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Transborder Lives

Author : Lynn Stephen
ISBN : 0822389967
Genre : Social Science
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Lynn Stephen’s innovative ethnography follows indigenous Mexicans from two towns in the state of Oaxaca—the Mixtec community of San Agustín Atenango and the Zapotec community of Teotitlán del Valle—who periodically leave their homes in Mexico for extended periods of work in California and Oregon. Demonstrating that the line separating Mexico and the United States is only one among the many borders that these migrants repeatedly cross (including national, regional, cultural, ethnic, and class borders and divisions), Stephen advocates an ethnographic framework focused on transborder, rather than transnational, lives. Yet she does not disregard the state: She assesses the impact migration has had on local systems of government in both Mexico and the United States as well as the abilities of states to police and affect transborder communities. Stephen weaves the personal histories and narratives of indigenous transborder migrants together with explorations of the larger structures that affect their lives. Taking into account U.S. immigration policies and the demands of both commercial agriculture and the service sectors, she chronicles how migrants experience and remember low-wage work in agriculture, landscaping, and childcare and how gender relations in Oaxaca and the United States are reconfigured by migration. She looks at the ways that racial and ethnic hierarchies inherited from the colonial era—hierarchies that debase Mexico’s indigenous groups—are reproduced within heterogeneous Mexican populations in the United States. Stephen provides case studies of four grass-roots organizations in which Mixtec migrants are involved, and she considers specific uses of digital technology by transborder communities. Ultimately Stephen demonstrates that transborder migrants are reshaping notions of territory and politics by developing creative models of governance, education, and economic development as well as ways of maintaining their cultures and languages across geographic distances.
Category: Social Science

Doing Democracy In Indigenen Gemeinschaften

Author : Gilberto Rescher
ISBN : 9783839430705
Genre : Political Science
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Das Valle del Mezquital in Zentralmexiko wird häufig als unterentwickelt und alten politischen Strukturen verhaftet angesehen. Auf Grundlage intensiver ethnographischer Feldforschung zeigt Gilberto Rescher jedoch, wie hier auf subtile Weise ein politischer Wandel ausgehandelt wird, der Perspektiven für Demokratisierung im Sinne wachsender Möglichkeiten zur Teilhabe eröffnet. Seine Studie geht dem Zusammenspiel der indigenen Akteure mit einer spezifischen Form der Organisation in Dorfgemeinschaften, der starken Präsenz transnationaler Migrationsprozesse und der sich verändernden gesellschaftlichen Positionierung bestimmter sozialer Gruppen - etwa von Frauen oder Jugendlichen - nach.
Category: Political Science

Migration Und Minderheiten In Der Demokratie

Author : Philipp Eigenmann
ISBN : 9783658040314
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.6 MB
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In Demokratien werden die Zugänge zur politischen und sozialen Partizipation über unterschiedliche Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten reguliert. Diese entfalten ihre Wirkung auch im Kontext von Migration. Allerdings kann Beteiligung nicht allein auf Fragen von Staatsbürgerschaft und politischen Rechten von Minderheiten reduziert werden. Vielmehr ist Demokratie mit vielfältigen individuellen und sozialen Lernprozessen verknüpft. Vor diesem Hintergrund untersuchen die Autorinnen und Autoren des Bandes in den Themenfeldern Staatsbürgerschaft, politische Partizipation, Zivilgesellschaft und Bildungsprozesse Facetten der Bedeutung von Migration und Minderheiten für demokratische Gesellschaften. Darüber hinaus enthält der Band Beiträge zu Grundlagen und Systematisierungen über Migration und Minderheiten in der Demokratie.
Category: Social Science

