fight; visits the front lines of Texas' new range wars; gets inside the heads of murderers, gamblers, and revolutionaries; and debunks Viagra miracles, psychic surgery, and Kennedy conspiracy theories. In Cartwright's words, these pieces all record "the renewal of my Texas-ness, a rediscovery of Texas after returning home."
Category: Literary Collections

Will The Last Reporter Please Turn Out The Lights

Author : Robert W. McChesney
ISBN : 9781595587497
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.73 MB
Format : PDF
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The sudden meltdown of the news media has sparked one of the liveliest debates in recent memory, with an outpouring of opinion and analysis crackling across journals, the blogosphere, and academic publications. Yet, until now, we have lacked a comprehensive and accessible introduction to this new and shifting terrain. In Will the Last Reporter Please Turn out the Lights, celebrated media analysts Robert W. McChesney and Victor Pickard have assembled thirty-two illuminating pieces on the crisis in journalism, revised and updated for this volume. Featuring some of today’s most incisive and influential commentators, this comprehensive collection contextualizes the predicament faced by the news media industry through a concise history of modern journalism, a hard-hitting analysis of the structural and financial causes of news media’s sudden collapse, and deeply informed proposals for how the vital role of journalism might be rescued from impending disaster. Sure to become the essential guide to the journalism crisis, Will the Last Reporter Please Turn out the Lights is both a primer on the news media today and a chronicle of a key historical moment in the transformation of the press.
Category: Social Science

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights

Author : Susan E. Cleyle
ISBN : 081085192X
Genre : Computers
File Size : 62.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This collection of thought-provoking essays challenges librarians to consider the future of the profession, particularly as it relates to the Web, the library as place, delivering services to the desktop, certification, and the future of professional associations.
Category: Computers

Turn Out The Lights

Author : Laura Lonshein Ludwig
ISBN : 9781524560126
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 71.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It can happen again, a new wave of movies that are as good as the classics of the Golden and Silver age. This is a book of stories that will captivate you from the 1700s to the twenty-first century and beyond our time to escape into and yet wish to read again and again. Scene descriptions that are exquisite to the eye beckon you to follow the unforgettable characters from love found after World War One for those just entering middle age, to a current-day private detective story where an attractive woman who is fifty years old is rescued from a deceptive man who is stealing her jewels and money while attempting to convince her of the security and love he will offer her in marriage. Plays and short stories for the screen and stage for the many talented actors, producers and directors seeking material that offers interesting dialogue, passionate, intelligent, with the depth and character, and philosophical nature that allows the actor to live in the minds of the audience for decades. Mysteries, love stories, and comedies can be found in this book. A classic comedy, The Man on the Street Is Without a Prayer, is includeda screenplay, that Richard Ornstein, cohost of The Joe Franklin Memory Lane radio show, reviewed with other work from her first book, Robo Sapiens. I read Laura Lonshein Ludwigs poetry, screenplays, and short stories. She is incredible and so good that I collaborated with her on a screenplay with Joe Franklin, The Desk. Laura has a great imagination, terrific wit. Laura is my definition of Mel Brooks. She is genius. The Desk will appear in another book or in a film. The Man on the Street Is Without a Prayer has been compared to Duck Soup in its possibilities by legends in the arts. A second science fiction screenplay, a light comedy is included in this collection. For those who love to read good literature, this book will give you hours of delight. Poetry is included as well as other short stories. Laura is a well-published writer and worked on two literary magazines, The New Press Literary Review and Medicinal Purposes, and is listed in Whos Who in the World as a screenwriter, director for TV and radio, poet, and actress. The first few pages of the book offers other reviews for previous work by Laura. This book, with the exception of The Man on the Street Is Without a Prayer, has work that has never been published before.
Category: Poetry

The Last One Leaving Mayberry

Author : Aaron McAlexander
ISBN : 0615477208
Genre : Mayberry (Va.)
File Size : 90.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In the years following the American Civil War, many Southern families, their sons and husbands having lost their lives or their health in defense of the confederate cause, also lost their farms and homes. For the entrenched Southern aristocracy, the conversion from a plantation economy based on slave labor to a similar system based on share cropping seemed a logical adaptation. So when a small farm family no longer had the manpower required to make the farm productive, it was usually soon lost to foreclosure and often was bought up by a former plantation owner. This is scenario precisely describes the experience of the family of Henry and Caron Yeatts, a young family that, following the Civil War and the death of Henry, was forced to leave their farm in the fertile Virginia Piedmont to resettle on a borrowed rocky homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In spite of an incredibly difficult beginning, the Yeatts progeny has thrived, maintaining their roots in a mountain community with the name of, believe-it-or-not, Mayberry, Virginia. This book is a collection of vignettes from six generations of a family that has been sustained by hard work, strong faith, and a lively sense of humor.
Category: Mayberry (Va.)

Lights Out

Author : Arthur Geisert
ISBN : 9780547529387
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 82.18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mama and Papa are firm: lights out at eight o’clock. But their little piglet is afraid of the dark. They say, “If you can figure something out, go ahead.” So the piglet devises an ingenious series of contraptions that allow him to obey his parents while still keeping the light on long enough to fall asleep. Dominoes, tricycles, bowling balls, and baseball bats play a part as each action and reaction leads gradually to the final tug on the lamp’s switch. Follow Arthur Geisert’s detailed etchings as they reveal each step of kinetic wonder leading gradually to lights out.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Keep The Lights Burning Abbie

Author : Connie Roop
ISBN : 9781512418644
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 89.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 502
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Abbie was afraid. She had never had to keep the lights burning by herself. But many lives depended on the lighthouse, and Papa was depending on Abbie. This is the exciting true story of Abbie Burgess, who in 1856 single-handedly kept the lighthouse lamps lit during a tremendous storm off the coast of Maine.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction