Nicht Kleckern Klotzen

Author : Donald Trump
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Donald Trump hat es geschafft. Bill Zanker betrieb eine Consulting-Firma. Er traf Donald Trump und lernte von ihm - das Resultat waren 100 Millionen Dollar Jahresumsatz nach nur drei Jahren.
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The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump

Author : Bandy X. Lee
ISBN : 9781250179463
Genre : Political Science
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The New York Times bestseller! More than two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists offer their consensus view that Trump's mental state presents a clear and present danger to our nation and individual well-being. This is not normal. Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidential run, one question has quietly but urgently permeated the observations of concerned citizens: What is wrong with him? Constrained by the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule,” which inhibits mental health professionals from diagnosing public figures they have not personally examined, many of those qualified to answer this question have shied away from discussing the issue at all. The public has thus been left to wonder whether he is mad, bad, or both. In THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP, twenty-seven psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health experts argue that, in Mr. Trump’s case, their moral and civic “duty to warn” America supersedes professional neutrality. They then explore Trump’s symptoms and potentially relevant diagnoses to find a complex, if also dangerously mad, man. Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword, for instance, explain Trump’s impulsivity in terms of “unbridled and extreme present hedonism.” Craig Malkin writes on pathological narcissism and politics as a lethal mix. Gail Sheehy, on a lack of trust that exceeds paranoia. Lance Dodes, on sociopathy. Robert Jay Lifton, on the “malignant normality” that can set in everyday life if psychiatrists do not speak up. His madness is catching, too. From the trauma people have experienced under the Trump administration to the cult-like characteristics of his followers, he has created unprecedented mental health consequences across our nation and beyond. It’s not all in our heads. It’s in his. "There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump...profound, illuminating and discomforting" —Bill Moyers
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Donald Trump

Author : Gwenda Blair
ISBN : 9781439129371
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On the hugely successful hit reality TV show The Apprentice, Donald Trump tells his contenders that location and pricing are supremely significant. But in his own life, there have been other maxims: Do whatever it takes to win. Don't spare the chutzpah. Always use the superlative. Make everything into an advertisement for yourself. Whatever happens, always claim victory. Following these personal commandments, he has turned bragging, self-inflation, and showing off into competitive advantages that have brought him national and international renown. In Donald Trump: Master Apprentice, best-selling author Gwenda Blair recounts a true-life history with more twists and turns than any television producer could possibly imagine. Towering skyscrapers and glittering casinos, a luxury airline and a football-field-size yacht, steamy affairs and bitter lawsuits, near bankruptcy and stormy feuds -- all this and more are part of the life of Trump. An adaptation and update of her definitive biography, The Trumps, this new book provides fresh material on Donald Trump's brushes with bankruptcy, mammoth construction projects, and ever-expanding place in American life. Drawing on recent interviews with the celebrated real estate magnate, his associates, his rivals, and contestants from his television show, Blair offers new insight into the man who seems to have it all. For the first time, we also get a glimpse of the person who will ultimately decide the fate of the Trump brand: Donald Trump, Jr., the real-life apprentice who hopes to put his own imprint on his father's empire.
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The America We Deserve

Author : Donald Trump
ISBN : 9781580631686
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The essential, bestselling book that first defined President Donald Trump's political ideas. The America We Deserve is the essential book for anyone who wants to understand the core of Donald Trump's political thinking. In this book, written as he first considered running for president in 2000, Trump offers no-nonsense, populist, provocative, and dramatic solutions to issues that continue to resonate with voters today. In this book, Trump lays out a vision for America that is strong, optimistic, and founded on core Republican principles of self-reliance, limited governance, economic growth, and equitable taxation. Striking for its similarities to President Trump's current initiatives--but also fascinating in its differences--The America We Deserve reveals a man who is fully engaged with the nation and cares deeply about its future. Readers and voters will discover Trump's ideas on: *Foreign policy and relations with China, Russia, North Korea, and Israel *How to fix our broken and underperfoming education system *Reducing regulations on business to help create jobs and economic growth *A dramatic one-time tax on the super-wealthy to close the national debt and fuel tax cuts for the middle class *Immigration, crime, terrorism, and more The America We Deserve is essential reading for Trump-watchers, voters, Republicans, Democrats, and anyone interested in how Trump the businessman became Trump the president.
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Die Akte Trump

