Transforming Learning And It Management Through Gamification

Author : Edmond C. Prakash
ISBN : 9783319186993
Genre : Computers
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This book explains how gamification, specifically enterprise gamification, can help mangers in multiple areas within an enterprise to improve attrition. Employee Engagement is an important component to foster employee relations with the organization. Gamification by its inherent design helps to increase engagement within an enterprise. Several successful case studies in Gamification are presented, which present new practical tips for Gamification for IT Management. By introducing general IT management concepts related to the specific environment managers work in, the authors then detail the benefits of introducing gamification in this very environment to resolve business issues. IT Managers, as well as HR professionals, Group Heads and Delivery Leaders will find this be a useful resource to understand how Gamification can improve their everyday work. The book can also be used as a reference for engaging learners and employees to improve their productivity in organizations.
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The Field Guide To The 6ds

Author : Andy Jefferson
ISBN : 9781118677148
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.93 MB
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Practical guidelines for implementing the six disciplines of breakthrough learning The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning has become a standard for companies serious about increasing the return on their investment in learning and development. Now the authors help workplace learning professionals apply the concepts of their bestselling book. With real-world applications, case studies, how-to guidelines, and practical advice and examples for implementing the 6Ds, The 6Ds Fieldbook: Beyond ADDIE will help organizations substantially increase the return on investment and decrease "learning scrap," the potential value that goes unrealized in many learning and development initiatives. Helps OD professionals apply the concepts of the bestselling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning Includes all new case studies, examples, tools, and best practices in use by organizations that have successfully used the 6Ds Taps into the experience and expertise of 6Ds practitioners Linking to social media to enhance the lessons of the book, The 6Ds Fieldbook is an easy-to-use and widely-applicable guide to getting the most from learning and development.
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Author : Stefan Stieglitz
ISBN : 9783319455570
Genre : Computers
File Size : 82.91 MB
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This compendium introduces game theory and gamification to a number of different domains and describes their professional application in information systems. It explains how playful functions can be implemented in various contexts and highlights a range of concrete scenarios planned and developed for several large corporations. In its first part the book presents the fundamentals, concepts and theories of gamification. This is followed by separate application-oriented sections – each containing several cases – that focus on the use of gamification in customer management, innovation management, teaching and learning, mobile applications and as an element of virtual worlds. The book offers a valuable resource for readers looking for inspiration and guidance in finding a practical approach to gamification.
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Gamification With Moodle

Author : Natalie Denmeade
ISBN : 9781785286810
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.57 MB
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Use game elements in Moodle courses to build learner resilience and motivation About This Book Formulate a Moodle course that acts as a flexible framework ready for your own content Keep learners engrossed and create opportunities for motivation through the concepts of status, access, and power A resourceful guide to innovative learning using automatic reports, assessments, and conditional release of activities Who This Book Is For This book has been designed for teachers who to use technology to create more engaging learning experiences for both online learning and in face-to-face sessions. This book will especially appeal to people who are interested in the underlying mechanics of play and games and want to know more about applying these concepts in an educational context. It is assumed that you are a teacher and expert in your field, have basic computer skills, and have access to the Internet. What You Will Learn Set up a scoring system using Moodle Gradebook Enable communication and collaboration in your class as a Learning Community using forums Assess your learners' abilities by setting up challenges and quests Configure gateways to check and ensure progress before new content or activities are released Create Moodle assignments to provide effective feedback through a comment bank and custom scale Issue Open Badges to recognize achievements and set up an online backpack to share digital badges Reduce anxiety for learners by using the game-like concept of “Levelling Up” In Detail This book describes how teachers can use Gamification design within the Moodle Learning Management System. Game elements can be included in course design by using, badges, rubrics, custom grading scales, forums, and conditional activities. Moodle courses do not have to be solo-learning experiences that replicate Distance Education models. The Gamification design process starts by profiling players and creating levels of achievement towards meeting learning outcomes. Each task is defined, valued, and sequenced. Motivation loops are devised to keep the momentum going. In a gaming studio, this approach would require a team of specialists with a large budget and time frames. Preparing for a class rarely has these optimal conditions. The approach used in this book is to introduce game elements into the course design gradually. First, apply gamification to just one lesson and then build up to gamifying a series of lessons over a term. Each example will indicate the difficulty level and time investment. Try it out to see what is most effective with your learners and choose wisely in your use of technology. By the end of this book, you will be able to create Moodle courses that incorporate choice, communication, challenge, and creativity. Style and approach An easy-to-follow guide full of screenshots and step-by-step instructions with estimated time frames required to accomplish numerous tasks. Tips are offered for new Moodlers and plugin extensions are suggested for advanced Moodlers. The focus of the book is on why you would want to use each activity rather than detailed technical descriptions.
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Digital Universities V 1 2014