Of Forests And Fields

Author : Mario Jimenez Sifuentez
ISBN : 9780813576923
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.99 MB
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2016 Choice Oustanding Academic Title Just looking at the Pacific Northwest’s many verdant forests and fields, it may be hard to imagine the intense work it took to transform the region into the agricultural powerhouse it is today. Much of this labor was provided by Mexican guest workers, Tejano migrants, and undocumented immigrants, who converged on the region beginning in the mid-1940s. Of Forests and Fields tells the story of these workers, who toiled in the fields, canneries, packing sheds, and forests, turning the Pacific Northwest into one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country. Employing an innovative approach that traces the intersections between Chicana/o labor and environmental history, Mario Sifuentez shows how ethnic Mexican workers responded to white communities that only welcomed them when they were economically useful, then quickly shunned them. He vividly renders the feelings of isolation and desperation that led to the formation of ethnic Mexican labor organizations like the Pineros y Campesinos Unidos Noroeste (PCUN) farm workers union, which fought back against discrimination and exploitation. Of Forests and Fields not only extends the scope of Mexican labor history beyond the Southwest, it offers valuable historical precedents for understanding the struggles of immigrant and migrant laborers in our own era. Sifuentez supplements his extensive archival research with a unique set of first-hand interviews, offering new perspectives on events covered in the printed historical record. A descendent of ethnic Mexican immigrant laborers in Oregon, Sifuentez also poignantly demonstrates the links between the personal and political, as his research leads him to amazing discoveries about his own family
Category: Business & Economics

Building Communities And Making Connections

Author : Susana Rivera-Mills
ISBN : 9781443820226
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Building Communities and Making Connections explores areas of academic and community engagement, through various studies that include community service learning, and the development and implementation of university programs that contain a community dimension. Academic endeavors have long been seen as separate from the realities of local and regional communities. This book closes the gap by looking at ways in which both academia and the communities its serves can collaborate to create authentic and applied learning environments.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Romani Routes

Author : Carol Silverman
ISBN : 9780199913350
Genre : Music
File Size : 26.46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Now that the political and economic plight of European Roma and the popularity of their music are objects of international attention, Romani Routes provides a timely and insightful view into Romani communities both in their home countries and in the diaspora. Over the past two decades, a steady stream of recordings, videos, feature films, festivals, and concerts has presented the music of Balkan Gypsies, or Roma, to Western audiences, who have greeted them with exceptional enthusiasm. Yet, as author Carol Silverman notes, Roma are revered as musicians and reviled as people. In this book, Silverman introduces readers to the people and cultures who produce this music, offering a sensitive and incisive analysis of how Romani musicians address the challenges of discrimination. Focusing on southeastern Europe then moving to the diaspora, her book examines the music within Romani communities, the lives and careers of outstanding musicians, and the marketing of music in the electronic media and "world music" concert circuit. Silverman touches on the way that the Roma exemplify many qualities--adaptability, cultural hybridity, transnationalism--that are taken to characterize late modern experience. And rather than just celebrating these qualities, she presents the musicians as complicated, pragmatic individuals who work creatively within the many constraints that inform their lives.
Category: Music

We Are The Face Of Oaxaca

Author : Lynn Stephen
ISBN : 9780822377504
Genre : History
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A massive uprising against the Mexican state of Oaxaca began with the emergence of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) in June 2006. A coalition of more than 300 organizations, APPO disrupted the functions of Oaxaca's government for six months. It began to develop an inclusive and participatory political vision for the state. Testimonials were broadcast on radio and television stations appropriated by APPO, shared at public demonstrations, debated in homes and in the streets, and disseminated around the world via the Internet. The movement was met with violent repression. Participants were imprisoned, tortured, and even killed. Lynn Stephen emphasizes the crucial role of testimony in human rights work, indigenous cultural history, community and indigenous radio, and women's articulation of their rights to speak and be heard. She also explores transborder support for APPO, particularly among Oaxacan immigrants in Los Angeles. The book is supplemented by a website featuring video testimonials, pictures, documents, and a timeline of key events.
Category: History

Zapotec Women

Author : Lynn Stephen
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173019610045
Genre : History
File Size : 31.92 MB
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DIVA classic study of Zapotec women weavers and their reactions to global capitalism./div
Category: History