Author : David Cay Johnston
ISBN : 9783711051837
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DER NEUE US-PRÄSIDENT – WER IST DONALD TRUMP? In Die Akte Trump zeigt Pulitzerpreisträger David Cay Johnston den Aufstieg des 45. Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten – angefangen bei Kindheit und Erziehung bis zum erbitterten Wahlkampf gegen Hillary Clinton. Mithilfe zahlreicher Interviews, Gerichtsakten und Finanzdokumente wird das Gefl echt aus Lügen und Halbwahrheiten rund um Donald Trump entwirrt und offengelegt. Wer ist der mächtigste Mann der Welt? Sachlich und fundiert entwirft David Cay Johnston ein vollständiges, brandaktuelles und mitunter erschreckendes Bild des neuen US-Präsidenten. »Was Johnston über den neuen Präsidenten erzählt, ist beeindruckend. Näher kann man Trump zurzeit wohl nicht kommen.« Süddeutsche Zeitung »David Cay Johnston gehört zu den Wenigen, die das komplexe trumpsche Firmengeflecht durchdrungen und hinter die vergoldeten Kulissen geblickt haben.« Der Spiegel Die Akte Trump »enthüllt die dubiosen Geschäfte des Donald Trump – und seine Skrupellosigkeit selbst gegenüber der eigenen Familie«. Stern
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Gegen Trump

Author : Naomi Klein
ISBN : 9783104906300
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Wie konnte es dazu kommen, dass Donald Trump Präsident der USA wurde? Der mit »alternativen Fakten« gegen Einwanderer, gegen Frauen, gegen Wissenschaft, gegen Pressefreiheit hetzt und seine populistische Agenda schamlos durchsetzt? Überzeugend zeigt Naomi Klein, dass Trump weder aus dem Nichts aufgetaucht ist noch ein politischer Unfall ist. Seine Wahl ist die konsequente Fortsetzung einer Entwicklung, die schon vor Jahren begann. Trump ist Agent eines ungezügelten Kapitalismus, zunehmender Ungleichheit, zunehmenden Rassismus und Protektionismus. Um gegen seine perfide Strategie der Schock-Politik anzugehen, braucht es mehr als Wut und Protest. Aus ihrer messerscharfen Analyse entwickelt die bekannte Aktivistin und Bestsellerautorin Naomi Klein eine ganz konkrete, optimistische Strategie des neuen Widerstands. »Ein unverzichtbares Handbuch für alle, die die ökonomische, soziale und politischen Kräfte verstehen wollen, die für die aktuelle Krise verantwortlich sind – und wie wir gegen diese effektiv vorgehen können.« Danny Glover »Nur Naomi Klein schafft es, uns aus dem aktuellen Wahnsinn zu retten. „Gegen Trump“ muss ganz oben auf Ihrem Bücherstapel liegen, unbedingt lesen.« Michael Stipe »Naomi Klein hat einen Leitfaden zur Hoffnung für jedermann geschrieben. Lesen Sie dieses Buch!« Arundhati Roy »Naomi Klein ist wie eine großartige Ärztin – sie kann Probleme diagnostizieren, wie niemand sonst.« Alfonso Cuarón
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Author : Donald Trump
ISBN : 0307290166
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Author : Jerome Tuccille
ISBN : 1587982234
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Donald J. Trump's remarkable energy and vision have changed the face of our world. Here is his story, the story of the Queens-born grandson of a Swedish immigrant who bought his first properties while still in college and moved on to become among the nation's biggest "movers and shakers" before the age of forty. 12 pages of photos. Fine.
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The Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

Author : Robert Sears
ISBN : 9781786892294
Genre : Humor
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All I ask is fairness People are constantly attacking my hair I think it's very unfair Obama said he never met his uncle Oscar Can you imagine if I made that statement? It would be the electric chair What if there's another side to Donald Trump? A sensitive, poetic side? Driven by this question, Rob Sears began combing The Donald's words for signs of poetry. What he found was a revelation. By simply taking the President Elect's tweets and transcripts, cutting them up and reordering them, he unearthed a trove of beautiful verse that was just waiting to be discovered. This collection will give readers a glimpse of the Trump's innermost thoughts and feelings, on everything from the nature of truth to what annoys him about Halle Berry ? and will reveal a hitherto hidden Donald, who may surprise both students and critics alike.
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