Author : Katharine A. Bentham
ISBN : 9788849279733
Genre : Social Science
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EDITORIAL Culture and cultures: the world’s thousands of versions compared to global modernization PEDAGOGY Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): education to change society? SCIENCE Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): education to change society? How modern technologies solve laboratory’s dilemma in distance learning Instructional design of technical disciplines in the implementation of distance education in the Tula State University Simulation design of wireless communications for digital universities in developing countries TECHNOLOGY PBL Working Environment: an expert system to learn the Problem-Based Learning pedagogy The responsive teaching/learning revolution: the impact of requests for the portability of services and contents for distance education on instructional models and technologies. BUSINESS Blended and online learning in a career service
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Enterprise Architecture Management Einfach Und Effektiv

Author : Inge Hanschke
ISBN : 9783446449350
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.84 MB
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Enterprise Architecture Management in einem Unternehmen einzuführen ist eine komplexe Aufgabe. Für den Erfolg ist es vor allem wichtig, schon am Anfang ein klares Ziel-Bild festzulegen und zu definieren, wie die erste Einführungsstufe aussehen soll. Dabei unterstützt Sie dieser Praxisleitfaden. Die ersten Schritte erfolgreich in kurzer Zeit umsetzen Er hat zwei Schwerpunkte: - Einerseits vermittelt er eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf das Themenfeld EAM, seine Ziele und seinen Nutzen. Das liefert IT-Verantwortlichen und IT-Strategen gute Argumente, um ihr Unternehmen von der Notwendigkeit von EAM zu überzeugen. - Andererseits enthält es eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für die Einführung von EAM in der ersten Ausbaustufe. Anschauliche Visualisierungen und Praxisbeispiele Diese Anleitung hilft Ihnen dabei, die ersten Schritte erfolgreich in kurzer Zeit umzusetzen. Anschauliche Visualisierungen und Praxisbeispiele ergänzen und vertiefen die vermittelten Inhalte.
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Work Rules

Author : Laszlo Bock
ISBN : 9783800650941
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die Arbeitswelt ändert sich. Sind Sie bereit dafür? Warum Sie ausschließlich Leute einstellen sollten, die besser sind als Sie. Was Sie von Ihren besten und schwächsten Mitarbeitern lernen können. Warum Sie den Managern Macht entziehen sollten. Weshalb Sie Entwicklung nicht mit Leistungsmanagement verwechseln dürfen. Warum Sie unfair entlohnen sollten. „Google schreibt an unserer Kulturgeschichte. Work Rules zeigt mit verblüffender Offenheit, wie eines der innovativsten Biotope funktioniert. Auf Basis einer nicht hintergehbaren Mission präsentiert Laszlo Bock ein experimentelles und evidenzbasiertes People Management. Am Ende sehen wir einige unverrückbare Regeln, aber vor allem eine Fülle über die Eigenverantwortung des Einzelnen herausreichenden Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Hierauf kann und muss nun jeder selbst aufsetzen.“ Prof. Dr. Jürgen Weibler, Autor des Standardwerkes „Personalführung“ „Wer verbringen die meiste Zeit unseres Lebens am Arbeitsplatz. Es kann deshalb nicht richtig sein, wenn hier unsere Erfahrungen von Demotivation, Unfreundlichkeit und Menschenverachtung geprägt sind“, sagt Laszlo Bock. Damit beschreibt er den Kern seines Buches „Work Rules!“, ein fesselndes Manifest mit dem Potenzial, die Art und Weise, wie wir arbeiten, zu verändern. Google gehört zu den attraktivsten Arbeitgebern weltweit und erhält jährlich etwa zwei Millionen Bewerbungen für wenige Tausend offener Stellen. Was macht Google so attraktiv? Die Personalauswahl ist härter als an den Universitäten Harvard, Yale oder Princeton, und doch zieht das Unternehmen die talentiertesten Menschen an. Warum bekommen einige Mitarbeiter bestimmte Sozialleistungen, andere aber wiederum nicht? Warum verbringt das Unternehmen so viel Zeit mit der Einstellung eines Mitarbeiters? Und stimmt es, dass die Mitarbeiter mit 20 % ihrer Arbeitszeit tun können, was sie wollen? Work Rules! zeigt, wie eine Balance zwischen Kreativität und Struktur in Organisationen hergestellt werden kann, die zu nachweisbarem Erfolg führt – und zwar in der Lebensqualität der Mitarbeiter und den Marktanteilen des Unternehmens. Das Erfolgsgeheimnis von Google im Umgang mit seinen Mitarbeitern lässt sich kopieren – in großen wie in kleinen Organisationen, von einzelnen Mitarbeitern wie von Managern. Nicht in jeder Firma ist es möglich, Vergünstigungen wie kostenlose Mahlzeiten zu gewähren, aber buchstäblich jeder kann nachmachen, was Google ganz besonders auszeichnet. Laszlo Bock leitet das Personalressort bei Google, einschließlich aller Bereiche, die mit der Anwerbung, Entwicklung und Mitarbeiterbindung zu tun haben, von denen es weltweit über 50.000 an mehr als 70 Standorten gibt. Während seiner Zeit bei Google wurde das Unternehmen über 100 Mal zum herausragenden Arbeitgeber erklärt, darunter auch die Auszeichnung als „#1 Best Company to Work for“ in den USA, Argentinien, Australien, Brasilien, Kanada, Frankreich, Indien, Irland, Italien, Japan, Korea, Mexiko, den Niederlanden, Polen, Russland, der Schweiz und Großbritannien. 2010 wurde er vom Magazin Human Resource Executive als „Human Resources Executive of the Year“ ausgezeichnet. 2014 gelangte Laszlo als einziger HR-Executive auf der Liste der „zehn einflussreichsten Menschen im Bereich HR“ des Jahrzehnts.
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Gamification For Employee Engagement

Author : Akila Narayanan
ISBN : 9781783001354
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62.33 MB
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If a positive and engaged team is important to you, get started with gamification now and discover how it could transform your workplace.
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Accelerated Learning For Breakthrough Results

Author : Debbie Craig
ISBN : 9781869225179
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book focuses on the shift from training to learning to collaborative learning in the modern socially networked age. It also covers how to accelerate talent engagement, development and organisational change for Breakthrough Results. It outlines key principles, processes and tools to accelerate learning in organisations, using the latest research in Neuroscience and practical case studies which bring learning to life. The book covers paradigm shifts in learning; whole brain, whole person approaches to learning; creating learning cultures; and designing Accelerated Learning programmes which are relevant to individuals, business leaders and learning specialists. Accelerated Learning for Breakthrough Results covers the following topics, and ends with two case studies that will show how all of the various aspects of accelerated learning can be pulled together to create real, high impact learning for breakthrough results. PART 1: Paradigm Shift for Accelerated Learning PART 2: Whole Brain, Whole Person Approach to Learning PART 3: Creating a Learning Culture PART 4: Designing Accelerated Learning Programmes PART 5: Making it Real – Case Studies of Accelerated Learning The authors invite readers to engage with the topic, and accelerate their learning through various gamification mechanics and brain-break activities in the book and online. There is a rabbit warren of resources, tools and rewards available through opting in to an online process and ways of interacting with other readers and learners through social media. Contributing Authors: Natalie Cunningham, John Gatherer, Darryn van den Berg “In many ways this book reminded me of Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline, which similarly inspired me a few years back. This book is very detailed, and discusses new approaches, techniques … and methods to achieve liberating yet learning-centred breakthrough results at individual, team and organisational level. Chief Human Resource Officers as well as their peers, and Chief Learning Officers and their associated practitioners, will all benefit from not just reading this very compelling text but studying and applying all its valuable lessons in their quest both to accelerate learning and achieve tangible results.” ~ Johan Ludike, Head of Talent Management, Yum University, Yum Brands Africa “Congratulations to Debbie and Kerryn, who have captured the essence of accelerated learning, a process which, particularly in a dynamic markets context, is so important to change the status quo, where so many people have potential for greatness but have often lacked opportunities and mentorship.” ~ Shaun Rozyn, Executive Director: Corporate Education, Gordon Institute of Business Science “What an amazing read – it is truly a book that keeps on giving! It stimulates thinking about accelerated learning and is full of modern and practical content, presented in an easily accessible and understandable manner. The gamification throughout the book places the reader in the milieu of an active learner through the experience of reading the book and accelerating one’s own learning.” ~ Liza Govender, Executive Manager: Talent, Transnet “Both Kerryn and Debbie bring their valuable practical lessons learnt, their passion for this subject, and their deep expertise in this field to us in a practical and useful manner. I have had the [good] fortune of working in organisations and in consulting for organisations in this field for over 20 years, and I wish I had had this book 20 years ago already!” ~ Lou-Anne Lubbe, previous MD, People & Organisation Talent, Accenture South Africa
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Besser Als Die Wirklichkeit

Author : Jane McGonigal
ISBN : 9783641097417
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 57.31 MB
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Warum Computerspiele nicht blöd, sondern schlau machen Die Menschheit spielt. Immerzu. Überall. Ununterbrochen. Über 3 Milliarden Stunden werden jede Woche weltweit mit Spielen verbracht. Und die Zahl wächst, denn immer mehr Menschen erliegen der Faszination von Computerspielen. Aber muss man deshalb klagen über Isolation und Kulturverfall? – Jane McGonigal, laut »BusinessWeek« eine der zehn wichtigsten und innovativsten Spieleentwicklerinnen der Welt, kehrt die Perspektive um und stellt die spannende Frage: Was, wenn wir die immense Kreativität, die Leidenschaft und das Engagement, das wir ins Spielen investieren, für die reale Welt nutzbar machen? Computerspiele bieten Belohnungen, Herausforderungen und Siege, die uns die reale Welt nur allzu oft vorenthält. Aber wer sagt, dass wir das Potenzial von Spielen allein zur Wirklichkeitsflucht und zu Unterhaltungszwecken nutzen müssen? Für Jane McGonigal sind Gamer hoch kompetente Problemlöser und passionierte Teamplayer. Ihre bestechende These: Nutzen wir diese enormen Ressourcen doch, um unsere sozialen, wirtschaftlichen oder medizinischen Probleme zu lösen! Ein überwältigend neuer und überzeugender Blick auf die positive Wirkung, die im Spielen steckt – eine bahnbrechende Analyse, mit der Jane McGonigal eindrucksvoll bestätigt, dass sie von der Zeitschrift »Fast Company« zu Recht unter die »100 kreativsten Menschen der Wirtschaft« gewählt wurde!
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